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Hikari Sentai Taiyoman: Resolve Ignites2: Resolve IgnitesLast time: After following through with a successful rescue plan. Liberating the captured people enslaved to Shinzona, the rangers head to return to their secret hidden base.Scene fades in and opens to space.A familiar looking space-ship traveling through the solar systems of other far out regions. Inside the spaces deck a familiar armored warrior pilots the ship ahead, the Indigo-Wolf male focus towards his view with both his hands stretched out. From behind him the doors open revealing Marcus the Orange-Crocodile hero still in his armor form."Sup Lewis? Thought you could use some company?" Marcus warmly states grabbing an open chair from Lewis's left back side, leaning back he puts his feet on the desk panel which grabs Lewis's attention in alert. Lewis turns swinging one arm down on Marucs's foot off the controls panel while the other is still holding the steering controls. "You idiot! Don't just put your feet there! Are you trying to kill us all!" Lewis angrily roared to his laid-back friend. However, Marcus is unfazed and puts his hands up trying to calm his friend down."No but that's the best way to get your attention wolf boy." He says nonchalantly while putting his hands on the back of his head adding more aggravation to Lewis returning his other arm back to his original piloting position. Scene Changes Meanwhile, in another part of the ships section full of computer screens and research tech. Both Esther and Holly look through the drive Drew retrieved from Shinzona on their last mission. Still in their armor forms Holly sits on the chair working away at the breaking the final firewalls and safety fields to gain access to the hidden drive while Esther works on a digital screen on her own side pacing back and forth calmly but still catches the attention of Holly. Concerned for her friend Holly turns her head towards the Violet-Eagle armored heroine."Is everything alright?" Holly asked. Esther takes notice, stops in place of her pacing, puts the digital monitor down and turns her attention to the Green-Deer heroine."Yes. Why wouldn't I be Holly?" Her voice was to the point and blunt which threw Holly off a little and made her worry she stepped into the rabbit hole. "Oh No. It's just you were pacing and I thought something was bothering you so, you know just checking on a friend." Waving her hands frantically side to side Holly places them down on her knees trying not to make the situation any more weird or uncomfortable in feeling Esther was displeased with the conversation. "I appreciate the concern but you don't need to worry about me getting that file to open is all that matters. So, I suggest we stay focused and resume on what is important here, unlocking this drive could give us an advantage against Death-Lock and if anybody can unlock it. It’s definitely you." Esther's last words made the young green warrior feel a little pride knowing her skills were thought so highly by her friend. Holly expands her hands out cracking her fingers returning to the hacking process."Oh, and one more thing. Holly don't waste time on things that aren't on a life or death matter we do have a job to do after all." Esther's blunt comment caused Holly to stop in place and her five minutes of glory were shot in the air. She was so taken back by the statement she didn't even notice the file was opened and revealing hundreds if not thousands of other slave camps and other factions to Death-Lock. Esther walks up to view closer at the massive scene of data her friend had hacked but didn't seem to notice Holly in her shocked state.Scene ChangesAfter a long voyage the ship enters a very empty dead region of space passing through the GL-V9A Nebula and KO-35 planet colonies. Showing nothing but lost worlds taken and stripped of everything by Torlampu's forces. Within the ship's view window screens many of the freed prisoners looked at the fallen planets as a reminder of their own situation at one point in their lives even though they were now free the past still holds some form over them and probably will for the rest of their lives. Drew taking notice from people's reaction opens a com channel through his helmet's side sending a signal over to one of his friends. Back to Lewis and Marcus. The two rangers continue with their odd couple banter. However, it is interrupted from Drew's signal reaching over the two. Marcus reaches his hand to his ear opening the channel going through Lewis follows."Orange here Go Red!" Marcus answered."Indigo here as well! So, what is it now Drew?" Lewis replied, seeming to be a little hostile maybe due to Marcus' antics annoying him or just his question of Drew's leadership skills from past events."Activate the transmission signal. Let home base know it's us and we've got some new faces to show over." Drew said enthusiastically. Without another second to waste Marcus grabs hold of the ship's keypad typing away, shooting a light-blue beam into the infinite vacuum. All the people on the ship watched in surprise for a while nothing happened everybody looked in questioning to the pointless display of fire. When suddenly a Wormhole appears before the rebel ship. Inside the ship, Drew stands with his arms crossed pleased by the looks from the people's reaction to such an event as the large craft moves toward the wormhole both ship and hole vanish. Scene ChangesAnother Wormhole opens and the ship exits out of it. The hole did not take the ship to another part of space but in what seemed to be a clear sky filled with clouds, showing what appears to be several different landscapes with some form of civilization on each part. Back on the ship in the window view point a little girl tugs on the ragged pants of her father, he turns his head where his daughter was pointing at and dropped his jaw in amazement and shock. Outside next to the ship a flock of light blue avian-like creatures with only their several wings showing. While their bodies form seems to be made up of elegant flames. Sores on both sides of the ship emit a trail of light wherever they go as though they were welcoming the people to this new world as home while Drew breaks his arms crossed position reopening his com channel link with Marcus and Lewis."Ok Guys here comes the big winner take us down." Drew causally ordered with no seriousness in his voice knowing his teammates/friends would follow his orders. Back to Lewis and Marcus the two follow through with their Red ranger’s request as Marcus checks the ship stable thrusters and systems while Lewis pushes the controls forward changing the ships altitude."Aye eye Captain Leoboy-!" Marcus playfully answered back but was cut off due to a slight air turbulence from the ship, he quickly picked himself up turning his head at Lewis. Lewis did not respond in any way, not even turning his own head over to Marcus but could feel the Orange rangers intense look through his helmet."Oh, I’m sorry. You know how these ships can be?" Lewis quips at his fellow ranger, Marcus returns to checking the ship's overhauls. [under Lewis breath] "Wolf shot one Croc-head zip." Lewis couldn't help but have the last word."What was that?!" Marcus jumped on the hidden jab at him from the pilot, turning his head at the Indigo Wolf Ranger."I said you better go check and make sure our idiot leader doesn't do anything that needs any help when we land." "I wouldn't worry he's got Victor and Susan-" "That's why I’m nervous." Lewis interrupted Marcus's sentence. Without another word the Orange ranger exist out the opening side door heading to Drew's spot on the ship. Once the door closes Lewis releases his shoulders tense pose down letting out a sigh of air. "AAAHH! Finally, some peace and quiet!"Scene ChangesThe ship docks on a landing pad in front of a militarized area with several soldiers cladded in white gear. As the spaceship doors opened many of the liberated slaves were a bit on edge being very hesitant in even stepping foot off the ship out of fear. Drew, Susan and Victor walked out in front to reassure the people this was a safe place despite the stoic, cold presence the armed soldiers gave off. Both Drew and Susan turned extending their arms out with an open hand and slowly but surely one by one the all the ships passengers existed out of the metal-craft and into the more vibrant setting. While the rangers didn’t notice a small land, vehicle stops in place of two soldiers a few feet from their view position. Exiting out of the vehicle the two soldiers salute from the presence of several important individual figures and become a bit frantic but did their best not to show it.Back to the rangers making sure everybody on board their ship was safely secured on the military's response vehicles, making sure all who were still unease had complete reassurance nothing bad would happen to them. From Victor's position standing next to an armed truck assisting those who had trouble climbing inside, one of the assistance was a young woman who lost her balance tripping backward of the truck however, the Yellow ranger caught her. Holding her firmly in his left hand while having her rest on his right arm the blonde hair woman gazed at the ranger."Are you alright?" He asked. The woman was taken away by his strong appearance and was lost for a second before nodding slightly her head to notify her safety. Without another second Victor placed the blonde inside the terrain vehicle making sure she was seated; he then turned back and returned to helping the others who needed support. Victor failed to notice the small thank you from the ragged girl nor does he look for it. Meanwhile, both Marcus and Drew notice Vic's missed chance to earn a pretty fan."It's totally the guns." Marcus expresses while Drew just crosses his arms turning his head side to side chuckling through his friend’s comment. Stopping on his right looking at Marcus."Well. Some go for the strong silent type." Drew said."Hey, I'll have you know I can be the silent type. I just don’t, cause what I have to say, is just too important." Marcus's comment made his friend to chuckle a bit louder. Drew finding the talk amusing pats the Orange rangers shoulder armor pad before stepping out leaving Marcus alone and a bit irritated. "Laugh all you want you know I'm good." Marcus exclaimed. Meanwhile, the last load of refuge transports was with Susan giving the thumbs up for the driver at the front to roll out. However, Susan saw one of the kids getting up and rushing towards her. Susan quickly exes out her arms in the air to signal the driver to stop and at the edge rim of the ride the Blue ranger meets face to face with the child."What's wrong-!" Susan was taken back a bit from the little boy’s arms hugging her by the neck when he released his grip from the heroine a big bright smile popped on his face. "Thank you." Susan was shocked a bit, not sure what to say or do but she was touched by the kind gesture of the Childs actions and raised her fist to him giving a fist bump, an older woman picked up the child possibly the boy's mother and returned herself and the boy to their sitting pose. The truck once again took off, growing further and further away from the rangers. And the little boy looking at them all especially the female Shark ranger waving his hands while, smiling at his favorite hero. "Well that takes care of that. Let’s head back to the ship and-" "I don't think so!" Drew's order was cut off from a strong female voice. From the sound of her voice n Drew's body language gave an idea of somebody he was familiar with and didn't want to deal with at the moment. "OH No!" Drew Exclaimed slamming his palm on his lion helmet. Drew and his fellow rangers turned around to see three figures one was a young human female with cat like features, another was a Mechanical human android and the last was a much older man still well-built but showed his black hair was greying, all were decorated in navy blue, white rim military uniforms. The trio stood rigidly with their hands behind their backs glaring at the four colored heroes. An awkward moment of silence passed before finally the cat female lieutenant stepped forward."General Ironheart, O.M.A, Mandalay. Great to see you guys but we gotta-" "STOP RIGHT THERE!" Drew once again interrupted by Mandalay's commanding voice. His failed attempt at greeting the three in a discrete escape to avoid whatever consequences he knew for sure were coming failed."We need to talk." She said getting straight to the point Mandalay's presence made it clear this was a discussion not for debate. While, Drew's group felt unease for what came next Marcus raised his hand over to his ear opening a com signal back to the ship."Yeah Lewis! You can go ahead and fire up the ship our favorite three army dogs just showed up." Marcus whispered through his com channel but the cat