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Dracula's Wings

I just finished these within the hour. the picture was taken with my crappy phone camera, because I don't have a better one with me right now.

They were created for my final in my welding class. we were allowed to make anything our heart's desired, and even before I'd taken the class, I knew what I ultimately wanted to create in it. So this is the result. ^_^

The large round piece in the middle is a back-support for the wings, with straps that allow it to be worn and tightened around the chest in the same configuration as a bra strap, with the D-ring cinch in the front. The wings are covered in a light, thin, stretchy spandex-ish black material, and everything else was welded over a couple of days.

I made them so that you can take the wings off of the back brace, that way you don't have to walk sideways through doors and things when transporting them, if you're wearing them. you also don't have to have a huge, 6ft+ wide object in your hands if you're not wearing them. The only REAL problem is...well...I got a little overzealous and put CLAWS on the ends of the 5 wing-fingers...really sharp, sharpened metal ones. >_> that have caused me bloody cuts and other dangerous almost-mishaps... ._.;;;

Other then that, though, I'm really proud of it. ^_^ plus, this is my first real sewing project in YEARS!!! @-@ OH EM GEE, GAIS, OH EM GEE!!! I made EVERYTHING except for the material for the cloth and the straps. XD And it's actually not as heavy as one might expect, being constructed of steel rod and sheet. ^_^ once you've got it on, the only real thing that makes you know you have it on is the sort of sway the wings have to them. It's so cool! I should get to bed...'cause...I have to go to the welding final critique at 7:30 in the
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sorry i didn't lavish you with my awe last night, i was too out of it to think much more than to type a few words. lolol.
but these really are phenomenal. their "skeleton" is just perfect :heart: you'll definitely get a good grade on this.
as long as you dont poke anyones eyes out, hohoho.
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I'm jealous of your welding skills. XD Those are so nifty!

My welding final was uh...>> A coat hanger. XD I wasn't as imaginative as you.