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8 Simple Rule


1). Respect all fandoms. In this group all fandoms are equals. None are better than the other so nobody should have an egotistical viewpoint of their fandoms. If you do in fact have one. Do NOT state in this club.

2). Friendly conversation expressing different point of views are allowed but no straight out arguing.

3). If you fight, there will be a three strike rule. On the third fight you'll be banned from the group and this rule applies to everyone.

4). All fanarts must be submitted in the appropriate folder. Failure to do this will result in denial of entry. A note will be sent to you explaining why and you can resubmit your artwork in the appropriate folder at a later time.

5). If a folder for your specific fandom is not in the gallery, you may request that it be added to the gallery.

6). Mature pictures and literature are allowed, as long as they have the correct censoring.

7). Our definition of fandom is: Something based off a particular media. (OC of an original story or particular media counts as well.)

8). NO derogatory terms will be used in this group. This will also be a three strike rule.

:D Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoy Fandoms INC! :D

Group Info

This is a group about fandoms. Anything and everything you are a fan of goes. Games, anime, movie, comics, music, TV, etc. Anything means anything as long as you are a fan of it. That's why it's called Fandoms-Inc! ;)
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286 Members
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27 by TheTimeLimit
Casey Jones by vera-baby
the web of peter parker by Peter-v-Nguyen
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James in a Bunny Suit: Clean Face by Snowsetgirl1
Pokemon Team Commission - Hall of Fame by seto
Encounter!! by NyxNeverland
Jullimuh (Moolouch au) by NyxNeverland
Clint Eastwood Anniversary by KaiMacTrash
Misa Amane and Kiyomi Takada by KaiMacTrash
Ruby and Sapphire by KaiMacTrash
Penguin Sledding by FireNationPhoenix
We Appreciate Power (+speedpaint) by AnInnocentDemon
robb by Ashleyissweet
Marshmello by YamiKlaus
Suga by SoapyCats
Kani-e Commission by Theecllg
Alternative Batman comic by NightTimeFlier
Captain Marvel Poster by AirMasterParker
Love and illusions PrologueAuthor's Notes: This story in Dark Phoenix Jade II. That Aizen found Jade and what does he want from her?Disclaimer: I do not own One piece, Bleach, Naruto and Mortal Kombat. I only own is my ocs.This Fanfiction is rated T but rated M in the future chapters.Prologue: ReunionA eighteen years old magical warrior named Jade was sleeping on her black cloak while wearing her Dark Phoenix outfit. She was on a mission with Sakura, Naruto, and Kakashi to hunt down Hollows."Jade wake up." A voice replied which she recognize."Fennikusu. What is it?" Jade asked."I felt something very dangerous around here. You should look around and see who it is." Fennikusu replied inside of Jade. The magical warrior gets up and grabs her magical staffShe saw a tall man who wearing a black leather suit, white small cloak with brown hair with brown eyes and still wearing a bandages that was covering his eye. He is holding a sword."Hello Jade." The man replied. "Aizen." Jade replied."Oh God it's you." Fennikusu replied."I can hear that the Dark Phoenix is talking. Is he still holding a grudge against me?" Aizen asked."Yes. I am still pissed at you. Aizen." Fennikusu