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Razielim Emblem

I made this for my sister, in my jewelry making class. it's a cape pin in the shape of the raziel symbol from Legacy of Kain, Soul Reaver 1 and 2 and Defiance. It's made of silver, copper, and brass, and took me about 10 hours to make. I loooove it. ^_^ hehehe! <3! even if it was hella hard to create!!!
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On my 23rd birthday I took transfer paper to this symbol on the entrance to raziels clan... I tattooed it to my leg with a needle and thread ... 4 years later I did the reaver itself on the calf of the same leg... I miss the kain series ... truly an immersion from such a  story ... beautiful
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I guess I'm a bit late here but this is just amazing. I'm not sure if you did more because I just recently found your gallery but if you didn't you then should. The Legacy of Kain universe is an astonishing and dark one, with a vast ammount of content and an amazing lore. A Zephonim or Dumahim pin like this one would look pretty interesting...
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It's Beautiful...I WANT IT!!!
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Gee, i would kill for that on a pendant or something. Nice work!
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i absolutely love it.
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Since I live in a digital 2d world, it's great to see 3d stuff once in a while. This great!
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Yeah, I love making jewelry. hehe And I'd always wanted to see these things in real life, so I just couldn't help but make them. :3! I'm glad you like them so much. hehe ^_^
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^_^ you should do the double symbol next time for raziel!

wonderful skillz!
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Oooh, I never thought about doing that one. haha XD I'd totally love to do that! Only problem is though, getting the stuff at my house to do it, 'cause my new jewelry teacher wants a super deep symbolic meaning to all of our jewelry pieces. x_X D'OH!
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I'm amazed. Can you get those commercially?
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I'm glad you like it. ^_^ Not as far as I know. someone may have started mass-producing them, but I haven't seen them if they have, and I'm too afraid of lawsuits to actually start making lots of them and selling them myself. Oh well.
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That totally rocks. It's a knockout.
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Thank you very much, I'm glad you like it. hehehe ^_^
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This? Is hella awesome.

I took jewelry class in high school way back, and I Never made anything this cool!!
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Thank you very very very much. hehehe ^_^

yeah, I never had a jewelry class in high school. -_- thank you for the bargain basement education, Brownfield TX. and yeah, it's not really as hard as it looks. ^_^ just took a looooot of time. lol
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wow...nice work :)
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thank you very very much. hehehe ^_^
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that is so awesome. please make more cuz they rock.
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Hehe. I'm planning to. ^_^ I'm glad you like it, thanks for the nice words. <3!
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sweet! that is so coolas hon! i always wondered what it's like doing a jewllery making class is it really hard?
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thank you, thank you. hehehe. ^_^ actually, it's not as hard as you'd imagine. hehe. ^_^ It's actually reaaaally fun!!! I love it to death! I had no idea I'd love it so much until I actually got started in it! it's just great!!!
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