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The Scrap Exchange is celebrating 25 years of creative reuse in the community with a DIY Festival this Saturday, April 16! Games, crafts, music, food, fun, and a crafters section including yours truly setting up a booth to sell things.

I'll be selling hand-carved wood staffs, jewelry, a decorative Steampunk comb or two, and at least one Steampunk hat. I'll also be working on a woodcarving during the festival, in case anyone's interested in seeing that sort of thing :)
Darn it, once AGAIN I forget to post a journal entry about an event until the day of the event itself.

So ANYWAY, I have a couple dozen of my pieces on display at SDCC this year. For anyone who doesn't know (and that's apparently a LOT of people), Comic-Con has an Art Show every year. It's in the Sails Pavilion, and I'm in space D2, right next to :iconllyzabeth: who's in space D1. The last five or six pieces I've posted to my gallery will be on sale, so if you were able to make it to Comic-Con this year please stop by to take a look, and maybe place a bid.

:iconllyzabeth: and I will also be wandering around Comic-Con in our costumes on Friday, so keep an eye out for a set of identical twins, one Cyberpunk and one Steampunk. 
Darn it, I always forget to post info about a craft show until the day before it actually happens.

Lots of fun stuff going on at this year's Millstock Festival in Clayton, NC. The organizers are closing off a couple of blocks of Main Street to make the festival even bigger. Several live bands will be performing, there will be a free chalk-drawing contest, a beer tent AND a wine tent (go to the Deep River Brewing Company stand, buy yourself some 4042 Stout. DO IT.) and of course there will be art. I'll have a range of my steampunk jewelry on display along with several of the staffs that are featured in my gallery. And this year I'll have a steampunk hat for sale. Just because.

So as usual, come to the festival! Have fun! Buy things!…
I met one of the organizers of this event at MakerFaire Raleigh this year, and he invited me to set up a booth at the Fall Festival.…

Looks like there will be a really wide range of exhibitors (not too many craft shows will have bookbinders AND robot-builders). The goal is to have as many exhibitors as possible do a demo of their craft, which basically means I'll be sitting at my table and woodcarving for six hours (with some staffs and jewelry for sale as well, natch).

There's also music (a cappella groups and jazz), a tent of craft activities for kids, and best of all the festival is free free FREE. (For exhibitors as well as attendees, YAY!)
It's all happening this Saturday, doors open at 10:00 AM! We're in a MUCH bigger venue this year, so there should be more booths, more events, slightly less shoulder-to-shoulder crowds.

Last year's event was fun, but also free to set up a booth. This year there were booth fees, so the pressure's on to sell enough to make the whole thing worth my while. I'll have a nice mix of my earrings and pendants on sale, plus a few of my wood carvings. Oh, and this one will be available too:…

Come to the show! Enjoy the events! Buy things!
Wonder of all wonders, I'm going to be working a craft festival again. In fact, I'm going to have TWO in the next month. It's been a while, so let's jump right to the details.

June 1, Millstock! Clayton Visual Arts has taken over running this festival, and it looks like we're in a spiffier area than we were when we set up along the street near the coffee shop:… (Psst, deadline for submitting applications has been extended to today. Fellow Clayton artists, hop on!)

June 15, Maker Faire! This one's something of a surprise. I'd submitted an application, and then assumed I'd be contacted as soon as they'd made a decision one way or another. Silly me, forgot to check the website. I'm in! My first time participating in the Maker Faire, so I have NO idea what to expect. Lucky for me I've been working overtime to get ready for Millstock, so I should already be set to do another festival two weeks later:
Gosh, more than a year since my last journal entry? How time flies...

I still have the same job I had last entry, so THAT much hasn't changed. October came around, and the company gave me a one-week extension while they figured out what to do (not kidding here, one week) and then decided to extend my contract until the end of July.  And of course, I have no indication on whether or not I'll still have a job after that. Still, getting a steady paycheck NOW means I'm a bit more fortunate than about ten percent of the population, so I'm not complaining. Much.

