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How to draw wings - resources

first of all, please forgive me my crappy inking, my hands are shaky...and that some of the wings are smaller that the others

I post it here because I'm a huge wing freak and that a LOT of people have trouble drawing feathered wings, even the great artists - my eyes are bleeding seeing the pictures of angels, gryphons, pegasus or so on with absolutely stunning anatomy, great use of colours and BANG! bad wings (did I mention that I'm a huge wing freak? :P)

it's not really a tutorial, it's more like a reference sheet or resource. I know it from my own experience that to find a good reference for feathered wings is pretty hard and I doubt many people have the patience to study pigeons on their bus stop. I was lucky because my art teacher brought us few months ago a beautiful (and ooooold) book with animal anatomy (from horses, dogs, bats to birds or fishes). so I copied the wings (by hand) from that book because it was a great source. so don't give me the credit, I only put it together and post it here for your use. I only hope it will help you (cuz it did help me a lot)

sooooo my parting words are - have fun with your wings :D
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Thanks for the putting the ref online ^_^.
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Thanks, perfect! I love it. *Trying hard to draw an Harpy*
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This could be handy when I start learning to draw griffons :)
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This tutorial gives me a better idea on how to draw folded Pegasus wings so Thank You Fella (messages) 
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Thanks for the tutorial!
Traheripteryx's avatar
Oh, thanks for sharing this! :D
Right in time! I need this for raptor wing drawing reference!
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Definitely going to be using this to draw some wings on my bird characters!
SplashinginHappyness's avatar
A very helpful resource, thanks. :hug:
adventuretime1013's avatar
Awesome, better than my wings. But I need your opinion on them.[link]. I just want to know if the anatomy is good. Yes, I know the little tufts at the top are a bit cartoonish. You can also ignore the last wing since I just drew that one for fun.
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Many thanks! this is a great help!
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I cannot thank you enough for this - but THANK YOU!
stasher-dragon's avatar
Folding wings can be such a pain. Thanks for this.
Dances-With-Birds's avatar
This helped out a whole bunch, thank you for....copying this from a book and posting it. Lol!

My wings still aren't perfect, but they're better than they were. ^_^
Oceanbacon86's avatar
This was incredibly helpful. Thank you!
FrozenSymmetry's avatar
Awesome! I was trying to find a tutorial just like this!
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omg I was just looking for something like this I just started trying to draw wings last week and this is perfect
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awesome needing more references for wings thanks so much
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O_O Fantastic! Thank yooooooooooooou!!!!
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Also, I can never look at a U.S. Quarter the same again. o.O
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