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Against His Will
This is the true account of my personal experience as a feeder, fattening up my husband against his wishes.  I have done my best to offer this story exactly as it happened, other than changing names, with no exaggeration.  You may feel that what I did is morally reprehensible, and I cannot disagree.  But I also cannot bring myself to regret even one moment of it.  It was the most exciting time of my life; I have never felt more alive or sexually satisfied.  Not to mention the child who resulted from this brief but scorching affair, who is today the light of my life.
My name is Marie and I was born with this fetish of feederism.  All my life, as far back as I can remember -- maybe age 5, long before I even had a sex drive -- I have had an intense fascination with overeating, fat bellies, and weight gain. It was the subject of pictures that I drew and stories that I wrote and fantasies that I daydreamed.  I was always overweight as a child but not remarkably
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I just posted a sequel to Fat Revenge.  Enjoy!

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Fat Revenge 2
Amanda and Ashley were holding “court”, at what is now referred to as the fat girls table.  They were eating pizza, the featured item on the menu in the cafeteria today.  They were surrounded by several of their underclassman protégés, who were following the mentor’s leads by stuffing themselves.  The lunch room ladies made sure they got all they could eat too.

“Ashley, what do you want to do tonight?  Do you want to come over to my house, we can binge with my Mom again.”  Ashley, giggled, patting her round belly, which was lying on her thighs, “Oh that would be fun.  I’ll ask my Dad it I can come over.”   “Ash, is your Mom still on you to lose weight?”  Ashley sighed, “Ya, she is, and she’s being a real bitch about it too.  She and my Dad have been arguing over whether I should lose weight and diet.”  “Your Dad wants you to stay fat?” Asked Amanda.  “I wouldn’t put it that way, I guess.  I think he just wants me to be happy.”  “Ashley, didn’t you say he asked if you were happy, and you said yes, then he said you looked adorable and fat and round, didn’t he and even said you should get as fat as you want to.”  Ashley thought for a moment, “Yes, you’re right that’s what Dad said to me.”  Amanda giggled, poking her best friend’s belly, “Ash, your Dad into fatties.”

That evening Ashley got home and went to her Dad, “Dad, can I spent the night at Amanda’s house?”  Dad was just about to say yes of course when Heather, Ashley Mom overheard, “No!  You’re not going over there and stuff your fat belly all night with Amanda and her fat mother!”  Dad spoke up, “Heather, don’t me so mean to her, you don’t have to insult her every time you speak to Ashley!”  Heather just  got even madder, “Look at her, she’s obese she’s so fat.  She can barely waddle up the stairs and all she does is stuff herself!”  Ashley was crying now, sobbing, her belly shaking up and down with her sobs.  Dad, was getting fed up with Heather’s cruelty toward their daughter.
“Ashley, would you excuse us, dear, for a while?”  “Yes, Dad.”

Ashley waddled up to her room and plopped on her bed, she pulled off her stretch pants and reached under her bed for her “emergency” stash of treats and started to eat.  She was lying on her bed patting her belly as she ate, loving how soft she was.  She still couldn’t believe that her Mom was so mad at her for gaining weight.  She felt it’s her body.

She heard Heather making a big stink about her weight and why Dad approved.  She could hear her telling Dad, that he was some sort of weirdo for liking heavy women.  After a while, she heard her stomp out the door and get into her car, and drive off.  

A few minutes later, there was a knock on Ashley door, “Can I come in dearest?”  “Yes, Dad”, replied Ashley.  Dad, came in, trying not to look at Ashley’s belly and thighs, in just a pair of panties, “Are you okay sweetie?  I’m sorry Mom was so mean to you.  I don’t know why the issue of your gaining weight is making her so upset. I really think she is blaming me for you gaining so much weight.”  

“Dad, she must know you had nothing to do with me eating so much and getting fat.  I wanted to get fat!  You guys were away and I was here alone, doing whatever wanted to do.”  

Dad asked, “Ash, do you still want to go over to Amanda’s house?”  “No Dad, I want to stay here with you.”  “It’s okay with me, if you want to go over to Amanda’s I know how much you enjoy being there.”  Ashley giggled patted and soft belly, “You mean eating there, don’t you?”  Dad blushed, “Oh you know.”

Dad took Ashley out to her favorite buffet and let her enjoy herself eating all she wanted. Dad, loved the “view” at the buffet, he really did love heavier women, and there were several stuffing themselves at the buffet.  He did enjoy watching Ashley stuff herself, though he was very discreet about it.

