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Four-legged net spider

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The four-legged net spider (tetrapodarachna tetramana) is a medium-sized orb-weaver spider native to the rainforests of future southeast Asia. Though it does not literally have four legs, its unique method of hunting and trapping its prey means that it only walks on the back four. Instead of building a large web in branches and waiting on it like most orb-weaver spiders, this creature actively seeks its prey like a wolf spider. It builds a relatively small web with its back legs and then transfers it to its four front legs, which extend it as a net. Holding this net in the air, the spider searches for small creatures, jumping around on its four back legs. Once it finds a suitable food item, it pounces on it or drops down from a string of web on an overhead branch, wrapping its victim in the web, and then carries it back to a temporary shelter.
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Interesting, and nice picture.