like female and android heard with their advanced hearing capabilities, both shot an intense look at the crocodile warrior. O.M.A expression was stoic and untouched perhaps because of his machine nature unable to feel insulted by Marcus's comment. However, Mandalay's expression was the complete opposite her eyes narrowed cutting through her black short bob hair as you could see her iris's sharpened as though she was ready to go for the kill."I think she heard you." Susan lightly elbowing her friend whispering.Scene ChangesBack in Clubranium's laboratory the dark mecha spider leg monster scientist was hard at work on his several monitor screens looking at different star maps and galaxies while, reviewing the last attack the rangers had made against Shinzona and Diamasaur's forces. While, Shinzona stood from behind examining the new and seemingly improved Diamasaur it was strange how lifeless the massive armored dinosaur-man looked to be just a empty tool even with his red eyes glowing showing its sign of activation. Growing board at Clubranium's seemingly wasted exercise the witch taps the robot dinosaur hoping for some sort of reaction or maybe some form of entertainment to make the passing time bearable."Stop doing that!" Clubranium's said without turning to face Shinzona. Unfazed and uninterested by his command. Although Shinzona chooses to stop on her own accord, she moves closer to the mad scientist’s side looking at him with question, curiosity and a bit of frustration."How exactly does looking at a bunch of useless star charts help us at getting back at the rebel rangers?!" She asked but Clubranium didn't answer let alone seem to pay attention. "Are you listening to me!? DO MY WORDS HAVE ANY SIGNIFICANT IMPORTANCE TO YOU!?" Her voice rose to irritation finally showing her anger and rage from spending hours of time on the promise of revenge for her shamed defeat.Clubranium tapped on the screen swiping it to the side moving to a new star chart. "Yes, No and I've figured out our next move on them. Your welcome." He said answering each question in the order Shinzona asked in his normal tone lacking sensitivity for how he replied offending the witch, finally having enough of the spiders insults she summons a bolt of fire from the palm of her hand and aims at the monster’s head. Maintaining his level of composure Clubranium lets out a deep sigh of air, following to press a button displaying a video screen of the rebel’s ship, taking off the of slave mines after the rescue. "I apologize for my blunt statement I expected too much. Allow me to explain." He proceeds as though the attempt on his life never happened while, using one of his longer claw limb arms pointing on the screen opening the several other star charts crossing them together and adding the last one into the others showed a very mixed segment of lines crossing together with one and other. Shinzona puts out the flame in her hand despite his lack of showing the magic user any sort of respect she was somehow still willing to see what point he was trying to make towards her. For a moment, all she could see was the large joined line star maps together crossing through one another, she becomes puzzled for a moment before stepping back a few spaces helped show her the true meaning behind Clubranium's tactic."It’s a Juncture!" She Exclaimed surprisingly."Correct. A juncture point to be precise of where the rebels are possibly hiding." Clubranium walks casually toward Shinzona, his claw arms behind his back while using his front arms holding a tablet device manipulating the images expanding them to a full field display around his laboratory. "You can see from past attacks from these rebels made in the last five years. Each attack against us was either a rescue, sabotage or information recovery and each time of evaded capture from us their ship warp pattern left enough of a faint trail that on its own means nothing. However, when put together with all their missions combined shows-." "A great opportunity." Shinzona stepped forward full of twisted joy with the newly rewarded info she just gained. A chance to reclaim her honor from those who humiliated her seemed to arise much sooner than expected. "But wait a minute! How can you be certain that this part of the galaxy is where the rebel’s hideout is?" pointing at the small nova star system showing more than over eight hundred thirty-seven-star systems within one area and even more so to go on. "With the help of our many solar infiltrators systems throughout our colonization of resources. I notice a certain glitch popping in n out causing certain junctions to stop for a short period, seemingly as though it was a natural bug in the programing. However, when I cross referenced these star maps with the rebels escapes I noticed the glitch again n again." Shinzona was shocked and a bit amazed, she did her best to hide how impressive the spiders brain power was. This mad abomination was able to put together such a well idea with seemingly useless clues nobody had thought to look at. She was also trying to conceal her fear of such cold calculating man and for future actions would think twice on making an enemy out of him."Before today I would have assumed they were hiding in any of the thousands of systems in the area but after today. I have a logical reasoning to believe that their base is right here." He said tapping his fingers forward in the air moving all the planet star systems away and showing an empty remote part of space. Shinzona looked at the familiar coordinates."The GL-V9A Nebula and KO-35 space colonies!? Those systems are long past and gone, they were the first charts where we took all their resources and disintegrated any traces of their planets are you sure?"  She said questioning his logic."Sure, enough to lay a web to catch a few flies. Are you?" He asked with a small grin to which Shinzona herself also showed a more noticeable grin for Clubranium's next plan.Scene ChangesFrom an upper scene perspective. Shows a large skyscraper like academy tower at the very top a circle dome window view capable of seeing everything from a full 360-degree view of the whole region areas as though this academy was watching its people. Outside of the strong building the rangers ship was being guarded by several army men and women around all sides passing by them, were another group of younger trainees running laps another showed a group near the open range fields practicing firearms and sparring combat and lastly the Arial space jets taking off preceding to their sky formations.Inside the building two guards exiting out of the elevator while, pulling out a cart with only a small tablet pad laying on the top of the cart it seemed so small how could it have exhausted the two-soldier’s stamina so rapidly from hauling the item to the very top of General Ironheart's office. The cart barely moved even with the two pulling it out with all their strength finally, after what felt like only hours of pushing and pulling heavy iron ton bars they made it to the front door of Ironheart's office room. Taking a moment to make sure they looked presentable the shaved headed man on the right raised his hand out ready to knock on the door. "OF ALL THE MOST COMPLETE LACK OF RESPECT FOR RULES AND AUTHORITY. YOU'VE EVER DONE THIS TAKES THE CAKE TO THE EPITOME OF COMPLETE ASININE!" The loud voice roared even through the door. Both guards were terrified just from the tone sending a cold chill down their spines completely frozen in place the soldier couldn't even put his arm down."Maybe we should just comeback with this another time?" the other soldier said placing his hand on the others shoulder. As the two men take the cart and hurried on out before being exposed to even more terror from the other side. Inside all seven rangers stood side to side no longer in their ranger forms. Now they we're all in their civilian attire, four out of the seven were Caucasian while the remaining three, was a young African American man and young Indian woman stood out form the team with their leader’s half Korean/ American heritage. They all wore similar uniforms of white jackets with their respective colors with a few of them such as Marcus, Susan, Lewis and Drew showing a little more of their own style. However, their facial expressions were not to pleasant at the time. Being chewed out as though they were in the principal’s office. Drew rubbing the back of his neck with a nervous half smile trying not to make eye contact, Holly twiddling her fingers holding concern for her life right now, Marcus resting his left hand on his waist slamming his other hand at his face dragging the young African-American’s face down. Lewis shows no real interest or concern over the loud voice howling over him and the others, he just stands with his hands in his pockets rolling his eyes wondering when this will be over. Susan stands to be the most agitated and seems ready to let out her own voice in defending herself and her friend’s actions even her stance shows her arms crossed together her eyes at the corner teeth clutched discreetly, not sure of how much more she can take dismisses her arms but is stopped by Victor. The tallest out of the group places his hand on the lady-Indian's shoulder stopping her in place, he shakes his head slightly Susan sighs understanding her strong Muscular friends point in not making things worse. Lastly Esther standing unfazed like Lewis however, unlike the well-dressed dirty blonde she carried herself in a respectable matter giving the appearance that she was focused in listening to the long complaints at the actions she and her team took.  "LEAVING WITHOUT THE COUNCILS PERMISSION, ATTACKING ONE OF DEATH LOCKS TERRITORIES WITHOUT ANY BACKUP FROM OUR MILITARY AND, LET’S NOT FORGET THE EXCRUCIATING AMOUNT OF PAPERWORK YOU'VE ALL LEFT US WITH! FILLING OUT LORD KNOWS HOW MANY CITIZENS PAPERS FOR THESE SLAVES YOU BROUGHT BACK! EXPLAINING TO THE COUNCILS WE NOW HAVE OVER A HUNDRED NEW LIBERATED SLAVES IN OUR REGIONS! AM I MISSING ANYTHING ELSE!!!" from the other side where the rangers stood. General Ironheart sits wide eyed elbows resting on his desk, O.M.A stands next to his officer blinking every so often and Mandalay furious, her eyes and hair standing as a cat aggravated on the offensive and was the loud voice storming over the ranger’s actions. "Well, I guess it’s a good thing we're not soldiers under your command?" Esther said bluntly shocking most of the team Drew, Holly and Marcus slowly turning their heads, eyes widen in shock, jaws dropping to their light brown haired friend while, Susan, Lewis are the only ones to find this amusing and Victor only pants scratching his light scar on his lower right chin. Having known Esther speaks her mind with no sugar coating anything finally came to their advantage even Ironheart eyes widen in surprise. He then smiles, and his shoulders move a tiny bit with a silent chuckle. Mandalay notices this side glaring at her general, he takes note and drops all humor aside. Cut Esther reaching into her jackets left pocket pulling out the drive she and holly had been working back on their ship."This drive contains information on other slave camp factions, Death-Lock weapons manufacturing, possible planet scouting for resources and many other details that, will provide us with better opportunities for future missions and allow us to upgrade our defenses n weapons. Which needed a tune up to begin with none of this intel would have come into our possession if we waited for your council’s approval which would have no doubt been spent with four to nine hours talking and the last second spending an additional twenty minutes more on rather we should or shouldn't have done this."  