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This is a columns Ui theme for fb2k.

Special thanks to Magic12kenneth.

Updated a component and fixed the seekbar bug.


1.Copy everything to your fooobar2k folder.
2.Launch your foobar2k and select columns UI as the default UI.
3.Click the menu File -> Preferences, go to Display -> Columns UI,and then import the FCL file named "mono_lite.FCL".
© 2009 - 2021 fanco86
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TYSM for the Christmas gift ! Love this UI

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How can I get mine borderless like yours.
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Hello. Please help. Can add components to player. What to do?
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Very painless install, thanks a ton!
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Hi great skin but can u tell me how i can add new tab?
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Is there any way to change the font?
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Go to Prefs/ColumnsUI/Layout and change the font where it appears in the different parts and/or in the global variables.
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tells me QuickSearch is missing even though I have it installed and the function works. Any ideas? Need a different version of the component or something?
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Excellent theme :)

Is there any way to use the group layout (with the album art etc.) to show the track that's currently playing? I don't group my playlist, so would be really useful to use that section as "now playing" instead.

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Have a look at the Title Formatting Reference docs (Google-it), it's pretty simple. You'll have to add text strings to the Group Header (right click on ELPlaylist/Settings and don't forget to export the skin or it'll be likely to reset).
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Can anyone help me with how to change the colour and layout? How can I make mine like the screen shot?
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I managed to install this theme without to many hassles. Was slightly confusing at first but I did a fresh install of Foobar and followed the installation guide on here which worked quite well.

Then you'll want to disable the toolbar and statusbar to make it look identical to the picture above. Besides the fact that the scrollbar and window will be a different colour unless you install the same Visual Style which is a whole different ball park.

Good work!! :D
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Hi! Congrats for the skin, it rocks.
I'm working on a modified version of your skin, I thought you would know before you find it by yourself, just in case : [link].
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whats your OS skin?
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Since this doesn't work with 1.0, can you at least tell me what version it does work with?
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Doesn't work with new foobar.

Can you tell me how this should work?

Thank you
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I use this all the time sice I met it 2years ago. love it. great job! tks!
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How do I remove the windows border around it, instead of the new styled border I'm stuck with the default windows border.
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Is there any way to get the "normal" playlist view back (instead of the playlist being sorted by albums). I really would like to browse my music by artist name but for some reason, I don't find any way to change the layout.

Nevertheless, this is definately one of my favourite fb2k themes. Thanks!
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rightclick at the plylist and hit settings
go to "Group header"
search for :
"//---------------title format"

replace the recent things with:
//---------------title format

$drawtext(%artist%,$get(title_margin_left),0,$sub(%el_width%,150),$sub(%el_height%,16),$get(title_text_color),vcenter end_ellipsis)
$drawtext(%album%,$get(title_margin_left),0,$sub(%el_width%,150),$add(%el_height%,16),$get(title_text_color),vcenter end_ellipsis)

just these 2 colums.

now go to the grouping tab at the top.

click on the new button and add a name(or add the name first and click then..not sure atm)
%artist% in the first line
%artist% - %album% in the second

Save the settings.

Go to your plyslist and rightclick.
go for the entry "sorting" and activate the one you just made.

This should change the sorting to sort by artist.

hope you could need it.
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ok after unsuccessfully trying 4 or 5 things i found a temporary fix, thought i would share.

i had foobar setup on my laptop with monolite, i simply copied the entire foobar2000 folder in program files and overwrote the foobar2000 installation on my workstation.

THANK GOD for that. still unsure as to where the incompatibility lies but until there is a fix this is the way to get this great skin working.

i can provide my foobar2000 installation folder if anyone needs it
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Oh no it seems like this is not fb2k 1.0 compatible. I get the same error as NickDC

I just tried reverting to fb2k ( and this is still happening... any idea why this could be??

This is absolutely the best skin available... nothing else comes close... I have spent so much time customizing this further, I need this thing to work!!!

fanco86, first of all thanks alot for the skin! any ideas how we can continue to use your skin?
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