answered."Well it doesn't matter. I'm still going to defeat you like I did in the past." Jade replied as she holds her magical staff."Dark Phoenix style: Dark Flame Dance!" Jade shouted as she summons black flames from her staff."Bakudo # 81 Danku!" Aizen shouted as a wall was summoned and blocks her attacks."Just give up. Jade. You won't able to defeat me. Now surrender or else." Aizen replied."Die in a gutter!" Jade shouted.Meanwhile Sakura, Naruto and Kakashi were sleeping suddenly they heard a explosion coming from the other side of the forest. Kakashi woke up."Naruto! Sakura! Wake up!" Kakashi shouted as Sakura and Naruto woke up."What's going on Kakashi senshi?" Sakura asked as Kakashi felt something dangerous that Jade is fighting."Guys! Jade is in trouble and she's fighting someone. Let's hurry!" Kakashi shouted as he, Sakura and Naruto gets up and ran fast as they can to help Jade.When they found Jade. Team Seven sees Jade fighting Aizen who was using his zanpakuto sword on Jade's magical staff."Aizen!" Kakashi shouted as Jade and Aizen see them."Kakashi, Guys. Don't try to join me. This is a fight between me and Aizen." Jade replied."Jade. It doesn't matter if you want to join in. We are your friends Jade." Naruto replied.The fight keeps going on which Kakashi, Sakura and Naruto decides to join in."Hado # 90 Kurohitsugi!" Aizen shouted as Jade dodges his attack and uses icicles on him but he dodges her attacks. Aizen began to lose his spiritual powers from the fight with Jade and her friends."It's no use Aizen. You used your kido already. Just surrender yourself to us and you'll be back to Muken where you can rot there." Kakashi replied."Actually. I wasn't here to fight you." Aizen replied."Then what do you want from us?" Naruto asked."I came here to find Jade after I escaped from Muken and teleport here from Soul Society." Aizen answered."Are going to do some evil plans on us again what you did in the past?" Sakura asked. "Actually no. I just wanted to find a place to stay and have a cup of tea." Aizen answered."Jade, Guys we can't trust him. I think he's probably lying." Fennikusu replied. "Fennikusu may be right. We can't trust a traitor who rebelled against soul society for using the Hyogoku on Katakura Town." Jade replied."Guys, please. I won't fight anymore if you allow me to stay at a place in your village and probably Jade's village." Aizen replied."Aizen. You know you're not allowed to be in Jade's village because it had magic and you if your powers are bind to the suit. You're not allow there." Kakashi replied."So then am I allowed to be in Konoha village then since I'm not allowed in Mahō Village?" Aizen asked."I don't know what would Tsunade say about you that you're going to stay at Konoha." Sakura replied. "I'm going to put a seal on that you can't your kido powers when you're entering Konoha. You can only use Kido when you're on missions or fighting enemies." Jade replied as she uses her magical staff and puts a seal spell on Aizen that he won't able to be use Kido. "Okay Aizen we're heading to Konoha village now. So behave when we get there." Kakashi replied as he, Jade, Naruto and Sakura heads to Konoha village while Aizen follows them.
Happy Birthday Lelouch by NyxNeverland
Grooming by NyxNeverland
jem and the x-girls by Shadowofjustice123
Acpc avatar by KaiMacTrash
Doctor Ariel Celandine by KaiMacTrash
Marauder by chris-illustrator
The Baddest by AnInnocentDemon
Graphic Novels
Cut The Cord by WardenDarkwingArtist

