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Zelda and Link stained glass window by Jopzeut Zelda and Link stained glass window :iconjopzeut:Jopzeut 0 0 GeeseHoward(RB-Nightmare) by ldh3534 GeeseHoward(RB-Nightmare) :iconldh3534:ldh3534 0 0
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Super Choppy 58
In a park.
Choppy: (reads a funny book and laughs) this guy is funny.
Boy: hello. Can you help me bring my ball from a tree.
Choppy: sure.
He climbs up the tree, grabs the soccer ball and brings it to the boy.
Choppy: here you go. (gives it to the boy)
Boy: sweet. Thank you.
Choppy: (smiles) you're welcome.
He continues reading. When suddenly.
????: help! Help!
Choppy: holy puppies. This looks like the job for Super Choppy.
He runs to the Phone booth and becomes Super Choppy.
Super Choppy: i'm ready to save the innocents.
He sees a Dryad named Fauna surrounded by undead Knights.
Undead knight: let's chop them in pieces.
Fauna: help!!
Super Choppy appears.
Super Choppy: not so fast bone heads. Super Choppy will break your bones!
Fauna: wow a hero boy.
Super Choppy: hey boney head. Your mom's a witch!
Undead knight: hey!!!
Super Choppy: and you're made of chicken bones. Get it because you're. (imitates chicken)
Undead knight 2: i'll cut him in pieces for this!
Super Choppy
:iconnickhalperin:nickhalperin 1 3
GeeseHoward(FF1) by ldh3534 GeeseHoward(FF1) :iconldh3534:ldh3534 0 0 Merry Geno~ by KurayamiKyu Merry Geno~ :iconkurayamikyu:KurayamiKyu 0 0 Lancelot Shadow giving you a rose by BlueGamerCatLady01 Lancelot Shadow giving you a rose :iconbluegamercatlady01:BlueGamerCatLady01 0 0 Tdyjh by AdamFrankenstein Tdyjh :iconadamfrankenstein:AdamFrankenstein 0 0 KR comic etch (4) by Vokoban1 KR comic etch (4) :iconvokoban1:Vokoban1 0 0