My New Year's resolution this year was to have one hundred pieces of jewelry ready to go by the time the Clayton Millstock Festival rolls around in June. Between two trips to the mountains, a visit from my sister, a weekend vacation in Manhattan, a gym membership, and several projects (including a cypress-knee carving and a new hymn board - a present to my church - to match the one I made in 2004), I've managed to make...fifty. Hey, no problem, I've still got more than a month until the festival, right? Yeeeaah, not so much. They've cancelled the Millstock Festival, and it looks like they've cancelled it permanently.

Of course I'm irritated about this. There's been precious little explanation WHY it was cancelled. Nathan thinks the new owners of the Coffee Mill (the cafe that started the festival in the first place) decided it was too much trouble to keep going. I tend to agree, although I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and say that they probably couldn't face the UNBELIEVABLE amount of small-town bureaucracy that is the Town of Clayton.  That said, I'm also a little sad. In 2005, the Millstock Festival was the first step I'd taken in TEN YEARS to make my artwork for sale to the general public. Take a look at the first picture in my gallery: . That picture was taken specifically so I could have photos of my work to submit for a space at the festival. Without Millstock I probably wouldn't even HAVE a deviantart account.  Millstock's been my biggest incentive to build up my inventory each year, and it's been great to have at least one guaranteed market every summer.

SO, on to bigger and better markets. As mentioned in previous journals, I still have some pieces for sale at the Durham Scrap Exchange… and the VERY classy Davenport and Winkleperry… . I'll also be setting up a booth this Saturday at the Dolphin's Mart in Cary, NC . Part of the festivities include a raffle table, with 100% of the proceeds to go to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. All the crafters at the festival will be donating artwork for the raffle, so be on the lookout for one of my pendants! Or a set of earrings, or a choker, or whatever. For charity!

And also? DAILY DEVIATION!… STILL in shock.
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Well the job situation is holding steady. For NOW. (cue the ominous music) They've decided to extend my contract until October, instead of just June, so that keeps me from full-on job hunting for a little longer. I may start looking NOW, if I get another day like today. The Head Office (I guess; nobody tells us where the decisions are really made) has decided to move everybody in our building into another building. In less than two months. You should SEE the mountain of files and equipment they somehow expect to get moved by the end of May, it would really make you laugh. Or cry. Follow that up with an exhilarating, yet horrifying, teleconference where my manager fully displays how little he knows about ANYTHING THAT WE DO (and yet, still can't stop talking), and you have an awe-inspiringly crazy day.

In other news, my project to build my jewelry inventory up to 100 pieces has hit a snag, but a good one. Another gallery will be selling some of my jewelry, so my inventory has decreased by ten pieces. Yay, again, for someone ELSE doing the work of selling my jewelry! (And WOO! for a little extra cash, always handy.) So now I have two galleries showing some of my stuff: The Scrap Exchange in Durham, NC, and Davenport and Winkleperry,… , a neat little store specializing in "Steampunk and related stylistic genres", and having their Grand Opening on April first. They're located in Pittsboro, NC. You may have heard of Pittsboro, THEIR COURTHOUSE WAS ENGULFED IN FLAMES TODAY…. (Yes, my husband and I were there, dropping off my jewelry just as the fire trucks pulled up. As I said, it's been a crazy day.)
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The work situation I mentioned in my Halloween journal entry seems to have manifested itself; I may be looking for a new job in a couple of months. The company who bought my current company has decided that all contractors (that would include me and my immediate co-workers) can only stay on for eighteen months before either being hired on full-time, or leaving. I knew all that when our company was bought, but what I DIDN'T know was that they're counting all the time I've ALREADY worked as part of the eighteen months. So I'm basically going to get a two-month extension to train my replacement, and then it's "Get out before we throw you out."

I've got an updated resume and current information with TWO staffing agencies now, and there's always the chance that my employer will decide that kicking out an entire department at once is INSANE. There's also the even teenier chance that I'll be hired full-time. So I'm not upset or scared at this point, just annoyed. The eighteen-month rule is crap, everybody KNOWS it's crap, but nobody will do anything about it. It really shouldn't surprise me that a corporation would look at a person and instead of seeing "Valuable Employee, Good Working Record, Necessary For MANY Projects" they see "Warm body in the seat. Time's up, bring in another warm body". It annoys me even more that I LIKE this job. Ah well, more on this later I'm sure.

