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Expanded Universes
Wonder Woman, Mera, Katana and, to the other three's surprise, Harley Quinn, were all standing atop a building in Metropolis when a portal opened.  Out stepped a woman in green with antennae and big, kind eyes.
"Mantis, it's been a while." commented Wonder Woman.
"I try not to use the inter-dimensional portals unless needed, and this seemed like the time to do so." replied Mantis.  She held a box, holding a colored gem.
"What is this?" asked Wonder Woman.
"An Infinity Stone, this one controls reality.  A madman tried to erase many from existence, including myself, but we thwarted him.  We decided it would be best if the stones were harder to find." answered Mantis.  Wonder Woman took the box.
"I can feel the power radiating, it feels comparable to a Mother Box." she commented.
"Then it should be buried." added Mera.  "We don't need another space dictator trying to claim this planet."
"I say I should use its power, that'd be fun." smirked Harley.
"Harley, h
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Day of resetting part 2
Cause she will need it or she will not survive.
“Hello welcome stuff here cost bells but seeing as you are new I’ll let you pay with cash this time .” Said the shop owner.
“oh thank you very much .” Said Lina.
She starts to shop for what she needs.
Later she has what she needs and goes to the counter.
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