Ashley told Amanda on Monday what had happened.  Amanda asked, “Do you think your parents will break up?”  “No, I don’t think so.  My Mom really has some mental health issues, nothing super serious, I think she has some depressions issues.  She and Dad are seeing a doctor today.

Heather and Dad did see a doctor, she was diagnosed with bi-polar and depression, the doctor prescribed some medications for her.  He warned that most of these medications can cause weight gain and to be careful what she ate.  Dad loved hearing that.  Heather just smiled and said she would be careful.

In just a few days, Heather was feeling much better, she did have quite an appetite and she really couldn’t control it either, much to Ashley and Dad’s delight. Heather now was far more affectionate toward Ashley, hugging her and even patting her round belly and bubble bottom.  Ashley always made sure that when she ate anything, she made sure that Heather was eating too.  It didn’t take long before Ashley’s efforts were showing up on Heather’s body.

Ashley kept Amanda apprised of what was going on and Amanda were happy that things had worked out for Ashley’s Mom and Dad.
One Friday, Ashley got home from school, she went out by the pool and her Mom was there lying on a chaise wearing a tight bikini.  Heather had put on twenty pounds with the medications and Ashley’s subtle encouragement.  Heather looked up and patted Ashley belly sticking out over her thighs, dressed in a pair of black stretch pants.  “Dear, why don’t you change into a bikini and come out here with me.”  “I will Mom, can Amanda come over and spent the night?”  Since Heather had started on her medication she had grown fond of Amanda too.  “Yes, dear that’s fine, go ahead and invite her over.”

Amanda arrived and changed into her bikini.  She and Ashley belly bumped, “Amanda, my Mom’s gaining weight.”  The two went out to the pool area and said hi to Heather.  “Oh you two look so adorable in those bikinis!”  She patted Ashley’s belly again, making Ashley giggle. Amanda winked at Ashley while nodding toward Heather’s belly bulge.

Amanda and Ashley lay out on chaises, went into the pool and in and out of the hot tub.  Ashely asked, ”Mom, can we order pizza for supper?” “Yes, dear that sounds like a good idea, why don’t you get two large pizza, bread sticks, dipping sauce and cinnamon sticks too.”  “Ah Mom, Amanda and I can eat a whole pizza each ourselves, we need at least three pizzas.” “Oh, I’m sorry dear, yes order three then.”
Ashley ordered four plus the other sides.

The pizzas arrived via a co-worker of Amanda’s who winked at her. Amanda  and Ashley  carried their gorge out to the pool.  Amanda and Ashley set up a table with all the food, “Mom, it’s time for supper.”  Heather got up, now very hungry, walked over to the table.  She was startled by all the food.  “Girls, there’s a lot of food here, can we eat all of this?”  Amanda and Ashley exchanged knowing looks, “Don’t worry Mom, we can eat it.”

They sat down and started in on the gorge.  Heather was amazed at how much and how fast Ashley and Amanda could eat.  The two virtually shoveled food into the mouths, chewed, swallowed and back for more.  The egged Heather on to eat as much as they did, and Heather to her credit, kept up with her two encouragers.   They each finished a whole pizza, Heather looked like she might burst.  The girls teased her into eating four slices of the fourth pizza, which she did.  They ate all of the cinnamon sticks too.

The two very stuffed and bloated girls and an engorged woman  were slouched back in their chairs, rubbing their bellies.  Ashley loved watching her Mom’s belly bulge up in the air, so stuffed full, she had never seen her Mom eat so much in her life.  Ashely and Amanda were poking their bellies giggling teasing each other saying who ate the most.

Heather struggled to her feet, “Oh girls, I’m so full I going to go lie down.”  “Okay, Mom.”  Heather staggered up to her bedroom.  Dad was out of town, so it was just her and the girls for the weekend.  Ashley and Amanda watched Heather stagger upstairs.  Ashley giggled, “Amanda, I think we should stuff my Mom all weekend.”  Amanda giggled, “Oh Ashley, that will be so much fun, she just stuffed herself, because we did.  She’ll eat as much as we do.  I sure your Dad won’t mind either.”  That triggered more giggling.

The girls lay around for a couple of hours talking, giggling and digesting.  They got up, cleaned up the supper mess and set the kitchen up for some serious late night binges.

