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WoW meme

Thank GOD for Cyber Monday.

I was done with my online business quiz earlier and figured 'eh, may as well look up prices for Warlords of Dreanor' and found that on Amazon it was 23.77. I was amazed, but figured I should wait.

I leave to go get a pizza and swing by GameStop on the way home, wondering if it's cheaper there. After a bit of waiting, they tell me it's 12.99! I ask them how long it'll last and the worker says she's unsure as it was only supposed to be for Black Friday, but it was extended for some reason. I shrug it off and start walking off until I see their calendar and am reminded that it's CYBER MONDAY! So I rush back and buy it, as it won't be any cheaper afterward.

For something that was $40 only a few weeks ago, I just got for $14.16. But I'll have to wait for it...

Finals are coming up, and I need to study for them. But since WoW and studying don't exactly go hand-in-hand, I'm gonna have to wait about 2 weeks before I start playing.

Update 12/13/15: I took it back to the store. It's cheaper for $12.49 online. And I believe downloading from comes with 30 free days, so that means I might not have to pay for a subscription over winter break.
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Oh, man. Just wait. :/
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LOL Smart-ass! Nice one!