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P.S...I Love You

By Fancy-Indigo
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Inspired by the tear-jerker romance movie with Gerard Butler, "P.S. I Love You."

I see some brief similarities; A terminally ill love-interest, inevitable loss when love interest is involved, and the strength to move onward.

Still haven't had the chance to play ME3, but I'm doing my best to soften the blows of when I do.

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OMG! Aaaand I find another piece I'd love to share! So... ahem? Can I? Please?! I think you've done the ghost effect so very well and I *noticed* that you've got a slight rumple in the bed where his elbow is, that kinda makes you wonder if he's really there. Nice touch. Also, although the game got rid of all our scars, I soooooo very much prefer your scarred FemShep here. Proper scars. Battle scars. Not "I'm a machine get me out of this body" scars.
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I'm glad you like it! 

Sure you could share it :) 

Just remember to mention my name, please? I am a dummy! 
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But of course! I always do that since I became admin! [shamefully there is a folder I've stuffed all the images with 'missing links' and titled so, I haven't had the heart to delete yet]
Anyway your art is now here:… - thanks for permission to share!
Actually it's helping me get through a really, really tough week. My aunt just died of breast cancer.
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Oh wow, I'm so sorry. A loss like that isn't easy to adapt to.  I feel for you, truly do.
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Well... truth is that's only the half of it. In May I had to terminate a pregnancy to save my own life. Turns out I had Hyperemesis Gravidarum - particularly severely at that. I kinda had to fight to get it too. Now knowing it's hereditary, we won't be trying again.

So adoption!

My aunt's death came just a few months later.
My mum died of the same thing.
Guess that's hereditary too.
Oh and both died *after* trying treatments, and the treatments failed.
So I guess I've probably got until I hit my 60s to do everything in life I want to do.

But hey - any number of things can cut a life short. That's just one I now know I can kinda plan for, right? Project management time!
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I wish you the all the luck in the world. Such an ordeal to go through and survive and deaths so close together must have been such a toil on you. But hey, Adoption is a wonderful rout to take! A warrior like you would be a great parent.
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I hope so. I really do hope so. But it's hard... Getting that far along I mean. This year has assuredly been hell and I'd be lying if I said I thought I could adopt tomorrow and be a fantastic parent. But I'm also honestly worried no amount of time will heal me, if you get my drift. But I hope despite that, I can still do it, I'll still be accepted as a potential adoptive parent with my husband, and that ultimately if we get a child, we *will* be good parents. That's the plan!
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Plans are always a good start!

I've been dabbling in being a sort of role-model for youths recently. Child care takes a whole different level of patience than one would expect, or at least on my end. 

On a plus side, nothing is causing you to bull-rush into being a parent or anything of the sort. You take as much time as you need to get to that good spot in your emotional/mental state.  Shoot, it took me almost six years after my father died to trust my heart to fully invite someone into my life and felt the acceptance of being happy for myself. Who knew a year later I'd be married to that very guy I finally felt steady enough to hold hands with.  

It reminds me of what I read from an interview Billy Connolly replied, that grief isn't something that you can simply step over or heal from but eventually people learn to put it aside on a shelf. The grief, or the heaviness of loss, will always be there and it'll peek out of its corner toward you when you're not paying attention; but you can always accept it and place it back on its mantle and move forward. Sure, the steps can feel sluggish, slow and ache at times, but you're still moving as time moves with you.  Sometimes that's all you can do. 

I'm a bit anxious about someday being a mother. Honestly, I'm such a spazz some moments, there are times my new husband is a legally bound baby-sitter. Bless his heart he tries hard not to be. If it happens, it happens and I can only hope for the best for future me and how she'll deal with it. 
Again, I wish you the best. 
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I'm not sure anyone can really do anything to soften the blows. I knew and still cried like heck. hope you had better luck than I did. also amazing movie.
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All the feels. Seriously, you almost make me cry.
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Daw...I'm..erm.. Sorry?
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Why you make me feel
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Because I feel too T3T
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Awesome! Thank you!
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You're welcome. :-)
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aw!! This is so cute. And so sad... T_T
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But it meets your approval, yes? :D
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of course!!! I absolutely love how you made Thane ghostly. It was perfect because he looks like...solid at first glance, and then when I looked more closely I saw that he was actually transparent. That made the whole piece so much more powerful to me. Like he is close enough to touch but still infinitely far away.
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I do try to strike emotion with any artwork I do. Regardless if it is fanart or not. I am happy that you find it so powerful. And I'm also glad that I can draw better than I can write. :)
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So cute. I love how it gives you the comfort of Thane watching over Shepard, even when his dead. :)
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Awww! So sad and cute!
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