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Gallery Folders

A little jealousy SASUSAKU by litaone
Spiral_Page 1 by euphoriadOll
Xcom Legacy: Title and Introduction by TheBritWriter
My Only Love - Cover Page by CeruleanSea23
Naruto Shiroki 10 ENG by Baztey
Naruto Shiroki 9 ENG by Baztey
Cartoon Tenten by Fooxyla
A little jealousy SASUSAKU by litaone
Bleach: Rain is Falling- doujinshi cover by a-aragon123
GrimmHime Doujin: MLIB Cover by Jusbene
MLIB Ch. 1 pg 10 by Jusbene
MLIB Ch. 1 pg 20 by Jusbene
One Piece
Monster Trio Highschool by OnePiece260
One Piece AOTI: cover by Smudgeandfrank
One Piece AOTI: Page 30 by Smudgeandfrank
One Piece AOTI: Page 20 by Smudgeandfrank
Fairy Tail
'After The End!' part 186 by SasumiYahiko
'After The End!' part 187 by SasumiYahiko
'After The End!' part 188 by SasumiYahiko
'After The End!' part 189 by SasumiYahiko
DBZ - Luck is in Soul at Home - Luck 11 Page 10 by RedViolett
DBSQ page 70 by Moffett1990
DBSQ Page 60 by Moffett1990
DBSQ page 50 by Moffett1990
Full Metal Alchemist
00 Cover Look at me by LucyMeryChan
Look at me_pag10 by LucyMeryChan
Blue 01 cover by LucyMeryChan
Other Manga Anime
Maria Cadenzavna Eve (Symphogear) Minimalist by slezzy7
Ultimate Madoka (Madoka Magica) Minimalist by slezzy7
Homura Akemi (Madoka Magica) Minimalist v2 by slezzy7
doujinshi yaoi SaitamaxGenos One Punch Man Yaoi by ositodonas
CAS Adevntures Cover by charlot-sweetie
CAS Adevntures Chapter 1 Cover by charlot-sweetie
FNAF - Odd One Out Ch. 2 (Page 10) by Aggablaze
Pink Kunoichi and Winter Soldier (comic) page 1 by LadyMintLeaf
Cogsworth\Lumiere- First Meet by OnePiece260
My Wish [Page 2] by OnePiece260
My Wish [Page 1] by OnePiece260
GF Serendipity AU- Fiddleford's Log pg 1 by Orangephoenix6
My Little Pony
Friendship Is Magic 01 by mauroz
Star Gazers Part [2/2] by XSamuraiEdgeX
UT reload 39 by keary
The tale of Rabiah book 1 chapter 1 Page 10 by TheTale-Of-Rabiah
The Hobbit Parody by XSamuraiEdgeX
Vocaloid Utauloid
Once Page 130 by Cleopatrawolf
Web Series
RWBY 1: Things Around Us by Average-00
AWB - Prologue by Mizu-no-Akira
RWBY: Enter 555 Prologue by SonicHeroXD
Izuku Midoria (BnHA) Minimalist Wallpaper by slezzy7
Versiones Espanoles
Naruto Shiroki 10 ESP by Baztey
Versions Francaises
FT: Fictional Romance Page 1 [FR] by pataveirio
Nihongo Japanese
Versoes em Portugues

Group Info

Welcome to Fancomic Hub! Please enjoy our well organised gallery! Our aim is to collect all the quality fancomics, fanmanga and doujinshi on dA!

Feel free to +watch! Or join in order to contribute or to take part in great club activities! Remember, when you submit a page, it has to be the first page or the cover page, followed by any tenth page: so cover/1, 10, 20, 30- etc. The same goes for each chapter ^_^

V.Fr - au bas - V.Esp - al fondo - D.V - am Ende - 日本語 - 下部に - Por- ao fundo
Founded 3 Years ago
May 13, 2016


Group Focus
Fan Club

523 Members
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Joining and Submitting!

V.Fr - au bas - V.Esp - al fondo - D.V - am Ende - 日本語 - 下部に - Por - ao fundo

:bulletgreen: Submit fancomics (fanmanga, and doujinshi) of any series!
:bulletgreen: Submit once every ten pages! (cover page OR 1st page (if the cover was not submitted), or any page ending in 0 (ex: 10, 20, 30 - 200) Repeat this for each chapter)
:bulletgreen: Submissions can not be a fancomic that is shorter than 3 pages total length (or equilavent).
:bulletgreen: Submit to the correct folder (not Featured!)
:bulletgreen: Submissions MUST follow all of DeviantArt's rules

:bulletyellow: Everyone can be a member! You do not have to create fancomics!
:bulletyellow: If you do not want to join, you can+watch!
:bulletyellow: Members can submit content
:bulletyellow: Members can enter competitions
:bulletyellow: Members can add fancomics to the Favourites!

