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Foo Alduin fixed

By fanco86
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Updated some components and fixed some bugs.

The visual style : Alduin2
© 2009 - 2021 fanco86
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Hi, i like it, but is it possible modify it? I would like to have the STOP button and to change colours and font to playlist.

Thank you
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I need your background image. please send me cryingtherain@gmail, Thanks very much
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Fixed the problem.
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I would very much like to use this....BUT the play buttons etc DON'T SHOW UP!
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what music player is this?
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Can this skin be made to work on foobar2000 v1.0 beta 1? Also, whenever I load it, it crashes. :(

Crash location:
Module: foo_uie_wsh_panel
Offset: 738Eh

Any help would be appreciated.
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Is there any way for me to prevent this theme from searching the file directory for artwork.* etc? I have - after hours of work - finally managed to write all the covers in the id3 tag.
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Could you tell me where can i get your wallpaper on the background?
I like it so much.
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Great config, works perfect Thanks :love:
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How do you make these.
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nice skin, but i have a problem.

When i execute foobar.exe ok, it runs normaly i see everything , but when i execute an mp3 file, foobar open but i don'n see buttons like play, stop, the hide menu button, all of that bar. What could be?

Pardon my bad english....
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I love this but I haven't got the Play/Pause/Stop/Next/Etc.. icons :S

Help me!
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Just extract the images folder in the Foobar2000 folder.
Thanks for the theme btw. Does the Group option go off without having to delete all the format codes?
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I love it!

But is it possible to add "Album list" panel under ELPlaylist? I mean to make 3 tabs in one place: Playlist, Album list and Lyric Show...
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Awesome config, works perfectly too!
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very nice this skins but its possible to remove the 2 lines of 2px at the bottom of the playlist ??

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nice interface !
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very nice thx
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This is a fantastic interface for foobar. Very well done. :)
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looks very nice, gonna try it out =)
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Lovely config mate. It's nice and clean and pretty easily customizable to suit my needs. Good job :)
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Any chance of adding Chronflow and Abum List Panel?
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