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Jellyfish-eating thalassophantasma

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This creature is an abyssophantasmid related to the deadly asuwang, and is similarly carnivorous. However, although the asuwang is a generalist predator, the thalassophantasma exclusively feeds on jellyfish and siphonophores. This creature inhabits the north Atlantic and can live at a variety of depths, from near the water surface down to the twilight zone. To account for this variety of light levels, it can sense its surroundings with both well-developed eyes and flattened tentacles which are receptive to chemicals and electrical signals. Although jellyfish are armed with deadly stingers, the thalassophantasma is armed with huge salivary glands which secrete poison to paralyze the stinging cells of jellyfish, letting it devour its prey without fear. This poison is also useful for defending against attacking fish.
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What is this thing evolved from? is it some sort of Cuttlefish?
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No, it's a descendant of a sea snail which has lost its shell and become a free-swimming creature. You were right about it being a mollusk though.
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I love it! It looks like an alien of some kind!