Everybody in the room was too struck in shock to move let alone say anything to all the young woman's logic. She places the drive on the desk before walking past Mandalay and her friends making her way to the door."Wait a minute you can’t leave we're not done yet!" Mandalay shouted although Esther didn't stop or bother to turn back to the felines direction."Given how this will end with you only shouting more at our lack in following your procedures even though as I stated earlier we don't work under you, any supreme military, or political force. You will make it seem like there is a punishment to be handed upon us when really there isn't one. In layman's terms, fire us or let us do our jobs." She said her voice had no anger, fear or what just a cold truth blunt logical statement and may have damaged the feline officers pride. Making her way to the back door opens, Esther walks through it leaving the room having the last word in. Mandalay fighting to stay in complete self-control trying not to turn red to the point you swear you could see steam coming out as the other rangers takes notice they all quickly leave the room."Drew wait!" Ironheart said grabbing the Red ranger’s attention. Getting up from his chair moving over his desk. "We need to talk." his tone was what a man of his status would be expected from confident, strong and a bit of hidden worry. "You guys head back to the ship! Get it ready I'll be down in a second." Drew's light hearted demeanor changed to a more serious presence. Everybody was worried but Marcus stepped in getting the teams attention to let their leader do what he thought was right. As soon as all the other rangers left and the door closed, Lionheart and Drew looked at each other. The general then glanced at both his lieutenants nodding his head down without words both understood their commander’s meaning in his gesture and proceeded to leave the room as well."You and your team did good work but you were also very lucky and luck eventually runs out on everybody." He said to the red headed young man a few feet in front of him, Drew felt a little bit irritated as though he thought Ironheart did not believe the boy took any serious thinking in his recent actions."With all due respect, General. Regardless of how you may see us as kids we all know full well the dangers we take with every mission just as you and your people do. It's why we offer to work with you and your forces from time to time however, there's times when you have to act and not just sit around doing nothing-""You really think that's what we do!" Interrupted from Ironhearts exclaim reaction. Drew stops locking eyes with the general. "This war for survival has been going on longer than you've been alive!" The general looks down below at the end of his window seeing not only his soldiers but also many of the citizens throughout the further areas some better parts than others. "Before you and the others came along we were very lucky we didn't have any hope that we could beat Torlampu's forces. Many of those people are suffering because of the mistakes made by their past ancestors. Seeing their home planets die leaving everything behind them or worse. It’s getting harder and harder to find locations around here, people who have had residency longer, fear of losing what they've made for themselves here. Every day I look wanting to do more but I'm reminded, you can’t save everybody." Watching the older man speak of the past Drew feels a crack of fear and sadness in his voice. For a moment, the young ranger wasn't sure what to do. Inhales in and out before taking a step forward."At the slave camps, today where we got all those people out of that damned pit. That was a day none of them thought was ever going to end and when I saw them on my ship finally being able to laugh, shout or whatever else they wanted to do. I saw them wanting to live more than anything and being here, where they feel like they can have that place a home, me and my team would do it all over again." Drew sees the general turning his direction facing him again. "You're right you can't save everybody but you can save those who are in your reach, and that's what me and my team did and will continue to do! Debating on what course of action to take that's important but if all you do is wait and talk about what we can or can't do, nothing will ever change. Sometimes you just have to roll with it." Ironheart walks to the back of his desk. He lowers himself into his chair and rests his face in his hands he pants long and heavy."I have a lot of work to do. Those rescued captives are all going to need citizenship papers and residency, I’m looking forward to fighting the council on this one. Forget going gray, I'll be lucky if I don't go bald." the old soldier said masking his tired demeanor somewhat sarcastic tone with light humor, Drew salutes the old man as a show of respect he turns around to the back door."Drew!" Ironheart said. The young man turned his head at the old man. "I just hope whatever choices you make you remember that for all the good you try to do, somehow there’s just as much if not more bad hurting others somewhere you can't always be there for." the old man's words hit heavy to the youth, nodding his head before leaving.  Scene ChangesThe Rangers ship was airborne flying throughout the sky. In the pilot section Lewis types on the ships keypad opening the wormhole from before to appear in front of them, once more the ship crosses over, reopening to the empty void of space. As the wormhole closes in the back of the exiting ship the shuttle now fly's aimlessly in the cosmic sea.Inside everybody is doing their own activities. Marcus and Esther playing poker with the orange hero having the upper hand over the violet heroine. Marcus sets several cards down on the empty supply crate they were using for their game."3 Aces. Beat that?" He playfully smirks to his seemingly assured victory at the cool-headed brains of the team. Esther holding her natural cold poker face sets her hand of cards on the table, Marcus lowers his gaze becoming startled."NO WAY!" He exclaims."Royal Straight Flush." I believe I win, care to call it quits?" She said taking a great deal of joy from making a near impossible comeback at her friend, a small smile forms looking at Marcus putting both his hands on his face shaking in disbelief of what just happened. "Shut up and deal." He said refusing to surrender until he could reclaim his honor. Esther laughs, then gathers up the cards and shuffles them. Cut to a large open training room.Susan and Victor both in a battle-ready pose, the two then charge each other. Susan uses her speed and agility to her advantage against Victor's larger body, she ducks a punch sweeping the leg. Victor notices her attempt and quickly raises his front leg back. Susan lifts herself back on her feet but gets caught in a head lock from behind, she try's her best to break free but Victor's form is too strong."You can't get out of this. Tap out!" Victor said holding down the energetic dark-skin woman with no signs of lighting up. Susan looked more excited than afraid though."Ne... Sa...I... T!" She gasped struggling to talk in complete words from the choke hold."What did you say? Victor questioning his friends attempt of broken words. At the same time, Susan used this as an opening, she spots her chin on the right of Vic's muscular forearms and plug pins his joined hands making enough time for her move. Matching her right shoulder to Vic's right arm that was keeping her locked she raises up making her opponents elbow go up as well weakening Vic's position, hitting the ball of her right foot on the floor strengthening her stance. Susan twists her hips driving her left shoulder into her targets chest, taking the full impact of her entire body. Despite his well build, Victor still felt the pain from the small attack showing Susan’s technique was done right. It broke his stance a little, creating enough space she quickly bends her knees ducking out of the blonde’s headlock following through with a back kick knocking him to the floor slamming out of the safety zone. "I said never say I can't." Her voice clear and sound with a mix of pride. She stood with her hands on her hips Asserting her power over her triumph. A digital screen pops up showing two cartoonish chibi-like avatars a strong biker yellow rhino and a female shark kick-boxer, above them show cased a two numbers the rhino had three and the shark had two however, it was now changed to a three. Making the score board even. Back to Susan having a small smile on her face while, Victor pushes himself to his feet and looks at her with a determined expression."Again!" He exclaimed. Susan chuckles a little as she was hoping for another round, once again in their battle-ready pose go at each other once more.Cut to the ship's balconyIn the back of the ships carrier hanger. Drew leans on the railing at the top corner seemingly lost in his train of thought, it was as though part of him was angry and at the same time understanding about whatever was on his mind. He was so focused the young red warrior didn't even notice Holly was behind him. "Hey Drew!" The young ginger said but received no response from the boy. Worried about her friend’s health she played with her hair which was up to her neck level before, her green emerald eyes lite up with a idea."So, Lewis wanted me to inform you that we've crossed paths with Platypus Buttskin space pirates. Their demanding we surrender or be destroyed by their powerful fart cannon." She said breaking a smile from such a ridiculous made-up story. Nobody in their right mind would've believed to be true while, waving her arms matching their actions to the wild story. "W-Wait What! Tell him to put up the shield before-" Breaking out of his thoughts and coming to his senses, he turns to face Holly. Only to see her cheeky smile with her arms crossed together. "Ok. You got me. And here I thought Marcus came up with the jokes?" Drew laughs seemingly returning to his light hearted old self giving Holly a better feeling at her friend’s mental state. But she can tell something still bothers him and has a pretty good idea as to what troubles the boy. Leaning her back to the rails with her arms resting down on them and turns her eyes to match up with Drew’s red eyes.  "It’s about what Ironheart said to you, isn’t it?” She asks seeing Drew tense up a little his eyes turn to the corner. He takes in a deep breath and lets out a uneasy breath of air relaxing his shoulders down."Sometimes I just wonder if we're really making any difference, or if we're just a bunch of kids playing around in a war?" He said discouraging. "Is that what you really think we do? Or what you think others think about us?" She replied. Drew looks away from her for a moment then down on the ships floor, Holly touches his arm. "You do the best you can Drew. Rather people acknowledge that or not, is just the same as anybody’s guess but, people who see you for your actions know what you stand for." Holly's words held a great truth to them, she didn't tell Drew exactly what he wanted to hear but what was needed in a way not to make him feel more worse. Drew turns his head slightly back at the girl."Maybe you've got a point, there's some stuff that Ironheart said that did get me thinking. But for now, we just keep doing what we've been doing and hope for the best." Scratching the back of his head Drew pats Holly on her shoulder "Thanks Holly." he said. Just than the ship's alarm goes off, all floors on all sections flash a flickering red light making the whole area have a red texture over it. Everybody onboard stopped what they we're doing just moments ago and focused their attention to the loud sound.Cut to LewisAt the ship's control's Lewis disables the alarm, multiple screens pop up showing all the rangers view of one another. "Lewis what happened?!" Drew asked readying for battle. Lewis checking the ship's sensors for any in coming attacks however, there was nothing showing up."Nothing to worry about everybody, there are no Death-Lock ship's or their solar infiltrators anywhere. But it does look like we got a transmission signal of some kind." Lewis reassuring the others however, his tone and facial expressions spoke to feeling something was off.cut to the other six screens showing the many concerning faces."Lewis set the ship to auto pilot! Everyone else meet me and Holly at the ships carrier hanger ASAP!" Drew ordered out and the team followed through as fast as the order was given even, Lewis despite his inner thoughts towards their leader followed the orders. At the ships carrier hanger, the rangers stand in a circle form, Esther pulls up a digital screen in front of her typing a few pixel buttons on the screen she transforms the empty space into a tech center. Everything made up of blue light solid desks with many screen monitors made of the same solid light as the previous constructs, at the center of the circle where the rangers form, a larger high tech digitizer of their current space location expands around the whole hanger area."Holly start up the proxy link track system and, unscramble that signal we just received!" Ester ordered while also checking for any possible viruses programs the signal may have brought on the ship's systems. While, Holly finished effortlessly on her assigned task in a matter of minutes quickly putting down the screen monitors on her front, left and right positions.  "Way ahead of you. Don't bother checking the ship, I've run a algorithm of anti-malware stealth attack, if we have a virus it won't know it's been coded until it's too late." She said reassuring in confidence. Esther dismisses her screen and nods to the high-quality effectiveness from the ginger on her front ride side."Ok than play transmission! Let’s see who's trying to call us." Drew ordered. Esther taps on her finger on the pop up mail icon, the transmission signal cracks open. A grainy stutter video filled with distorted voices of screams and anguish. Many space like individuals walking inside a large factory hovering thousands of feet over uncontrollable magma geysers."If-If-f Y-You’re watching this.... Please send -hel-hel-help." A distorted voice coming and going through the video, its view changes through many static cuts before a clear imagine is presented. As the camera position moves closer to show a Frankenstein-like chamber, a group of Deadnaughts traps a group of poorly kept workers into one of the open chambers, before closing it. Activating the machine the other chamber next to the just closed one opens, steam being released from the wicked device. The team watches horrified by what they see, back to the video screen. Once the steam clears off showing more Deadnaughts made from the trapped prisoners moaning by their recent transformation, while the opposite Naughts secure and sedate their new skeleton brother’s n sisters in arms away.The camera position makes a swift turn showing several Dreadnaughts up close, their eyes glowing purple as they reach forward. ”What NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOO-!" The video stops its transmission. Leaving everybody in the room speechless by what they just witnessed, the others look at Drew."We're gonna need backup." Having no sign of his usual light-hearted nature and instead filled with a great intensity of needing to take action from such a horrifying event they witnessed.Scene changes A close-up shot of General Ironheart standing tall as he normally would his hands behind his back looking stoic but his eyes tell a level of displeasure and tiredness. "No! I am truly sorry but I can't help you on this mission." Expanding the scene showing everyone on the ship. Shocked by the general’s response hoping for the extra help, Drew steps forward to Ironheart hologram projection with disbelief."No, you can't help us? Or No you won't?!" Drew exclaimed trying to hold his emotions in check. Ironheart looks the boy in the eye.“No, as in I won't. Because this is a trap and I won't willingly send in man n woman to die, for a pointless suicide mission." He states holding his ground, both Esther and Holly step forward showing their displeasure however, Esther hides her facial emotions better while Holly shows immense rage breathing in deeply and releasing out her vented displeasure. She than pulls up a large-scale monitor showing the code information of the transmission from earlier. "As you can see. We did a fully thorough scan of the transmission, it checks to be one hundred percent authentic no way Death-Locks members could've tampered with the message before it was sent. As you saw it General whoever, send us the message is either dead or worse by now." Esther explaining her reasoning in hopes of persuading a change from the holographic live-stream image of Ironheart. "And if they are that is a tragedy. However, while I'm sympathetic to the recent events I've witnessed just as all of you have. I also have to remind myself and all of you the bigger picture.""And what is that General?!" Drew's voice starting to break a little more aggressively. "That this is exactly what Torlampu's forces want. They want you to come because they know this will cause a reaction rather than a sound plan." Holding his ground Ironheart try's his own reasoning in hope of keeping the youths out of whatever attempts they have on this suicide mission he knew they were planning on doing. His eyes scan each of the other members none are happy at the situation, Ironheart panting, he lowers his eyes gazes. "This is a time of difficult choices sometimes near impossible ones. If you all are still eager to go through with this mission, know that you won't get any backup. I am truly sorry." The veteran hero states his authority making his final choice in the matter clear. Drew tilts his head down for a moment before returning it to its original position."We understand, thanks general." he says holding a little resentment. Despite understanding Ironhearts point the red leader was still not happy about leaving the needed cry for help go unanswered and, only imagining those trapped on the fiery planet would pay a great cost. The transmission between the rangers and Ironheart was terminated, leaving neither side in a happy mood. Turning around to face his teammates Drew gathers his composure."Like Ironheart said people. This is a trap no fooling ourselves but we've faced worse odds, I'm going on this mission but that doesn't mean-." Drew interrupted in his moment of seriousness.  "Great were setting a course now, let’s make a game plan!" Marcus exclaims."From what I could gather from the planets terrain. The Enemies idea for laying a trap on us will be from the outer circle view of the factory, so we should split up into three teams. One for head on direction while, second team will sneak in to disable any generators and counter measures. That just leaves team three as backup incase the first two teams get in trouble, what do you think Drew." Esther said typing on her tablet screen popping up a field replica display in front of the others. Everybody turned to face their leader who had a surprising look to his face."You really thought we were just gonna let you have all the fun?" Susan said confidently as though she spoke for everybody. Looking at them Drew sees that they would not let one of their own go into danger alone even Lewis showed his loyalty by nodding."Then let’s do it!" Drew full of resolve exclaims.Scene ChangesPlanet CorVinix also known as the XN-SD9. Hidden star gate sector. The planet reddish-rust like appearance with its small glimpses of fire left a feeling of those who would dare enter. Enter the gates of hell itself.The Rangers ship enters the planet's galaxy outer atmosphere hiding behind one of the planets moons. Inside the helm Marcus, Esther and Holly work on the controls, cut to Drew, Susan, Victor and Lewis inside the shuttle ship within the deck. Readying to fly out on the smaller craft."Ok let's go over the plan one more time!" Holly's voice echoing from the shuttle team’s location through the ships voice transmission, the four giving their full attention on the matter. "Shuttle team enters CorVinix from twenty-five-point star access on the right. That's where you guys can have the most cover to hide without being detected from visual and any scanners showing from Death-Locks side, with all the magma geyser’s setting off making the skies too dark and gray to see a ship coming in and out of orbit. From there you guys will split up in two teams." Holly's voice had a firm level of strength to it, acting very different from her previous moments of speech. Her gentle nature was still in her review however, there was a level of seriousness to the young girl's voice taking this task with all her focus in mind. A feature that was sometimes overlooked at or forgotten by the others, given how she looked very naive and innocent should not be over looked at.   "Drew and Susan the head attack team. Making enough noise while, Victor and Lewis takeout team disabling any generators and power chambers from making more Deadnaughts, don't want a repeat of what happened last time?" Esther speaking this time filling in the rest of the plan, finished on locking the ship shuttle ejection fire systems on the correct coordinates. Back to the others in the shuttle."Last that leaves team ground control to you three, keeping us up to date of any changes and ready to blow some stuff up." Drew confidently finishing the plan up. Secured on their end Susan, Victor and Lewis ready their small ship for launch, Drew gives the clear clicking a green button sending a signal to the three rangers in the ship's main deck. Esther pulls down on a lever detaching the shuttle from the main ship. It's wings unfolding spread out and thrusters firing up, entering its way down to the planet's atmosphere. Lewis guides the small craft on the path shown on his monitor screen, descending further n further until they passed through a few ash red-black clouds. The seemingly endless smoke was cut by a sudden flare of magma geysers popping up in front of the hover craft. However, Lewis quickly maneuvers passed the fiery pillars seconds away from melting them, with his fast hand reflexes escapes much to everybody's else's pleasure being alive. Susan pulls on the monitor checking how far the landing zone is now."Ok everybody look alive we're about to reach our stop. Right about, Now!" She said quickly after the ship made it's landing turning her head over to look how the males on board were handling, Victor and Lewis nod while, Drew holds a thumbs up. Making their way out of the open-door hanger the squad of four goes into intimate action, seeing their target on the factory near ahead."Ready!?" Drew exclaims aloud after reaching the back of his belt, grabbing a small silver rectangular wrist-watch like object. Attaching the device to his left arm. Standing in ahead of his team a few feet apart. "Ready!" Susan, Victor and Lewis reply in unisons after taking out the same device from their belt cases and placing them on the same position as their leader. A few feet apart from each other with enough space to move their hands and arms around."HAOS FLASH, EXECUTE!!!" They shout in unisons, mimicking each other’s body movements. Having their left arms raised up to their sides pressing the large button located in the middle side of the morphers. Firing a beam of holographic colored lights through the lens on the other side, the beams focus more into halo ring extending four sharp lines out before, it is retracted, contacting the four figures, changing them out of their uniform entire and in their ranger forms. Focused in a close-up angle red harden light trail lines surround Drew's head forming his full-face lion-like helmet as does the others. Now standing in place of the four were the Red-Lion, Yellow-Rhino, Cyan-Shark and Indigo-Wolf armored warriors."Alright let's move!" Drew now the Red Ranger ordered. Splitting up as planned Drew and Susan take lead forward while, Victor and Lewis move towards their own mission on the side.Scene Changes Lewis and Victor stop at the factory’s side looking at their screen maps display chart inside their helmets. “This is the stop, Do your thing Vic.” Indigo said to Yellow, he stepped aside giving Yellow more room. Activating his coat of light over his body Victor can feel the extra power coursing through his veins, he than punches through the heavy metal walls ripping them apart making a opening for the pair to enter. Lewis takes point armed and ready with his two wolf blasters Vic follows his friends lead, from inside the factory the two see large gears in motion working around and around and the deeper they go into the workplace, the more they hear screams and exhaustion. Lewis put himself up on one of the walls as does Vic, seeing two shadow figures coming from the side they wait to make their move. When the figures get closer to the Wolf and Rhino heroes position they bust out tackling their enemies down to the floor but retract upon seeing they had just attacked two civilians. “Sorry about that, We thought you were Deadnaughts.” Yellow reaches down offering a hand to one of the poor condition slave workers, as the old man reached out for the rangers arm he was stopped from a shot blasting the two slaves from behind. Dropping to the ground as lifeless corpses Wolf and Rhino see where the blasts came from, on their front several Deadnaughts with firearms taking joy in what they had just done. Both turn to face their backs where they see even more Deads closing off their escape routes. “Well this just got better.” Lewis sarcastically states looking at Victor. “Can it get any worse?” “AAAAAAAAAAAAH!” A loud roar filled the enclose space everybody could hear footsteps charging from the back dictation. Wolf and Rhino cover each other back to back ready to fight, Victor see’s a figure running out of the back shadows before having a second to react it jumps out high in the corridor room area and lands in front of the Deadnaughts. Yellow was surprised and shock by the site. “No way.” he mutters under his breath. “How?!” stands looking at the familiar cobalt-blue large armored dinosaur-man Diamasaur somehow still alive. Seeing the two fighters taken off guard Diamasaur lunges toward the Yellow and Indigo warriors.Scene ChangesDrew and Susan approach closer to the toxic dark hellish setting. Taking some cover behind a couple of red-orange rocks, Susan places her opened hand onto the ground letting her Shark senses pick up on any sleight movements through sound-waves traveling from the vibrations her hand felt. In her mind saw the inner workings as a echo like projection as though, she could clearly see the chains ratting together, gears moving and the Deadnaught soldiers feet steps echoing away from her. "Well, anything?" Drew asks while bending down to the shark heroine's level."Doesn't seem like there's anybody but the Dead's inside, so we can go all out with the attack without worrying about civilian casualties." She replies. Drew nods and both take notice looking at the metal platform from above seeing two Deadnaught's patrolling the area, unaware of the ranger double team below them. The two wait until the Dead's turned around making a leap jump onto the platform and knocking the foot-soldiers off their platform hurtling down into the magma. Heading inside the factory the Red-Lion n Blue-Shark rangers we're taken back a little by the lack of security, they we're expecting this location to be a little more well-guarded given the video they based their assumptions off. Never the less they move onward with caution, unaware a set of red glowing eyes watching from above distance hidden from the all the steam escaping from the machines in the area. Drew stops in his tracks as does Susan turning their heads up ahead just to see more steam hissing and nothing else."Let me guess? You feel creepy Darth Vader vibes too?" Drew playfully said to ease the tense setting, while Susan tills her head away but kept her guard up for any upcoming threats. However, both became startled to the crawling sound echoing from the hallow metal areas above. Both thoroughly scan the location covering each other back to back when suddenly, A black arm ripped up from the metal floor grabbing on to the Blue ranger's leg. Quick in her reaction she summons her blade knives and stabbing the forearm of the revealing Deadnaughts body howling from the pain soon, many more Deadnaughts erupt popping out of the metallic grounds and more dropping from above surrounding both rangers in a circle. Drew arms himself with his claw gantlet, the red warrior and his partner make their stance ready for battle.    "Well no doubt about it now, it was definitely a trap." Susan stated casual with some sarcasm to mask the large numbers surrounding her and Drew, despite the odds both hold their ground against the thousands of undead looking minions."Yep, too late to turn back now though." Drew jokingly replies to his friend, sharing her feelings of dread. However, keeping his armed weapon ready Drew raises his free hand to his ear opening a channel for back up. "Vic, Lewis!" Only to hear nothing but grunting and laser shoots explosions from the background, worried about his friends safety. "GUYS, WHAT'S HAPPENING!?" He frantically shouted."Oh, what's the matter little kitty, the games not fun for you as it is for me?" Lifting his head up to the familiar femme fatales voice, Drew sees Shinzona sitting on one of the railings playing with one of her side curls smiling wickedly. She takes her hand up in a wave motion signaling her underlings to attack. All the Deadnaught Lunging at the pair. Drew takes immediate action coating his friend in his red energy then charges at the Deadnaughts, he jumps on top one after the other gaining enough high ground, snaps his fingers triggering his replacement ability to switch his higher ground position to Susan’s location. Susan looks down at her leader doing his best to hold off the goon monsters but barely, she charges her blades throwing them at the Deadnaughts who were aiming at Drew’s blind spots. She materializes more knives and continues to throw them at the soldiers but before she could throw more, a fireball blasts the Blue ranger off her balance. Quickly jumping back on her feet before the next one could make contact, Shinzona fires several more attacks at the heroine. Meanwhile, Drew makes an opening slashing through several Naughts, grabbing one of Susan's blades on the floor and channels his energy once more onto the weapon."BLUE!" He Shouted getting her attention. She notices the blade the red ranger was holding and without another word knew what he was planning. The Blue ranger continued to dodge the witch’s blasts making her way upward for higher ground, Drew throws the knife at Susan, catching it after which she throws the blade right at Shinzona. Once again Drew actives his relocation ability switching the knife's position aimed at the witch to the lower ground floor and the Red ranger thrusting his weapon to her however, he found he was stuck suspended in the air by the sorceress's magic."Did you really think I'd fall for that trick again?" Shinzona remarked. Remembering her last encounter with the young hero and his tricky abilities this time she made sure not to underestimate the Red-Lion ranger again. However, the witch could not help but show off her pride in victory over the two heroes in her presence. Holding the boy with her magic, her other hand placed at her hips showing her position of dominant power.   "I was hoping, but then again I'm not predictable. Now Blue!" Drew Exclaimed. Susan executes her ability."Shark-Surge!!!" She exclaimed. Which Shinzona took notice looking at the Blue ranger radiating her colors energy. Her face dropped in pain looking down noticing her lower abdomen had been pierced by the Red ranger, holding another of Susan's blades in his hand. Even though he was a few feet away from the witch Shinzona saw the sharpened blue blade energy trail extending out the knife that struck her, and breaking Drew free of the suspension from the mages magic. Back to the Deadnaughts below many of the knives on the floor left from Susan's previous attacks, also started to react the same way. However, they extended and pierced throughout even more of the ripped metal surface making the format unstable and sent all the Deadnaughts to fall a bottomless pit. Susan and Drew quickly make a run for it, tossing another one of her knives at the ceiling gates, at the blades hilt end tied with a strong string of cyan glowing light, Su grabs Red and leaps down the little stable floor of the entire gate they had come through before, getting away from Shinzona.Outside the factory Drew, attempts reaching Vic & Lewis one more time but is unable to reach them having no signal. The two are blasted back landing on the metal ground they push themselves up, the duo focus their attention from the direction the blast came from. Shocked to see their attacker was a familiar foe thought to be defeated."No way, it can't be!" Drew fights to accept what he and Susan's eyes see. Diamasaur, standing armed with his multi use armed weapon pointing right at the pair and behind him, are the other two rangers captured and ensnared in a green electro-web like binding, leaving them immobile."Surrender or die!" The massive armored dinosaur-man said threatening his enemies his voice bit distorted but still menacing, neither Red or Blue where in any mood to surrender. Together they lunged at the strong armored robotic killing weapon, Susan swings her blades at him with seemingly great n quick succession however, Diamasaur is unfazed. He grabs the Shark heroine holding her at arm’s length and transforming his arm from a blaster to a chainsaw, takes a mighty swing at her chest armor sparks flying from contact."AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" She Screams from the endless pain despite her armors protection. Drew slashes the giants arm off dropping the Blue ranger on the ground he jumps between the space of the female and the beast, makes a side kick at the metal behemoth they trade blows until they come to a stalemate, even with one arm Diamasaur proved to be too strong to lock space with alone. Despite the Red warrior’s best efforts to hold his line he was being pushed back, Susan sees her friend in trouble getting off the ground making her way to the battle."NO Blue! Get Yellow and Indigo out of those binds!" he shouted. Stopping for a moment before making her way to rescue her captive rangers however, Diamasaur would not allow any attempts of rescue to be made keeping his eyes locked on the Red lion fighter, Diamasaur lifts his amputated arm to his side. Suddenly the fallen weapon-shifting arm came to life and produced to attack the Blue ranger jumping it on to her back moving like a spider placing a circular silver object behind her back unnoticed, Susan curls the arm ground she throws one of her knives at the living weapon but it moves too fast dodging the blade and makes its way back to its master, merging back together making the armored Dino-man whole. Diamasaur punches the Red ranger in the face knocking his opponent down of his balance, as the Dino turns his head toward the Blue ranger his eyes glow red.Cut to Susan. She notices too late the circular silver object placed behind her back activates then a soft clicking sound as the medallion against the Blue rangers back unleashes a burst of green webbing-tendrils wrapping up over the heroine's upper body, Susan fought as hard as she could but, couldn't break free the bounds locking snugly against her arms until she was on the floor being shocked into submission from the binding leaving her immobile as well. Diamasaur chuckles amused by his captured collection of rangers, Drew charges furious but Diamasaur evades easily kicking Drew back again, than transforming his arm one more time into a blaster-gun aimed at the Red Lion hero's team. "Stop! One move, one inch and your team pays for it. Now Surrender or die what's it gonna be, hero?" The robot mocking his enemy into an ultimatum. Seeing Su, Vic and Lewis easy targets. Lewis. “Forget about us you idiot, Just take him out!”Susan. “Wolf’s right. Don’t worry we can take a few hits!”Victor. “Don’t do it Red!”Although his team urged him not to worry about their safety however, Drew couldn't take the gamble no matter what, he disarms his weapon and is shot at by Diamasaur gun with the same circular silver object that was placed on Susan. After making contact the object quickly wraps him in the same binding as the others shocking him down on his knees Diamasaur walks toward the fallen ranger delivering a knockout punch.Scene ChangesBack on the ship Marcus, Esther and Holly await on standby anxiously for the others safety. Marcus seemingly the most tense but trying to keep it hidden looks down on his screen, seeing four color dots on the planet's surface indicating his friends life signs were still active. Across from his side Esther and Holly look at the young man telling something was up, Holly makes her way to Marcus and gently tugs his jacket grabbing the dark skin individuals attention."You know worrying about them isn't going to do anything." The redhead said. Marcus shakes his head before looking at the young girl."I'm not worried just expecting the worse. Cause with our luck things always go sideways." He said speaking in his normal jokester attitude. Holly scoffs toward the statement, even Esther raises a brow up."That's not true. We only get in trouble as much as the next-." Holly slowly breaking her voice to the realization that her friend's quip had some truth to it. "Ok fine that's totally true, but we also find some way out of trouble." Reenergizing her voice. Both Marcus and Esther chuckle although the brunette was more discrete about it. The light heartedness scene was cut short by a static message playing on the ships deck station."What's going on?!" Marcus exclaimed reacting to the alarms sounds throughout the ship. Esther checks the computer scanners seeing several attack ships approaching their ship’s direction, her eyes widen fast at work typing on the controls.“They know we’re here!” Esther exclaims at the two. Marcus and Holly surprised by the revelation, quickly Holly moves to the other side of the ships computers assisting Esther while Marcus makes his way to the plot steering controls.Marcus now sitting at the front of the ship’s main pilot helm takes the controls moving the large craft out of its location.“Holly get the shields up, ASAP! Esther I need to know where those ships are coming from cause I got nothing on my view screens!” He ordered and the two processed to follow however, the ship felt a volt of impact knocking the two females off their balance, hurrying to get back up Holly activates the shields covering the ship in a protective barrier while Esther tries to pin point the attacking space-crafts position as they continue to take heavy fire.Computer voice of the ship: Shields at 62.3% and dropping. 59, 36.“Esther!” Marcus exlcaimed.“I’m on it, I’m on IT!”  She replies working under the increasingly tense situation. A cold sweat drops from her forehead while Holly works on keeping any internal damage from escalating. Finishing her scan Esther sends Marcus the attackers locations on his side of the monitor screen, moving on the offensive the young pilot drives the ship high forward, readying the phaser blasters pulling a fast curve loop turns to the invisible targets. His target system lock-on and fires phasers destroying several stealth ships with four remaining.As Marcus continues to evade anymore fire-fights while, trying to shake the ships from behind he notices the four crafts from the screen splitting into two groups. As two stay on the ranger’s tail doing nothing the others seemingly disappear from digital and visual site. Meanwhile, Esther and Holly mildly mentally exhausted from the ships previous shocks they also knew it was too early to celebrate and rightfully so as their ship stopped dead in its tracks halting everybody.