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We are a group who love fan fiction. And we want everyone to be friends!

Any fan fiction is welcome! From Harry Potter to Doctor who, Sonic the Hedgehog to My Little Pony. All is welcome! So join our group, submit some fan fictions and make new friends!

Before you press that join button, make sure to read our rules to make sure everything is crystal clear!

If you have any questions or queries about the group or what to submit just ask, We don't bite! So I guess that's it from us. Just enjoy the group and keep writing! We'll look forward to reading whatever you bring! :excited:

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:star: Featured - Do not submit Any Fanfictions/Literature work into Featured, the Founder will decide whose work get's submitted here.

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:star: Foreign Langauges- Any fanfiction or literature that is not in the English Language. (Only because that is the language the most dominate in this group)

:star: General Literature - Literature work that has been purely written by the author and has nothing to do with fanfiction please submit your work here.


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Mature content
Rocko is love, Rocko is life :iconxandermartin98:xandermartin98 12 41
Obligatory Love: Prologue (A Transformers Fanfic)
This was not supposed to happen. This could not be happening... Lt. Colonel William Lennox stared at the burning remains of what had once been his home. Shock held his body tightly in its grasp as a flood of emotions- rage, worry, fear, despair, sorrow- whipped it's way through him.
"Daddy!" A coughing cry rang out from the chaos and a blonde haired child darted out to tackle him, sobbing hysterically. Her tears broke Will from his stasis and he tightly wrapped his arm around his child crying himself. "Anna... It's okay. It's okay. Tell me what happened to mommy." He pleaded, but as he spoke this he glanced up to see Ironhide slowly walking over to lay a scorched, battered body to the ground not too far away from them.
An anguished howl tore its way through Will's throat. "SARAH!"
The tension at the repast was thick enough to cut with a knife. Annabelle had cried herself to sleep for the third time that day. The seven year old understood that her mother was gone, but no
:iconheartsguardiansol:HeartsGuardianSol 1 0
Though Heroes Fall - Part 3

Artwork by:
Knight Sacrifice
Orko had returned, only to be told of what had already happened. He was distraught, not least at coming too late to speak his warning. “But this is terrible – simply terrible! Alone? Without even his sword? And you let him go?”
“Have you ever tried stopping He-Man when he was set on something?” answered Duncan with an edge of asperity to his voice.
“But why didn’t he go first to Grayskull to confer with the Sorceress?”
“He insisted that time didn’t allow.”
“Time? Oh dear me! What was he thinking? Or, rather, why wasn’t  he? So impetuous – so passionate – really no better than Adam! Not at all  wise. Well, he’ll be needing he
:iconomnivore7:omnivore7 77 2,586
Though Heroes Fall - Part 2

