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Welcome to all new members!

Anyone is welcome to join. This is a group that accepts all levels of literature, and helps those who wish to improve their writing skills. So, if you would like to join, don't be afraid to click the JOIN button at the top of the page.



:bulletblue: Please post all literature in the proper folder.  (i.e. Non-fiction prose in the non-fiction folder, poetry in the poetry folder, etc.)
:bulletblue: Please do not post mature literature in any folder that does not state mature.
:bulletblue: All mature works should be marked as mature prior, as they will have been submitted to deviantART itself under mature.
:bulletblue: If you do not know where to submit your literature, submit to the Other folder.
:bulletblue: If you would like to request a folder be made for a prose piece that is at least ten chapters long, please note Arayia, meimeiawesome, TruthisTruth, or the group.
:bulletblue: If a folder is full that you were attempting to submit to, please note Arayia, meimeiawesome, TruthisTruth, or the group.


:bulletpurple: All contest submissions should be submitted to the folder titled CONTEST.
:bulletpurple: The first place winners of the contests will have their work displayed in the Featured folder!
:bulletpurple: If you submit your work after the day the contest ends - even if it's just a few minutes too late - it does not count.


:bulletpink: No bashing or flaming submissions.
:bulletpink: No bashing or flaming members.
:bulletpink: No accusing members of lying or stealing. If someone has stolen a work, please note Arayia, meimeiawesome, TruthisTruth, or the group, and please be sure to have your arguments as to why you believe they stole what they did.

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Final Night
'Do you really love her?'
He found himself asking that question constantly as he watched her. They were sitting in an open field overlooking that beautiful lights that twinkled of the city below them, her head was resting comfortably in his lap, her long auburn hair sprawled out in all different directions, covering his thighs in a way that reminded him of blood.  She slept soundly, the features of her face that were usually twisted up in some kind of expression were now smoothed out, he never saw her look so peaceful. This was to be their very last night together, 30 days was their deal, he's give her those last few days to try and accomplish something to her life before he took her, he could still remember when they made the deal, the look of pure desperation and panic in her eyes, the way her eyes shifted back and forth as she tried to comprehend what he had just told her. He'll admit to giving her credit with coming up with the knowledge that a spirit that doesn't rest will ne
:iconalittlemadgirl:ALittleMadGirl 2 4
Go Kill Yourself
“Go kill yourself”,
Or “no one likes you”.
“it’s better if you’re dead,”
“You know it’s true.”
Four  simple phrases,
Three simple words,
One simple meaning,
Enough to be heard.
Now listen clearly
Because you may not think
That “Go kill yourself”
Will throw a person off their brink.
But trust me I know,
The affects those words have,
And even if you don’t mean it,
The meaning is just as bad.
It’s been said to me,
Countless times before,
I’ve gotten used to it now,
But for others, I’m not so sure.
I had a close friend,
But her life was going downhill,
“Go kill yourself.” They said,
She went straight for the pills.
They called her a slut,
And anything in between,
They spread some rumors,
She was only in her teens.
I should’ve noticed before,
The signs of distress,
But I chose to ignore them,
I didn’t know she was depressed.
Her family found her,
On the bathroom
:iconyamiga:Yamiga 167 150
The lipstick stain on the rim
Of the glass matches
The last sip of wine swirling
In its vitreous cage.
She always leaves a
Sacrifice for the gods
To make her drink less,
Or more, so she can forget.
Her smile has turned bitter
Like the remains of wine
In so many emptied glasses,
And she knows her body,
Dressed in ferment,
Matches her soul,
Dressed in despair.
:iconanothernamelessone:AnotherNamelessOne 8 8
Fears of her own imperfections
so alone so frightened she might turn into stone  taking the walk that raps ice around her broken bones the cold dark mist that strung apart as if something was tearing her  cold icy droplets hit her cheek as she was withdrawn in own  her reflection
trapped by her imperfections the glimmering snow felt so warm cold icy water slowing going in the blood stream is it a infection a layer of white ice covers her like a blanket never forgetting who she was she was only one piece on who she wanted to be to get out with a bit of sanity isolated in her own memories  
:iconanimepicasso:AnimePicasso 0 6
Kitsune by iSohei Kitsune :iconisohei:iSohei 47 2
Write your story
A story of a lonely girl
Her body trapped, but not her mind
The wishes of her heart unfurled
And story fodder did she find
The spirit high to craft a tale
Of sweet escape, to live her dreams
This fabrication did not fail
To make reality it seems
A future vision that she chose to see
A fantasy, it was, but now she's free.
Which was the cause? Which was the effect?
Effect, did it cause, the cause effect?
Could it be, a tale, once told
A prophecy soon shall unfold
A storybook, shall be your life
Every day a poem
Make it rhyme
If you got the time
And if you don't
Paint it in poetic prose.
If the page be bleak, then fight it!
You have no future till you WRITE IT!
:iconcosmickitten89:CosmicKitten89 3 1
Random Thinger by VanillaFeathers Random Thinger :iconvanillafeathers:VanillaFeathers 6 5 Mosaic Heartbeats--Lit Tag by betwixtthepages Mosaic Heartbeats--Lit Tag :iconbetwixtthepages:betwixtthepages 8 5 Literature Tag - 56 by LoveLyricsAndLies Literature Tag - 56 :iconlovelyricsandlies:LoveLyricsAndLies 23 10 Literature Tag - 39 by LoveLyricsAndLies Literature Tag - 39 :iconlovelyricsandlies:LoveLyricsAndLies 28 14 Literature Tag - 42 by LoveLyricsAndLies Literature Tag - 42 :iconlovelyricsandlies:LoveLyricsAndLies 145 106 Literature Tag - 12 by LoveLyricsAndLies Literature Tag - 12 :iconlovelyricsandlies:LoveLyricsAndLies 24 10 Literature Tag - 30 by LoveLyricsAndLies Literature Tag - 30 :iconlovelyricsandlies:LoveLyricsAndLies 21 2 Free Literature Tag by kawaii-anime-vamp911 Free Literature Tag :iconkawaii-anime-vamp911:kawaii-anime-vamp911 87 128
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We are open to affiliate with any dA group, but we prefer literature groups. Any suggestions, feel free to bring them forward! :)


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