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Wild!Card Teknique by MidnightEclipze Wild!Card Teknique :iconmidnighteclipze:MidnightEclipze 0 0 uwu by The-Floofle-Corp uwu :iconthe-floofle-corp:The-Floofle-Corp 0 0
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Fairy tail x Oc (2)
Chapter 2
Winter POV:
Today is the day that Levy and I are going to the beach, we got our swim suits under our original outfit on and head to the beach. "Oh, I'm so glade today is summer." I look at her and said. "Me too, and I also glade that fairy tail members is going to be on the beach, so we could play." I said. Levy nodded and once we got to the beach, Levy put me on top of her head and put her beach umbrella down and set her and my beach towel down. I fly off of Levy's head and land on my beach towel. I took off my sky blue dress and show my white bikini and Levy took off her yellow dress and shows she wearing red biniki white polka dots. Levy grabbed my sky blue dress gentlyand her and mine dress in our beach bag. All suddenly we herd someone calling our name, we turned around and see Samuel coming towards us. "Hey Sam, what's up?" I asked. "Nothing much, the guys and I are woundering if you guys to play volleyball." "I'm not playing." Said Levy. "feel not up for it?" I asked.
:iconwhiteshewolf087:WhiteSheWolf087 0 0
Now You Making Me Angry by xxColorSchemexx Now You Making Me Angry :iconxxcolorschemexx:xxColorSchemexx 0 0 Dark Queen from Battletoads by nio107 Dark Queen from Battletoads :iconnio107:nio107 1 0 Slipstream by Its-Midnight-Reaper Slipstream :iconits-midnight-reaper:Its-Midnight-Reaper 0 0