“Guys what’s on going back there?!” Marcus asked as he found all his attempts in moving the ship useless. The girls check all systems pulling up a detail digital screen of the problem.“Oh no!” Holly lets out a soft worry, even Esther shows a little discomfort. From the outer view opening the channel to Marcus.“Marcus, they have us sealed in a Dorbramiam web snare.” Her voice reflects her worry. While, Marcus wipes his face down understanding the danger they we’re currently in from the enemies’ tactic.From an outside view the active ship lays dead in the void of space. While the two ships which had vanished earlier were now visible to see side to side a few feet away from their target, breaking themselves apart into several pillar satellites rotating around the ranger’s craft. The remaining two ships also breaking apart as well joining the other pieces, closing in on the trapped ship the trio see’s their ship’s filed space growing smaller and smaller.“Isn’t there anything we can do? we’re going to die otherwise!” Holly stated seeing the situation unfolding itself into a near escapable death trap.“The Dorbramiam web snare tactic is almost near impossible to escape from, the ships orbiting and closing around us creates an invisible wireframe, that cancels out its targets function from movement to weapons. The only thing we have is life support.” Esther explanation of the slow death situation only becomes more worsen as one of the computers sparks start to fly out both females spot the small flame putting it out, and turn to notice their enemies’ ships closing in on them not sure of what to do next. But come to the acceptance of death.Marcus hits the back of his head to his chair, frustrated at himself for falling for such an obvious battle tactic and knowing he and his friends would die because of him. He then ponders for a moment and comes to the realization of a last ditch plan he hoped would work saving all their lives.“Esther, Holly!” He communicates to them through his morpher. Both girls listen to his voice through their own morphers. “We’re only gonna get one shot at this, so listen up! Cause this is gonna top whatever stupid thing Drew’s ever tried before.” He says in a serious tone, the two young women face each other a bit worried but nod their heads at each other having confidence in Marcus’s plan no matter how absurd it may be.“What do you need.” Esther responds letting the young man they are with him.Back on CorVinix. viewing the factory’s highest tower point.‘Click’ Drew opens his eyes through his visor coming out of his unconscious state. Coming back slowly to his sense his head still hurting from the knockout Diamasuar gave him last time. He finds himself standing on some kind of rack, his arms above his head and his legs slightly spread out, shackled at the wrists in heavy restraints. Feeling similar restraints wrapped tightly around his ankles. Across his right and front view distance he saw Victor and Lewis in the same bound predicament he was in, he than turns his head to the left seeing two Deadnaughts locking Susan in her restraints. As Drew & others struggle against the heavy metal holding them in place that not even in their ranger form could break free out of. They continue to struggle they than notice the entrance doors open with Shinozana walking into the holding room with Diamasuar and a few more Dead soldiers enter, she smiles delighted to see the four rangers her prisoners. Diamasuar looks as his usual menacingly self, as they make their way to the center of the room she makes no attempt of hiding her smirk at her successful victory over the rangers. And all they could do was nothing given their current bound condition.“Oh, what do we have here? Four new pets, for me!” The witch said seductively mocking her audience. “A kitty, rhino and a pet doggy.” She moves her hand to grab each of the three male ranger’s helmets cupping the side of face protectors each one recoil from her touch pulling away from her, she took no insult in fact she found it only added to her revenge.  Finally making her way to the only female ranger. Susan pulls away from the witch as the others but Shinozana grabs her forcefully by her helmets chin making direct face to face contact “And then there’s…You the small fish nobody want-.” The Blue ranger slams her head hard to the female witch shutting her up & knocking her away a bit, Susan scoffs at the angered magic user.“You think that’s funny?!” Shinozona asks her captive but Su only responds by nodding her head proudly. Shinozona’s look of rage is dismissed into a small chuckle before placing her hand on the ranger’s chest, unleashing a wave of purple voltage electricity through the young warrior’s body.“UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHH, AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!” Susan howls from the pain, unable to move. The other rangers try harder to break their bounds but are stopped when Deadnaughts aim their weapons close up at their heads. Diamasuar and the remaining goons watch their queen torture the enemy with twisted joy.“Still think it’s funny now little girl?” The witch mockingly asks not easing up her torture session any time soon. From above, her hand is caught in a familiar webbing pulling it away from Susan’s chest cancelling the shock magic. Leaving Susan gasping and catching her breath, rising her head up slowly. Shinozana on the other hand was not pleased with the fun being cut short and made her attention where the webbing came from, descending as a spider would Clubranium makes his presence known to everybody in the room.“That’s no way to treat guests Shinozona. Greetings rangers I am Clubranium and these are others.” His voice was one full of greeting with a cold chill he had no intention of proving to be a strong muscle oaf like Diamasuar or hide a twisted nature like Shinozana but Drew and the others could tell he was dangerous.“I was only having a little fun with them besides this one attacked first.” She said pointing her finger at the bound Shark ranger, Susan glared at her torturer. Shinozana approaches closer to Clubranium side, the mad looking spider monster clears his throat before making his demands.“My apologies, for our first introduction with one and other being less than pleasant but now that we’ve gotten that out of the way. I would very much like you four to confirm a little idea of mine?” He said in his normal calm tone. With the four heroes not responding and turning their heads away from the mad scientist, one of the Deadnaughts next to Victor rises the backend of his blaster rifle bout to make its way to the Yellow ranger’s abdomen. However, is stopped by Clubranium’s webbing.“Soldier, if I want you to do something, I’ll ask. Is that clear?!” Clubranium’s voiced his thoughts to the undead being. The solider looked terrified by the spider’s outer demeanor look at him, quickly lowering his weapon and backing away from the ranger as did many of the other Deadnaughts followed.“Back to my question.” Pulling out a star chart map showing many sectors and galaxies, Drew and the others can’t help but turn their attention to the view of the digital screen. A small gasp escapes from them as the screen shows the space sector the Andromeda-Quartzer system houses over a hundred stars one of them holding the GL-V9A Nebula and KO-35 planet colonies, their tiny reactions do not go unnoticed by Clubranium.“I have reason to believe that your station, for all our property you have liberated from is hiding somewhere in one of these planets. But which one? I would very much like you to tell me?” “We’ve got nothing to say to you! I do have a hand gesture you can have though, if ya let my hands free?” Susan stated hostilely.“Same goes for me.” Lewis spats. Both he and Su insulting their captor. Although Clubranium didn’t care for the heroes attempts of bravery and merely proceeded in swiping the screen out of view changing it for a different one. This time showing a familiar ship surrounded in an electro sphere, the electric cage slowly getting smaller and smaller, this rattled the others knowing their friends on the ship were in danger.“From my view, I would say that the remaining members of your team have less in thirty seconds. Agreed?”  Clubranium mocks the rangers forced to watch the incoming doom Marcus, Esther and Holly were about to face and they were powerless to do anything about it. Once more the four try to break free from their bounds but it was useless.Susan tugs at the metal holding her. “Ugh, When I get out of this you’re all dead!” Susan howled.“Not before me Blue!” Lewis exclaimed.“You’ll both have to get in line.” Drew roared. The trio said threating all the Death-Lock forces in the room but are dismissed to being nothing but a joke much delight to their captors. Back to the view screen the electric planetary sphere makes its closing on the ranger’s ship, in a flash blinding the view cutting the view screen ending its transmission. Inside their helmets Drew, Vic, Leiws and Su look with broken heartedness and dread. They couldn’t believe it, they absolutely would not believe it, but it was true their ship was destroyed and with it Marcus, Esther and Holly gone as well.“NO!” they all shriek in the loss of their fallen comrades. Watching the four heroes crushing their sprits, Clubranium turns his head to Shinozona who nods at her, signaling the witch to perform the next phase of the act. She nods back and starts chanting in a different ancient language, black-red energy beings to blossoms around the witch’s hands than radiates a blast of purple light as she rises her hands up. Attacking the four dishearten heroes feel their minds being invaded easily from their weakened mental state, despite this they try as hard as they can to fight back the mind attack.Shinozona searches through the four minds, seeing mostly their recent fallen allies. She cares nothing for the visions and dismisses them away digging deeper and deeper into the rangers psyche as she tears through the minds defenses, she enjoys the screams of the rangers let out from the inner pain. Finally, a vision of GL-V9A Nebula and KO-35 planet colonies pops into Drew’s head. Dissipating the magical light shrouding on the Yellow, Indigo and Blue rangers and moving to the Red one’s position Shinozona pushes just a little more, not because she must but because she wanted the Red warrior specially to suffer most. Drew grunts struggling to fight back, she sadistically smiles at the young ranger.“Enough!” Clubranium puts his hand on the dark users forearm Shinozona ends her spell retracting her arm back out of Clubranium’s grip. “Did you get it?” He asks.“Yes!” She answers having a disappointed look on her face from the fun she was having torturing the four over. “Diamasuar set the battle ship fleet for GL-V9A Nebula and KO-35 planet colonies!”“GL-V9A Nebula and KO-35 interesting. There’s nothing in those quadrants anymore they were the first to be extracted and claimed for resources, what’s left is nothing but a waste world of dust. It’s perfect, I assume of course there’s more to this location then you all expect us to think?Proceed with the order!” Clubranium reinforces the dark mage’s orders. Diamasuar and the Deadnaughts follow the directions exiting the out of the room, leaving the two other commanders alone with the rangers. Drew’s head lowers his view focused on the ground to recover from the mind probing and the recent tragic events that caused him so much grief, his choices lead to all this and it seemed it was only going to get worse.“Now that just leaves one last thing.” The witch stated. Her words grabbing the attention of the other rangers expect Drew still in shock. Her hand up radiating a dark blood-red transforming it into a blade scythe weapon, aiming it at Drew’s neck, he was too distraught to care for his life however, his teammates reaction was made clear, as they we’re about to watch another loss before their eyes happen. “Ha.” Shinozona scoffs at her target pulling back her hand and rushing it forward put to a stop inches away from contacting the Red-lion heroes’ neck, her hand covered once again in Clubranium’s webbing she scowls at the bug.“We had a deal!” She pulls off the webbing, meeting face to face with the mad-man.“You’re not just going to leave them like this, are you?!” She says trying hide her rage from the failed attempt in killing the Red ranger just now.“Why?” Clubranium calmly asks.“Their still alive!” Shinozona stats waving her clenched fist up at him.