Mature Content

Fox comic excerpt-PAIN by Foxy-Knight
Fox ARC-0 Commission cover: Moving On by Foxy-Knight
At night by gnuttormen
1 Corinthians 13:1-13 by LazzyDawg17
Live Action
Klaus Hargreeves by KaiMacTrash
Cersei Lannister - Game of thrones by miguel-amshelo
Myssa - Daenerys Targeryen - Game of thrones GIF by miguel-amshelo
Royal throne by gnuttormen
Kyo Nijumura by Theecllg
The Mummy by Joe-Roberts
I Am Your Angel Of Music by AnInnocentDemon
kitchen in the woods by KARN9N
Online Video Games
beware of squid by Wafferscotch
Video Games
Commission - The Lone Wanderer, post workout by NordRonnoc
Visual Novels
Making Changes by CaelansFolly1992
Web Comics
Strider Style  by Crimson-Hooligan
SCP-2845 [3-D] by LazzyDawg17


Who You Gonna Call? by JCThornton Who You Gonna Call? :iconjcthornton:JCThornton 535 71 Valkyrie by daekazu Valkyrie :icondaekazu:daekazu 769 21 Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty by daekazu Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty :icondaekazu:daekazu 3,509 145 welcome summer by pink-hudy welcome summer :iconpink-hudy:pink-hudy 551 61 Summertime by SimonPovey Summertime :iconsimonpovey:SimonPovey 3,208 387 Beach Day Zuko by Zarory Beach Day Zuko :iconzarory:Zarory 1,989 48 Sakura by art-germ
Mature content
Sakura :iconart-germ:art-germ 81 1
Chibiusa calling Helios by AmyroseHaruka Chibiusa calling Helios :iconamyroseharuka:AmyroseHaruka 101 3 Penny Gadget Goes Insane by mbaker Penny Gadget Goes Insane :iconmbaker:mbaker 74 29 Hatsune Miku by zacharyknox222 Hatsune Miku :iconzacharyknox222:zacharyknox222 59 1 Pikachu by zacharyknox222 Pikachu :iconzacharyknox222:zacharyknox222 84 1 Monika by zacharyknox222 Monika :iconzacharyknox222:zacharyknox222 48 2 Totoro by zacharyknox222 Totoro :iconzacharyknox222:zacharyknox222 74 10 Sailor Moon by zacharyknox222 Sailor Moon :iconzacharyknox222:zacharyknox222 91 6 Chun li by art-germ Chun li :iconart-germ:art-germ 134 2 Our Nurse by art-germ Our Nurse :iconart-germ:art-germ 139 3


Who You Gonna Call? by JCThornton
Valkyrie by daekazu
Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty by daekazu
welcome summer by pink-hudy
Anime and Manga
Ran Ran by CicisArtandStuff
Miku and Rin Journal Skin by double-rainbow-chan
Journal Skin: Ouran colors 2 by OsirisMaru
Ao No Exorcist Journal Skin by Proxyism
:TLOK: Bender Korra Free Journal Skin by Hinachuu
Cammy White by R62
Cammy 2015 WIP 2 by R62
Graphic Novels
Live Action
Doctor Who Journal Skin by Eternal-Skye
Logoskin by Eternal-Skye
Rose, Doctor Who Skin by Eternal-Skye
Journal skin :: Stargate by ekormekolindo
MONSTER//KINK by CicisArtandStuff
Rise of the Guardians Skin by TMNT-Raph-fan
Welcome to The Black Parade skin by IamRinoaHeartilly
Video Games
LOL Ahri by vococo
Visual Novels
Web Comics

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Wanted to let everyone know. (Not like it wasn't obvious for a while honestly) But I am honestly very disinterested in continuing this group. I have many things on my plate and coming on to check this group is more of a chore than not. I started this group with my sister and we had big ideas for it. Eventually she started to get discontent with the progression of deviantart as a whole. (New design,etc) And she eventually left due to disinterest. Now I am in her same position. I've spread myself too thin and now I somewhat feel it is pointless to continue it. As I said it's extremely obvious but I am letting everyone know that you guys might as well go to a different group that's more active and more punctual. I haven't been punctual in a while. This group is basically on life support. So I felt like I needed to be honest with you guys. But there was a decent amount of work put into this so I don't fully want to just close it off and throw all of that away. Ideally I'd like to just give this group to someone who would be more interested but as of right now that's not an option. If you want an extremely low maintenance group to stay in be my guest but if you want any form of consistent maintenance.... I don't want to waste your time. If you want to stay I won't kick you out but if not feel free to leave.
Currently we are searching for admins. If you'd like to be one for this group, if you are interested please send a note to this group or to me personally with answering the following questions:

1). Tell us what you would do to improve this group?
2). What would be your general mindset in helping with management?
3). What made you want to help manage this group?
4). What do you feel is lacking about the group?
5). Do you have any experience managing a group before?

If you have anything you want to add to the note, please feel free to do so. We are open to any suggestions.
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