In better news, the Scrap Exchange in Durham NC ( has about fifteen of my pieces on sale at their permanent gallery. Hooray for SOMEBODY ELSE doing the selling. Which leads me to my latest project: I have GOT to get a bigger back-log of jewelry. I've set a goal to have 100 pieces on-hand by the time Millstock comes around again, but it'll be tricky.

Other things going on would be a trip to San Diego this spring (to visit :iconllyzabeth: ), taking a yoga class (my neck feels better already!) FINALLY finishing the table I mentioned in my October 4 journal entry (I'll post a scrap picture of the pieces, it's VERY slow going) and trying to resist starting any more projects until I finish the ones I've already started. (The website has these instructions for making yoga pants out of an old t-shirt. SO tempting...)
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I've been looking over my inventory, and I have about forty pieces for sale at the Scrap Exchange in Durham NC (…), five pieces for sale at my etsy store (, and I'm going to donate at least ten pieces for a charity church sale in January. With so much going out already, it seems like a good idea to clear out as many older pieces as I can, and start fresh in 2010. New year, new decade, new stock, that sort of thing. Therefore, the following items are now for sale:

Chess Egg Pendant…

Chess Egg Pendant, Chess Egg Earrings…

Chess-Bead Earring with Gear (the pair in the middle)…

Chess Drop Pendant (similar to the second from the right)…

Clockwork Pendant (similar to the lowest one, but without the fiddly piece sticking out the side)…

Chess Bead Earrings (No picture, but one set with earring hooks, one smaller set with posts)

The price for each pendant and each pair of earrings is the same: eight dollars. First Class shipping? Free. Necklace chain with pendant? Free. Goodwill from an artist who's still surprised people PAY her for something she loves to do? Free free free.

I've only got one of each, so first come, first served. Send me a note and let me know which one you want, and you too can get your Christmas shopping done early!
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Okay, so I was carving my jack o'lanterns this year while watching the latest two episodes of "Dexter" that I'd TiVo'd. (And drinking wine, even though combining alcohol with sharp knives and slippery pumpkin guts can possibly put the "me" in "eMErgency room", but that's neither here nor there.) And on the TV Dexter's doing the usual schtick of "I'm emotionally detached and don't understand how humans relate to each other, and that somehow gives me penetrating insight into the human condition". This led me to wonder what Dexter would think of jack o'lantern designs, specifically MY designs, which led me to think about my last few jack o'lanterns. And I noticed an odd progression. Stay with me here, this may be a little strange...

2007 (…) "Swallowed by the Beast"
2008 (…) "Fleeing in Terror"
2009 (…) "Happily Oblivious of the Danger"

Let's see where I was each time I did a carving:

2007: More than a year into a job that I had come to hate, passionately. Two months before Halloween my manager had (wisely) decided to leave the company and move to the other side of the country, and my superiors gave her duties to me. "Hey, I don't know about this," I said, "I'm not sure I can handle everything she was doing". "Oh don't worry", they said, "You're perfectly qualified; we're sure you'll do fine." Ha ha. Turns out, I wasn't qualified, I was there. The company was growing by leaps and bounds, they were chronically understaffed, and they simply moved the one person who'd had a little training into my former managers job. I couldn't handle it. Too much, too fast, so much to coordinate and WAY too many phone calls to make. I was miserable, I made everyone around me miserable, and I felt like I'd been thrown overboard. Or eaten alive.

2008: Five months into a new job. MUCH better this time. Good people, low stress, and I was being paid more per hour than I was at the previous full-time job. However, I'd been FIRED from my previous full-time job, and I think I spent most of the next year trying not to think about how rotten it was to be fired, no matter how much I'd hated the job in the first place. I did the best I could at my new job, trying to prove I wasn't the horrible employee I must have been previously, and counted the weeks since the situation had ended, trying to put as much distance as I could from the whole thing. Running for my life, basically.