“Yes, and they’ll stay that way until they have no more value to us. Having four rangers as specimens is quite a golden opportunity to come by, for now enjoy your victory. You’ve captured, and broken them not to mention are about to take back what you had lost from these heroes, what more could you want? Toriampu will be pleased by the initiative you’ve taken.” Clubranium’s logic shot down any ideas or actions Shinozona nodding accepting his reasoning, turning her way back to see the heroes one last time.“Well until next time, don’t go anywhere now.” She laughs gloating while existing with Clubranium out of the cell room, leaving their pets behind with only horrible thoughts lingering in the ranger’s heads of what their fates will be upon their return. As the door closes behind the villain’s way.Outside the factory Shinozona and Clubranium make their way towards a large black drone-spider like battle ship stepping up the panel of stairs and into the large vehicle the panel retracting off the ground, the sound of this machinery roaring as it powers up, raising off from the ground. From inside the main bridge Diamasaur and several other soldiers glance at the doors which open to reveal Shinozona and Clubranium, the Deadnaught forces salute to the site of the three Commanders in the room.“Ships Ready!” Diamasaur commands. Cut to the outside view of the ship hundreds of attack ships rising from below, seeing the forces in the sky he pushes his arm forward. “Deploy!!!” The drone ship ignites blasting into the space atmosphere it’s other ships following, Shinozona sits in one of three large captain’s chairs relaxed smiling with delight Clubranium and Diamasaur take their respective seats near the wicked sorceress.Back in the holding room the rangers still in prisoned ponder on what to do next. Victor try’s shrouding himself in his aura form in hopes of boosting his power to escape, but the light surrounding him dimply gave out as quickly as he activated it. Susan attempts to summon her weapons to cut the bonds but much like Vic the light sigil from her armor lights up dimply dying out in all her attempts. Lewis lifts his head up sighing.“Will you two stop doing that?! I’m getting tired of hearing your fruitless rattling.” Susan glares at him.“Well its better than doing nothing! Which seems to be all your contributing, so shut up!” She spats to the Wolf warrior furiously, he looks at her.“Oh yes! There she is everybody. The big tough girl putting on a show, because she can’t face reality!” He spats back at his friend with the same level of hostility leaning as far as he could to her. Susan also leaning forward trying to move even more, if she wasn’t bound at the time she would’ve torn Lewis apart from the rage she was building up.  “Say that one more time, I dare you!? See if these restraints will keep you safe from me. You spoiled brat!”“Too bad your threats weren’t any help for saving Holly, Esther and Marcus now were they!?”“AAAAAAAAHHH!” Lewis last remark strikes Susan’s last nerve. She roars out loud pushing herself beyond her limited movement but even than it wasn’t enough regardless she continues to push through the pain wanting nothing more at the time than to tear apart the low blow from Lewis’s words which, hurt her more deeply than any physical wound.“THAT’S ENOUGH!!!” Victor shouts causing the two bricking rangers to cease their childish antics at each other, he looks at them harshly. Even with his face not visible both Lewis and Su could feel the burning intimidating look coming from the large armored hero. He breathes in deeply and exhales slowly “Look at us!? Fighting with each other when we should really be coming up with a plan to escape, or else we let everybody we loved died for nothing.” His voice returns to its normal tone and the words he spoke echo to both his friends, bowing their heads in shame.“I’m sorry.” Lewis said apologizing first.“Yeah, me too. I shouldn’t have snapped at you like that.” Su replied genuinely back at her friend. She knew Lewis’s words weren’t meant with his heart, but she was more angry at herself in being powerless in not being able to save her friends lives.    Victor looks over too Drew seeing him still distraught seemingly dead inside. “Drew I know you’re in a dark place right now but, we need you to snap out of it. And be the leader right now with a plan.”  Drew scoffs at Vic’s words. “Yeah right. We’re in this mess because of me.”“No argument here.” Lewis agreeing with his leader’s statement. Both Blue and Yellow ranger’s shoot the Indigo ranger down, making him turn his head away. Then both turn to look at their leader once again.“I pushed us to come here even though it was all a setup, got you guys captured and Marcus, Esther & Holly killed, I’m not even sure if I made it out of the right reasons. Or if I just did it to prove a point.” Clutching his fists, he pushes his body forward in a quick fit of rage before pulling back hitting the back of the rack. “I’m no leader.” His voice filled with defeat, regret and self-loathing bitterness.“Yeah, you did but guess what? You didn’t twist anyone’s arm into coming here, or any of the other missions you lead us in the past.” Drew surprised, rises his head back up at Vic. “We chose to be here just like we choose to follow you and let you make the hard calls, now sometimes we win sometimes we don’t. But in the end, we know you’ll always have our backs.” Drew was taken back at the words coming from his friend every word Victor said to him was met with truth and his complete honesty, looking at both Su and Lewis who share in Vic’s belief in their leader as well. Something inside the Red-Lion hero is reawakened as he nods in acceptance of his friends trust and support in him even now.Drew firming his stance despite his stretched awkward position on the rack. “Thanks guys.” The trio are relieved to see their leader return to his former self. However, are quickly dismissed as the rooms door opens, two armed guards the ranger’s having an idea of what happens next.Drew chuckles “Guess this, is it? Never thought I’d go out guns blazing.”Lewis sighs at Drew’s last words. “I can’t believe I’m going to say this but, I really wish Marcus was here to tell the jokes right now.”  Susan laughs snarky from Lewis last words. “Whatever happens, happens.” She says coming to accept her death. Victor bows his head waiting for the inevitable to happen.As they make their peace for their final moments with each other as good as they can. All four notice after a while; the guards were still at the open door. Not even moving an inch fixed forward into the room, the Deadnaughts bodies quickly crumble breaking down into pieces surprising the rangers.Stepping out of the doors sides, the imprisoned rangers are overwhelmed in emotion seeing three other colorfully rangers in their view.Marcus now the Orange ranger waves a salute at his friends. “Aw Lewis, you do care.” He says playfully teasing the Wolf ranger knowing he heard everything the shackled ranger said before. Lewis embarrassed n grunts. “On second thought I want to die now.” Holly materializes her axe cutting the metal bounds holding her friends freeing them from their captivity. “Not today you don’t.” Holly is caught off surprised by Susan’s embrace, hugging the Green ranger tightly and off the ground “Su..I… Can’t… Breathe.” Holly whispers low key from the lack of oxygen, the Blue ranger releases her grip on her friend but hugs her again this time in a gentle hold. Drew is baffled with questions looking at the Orange, Green and Violet rangers before him as do the others. “I thought I… We lost you guys. H-How-?”“Are we still alive?” Marcus interrupts Drew’s sentence. Esther now steps up “You left us in the command of somebody just as crazy as you, that’s how.” The Violet ranger answers while, everyone in the room wasn’t sure if the Eagle-ranger was joking or being herself right now.Cut to a FlashbackBack when the rangers ship was moments away from being destroyed. Marcus still at the head piloting dock, opens a communications channel to Holly and Esther through his morpher. “Esther get to the engineering room and set one of the reactors to max power for an overload. Holly I want you to start making a code algorithm, on your morpher, that will cut through a electronic barrier for a second. We’re gonna release the reactor the second their ships get in thirty feet of ours.” Esther and Holly trade a look to each other but with little time on their side trust in Marcus. Esther makes her way to the engines while, Holly works fast on her morpher pulling up a screen beginning her coding process aside from life support being the only thing operational the trio’s morphers remained unaffected by the enemy’s interferenceEntering the engine room Esther starts overloading one of the reactors. Its power roars up as the light blue color admitting around the massive three-ringed cones brighter, she pulls up her morpher. “Reactor ready!” She says completing her task. Signaling Marcus and Holly “How are we doing with that code Holly?” Marcus asks. Cut to Holly’s side typing at an immensely fast pace, her face focused at the digital screen in front of her. “Almost done! But Marcus you do know that if we detach one of the ships reactors will also be lowering our life support system even if, we somehow manage to get out of this. Right?”“Worry bout that when it comes until then, let’s work on saving our butts from this situation.” He reasons with the young redhead female, looking from the cockpit window the cage quickly approaches nearly making to the thirty feet section. Marcus pants heavily. “Holly please tell me you got that code ready!?” Holly eyes opened wide finishes with a tap satisfied. “Got It!” She says exhausted. “Great now, wait for my signal and send that transmission into the direction of the core’s impact!” Wiping the cold sweat from her face Holly ready’s her position for the call.Esther release the core NOW!” The pilot orders. And the intellectual female manually pulls down the levers opening the bottom gate holding the maxed-out core in place, falling out into space drifting toward the approaching field of electricity. Esther makes her way back to Holly who anxiously awaits on her temporary leader’s signal. Marcus takes the controls firmly gripping them as he sees the drifting core on his right corner and turns the controls to its position. Finally, the attack ships enter within the thirty feet zone of the ship’s perimeter not stopping it course and encounter the seemingly bright star. It’s impact unleashing a powerful explosion of energy.  Holly NOW!!!” Marcus orders signaling Holly, transmitting the code through. Creating a hole in the prisoned sphere. With the incomplete electromagnetic wall broken the rangers ship returns to its full operating systems and Marcus kicks the thrusters on forward. In a dash of warp speed escaping from the enclosed death trap and the massive energy pulse from behind their ship, helped push them forward more giving them a rough ricochet ride. However, they we’re able to return to CorVinix’s orbit. Inside Holly and Esther shakenly release their grip on the ship control panels and exchange a look to one and other, Holly laughs out loud in victory “WE DID IT, YES!!!” And Esther shakes her head down smiling “So it seems?” neither can believe of what an incredible near-death experience they had just somehow manage to escape from. Holly sticks her arm up and hand out for a high five before Esther even considers following the same body gesture Marcus enters the room and she turns around to face him, Holly five highs herself and pouts silently turning her head away.Your plan actually worked. Congratulations.” Esther complementing her leader’s abilities with a hidden level of surprise in her voice. Marcus raises a brow “Was there ever a doubt?”“Extremely?” She answers in her normal tone of composure but a tiny smirk on her face forms. Marcus hmphs “Ok everybody time to get serious, from our little experience just now we can definitely agree the others need our help?” Both women nodding “Oh yeah.” Holly replies and Marcus shows his morpher.“Ready?!” He asks. With both females doing the same. “Ready!” Answering back, following Marcus body and hand waving movements, the three engage through their morphing sequence. “HAOS FLASH, EXECUTE!”End of Flashback to the presentNow all seven rangers are joined together back on their ship. Red, Yellow, Blue and Indigo astonished by the amazing and daring story they heard from their fellow rangers. “Wow. Holy cow I take it back, Drew’s not the crazy one. It’s this guy.” Lewis said sticking his thumb out at the Orange ranger, Marcus pats his friend on the back chuckling. “Hey what you call crazy I call skill.” The joke filling the room with laughter mainly Susan, Holly and Drew.