They slept in Ashley’s room until her alarm went off at 2:00AM.  “Amanda, are you ready?”  Amanda giggled, let’s go for it!”  The two waddled down to Heather’s room, wearing just tight bikini panties and equally tight t-shirts, riding up on their round bellies.  They went in, Heather was wearing a bikini nightie with a matching camisole her belly clearly still bulging.  Ashley, practically stuck her belly in Heather’s face, “Mom, wake up!”  Heather blinked awake, “What is it dear?”  Looking straight into Ashley belly she blinked. “Mom, we’re hungry, come down and eat with us, please!”  “Oh honey, I’m so full still.”  “Mom, please, Amanda and I want to eat with you!”  “Okay, dear, let’s go.”

They went into the kitchen, already set up for a good binge.  The girls had made ice cream sundaes and put them in the freezer, so no weighting.  The sat up at the island counter and started eating.  Soon the ice cream was gone, the girls brought out cookies and milk and started to feed those to Heather, while eating them. They got Heather back to bed, bloated and engorged again.  Ashley set her alarm for 6:30.

When the alarm went off, Amanda and Ashley went down to the kitchen and fixed a massive breakfast feast and then carried it up to Heather’s bedroom.  Ashley waddled up to her bed, sticking her belly in Heather’s face, “Mom, looked we fixed you breakfast in bed!”  Heather looked up and her rotund daughter, “Oh Ashley that is so thoughtful of you two.  She struggled to a sitting position and the girls set the tray in front of her.  Heather’s now stretched out stomach growled and she laid into the feast with gusto, gorging on all the rich breakfast foods. Forty five minutes later and bloated Heather had finished.  The girls noted with glee that Heather was now sporting a substantial pot belly, bulging over her bikini.  “Mom, why don’t you sleep in for a while, Amanda and I will clean up.”
The girls cleaned up and fixed themselves a ton of breakfast foods, getting bloated and stuffed.  Amanda and Ashley belly bumped each other while cleaning up.  They fixed snacks for the pool lounging.  Ashley waddled into Heather’s bedroom; she was wearing a tight, black, shiny, nylon bikini panty with an equally tight match bra/top.  She loved running her hands over her soft, bulging belly.  She again, stuck her belly right in Heather’s face. “Mom, it’s time for you to get up and hang out with Amanda and I by the pool.”  Heather opened her eyes, staring right at Ashley belly.  She giggled, poked Ashley’s belly, “yes, dear, let me get up and get my bikini on.”  Ashley almost giggled when she saw the new tummy bulge on Heather.  Heather herself noted her growing bulge, she poked Ashley belly, now sagging over the waist band of her bikini, “Ashley, I think I’m getting almost as fat as you are!”  Ashley thought to herself, “That’s the plan Mom, to keep you eating until you’re as big as me.”  “Mom, you’re so slim, nowhere as fat as Amanda and I are.”

The girl plied Heather with snack food all morning, then they ordered burgers, fries, shakes and ice cream delivered. They gorged on that, snacked and drank regular soda all afternoon.  They were all lying around the pool on chaises, Ashley piped up, “Mom, let’s go the Hungry Farmer Buffet tonight.”  Heather despite eating virtually all afternoon, was now a little hungry.  “That’s a great idea, Ashley, but we need to take showers, we can’t go eat there in just these bikinis.”  The girls giggled, thinking how much fun it would be to eat there in just bikinis.  They got up and headed to bathrooms for showers.

Ashely and Amanda dressed in sun dresses, their bellies lifting up the hems, giggling poking each other’s bellies.  Heather said, “Girls, let’s go I’m starving.”  They piled into Heather’s Mercedes and drove to the buffet.   They got out, and headed inside for some serious gorging.  Heather paid the fees and they spread out among the food lines, loading their plates and trays with rich, fattening foods.  They ate, gorged, binged for nearly two hours, eating several entrees each, desserts, and sweet tea.

They were seated at a table, all three were slouched in their chairs, their engorged bellies sticking up in the air.  The hems of Amanda and Ashley’s sun dresses were lifted up by their respective bellies, nearly revealing their tight bikini panties.  Heather was wearing a tight dress, which looked like it would burst any minute.  Heather looked over at her encouragers, “Girls, I think it’s time to go home.”  Ashley, bleary eyed and engorged, “Yes, Mom, we going to need help getting up though.” The wait staff was prepared to help, they were used to it.  They got the three engorged patrons to Heathers’ car.

