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Embroidered Skull Bauble


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Embroidered Skull Bauble


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Black silk velvet scarf with custom embroidery

Made to Measure

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Norse Triquetra Embroidery on Brown Tshirt

Art Wear For Sale

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Product photography test

Bobby Dazzlers for sale

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Embroidered Skull Bauble

Christmas Yule for Sale

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Custom T-shirt Embroidery for Fox Glass

Custom Embroidery

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Custom Embroidery Detail from Prom Dress

Embroidery Details and Concepts

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Design Sketches for Pink and Purple Tartan Dress

Irish Dance Costumes

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Dressmaking - Pressing Curved Seams Open

In the Workshop

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Mother of Bride Outfit, MOB, MOTB

Pink Things

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Tailored Jacket and Skirt, C and G sample

City and Guilds Submission Pieces

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Street Stall at Evesham Morris Festival June 2013


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Bakanalia Border Morris, Loughborough 15/12/13

Morris Dancing

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Bare Bones Border Morris, Loughborough 15/12/13


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Toile Fitting for City and Guilds Jacket


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