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Download link fixed.
Here is a dev kit(PSD) for modders.
Check another screenshot here.
I spent little time on DA,so I am not able to answer all of the questions.Sorry.
1.It's for FB2k 1.0 only.
2.Heart = ★★★★★.
3.If the theme got displayed incorrectly,try resizing the program window.
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Seems to not work properly in foobar2000 v1.3.16. Gives some random errors (SDK-related) and it closes.
Is too bad, because this one is one of the best foobar skins... maybe you can rebuild it to comply with latest foobar versions.

-also lyrics panel won't work. Installing this newer version [ ] brings a working lyrics panel, but it will conflict with the playlist and cause all sort of problems.

Kind regards!
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....... very nice theme, thank you.
Is it somehow possible to display larger artwork ...?...
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it's awesome, but how do I get the +fav playlist?
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AdamiquesceHobbyist Traditional Artist
Its awesome and all, except it doesnt have scroll bar
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looks bad on high dpi display
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After installation
1- Delete "foo_uie_lyrics2.dll" (in components) and add its newer version*( (When you run foobar2000 you will see that the lyrics tab's settings(right click) don't exist- It's ok.)

2- Go to settings>Columns UI>Layout Tab> You'll see panel stack splitters. (
3- Click right third head panel stack splitter title, Insert panel>Panels>Lyrics Show 3
4- Click left and "configure" the third head panel stack splitter (
5- Change name as "Lyrics" , make the values and the clicks same as "Biography"
6- Apply-Ok That's it
7- Now you can go to the foobar2000 lyrics tab, and you can change panel preferences (CUSTOM>fonts, highline colour, background colour etc.)

*Newer version may run on first installation ???

zune background colour numbers
 210   19
  64   11
  14   17

highline colour numbers

214   220
209    15
111   150
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i get a script error on some parts i was wondering how to fix this
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Thx for a great skin. I love it. Would you help me please? I have my songs highlighted. When I click it, one of them is highlighted. I want to remove highlight on title. How can I do this?
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I always get Visual Library C++ crashes (runtime error) on v.1.3.9 when i play specific amount of songs, help.
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1. I don't have General in Preferences.
2. Where is configuration folder?
3. Still worst player.
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KiaouHobbyist Digital Artist
It's in your appdata folder, you can find it it you search for %appdata% in your start menu
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Don´t work on Foobar 1.3.9 i got Visual Library C++ crashes

Runtime Error.
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Working on Foobar 1.3.9 , make sure you have the libraries installed . I have VS2015 installed so I didn't the faced , am pretty sure you will need run-time libs.
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Works on v1.3.8. 
Just have network issues. 
but can drag and drop fine across network. 
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CannabisAnon94Student General Artist
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Can't get it to work in v1.3.8
It doesn't show in the layout list as in hammett62's post
Can anyone help me?
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Did you try installing columns ui component for foobar?
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Can you change the lyrics show to lyrics 3? Because at some songs i can only find lyrics using lyrics 3
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Nvm, i found hammett62 solution
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You beautiful creature you.
This is so very reminiscent of the Zune player.
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How do i add a search bar into the interface without having to do this
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Theme is very nice, good work. Thanks!
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Thanx a lot for this brillant release !
For some reason when I double click (in explorer) or enqueue files they don't start ... ?
They loop themselves but no sarting... any clue ?
The drag&drop feature seems not working too :/

Thanx in advance.
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