All three waddled into the house.  Ashley belly bumped Heather and gave her a kiss.  “Mom thanks for taking out to eat, it was awesome!”  Heather poked Ashley, bulging belly and said, “It certainly looks like you enjoyed yourself!”  Ashley giggled, hefted her, lifting up dress and let it fall, “Yes I did! I love to eat!” Amanda waddled over and hugged Heather, “Thank you so much, I had a great time too!”  They all belly bumped and then waddled off to their respective bedrooms.

Around 2:00 AM Heather woke up, feeling hungry and also guilty.  She went down to Ashley’s room, opened the door and went in.  Ashley was asleep, wearing only a bikini panty and a very tight t-shirt.  Heather maneuvered her bloated belly, so it was in Ashley face and then poked her belly to wake her. Ashley woke up, giggled poked Heather’s belly and asked, “Mom, are you hungry, too?”  “Yes, dear I am, come with me, I want to eat again.”

Heather and Ashley now both waddled into the kitchen.  Heather got out tubs of ice cream, sauces and chocolate chips and they made huge sundaes.  While stuffing, Heather looked at her now adorable round daughter, “Ashley, dearest, I’m so sorry I was so mean to you this fall.  I was having some issues and I took it out on you, that was very unfair.”  “That’s okay, Mom, you’re making up for it now.”  Heather smiled and patted her bulging waist, “Oh by getting fat with you.”  Ashley giggled, “Yes, that’s right, we really ought to let ourselves go, and both of us get huge.  Dad would be in heaven if both of us were really, really fat!”  “Oh Ashley, that’s sound great, we are going to get so fat!  Let’s get up early tomorrow and the three of us can just eat all day.  We will be so bloated and huge when Dad gets home!”

The next morning, the three of them binged and gorged on a huge breakfast feast.  They lay around the pool eating cookies, chips, crackers, and sodas.  They ordered pizzas at noon with all the side, another order of take-out burgers, fries and milk shakes at four.   They hugged and belly bumped Amanda before she waddled to her car to drive home.  

Ashley and Heather showered, and then dressed in stretch pants, and tight t-shirts went out to the buffet at 5:30, to beat the dinner crowd and stuffed themselves until 7:30.  They managed to stagger back to the car to rush home and change into tight bikini panties and short t-shirts. They fixed themselves more ice cream sundaes and lay out by the pool, eating, weighting for Dad to get home.

Dad walked in from the garage.  “Girls I’m home, where is everybody?”  “Burp!”  “We’re out here honey,” called Heather.  Dad went out to the pool area to a chubby chaser/fat admirer’s best dream, ever.  Heather and Ashley were both bloated, their bellies bulging up in the air, wearing just tight, tight bikini panties and t-shirts riding up on their bellies.  “Hi, honey, Ashley and I are working on getting really, really fat!”  Dad could only stare for a minute.  “Heather and Ashley, you both look so amazing!  You’re so huge!”  

Dad asked Heather when Ashley waddled back to the kitchen with the empty bowls.  “Heather, do you mean it, are going to get really fat?”  “Yes, I am dear.  I’m going to get fat for you and for Ashley.”  Dad, helped Heather to her feet, she waddled ahead of him as they went up to the bedroom.  The whole time Dad was poking Heather’s soft, fat bottom.  

The next morning Heather came into Ashley’s room.  She watched her daughter’s belly rise and fall with her breathing admiring how fat Ashley was now.  She poked, Ashley’s belly.  Ashley woke up, opened her eyes, only to see her Mom’s belly nearly in her face.  Ashley asked, “So, is Dad happy?”  Heather started to cry, “Oh Ashley you won’t believe how happy Dad is, we had the best night, he even fed me! Ashley I want to get so fat now.”

Later that week, Amanda and Ashley were holding court at their table in the cafeteria, two huge guys walked up, “Hey, are these seats taken?” The girls looked at the two boys, “No, there not, please have a seat.”  They stared at the two huge bellies, “I’m Nat, one brother said. “I’m Ned.” The other one said.  “We just started here, our folks moved here for their jobs, we’re going to play football here
Fat Revenge 2
Ashley parents seek some medical help for Mom, which leads to prescription drugs with wonderful side effects.  Lots of eating.
Does this bikini brief make me look fat drawing
A guy (me someday?) with a big belly and very fat butt/bottom. I had a scrap of paper on my desk and I just drew this.
I wrote another story, one more in the Bellows Farm series. I hope you enjoy it.


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