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Phoenix Heart -Be Reborn-

By fanficbug
May your heart rise from the ashes and be reborn again this Valentine's Day.


EDIT: Parameters are at the bottom. :eyes:

:winner: My entry to the Apophysis Weekly Theme Challenge #7 ([link]) is finally finished! :excited:

This render (as some already know) took me a long time of tweaking to finish--originally, it had been one lackluster fractal, but then the render crashed, so I tweaked it again. I spent over seventeen hours in Apophysis getting the shape right, all told. And this is a pure render (except for the frame and text, lol), so I had to torture it out of Apo. :lol:

I'm excited about this piece, and I hope you guys will be too. :love:

Tools used: Apophysis 2.05 beta 2, Photoshop for frame and text

Hope you guys enjoy!


I give permission for ~ChipNoir to use this in an animation. :)


EDIT 4/13/13: As promised, parameters. :D Please make substantive changes before submitting any images made with them--i.e. don't just zoom in/change color and render. Tweak it! Please also let me know when you've used the params by linking to your work in a comment on this piece. Further wishes re: commercial use can be found here: [link]

<flame name="phoenix heart final" version="Apophysis 7x 2010 (R12)" size="500 375" center="0.00116313204386932 -0.0501532429501251" scale="181.24" zoom="1.27981241085264" oversample="1" filter="0.5" quality="50" background="0 0 0" brightness="5.8304347826087" gamma="1" estimator_radius="9" estimator_minimum="0" estimator_curve="0.4" >
<xform weight="20" color="0.169" symmetry="-0.95" radial_blur="-0.072" fan2="-0.056" julian="0.917" coefs="1.049225 0.063856 -0.047147 0.79115 -0.030401 -0.43336" radial_blur_angle="-0.928478" fan2_x="0.772049" fan2_y="-0.840864" julian_power="10" julian_dist="2" opacity="1" />
<xform weight="5" color="0.584" symmetry="-0.95" linear="1" coefs="0.108981 0 0 0.108981 -0.427426 0.487343" post="1 0 0 1 0.198548 0" opacity="1" />
<xform weight="0.5" color="0.377" symmetry="-0.95" linear="1" coefs="-0.126493 -0.016821 0.014366 -0.10803 -0.395056 0.574076" post="3.09142 0 0 3.09142 1.221278 -1.5886" opacity="1" />
<xform weight="0.5" color="0.403" spherical="1" coefs="4.463824 0 0 4.463824 0.898466 -0.399318" opacity="1" />
<xform weight="5" color="1" symmetry="-0.95" linear="1" radial_blur="1" coefs="-0.589217 0.807975 -0.807975 -0.589217 -1.134427 1.27623" post="-0.939495 0.098777 -1.382657 0.950698 1.758456 -2.203729" radial_blur_angle="0.217" opacity="1" />
<xform weight="5" color="0" linear="1" radial_blur="1" coefs="1 0 0 1.967342 -0.921722 -0.709017" post="-1.780802 -0.187231 -1.291402 -1.057568 1.847083 -0.431187" radial_blur_angle="0.217" opacity="1" />
<finalxform color="0.403" symmetry="-0.95" juliascope="0.733" coefs="0.895839 0 0 0.895839 0.230985 -0.482908" juliascope_power="2" juliascope_dist="1" />
<palette count="256" format="RGB">
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Badass. I LOVE how fiery it is!
eddyhaze's avatar
amazing piece does anybody still use this program?   hmm oh the heart were the creatures come out can't stop them there all hiding  in the heart .... trying to get back into this program years later not easy don't remember much this is working on good on 2.09 ... how do you save the parameters ? LOL I don't remember
PaMonk's avatar
This really Beautiful work I have a friend who was asking how it was done she is here [link]
I don't know how to do this great an image yet so I could not help her if by chance you have time could you speak with her
she is just learning Mandelbub which I am only learning myself also. but this is amazing!
fanficbug's avatar
Thank you for your comment! :aww:

I'm happy to help! She has sent me a note, so hopefully I can help her a little. :)

This image was created in Apophysis btw. I know next to nothing about Mandelbulb. :lol: Just wanted to make sure you knew.
PaMonk's avatar
Oh thank you so much and it was made with Apop so cool I use Apop 7x but I am no way this good yet
it is an awesome Image and done very well. thanks for helping.
fanficbug's avatar
Just keep practicing! :D That's my motto ;)
PaMonk's avatar
Yes I will Thanks so much.
Lilyas's avatar
This is such an amazing piece of art! I really love it very much! :iconshining-heart:
fanficbug's avatar
:hugs: Thank you so much! I always like to hear when my art is appreciated. ;)
FullFORCESoldier's avatar
Wow, this just blew me away!
fanficbug's avatar
sjdebdaly's avatar
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cbards's avatar
Wow!!!! :jawdrop: This is the way to do fractal art. Very dramatic and detailed.
Hey, I know it probably means nothing to you but I really like this.

Artists this good always leave me in awe

Keep doin' what you're doing! :>
fanficbug's avatar
:no: It definitely means something to me and I really appreciate the time you took to drop by and tell me what you thought. :hug:

I noticed that you're new to deviantART; I hope you have a good time here. :) This is really a great place for improving on what you've already learned in your chosen form, though it takes a long time to receive recognition so don't get discouraged. :aww: Your hard work will pay off.
Haha, I'm glad :)

And thanks for the advice, but it's too late :P

I get no recognition anywhere anyways, so I'm pretty much just bummed out about it.

Ah well, I'm not surprised I don't have talents in art :P

I am most uncreative.

But you're not, so keep doin' what your doing! :>
Capstoned's avatar
Breathtaking !!! Well worth the time and effort:nod:
fanficbug's avatar
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Thank you, and I apologize for the extremely belated response. :)
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