:bulletpink: The favourites contain work we do not yet have permission to add to the club. Check them out for more reading!
:bulletpink: All members can add new favourites! We will then contact the creator and ask to add it to our gallery!

:bulletblue: The reason we only accept 1 in every 10 pages is to make it easier to find a new series, and to encourage readers to follow creators!
:bulletblue: AUs, and original characters in an existing universe are accepted
:bulletblue: Fancomics will be added to 'Featured' by the mods, for being awesome!
:bulletblue: Covers or pages that link you off-site to read the rest are okay too!
:bulletblue: Fanwork of very small series or original character group roleplay are not accepted.
:bulletblue: If you submit a crossover, you can submit it to the crossovers folder, or to what you consider the 'dominant' universe of the story
:bulletblue: You can submit non-english fancomics to BOTH the series' folder AND the language folder!
:bulletblue: Individual comicstrips are not accepted. But comicstrips that are sequential and are meant to be read one after the other are accepted!
:bulletblue: 'Scroll comics' which are a single image (such as… ) that are as long as at least 3 traditional pages are accepted.
:bulletblue: Flash fancomics that are equal to 3 or more traditional pages are accepted.
:bulletblue: A series will get its own folder if there are a lot of fancomics for it.

[:bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletred:] En realidad, el nombre de este club no se traduce bien! 'fancomic' significa cualquier cómic dibujado por aficionado, y 'hub' significa en un centro! Esa es la explicación de nuestro trabajo.
Voy a escribir una versión española pronto - puedes poner tu cómic, tanto en la galería normal y el español.
Sólo se puede presentar una página cada diez páginas! portada, primera página (si no se ha presentado la portada), o cualquier página denominada que termina en 0 (por ejemplo: 10, 20, 30 - 200)
Solamente los cómics y el manga basan en series existentes, doujinshi, y el dibujo en serie. No páginas que no son serializados!

[:bulletblack::bulletred::bulletyellow:] Der Name dieses Club's ist „fancomic-hub“. Ein „Fancomic“ ist ein Comic, der von Fans gezeichnet wurde und „Hub“ bedeutet soviel wie Zentrum. Also ein Sammelpunkt für Fancomics.
Es wird bald eine deutsche Version geben.
Du kannst deine Comics in der normalen oder auch in der deutschen Galerie hochladen.
Du kannst nur 1 von 10 Seiten hier hochladen. Cover-Seiten oder die erste Seite (wenn es kein Cover gibt) und jede Seite die mit 0 endet. (z.B. 10, 20, 30, 200...)
Es sind nur Comics oder Doujinshis die auf existierenden Serien basieren erlaubt. Diese müssen mehrere Seiten haben, keine einzelnen Seiten!

[:bulletblue::bulletwhite::bulletred:]En fait, le nom de ce club n'a pas bien traduit! «fancomic» entend de tout BD dessinée par une passionnée, et «hub», une centre! Voilà l'explication de ce que nous faisons.
Une version française sera bientôt ici - vous pouvez mettre votre BD tant dans la galerie normale et de celui française.
Vous ne pouvez soumettre qu'une seule page toutes les dix pages! Page de couverture, la première page (si la page de couverture n'a pas été soumis), ou d'une page nommée se terminant par 0 (ex: 10, 20, 30-200)
Seuls les comics et manga basé sur les séries existantes, des doujinshi et bande dessinée sérialisé. Pas des pages non sérialisés!

[:bulletwhite::bulletred::bulletwhite:] このクラブの名前について。 「fancomic」は、既存のシリーズの同人誌を意味します。 「hub」は、中心を意味します!それが説明です。
すぐに日本語版を書きます - 同人誌は、通常のギャラリーや日本ギャラリーの両方で共有することができます。

Na verdade, o nome deste clube não traduzem bem! 'Fancomic', qualquer comic desenhado por um amador, e' hub 'significa um centro! Esta é a explicação do nosso trabalho.
Vou escrever uma versão em português em breve - você pode colocar sua comic, tanto na galeria normal e português.
Você só pode enviar uma página a cada dez páginas! Tampa, primeira página (se não for apresentado a tampa), ou qualquer página com o nome terminando em 0 (por exemplo 10, 20, 30-200)
Somente quadrinhos e mangá com base no existente, série doujinshi, e desenho em série. Não páginas não são serializados!








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