2009: Same job, but the recession has hit my company just like it's hit so many others. We've been bought by an even BIGGER company, and we're all waiting to see how many people are going to be let go. I just found out that the higher-ups will notify everyone about their job status by mid-November, so it's very possible that I'll be unemployed by Christmas. And yet? I'm happy. I go into work and enter bits of information into the database for eight hours at a time, and the lack of stress feels like stepping out of a sauna into cool air. The possibility of losing my job is still hanging over me, but I'm having a hard time getting upset about it. In other words, I seem to be blissfully unaware.

So what does all this mean? Dunno. Maybe if I'd paid attention to what my jack o'lantern ideas were telling me, I could have done...something? Left the job I hated. Stopped worrying about the past. Right now I've put in a call to my staffing agency and updated my resume, but I can't believe I should start running away before I even know if the monster behind me is going to bite. I did that once, back in 2006, and because of that I left a sometimes-annoying job for one that was pure hell. Not doing that again, no way. Monster or not, I'm still smiling. And if next year I carve a jack o'lantern being squished under a rock or swimming in a pile of money, well I'll deal with that then.

And also? Those magic-eraser cleaning pads work GREAT for getting the pen marks off your pumpkin after carving. Just thought I'd pass that one along.
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Okay, let's see what I have going on in the next thirty or so days...

1) The Scrap Exchange (…) in Durham NC will be holding their 2009 Craftland Show from October 16 through January 5th. Here's a blurb from the website:

"6th Annual Holiday Marketplace in The Scrap Exchange's Green Gallery

Craftland is a three-month, juried show with items on sale in the Green Gallery throughout the holiday season. All items for sale at Craftland are created by local artists and crafters using reclaimed, reused, or repurposed materials."

I've been accepted as one of the artists! *happy dance* This is VERY good news because a) The Ava Gardner Film Festival will NOT be holding a craft show this year (I needed to find a new venue anyway) and b)instead of sitting outside for eight hours for one day, I get to drop off my stuff and have it on display for months, with somebody else doing the sales.

2) I have my entry ready for the NC State Fair Craft Competition. It's another woodcarving (naturally), but this time with color! Watch this site for pictures.

3) I've updated my Etsy store, just in time to start Christmas shopping. Yeah, expect me to plug that link a few more times in the next couple of months.

4) We're going to New York! Fall is supposed to be one of the best times to go, so I'm looking forward to it. AND one of my sisters is coming with us. Maybe next year we can drag the rest of the family along. Instant entourage.

5) I'm making a table for Nathan. Specifically this one I've never made a dovetail joint in my life, nor anything with a drawer, and I have next to no idea what I'm doing. But I've got a tablesaw, damnit. How hard can it be?

Other than that, plus running the stewardship drive for my church this month (ha ha I should have a whole two hours of free time. I think I'll use it to start another project. Maybe two.
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Whooo, a little swimmy from the glass of wine I had with dinner tonight (I ate almost nothing for the rest of the day; not sure why, I just wasn't hungry), but I wanted to post an update while I'm still feeling pretty darn upbeat about the Millstock Festival today.

Nathan and I set up in record time this morning, and the festival was almost twice as big as it was last year. (Forty craft booths; not too shabby for a small-town craft show.) I brought 73 pieces to sell, (along with some paper beads similar to the ones at this site:…) and I managed to make three times the amount of the registration fee, so WOOO for profit. I'm...actually a bit surprised I didn't make more; there were a LOT of people at the festival today. (There was even a fellow Deviant. *Waves madly* Hi! I wish I'd gotten your name! Leave a comment!) Everyone was very complimentary on all my jewelry, my Faux Typewriter Key choker got a lot of laughs (for obvious reasons…) and the favorite of the day seemed to be the "Hello...?" pendant… . EVERYBODY thought that was so clever, and so cute. Did anyone buy it? No. So it's still for sale, if anyone's interested.

I don't mean to be flippant about people who compliment but don't buy. It's really gratifying to watch someone walking past, glancing casually at the booths, then stop, stare, and back up so they can take a closer look at the jewelry. And the children at the festival? Were fascinated. This is even more gratifying, because I don't find that children can fake being interested in something.