Artwork by:
Darkness, lit with the lurid flicker of flame; darkness and a sense of space as well – a great and lofty cavern whose height was illuminated only when the flames burned up brighter and, with their dying, fell back into deepest shadow.
The voice which spoke was cold, deliberate and soft; a voice used to being obeyed, to quelling lesser beings – and one to whom all beings were lesser.
“So, Hordak summons me, does he? Makes accusation against me and bids me – orders me – go to him and render account of myself?”
The envoy of the Horde gravely nodded his reply. “So speaks the lord Hordak.”
The being sat back into its terrible throne, a seat of power composed of the stark bones of many great creatures – a thing of horror and threat. There was a silence, sinister in its
:iconomnivore7:omnivore7 61 1,687
Xander VERSUS The World
(My PSN identification name is xan-con. This is retelling the story of my underrated series of levels in Little Big Planet 2.)
One night, I realized that my friends (Selim Prowler, Ategev Jerk, and Bronydin Purso) had gone missing. They had told me previously that they were going to the underground graveyard, so I left a note for my mom and dad: "Good bye, Mom and Dad. I'm going out to find Bronydin. Selim, and Ategev." I decided to head over there on my bicycle, dodging some trees along the way. Climbing down the concrete stairs and the rusty ladder, I saw that I had reached the graveyard. Everything looked normal, aside from one suspicious gravestone and an underground windmill.
Walking past an old log, I saw a formation of completely rotten trees that looked about to collapse. Standing in the center of the formation was a creepy-looking zombie. He had left a note on his chair: "PLEASE..."
"Please what?" I asked. "Does it have something to do with that weird gravestone?" The zombie n
:iconxandermartin98:xandermartin98 0 0
Only You (Tachibana Makoto x Reader) Chapter 1
         Waking up early had never been your strong point. Nevertheless, it was hard to refuse an invitation from a new friend.
         About a few weeks had passed since the first day of school at Iwatobi High. The move had been hard on you because it was all so new and different. Plus, you were separated from the little people you knew and loved. But it had to be done, for the sake of the family.
         Once you and your family had arrived, the first thing on your list was to make friends. Yeah, easier said than done. You had never been a popular girl, nor did you possess the looks of a goddess, so making friends was an issue. Especially if you were shy. So thank God for Matsuoka Gou, the girl who befriended you the very first day of school. Though a bit bossy, she was a nice girl who deeply cared for her loved ones (not to mention, that she had a huge obsession with muscles).
:iconjyuukichann:JyuukiChann 95 8
Only You (Tachibana Makoto x Reader) Chapter 2
         “Uwaaaahh, [Name]-Chan is exposing so much skin!” Ughhh, that Nagisa. Just when you were trying to approach the water without being seen. But instead, he blurts that out and runs right at you, “Hey hey, you have really nice curves. Don’t you guys agree?”/Crud.\  You couldn’t look at them, really. Not with all this red on your face. And right now, all eyes were on you.  /I want to disappear…\. You knew it wasn’t true though, he was just being nice.
         “Yeah, I guess so.” Your eyes widened at Rin’s unexpected comment /He actually agreed??\, “What? Don’t look at me like that. It was just a compliment so don’t think much of it.” He scoffed and went to grab a beach ball. “Whatever let’s just play some volleyball!”
         “Ehhh, Rin-Chan is so mean.” Nagisa  mumbled be
:iconjyuukichann:JyuukiChann 48 12
Only You (Tachibana Makoto x Reader) Chapter 3
         Darkness. Suffocation. Desperation. Fear..
         It was horrible; the maddening feeling of your body being chucked around, along with the raging underwater current. Every attempt of resurfacing, failed. You don’t exactly remember when, but at some point you stopped resisting the waves; letting them carry you along with their fearsome claws. Your body was tired, sore from fighting back against the inevitable. The last remnants of air had already been drained from your gasping lungs. You had no other choice, and there was no denying it. You were going to die. And what’s more, you were going to die alone; cold; and engulfed in fear. Funny, you had planned your death to be at an old age; surrounded by friends and family as they watched you drift calmly into an eternal sleep; everyone’s ideal way of dying.
         As the last strand of consciousness faded from your body, you could have
:iconjyuukichann:JyuukiChann 48 23
Only You (Tachibana Makoto x Reader) Chapter 4
         Your Mondays had never been this boring. I mean, yeah, you’d always spend most of your free time just laying in bed while listening to music or something; but somehow, it just wasn’t as much fun when you had a cast on your leg.
         According to the doctor it was just a minor facture on your left ankle and that you’d be able to walk perfectly in a few months. However, you were not allowed to move for about a week or two. /*sigh* Isolated in my own house for two whole weeks. And just when I made new friends too…\
         You just lay there; sending an occasional stare out the window, just to get fed up with how bright the sun was. “Ugh.” You closed the curtains shut. What now? You couldn’t even go to the bathroom without your mother’s help (which was pretty embarrassing to admit) and the minutes seemed to stretch on eternally. There wasn’t much m
:iconjyuukichann:JyuukiChann 52 13
Only You (Tachibana Makoto x Reader) Chapter 5
         “Thanks for the ride mom.”
         “No problem honey. Be careful, you don’t want to hurt your ankle even more.”
         “I will.”  You got out of the car; crutches in hand; and took a deep breath. “I never thought I’d say this; but I’m glad to be back in school.”
         The two weeks of recuperation had gone by faster than expected. The days became easier to tolerate, what with Gou and the swim club coming by every now and then to keep you entertained. Even Rin visited you a few times along with his little sister. He still gave you the creeps, but he was actually pretty fun to be around. One thing’s for sure though; the memory of Makoto’s kiss had not yet dissipated from your remembrance. Every time he came by with the boys, you acted as if nothing had happened. That didn’t mean, however
