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This group was created as a sort-of replacement for other large fanart groups that have become dead or very inactive.
Blueberry Bullet by Pi-xieWe accept most things! Blueberry Bullet by Pi-xie


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Blueberry Bullet by Pi-xiePlease submit to the correct folder. If you aren't sure where something goes, submit it to "don't know".

Blueberry Bullet by Pi-xie We do NOT accept art of your own original characters. The only exception to this are fancharacters from existing franchises (gemsonas from Steven Universe, fantrolls from Homestuck, etc.) If you submit art of your own OCs from your own original stories, they will be removed.

Blueberry Bullet by Pi-xie Cosplay and crafts are considered art! Our folders are separated by fandom, not by the art type. So cosplays and crafts for movies go in the movie folder, video game crafts and cosplays go in the video game folder, etc.

Blueberry Bullet by Pi-xieFetish art, whether nude or not, MUST have some kind of mature filter. If it doesn't, it will be removed.

Blueberry Bullet by Pi-xie While this is a fanart group, please don't submit hate art or character bashing or anything hateful towards a group of people. Remember this is a group for "fan" art. Not "hate" art

Blueberry Bullet by Pi-xieAdvertising in the main comment section is fine, but do not advertise anywhere else in the group and don't advertise more than once a month.

Blueberry Bullet by Pi-xieNo drama. Seriously. If you don't like what someone has drawn, ignore it and move on.

Blueberry Bullet by Pi-xieNo dollmakers, screenshots, screenshot memes, or screenshot edits. If you didn't draw it, don't submit it. Exceptions are made for banners, web design elements, and photomanipulations from screenshots that have some obvious effort put into them.
Example: Claire Redfield Signature by MissAdaWong Something like this would be accepted.

Gallery Folders

Strange love by k-eilonwy
Claire Redfield Signature by MissAdaWong
Candyclown! by jayyru
Ochako Bunny by Furboz
Anime and Manga
Jumin Han (redraw) by EmKeel
[BNHA OC] Promposal (Prom Night AU) by sweetie-madiselle
Ichigo by Yiian56
Zero Two by Yiian56
Rubeus Hagrid by HildaSaukko
Harry by lapaowan
Giant Cormoran by lapaowan
Wings Of Fire: Winter by Suomen-Ukonilma
Winnie the Pooh by xBooxBooxBear
sketch_entrapta_hordak by YakoAlyarin
Sketch Entrapta Hordak 02 by YakoAlyarin
Bill Cipher's sexy legs (2018) by IrisBlue16
Celebrities and Real People
BAEKHYUN by preparade
Portrait of Bazzi (view 2) by lazy-brush
Alison Lohman by Godzilla2137
Makenzie Vega by Godzilla2137
Comics and Webcomics
Maid Of Dusk - Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep by Panur
The Mask by JulianIvoRobotnik
The lucky Luke by JulianIvoRobotnik
The Joker by JulianIvoRobotnik
TV Shows and Web Series
2/6 Fanarts - Chandler Bing by LaniusRios
Alastor (Human) by TimBurton01
YCH #5 Commission by ranshin06
Satina and Her New Friend by SigmaShawn
Candyclown: You Wouldn't Get It by xBooxBooxBear

Mature Content

Alice by CompleteAlienation
[FANART] It's Showtime! by tto-ke
Jeanne d'Arc (Alter) by Yiian56
Vanelleope by xBooxBooxBear
Harley Quinn - New Coloring by Svetoslawa
Belle by Starfire-Productions
Labyrinth: Sarah by Starfire-Productions
My Little Pony
Maud and Ace Pride Rainbow by HildaSaukko
Heart squeeze by MADgehog
.:Bookworm:. by ShyLittleLily
Rainbow ride by MADgehog
Theater and Musicals
Maria by ImaginaryPulse
Other People's OCs
[PRIZE] Mellodessa by tto-ke
Don't Know
Aether Genshin impact by aemi27
Magic winx sisters by PrismaGalaxy514


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Our friends.

Blueberry Bullet by Pi-xieIf you want to affiliate, just send us a request. Chances are we will approve it. Blueberry Bullet by Pi-xie
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Ok guys, I'm not sure what the confusion is, but art of your own OCs isn't allowed. Fan-characters are, but not completely original characters.

Allowed: MLP OCs, gemsonas, BNHA OCs, Homestuck troll OCs, etc. Fan characters of any kind are allowed!

Not Allowed: OCs that are separate from fandom, OCs for your own original stories that aren't based on any existing franchise

If you want your OCs in this group, ask someone to draw some fanart of them for you.

Blueberry Bullet by Pi-xie

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or comment below.
Happy drawing!

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Your founders.

If you have any questions, please contact any of us and we will help you as best as we can.

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