All in all it was a fun day. Oh and the paper beads I made? Other than the two I sold for 10 cents each, they were good for starting conversations and taking up space. So I have some of those for sale too. :)
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The Clayton Millstock Music and Art Faire falls on Saturday June 6 this year. Here's hoping that the weather will cooperate. (One year we had rain. That was bad. Last year we had 100+ temperatures. That was worse.) I'm still tinkering with the set-up of my stand, and I need to find something that will display my ribbon-necklaces better. Draping chain necklaces from my tree-branch stand works fine, but the chokers need something a little sturdier.

This year's festival should be really interesting, since they've added a chalk-drawing contest to the line-up. I would LOVE to enter something like that, but I'll have to pass due to the fact that a)I wouldn't know what to draw and b)I'll be at my stand selling (hopefully) many many pieces of jewelry. Anyone who wants to wow us with your 2D skills, go here… , and find out where to sign up. First prize is $100, which would come in handy in this economy. Or anytime, really.

Hm. Has it really been almost five months since I updated this journal? Bad artist, no cookie. Watch this site for more artwork (hopefuly) soon.
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Gah. I hate being sick. I hate being sick for the second time in the space of a month (seriously, I just got over another cold before Christmas), and I hate being sick on my frikkin' birthday. Still, it gave me a day off that I ordinarily wouldn't have taken, and all the birthday celebrations have been scheduled for this weekend. So it all works out.

Nothing else much to add. I finally managed to sell a couple of pieces at my etsy story ( , pluggity plug plug plug), and once Nathan and I have another photo shoot I'll be able to add a few more designs, including something new I've been trying with salvaged pieces from an old piano. Christmas was excellent; the whole family together in Florida and now I have many many more books to read. And Nathan bought me a brand new Dremel! (The old one was starting to let out a high-pitched whine. If it had been a car, I'd say it was about to throw a rod. Or just catch on fire.) Looking ahead, we already have plans to travel to Ohio and New York, and since I did three craft shows last year, I've set the goal this year to do at least four. More on that later.

For now, I need some tea.
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Okay, here's the deal. There are two important websites in this journal. First up, Donors Choose . Fantastic site, not least because you know EXACTLY where your money is going, right down to the classroom. For those of you who've never been here, this site lets teachers submit project that they need to get funded, and the projects are just about anything you can imagine. Some teachers need a set of history books that their school district doesn't have the money to buy. For others it can be art supplies, new maps, field trips, heck, anything. I've seen requests for air conditioners and water purifiers, for those schools that are LITERALLY falling apart and out of cash. Once their project is approved and posted on the website, anyone can submit money to help fund the project. Any project; any amount. You can watch the meter to see how quickly your favorite projects are getting funded, and a lot of teachers will have their classes write thank-you notes to the donors. It's fun, it's easy, it's also totally tax-deductible.

Second website; Tomato Nation . One of my favorite sites, it has regular essays by the fabulous Sarah Bunting (that's Sars to her fans), and she also answers "Dear Abby" type letters with a really snarky tone, but also with a hell of a lot of sense. The reason this site is important today is that Sars has started the Tomato Nation Fall Contest. Follow the links on her main site to the Donors Choose site, and you'll find a huge list of projects to be funded. The amount that's been sent in for past projects is nothing short of shocking. Even Sars is bowled over by what gets accomplished. This year she's aiming for the stars. $50,000 is the first goal to reach before the end of October. Anyone who sends in money will be in the running for a prize (and there's LOTS of prizes available), and if the whole project reaches $100,000, then Sars will don a huge tomato costume (complete with hat), ride the train to Washington DC, and go site seeing. While still in the tomato costume.

Everybody go forth and have fun! I've already won a Paul Newman DVD, and I may be back for more!
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After worrying all week about having cold and wet weather for the craft show at the Ava Gardner Festival (not to mention at least TWO huge thunderstorms leading up to Saturday), today was just the most perfect weather you could imagine. It felt like all the rain had scrubbed the air clean and hung it in the sun to dry. You have NO idea what a refreshing change this was; the MillStock festival in June closed down two hours early from the 100-degree weather. Jewelry displays were melting! Tourists were getting stuck in La Brea Tar Pits forming in the asphalt! Birds were falling out of the sky in FLAMES!

