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Due to the massive volume of art being submitted to the "Featured" folder, we will only be accepting those pictures that meet the "Featured" standard.

Please submit your artwork to the correct folder, if you cannot, let F-Stormer-3000 know, to sort it out!
Otherwise if it is submitted to the wrong one, it may be delayed or declined!


Hey there!
Welcome to Fanart-Lovers!

If you've found this group, then you're in luck!
We here, accept all types of fanart from any category.

If there is a category listing for it on DA, then we shall accept it.
It's also encouraged to leave comments on other people's artwork ;) (though not necessary)

:bulletgreen: Please be polite with everyone. No bashing of anyone's fandom please. :bulletgreen:
:bulletwhite: Any medium is allowed. Collabs will be accepted ONLY if both creators allow for it to be displayed. :bulletwhite:
:bulletred: If it is acceptable by DA standards we'll likely allow it (rubbish spelling) :bulletred:

:bulletgreen: Please keep submissions under PG-13 if possible. (All artwork over pg-13 (if its violence/gore/NSFW then don't) :bulletgreen:
:bulletwhite: If something violates the rules, it may likely be declined entry :bulletwhite:
:bulletred: For fairness to other contributors, you cannot submit more than 3 images a day :bulletred:

:bulletgreen: Also, PLEASE submit your submissions into the correct folder. It makes it much easier for everyone. Nothing should go into the featured folder. If you don't know how to do this, user - :icondevizka197: has come up with a tutorial on how to do it correctly :D… is simply done to keep the club more clean and tidy. And it allows art that people are looking for, to be found more easily :bulletgreen:

:bulletblue: Hope you enjoy the group! :D :bulletblue:


You're not here because you're not logged in
Hey everyone, it's been a while right?

First of all, I want to apologise for the lack of updates on the group, as well as not responding to the 4 people in this group who messaged me during the past few months.

Several things have happened which everyone on this group needs to know.

1. The original founder left deviantArt and no longer has an account on here.

2. They did not give admin status to any of the co-founders.

3. All the co-founders have been inactive on deviantart for over 2 years.

4. I'm the only co-founder currently active

5. I can't change any of the permissions because I'm not on admin status

I've tried to contact deviantArt about this, explaining to them 2-3 times now that I can't do anything on this group to allow new art to be allowed, nor can I allow other people to assist in this group either and they weren't very helpful. This guy :iconikue: is being funny with saving this group by ignoring what's happening and deliberately wanting non active co-founders to vote who the new admin should be, despite it being explained and evidenced that I'm the only co-founder still active.

If people are interested in saving this group, please message me :iconf-stormer-3000: saying that you're interested in helping, and please contact deviantArt to explain the situation. I alone can't convince deviantArt to save this group, but if there are more people all asking, you can make a difference and help save this group!

All in all, if you want to post on this group, you really need to contact deviantArt and explain what I've just said. Without this, I won't be able to do anything to change the permissions that allow people to post new art and the group will become inactive.
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Current Admin: F-Stormer-3000
(Issues with submissions? Comment on their page)



Group Info

We love all fan arts & fan characters from any show or game.
All types of fan arts are accepted

Please keep it clean though ;)
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Art Collection

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Those whom which we have teamed up in jolly cosmorphoration! B-)

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