:iconjyuukichann:JyuukiChann 47 11
Thirty More H's
Harry then reached into Hermoine's breast, ripping the blood-soaked pulsating heart from its socket. Grasping the heart in his hand, he took a delicious juicy bite out of it, chewed it up and swallowed it, feeling the blood flow through his digestive system. Then, Harry threw the broken heart into a nearby wood chipper, pouring the leftover bloody remains into a syringe and mercilessly injecting it into the withered folds of his scrotum.
"How does your girlfriend taste, master?" Hagrid asked.
"Like some pussy with ventricles." Harry replied.
Harry's demonic guitar, Fuckslayer, transformed into a fire-breathing motorcycle made out of space dragons with machine guns.
Using this ultimate instrument of badassery, Harry tore through the demonic zombie horde, harnessing the force of a thousand dragons to slay fucklings and people he didn't like. Hagrid got run over by Harry's Fuckcycle and was flattened into a zombie raccoon pancake. Harry thought about juice.
Harry arrived at the church. Th
:iconxandermartin98:xandermartin98 5 8
Battle of the Soul (Prologue)
There she laid, sound asleep, unknowing of her fate, as she slept deep. Unknowing of the eyes on her. The eyes that had been watching her for a very long time.
That night was the day she was supposed to die.
A senior in high school, barely 18 yet, and she was going to be brought to her judgement.
Samael, the angel of death, appeared visible in the room. He had come to retrieve her soul for God. But a voice stopped him. A dark, gravelly voice.
"You can't take her, Samael. She's mine."
The angel looked up, his eyes coming into contact with the demon who was perched on the girl's desk. "Mephistopheles..." His voice was low with contempt. "You dare claim a human for yourself?"
"She is to be damned, she is corrupted and won't have the chance to be saved by God. An angel like yourself should know that. After all, aren't you the accuser? You ought to have pointed out her faults to Him already." The smirk that played on Mephistopheles's face was aggravating to the archangel that was before him
:iconbladefirea:BladefireA 0 2
Two Steps: Step One
"Get on your knees."
At the sudden demand, Tahno could only stare, jaw becoming slack. That was not the first thing he had expected upon being called out by the Avatar. Honestly, with after hearing news of Amon's defeat, he thought the Avatar only wanted to personally tell him that she didn't go back on her promise. In the little time that he had known her, he realized that the Avatar was just as adamant about revealing her exploits as she was actually doing them. But here she was, ordering him to get on his knees. His brow furrowed and his eyes narrowed as if waiting for the punch line. It would never come. Those sea-foam blue eyes, although fiercely determined, were still na´ve. The former bender mentally shook his head. "I assure you, Uh-vatar, this is no place for such an activity," his sardonic voice drawled as his hand motioned to their surroundings. The two were currently standing in a public park near a fountain. Sure, it was night and no one seemed to be around, but the
:iconchocolatesprinkletfk:ChocolateSprinkleTFK 22 8
Cold Blood
A boy looks out a window,
Looking into the bleak, wintery sky,
Thinking about the value of his blood.
Parents putting emphasis on the pure,
Yet society prefers the dirty.
His hand wraps around a blood-red apple.
He looks down at the apple
And leans his head against the cold window
"My blood isn't in the least bit dirty!"
His words only heard by the blank, white sky.
He looks at the blanket of snow, "so pure..."
He thinks to himself. "Just like my pure blood."
But when he thinks of his blood,
The same colour of that blood-red apple,
No longer does he think it looks so pure.
Not as pure as the freshly-cleaned window,
Nor as pure as the cold, white, winter sky.
"Because," he thinks. "red just seems so dirty."
"If my words are so dirty..."
He muses. "What does that mean for my blood?"
Storm clouds roll in and blemish the sky.
He takes an angry bite from his apple;
His feelings, transparent as the window.
He HATES to think that he isn't so pure.
He grew up among the pure;
Riches and power o
:iconbladefirea:BladefireA 6 5
Dragon Riders of Pern fanfic: Sebell and Menolly
Sebell walked along the Harper Hall's hallway towards the dining hall. He had just finished reporting to Master Robinton after returning from one of his journeys to the coast of the Ista islands. Things had gotten restless down there, being isolated as they are from the rest of the continent. But that is to be expected, and it wasn't anything serious, yet.
His stomach rumbling interrupted his train of thought, and he quickened his stride to the dining hall. He stood at one of the oval tables for the journeymen, and looked for his friend Talmor. He was slightly surprised when he saw him. He was laughing and joking with another journeyman, or else journeywoman in this case. Menolly was laughing back with him too. Then Master Robinton came in and everyone sat, making it too late to change tables to sit with them.
He was rather disappointed really; he wanted a chance to talk to his friends after such a long journey. True tomorrow mor
:icontheskandranon:TheSkandranon 5 3
Luna's Song
“We will sing to you, Doctor.  The Universe will sing you to your sleep.”  
So said Ood Sigma as the Doctor was on the verge of regeneration that cold New Year’s night in 2005.  But there’s one thing I’ve always wondered… did those who sang necessarily have the Doctor in mind?  Or were they singing about something else?

Luna Lovegood stared at the white obelisk standing next to Dumbledore’s grave as it was unveiled in a somber ceremony attended by hundreds of people.  She was in the front row of chairs (thanks to Harry and Ginny’s input) along with other significant members of the D.A. and the Order.
Upon that cold white marble, she could read the names of people whom she had known, however briefly it was, who had fought so bravely during that final battle against Voldemort.  While there were many on that monument, ten names in particular stood out to her.
Fred Weasley.  Profe
:iconcmsully:cmsully 17 18



This is a friendly and free group, but there are some rules. So just follow them and everyone will be happy here! :D

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