...okay maybe it wasn't that bad. But dear Lord, June was hot. Today was just gosh darn nice.

Incredibly nice people at the festival too. Nathan stopped by with ice cream, and once he had the police in tow! (A friend of ours who we haven't seen in ages. Hi Erik!) I sold about fourteen pieces, and was told on several occasions that I should charge more for my work. I'll be honest, I've mainly kept my prices low because I'm too lazy to change my sign. Plus, y'know, the economy's not so great. But a few more festivals like this may change my mind.

I also had a lovely conversation with Laura at the jewelry booth across the street. ("Simply Jake" ) She was wearing the most awesome art-pants ever, and her jewelry was even better!

Susan wins the award for knowing the term "Steampunk" and using it correctly in a sentence without prompting. She happily agreed to trade a pair of her earrings for one of my pendants (this set of earrings, by the way,… . Definitely check out the rest of her stuff; the silver-frame-and-glass jewelry is turning into one of my new addictions.)

And Doug Strickland in the booth next to me (Johnston County painter extrordinaire ) spent the whole day working on a painting of a gas station I see every day on the way to work. The smell of oil paint has always brought me back to art classes at Boone, but today it seems to have blended in my head with all the sunshine and with the VERY strange stories from the copy of "Year's Best SF9" that I was reading for about six hours straight. I think the next time I walk into an art supply store I'm going to have a flashback to Octavia Butler's story "Amnesty", or maybe Ballantyne's "The Waters of Meribah". And then people are REALLY going to stare.

I couldn't have asked for today to go any better. Now I just need to get more STUFF for my booth. (If you can set up the canopy on the first try and only need two trips to unload the props from the car, then you're just not trying hard enough...)
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Check it out; the festival has a MySpace page:…

TONS of movies are being screened over the next few days. And of course, the Art/Craft Show will take place from 10:00-4:00 in downtown Smithfield on Saturday, with a booth set up for yours truly at...wherever they decide to place me. I've got some slightly new jewelry designs to show off, so if the Nor'easter forming off the coast of NC will just get a move on, we should hopefully have good weather for a great show on Saturday.

Come one, come all! Buy things!
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Well, no, not really. And it's Hannah I'm talking about this time… , instead of Elizabeth.

Hannah's participating in a fund-raiser for MDA (That's the Muscular Dystrophy Association, or Jerry's Kids), and part of it involves having to raise money to get her out of...jail? Something like that. Participation in this fundraiser was kinda sprung on her at the last minute, and it was pretty much mandatory, so now she has a bit of money to collect to do her part for charity. Anyone reading the blog she writes can tell she's FAR too talented to languish in jail, so for anyone who wants to help, go here… and chip in some cash for the kids. Please? (wheedling) I'll be your best friend. C'mon, everybody else it doing it!

And if you want to spend MORE money, go here for stuff to buy. C'mon, everybody else is...oh have I used that one already? Drat.
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I just realized that I haven't posted any links to some of my favorite folks in a LONG time. This situation shall not stand! Without further ado (and in no particular order):

Elizabeth, my twin sister and sometime partner in crime:

:iconllyzabethfangirl: (fan-art fun) :iconllyzabeth: (photographs, and examples of professional graphic-artist work)

Plus the site the two of us share:

:iconllyzabeth-kythryn: (amusing stick-person drawings, taken to an almost epic level)

Hannah, our younger sister, hockey-player, and Sarasota socialite:… (Hannah works for the Sarasota Magazine, and posts observations and rants about all aspects of being a twenty-something in Southern Florida. And where to go to have fun.)

Nathan, my husband and my the-rest-of-the-time partner in crime. Also the person who does ALL of my photography:… (Be sure to check out his 365 project). Also :iconcaptainslack:

Wow, that's a lot. And these are just the people in my immediate family. This could take a couple of installments.
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