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Pokemon-Reshiram chibi

:iconohjoyplz: Yay moar Pokemon fanart! *shot*

Anyway, for those who don't know, this is one of the 2 new legendary Pokemon revealed for Black & White :B its name is Reshiram.
Link: [link]

The lineart was a pain the @$$ >:C too many details...

SAI, 1-2 hours
Pokemon (c) Nintendo
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Cute avatar! =)
LadyTau's avatar
<3!!! I love Reshiram!
JessKo2000's avatar
Too. Cute.
Love it!
dabigbox354's avatar
Pokemon black and white: one overdesigned Mary Sue after another.
FancyPancakes's avatar
As long as it pleases the kids....who form the main audience, unfortunately ):
dabigbox354's avatar
I cry for this generation.
NovaStarmistKat's avatar
So adorable! I love how you shaded the eyes in perfect hues of blue :iconkawaiidesuplz:
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Reshiram is so cute in this pic^^
I love it *w*
AskAkatsuki's avatar
you drew reshiram...LIKE A BAWS! >:D
rabbitsalt's avatar
Looks like a rapper a bit still cute though.
DirtyDayDream's avatar
this is adorable eue doesnt he have like long ear thingies o.o?
AngelofLight22's avatar
cute i wanna huggle it
starfish851's avatar
awww .... reshiram looks like a lil baby in this pic
missmikayla14's avatar
i know he's so cute
Henzukaya's avatar
I love Chibi versions of Pokemon. Rumble Blast was full of Chibi Pokemon!
ToonTwins's avatar
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eximelove's avatar
cute! he looks like hes danceing:)
missmikayla14's avatar
i know. his pose is super sexy :heart: or he could look like a horse tamer or Native American trying to tame a rearing horse where the person holds the rope tied to the horse's halter and is trying to make the horse stop rearing
eximelove's avatar
lol that too!<3 reshiram the horse tamer!^.^
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