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Marisol Mermon OC description

And now the final one in the batch of Gravity Falls next generation OC, Delmar's fraternal twin sister Marisol.

This pic was drawn by :iconkujarojotu: right here…
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I'm confused about the DNA of Marisol and Delmar.  Did Mermando become a human?  How many fish attributes do they have?  Do they need to keep their bodies hydrated more often than most humans?  If that last one is the case, Piedmont does have a community pool.  If they want a body of water that's more natural, Lake Merritt is only about 2.7 miles away and they can get to San Francisco Bay through Washington Park which is only seven miles away.…… Thankfully, Piedmont is warm year round, even the average low for a month never goes below 44 degrees Fahrenheit. 
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One of my ideas is, when Stan and Ford were on there way to San Francisco in the Gulf of Mexico, Stan accidentally killed a few manatees when it was his turn to drive.
"I thought they were just rocks til I saw the blood."
Here they meet Mermando, and after Stan recognizes him and figuring he knows Mabel, Ford concocts a serum that turns him human. Stan makes a fake ID for him and he reunites with Mabel and they fall in love again.

as for the kids, they have no mermaid traits, but as is said in these profiles, they love swimming, hate wearing shoes and Marisol can hold her breath for long amounts of time and Delmar is an unusually fast swimmer.
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I noticed the "don't like to wear shoes" part.  Thankfully, Piedmont has a relatively warm year-round climate.  The average high in December and January is 57 degrees Fahrenheit and that's the high at its coldest.  Said average high is above 70 degrees Fahrenheit from June to October.
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too bad their favorite vacation destination is Gravity Falls, be it winter, spring, summer, or fall.