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Albert Wesker.Dark night in Kijuju.

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creepy as hell buti love it!
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Hayato Kimata (Oh my god really) [V1] Soooo amazing!
The depth of this.... It's so dark with it's own atmosphere to it...
the lights, the shadows, the colors.... flawless

You are a very talented artist, I can see that in all of the pictures you've done. But this one is special, it feels as if it has a soul that is talking to me.
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Thank you for your kind words! Hug  I will try to create something like this in the future.
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Thanx alot ))Hug 
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I confess is my new wallpaper i love this~ 
You like do with me a ART-TRADE? o////o
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Wow !))thanks! Yes, I would be interested to do with you ART-TRADE .)
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OMG yesssssssssssssssssssss! 
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What RE5 should have been...
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Thanks ❤️❤️❤️
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fantastic composition. 
it's too dark (it doesn't read overall),  add a soft light from behind the "camera 
or turn the sky red.  
the rest of the light sources are well-executed. 
great brushwork. 

well-done :+fav: 
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Thank you so much!!I remembered your advice on drawing(ツ)(ツ)(ツ)
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omg i really like this picture, the going of the eyes really make it. its like we're coming for you...and your going to die. 
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Oh my  *^*  

It such cool art! Wesky look gorgerous!
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(✿◠‿◠) Thanks!!!!
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Chillingly beautiful!
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Thank  you!! (-‿‿-)
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Is this your art? Can I find this with high resolition???(sorry bad english)
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Thank ! This is my drawing, but I do not give a larger resolition  ¯\(ツ)/¯ 
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Oh, ok...But I loved it anyways, nice art! ^-^.(btw its my whatsapp background now XD)
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That looks Awesome XD
I really like the Glow Effekt on his Eyes XD
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