“It’s great that we’re all back together again but, we’ve got more important things to deal with right now.” Victor being the voice of reason. Drew steps up “Vic’s right. We need to catch up to Shinzona’s forces and stop them before they get to the wormholes location. Lewis start the ship and set a course.” The Red-Lion Ranger said firmly. Holly scratching the back of her helmet kicking the ships floor “There’s a small problem though. Due to us having to use one of the ships generators, the ships running only at half its capacity. That means shields, weapons and all our other systems are only running at half including life support. The only reason we’re all not struggling for air right now is because our armor’s protection.”Esther the Eagle-ranger moves next to Holly’s side pulling up a power map of the ship, pointing at a center area on the board. “We could make one warp drive shot, to reach through a hyperspace jump gate opening here. But afterwards in less than five minutes the ship would be completely dead in space, and so would we from the Death-Lock commander’s ships. Once they’ve locked their weapons at us.” As the Green & Violet duo break the troublesome news to her teammates leaving the other rangers stuck on their next move, Drew snaps his fingers with a thought coming to him.“I’ve got a plan but it’s risky. So, last chance if you guys want out of it?” Despite his seemingly normal impulsive and light-hearted attitude returning. The Red ranger’s words hold a serious and timid worry to them. He’s shocked from a hard tap on the back of his head from the Blue Shark ranger crossing her arms together. “If you’re gonna call the shots and give us a choice at least put your whole heart into it.” She said to her leader. Seeing everybody behind her, Drew sees his friends are in this till the end. He chuckles. “Your right, so let’s go all in.” everybody rallies in return of their leader’s true confidence.“Lewis get on the piloting deck and get this thing off the ground, Esther take Su and Vic to the engine room and see what you can do to give us a little extra power!” The four-ranger’s follow through their orders and break up running throughout the ship, heading to their assigned designations. Drew turn his head looking at the remaining two heroes. “Holly I need you and Marcus to work on what we have for weapons once we get to Death-Locks coordinates!” Holly opens a multichannel of digital screens Marcus follows her lead doing his best however, Holly’s skills are fair superior. Meanwhile, Drew opens a communications channel on a hidden frequency reaching for the last person he wanted to inform right now.Drew Sighs “Oh, this is gonna end so well.”Cut to General Ironhearts officeA gloved hand slams at the desk knocking off all digital paperwork towers to the ground. “A Swarm of WHAT!!!” Ironhearts voice roaring in rage. Dropping to his chair his hand slicking through his hair. His face with a stunned expression. A holographic image of the Red-Lion warrior looks at the concerned older man and his Lieutenants reacting to the news in their own way. Mandalay looks concerned from the general’s reaction while O.M.A. remains emotionless as normal.“General I know this looks bad-.”“That would be the understatement of the century!” Yelling loudly jumping out of his seat, stepping out behind his desk the sound of the general’s breath inhaling deeply. “Mandalay ready the forces, have them deployed immediately! We need to hold off the Death-Locks ships before they get here! O.M.A. I want all civilians ready for evacuation!” Both Officers salute understanding their given orders, Drew steps forward. “General we have a plan-.” “You and your team have done more than enough!” Ironheart unleashed his furious rage at the Red ranger before cutting his transmission clearly not in any mood to talk. Back on the ranger’s ship Drew sighs understanding the General's anger was justifiable.  “So, that went totally well.” Marcus states behind his leader. Turning his head to look at the Orange ranger hoping for some good news. “Please tell me you guys got something good?” The Red warrior asked, hoping for a miracle. Holly walks up to both rangers with a tablet in her hand. “Good news is we can use the phaser’s, bad news is with only one generator we’ll only get one shot. And worse, using the phaser’s will drain whatever level our shields will be down to nothing.” As the Green-Deer ranger voices on the team’s chances for success being very low. Marcus notices Drew’s mild worry, putting his hand on his leader's shoulder. “Hey, we got this.” Looking back, Red nods “Yeah, I know you guys do.” He reassures his friend. Drew activates the ship's speakers. “Alright Everybody here’s the plan.” His loud voice broadcasts throughout every section of the ship’s floors allowing the others at their different parts on the ship to hear their leaders' plan.  Cut to the outside of the space-craft heading directly into the opening hyperspace portal, once entered the portal closes.Scene Changes In the Andromeda system of space the Death-Lock attack-ships are returning heavy fire at the rebel attacker ships. The laser beams from one of the rebel’s fires at the much bigger ship only to have no effect on such a monstrous vehicle. Inside the Command ship lounging on her chair Shinazona viewing the battle, resting her face on her hand. “It’s almost sad to see that after all these years, this war will finally be put to an end with victory on our side. I almost feel sorry for the doomed fools.” Pressing a button on her chair, the ship’s hangar doors open unleashing several more fighter jets out numbering their enemy's forces. Back to the three Commanders “Well I did say almost.” Shinozona said.Back to the battlefield a large ship matching the Death-Lock’s command craft size holds its position from the heavy fire of lasers. Inside the ship’s bridge Lieutenant Mandalay and several crewmen are thrown off balance from the impact, pushing herself off the floor the Feline superior officer helps one of the fallen crew up off his feet. “Get back to your post soldier!” “Yes Ma’am!” She orders and the lower ranked soldier responds, returning to the control monitors. Mandalay taps her badge pendant activating its communication function. “Lieutenant Mandalay to Lieutenant O.M.A. Respond!” “Lieutenant O.M.A. Responding!” the android acknowledging Mandalay. A look of relief on her face appeared hearing her friend was still alive. “Give a status report!”“A few wounded and our right Delta flyers were shot down, Ma’am the chances of our survival are than thin. Even if we were to hold the line the estimated time of Death-Locks forces reaching our base are-.”“I asked for the statues of our crew Lieutenant not the doomed facts I can clearly see, regardless we have our orders. Keep the enemy at bay, understood!”  Mandalay interrupting the mechanical officer ending the communication channel. She pulls up a small screen viewing a familiar incoming ship toward the enemy.Behind Death-Locks command shuttle a hyper warp-hole portal opens, firing out another ship towards Death-Lock. Back to DL’s bridge Shinzona shocked seeing the new vessel entering to battle.“The Rangers!” The witch rousing up off her chair stated. Even Clubranium showed to be surprised and yet a little impressed at the heroes’ abilities to escape from CorVinix. “So, they escaped, this is getting better and better.” The twisted spider said to himself in a low voice not to draw attention. Pressing one of the buttons on his control pad next to his chair Clubranium aims the weapons at the approaching ship. Once the cannons began to charge, a powerful bolt blast of energy shoots out of the laser cannons. The rangers ship flips & twirls having just barely survived the close hit mere inches away at them, the craft pulls up above Death-Lock firing its phasers at the large war machine battleship. Its blast was able to pierce through the ships armor putting the station into a red alert, Diamasur takes a squad of Deadnaughts to the damaged area. Meanwhile, Shinzona and Clubranium see the ranger’s vehicle has stopped completely out of power and aims the cannons once again at the helpless star-craft. A small figure jumps out of the ship falling at the large enemies’ command craft, zooming onto the figure Death-Locks ship see’s it was the Red ranger. Everyone on board thought he was committing suicide. Clubranium targets the cannons at the Red hero. However, before the evil duo have a chance to fire, they are taken back from the shaking of some sort. One of the Deadnaught soldiers looks through the ships to find a large part of the generators just went offline. “Commanders there’s been a breach!” “A What, how?!” Shinzona questioned. Clubranium rising off his chair pushing the soldier away from the screens, to find six out of the seven rangers were attacking causing massive damage making their way further up the surveillance was cut. Clubranium looked at Shinzona “They’re here and their coming.” Before the red magic queen could form an idea the metal opening doors on the bridge popped out with a few defeated Deadnaughts flying through landing face to the floor, standing tall at the entrance were the Blue-Shark, Indigo-Wolf, Violet-Eagle and Green-Deer rangers side to side armed with their weapons. Susan throws one of her knives at the two generals but Shinzona deflects it putting up a magic wall in front of her and Clubranium.“Don’t leave now the fun’s just getting started.” The Blue ranger quips at her enemies. The two are surprised to see the remaining Deadnaughts in the room dropping one by one to ground evaporating from red slash marks. Shinzona turns around.“Yeah, we were just about to start the after party for you guys.” The Red ranger’s appears out of nowhere.“How did you all get on board this vessel?!” Shinzona demanded. Lewis steps up twirling one of his blasters before firing a shot at a Deadnaughts knocking it to the ground. “Our leaders one crazy bastard. That’s how.” Wolf replies.Flashback during the ships attackBack when the Ranger’s ship fired its one phaser shot and a made impact at the Death-Lock craft. Nobody could see that the light beam blast had several figures inside it, surrounded in a big yellow light sphere shielding them from the damage they would have sustained otherwise. Vic’s aura seemed much stronger as though it had been boosted, behind his back. Holly’s hands emanate a florescence light energy traveling through Victor’s body, empowering him with more energy. Once the phaser blast made its mark Vic, Holly and the others were unharmed thanks to the duo’s combined strength, is was what pierced through the ships defenses. Once inside the enemies base the rangers wasted no time on the attack as their presence on the ship didn’t go unnoticed. Making their way to their current position on the ship’s bridge.End of Flashback back to the Present The two Death-Lock commanders looked in surprise at how the rangers entered they’re ship in such a daring plan. Clubranium ponders ‘I see, that’s why he jumped out of the ship to make a diversion so we wouldn’t focus on the damage below the deck. Then using that warp trick of his, before jumping he channeled the knife with his energy that’s how he got onto the ship.’ Impressed by the Red Rangers plan Clubranium’s thought process was ended when the Red ranger lunged at the spider, quickly dogging away while the Blue shark ranger attacks with her blades. However, Clubranium’s longer arms catch the attack from above, holding her by the wrists and evading a back kick from Red. He throws the captured female heroine at the leader than wall crawls to the top of the ceiling, and fires his webs at the two however, the attack is negated from Lewis’s blasters burning the webs before ever making contact.While, Holly and Esther fight Shinzona. The sorceress blasts the two with a wave of red-violet energy but the Green and Violet rangers dodge the energy attack, Esther retaliates using her cannon firing a blast back at the witch however, Shinzona blocks the attack again with her barrier. Although, she fails to see Holly’s double-blade axe attack from behind. Slashing her backside and angered the dark mages eyes emit a purple glow, pushing her hand forward at the Green heroine. A force of shockwaves attacked Holly pinning her to the wall, as the metal around her came to life and slowly closes in on crushing her much to the evil witch’s amusement. Esther fires her cannon at the witch. “Forgetting somebody?” Shinzona knocked back off to the floor, as the metal walls around Holly release due to the magic user’s concentration being broken. Esther rushes to her friend’s side. “Are you alright?” Holly holds a thumbs up letting her know she would be fine, lifting her the young female off the floor the Eagle heroine puts the Green ranger on her shoulder to lean on. Esther attempts to get her friend out of the bridge battle field Lewis provides cover fire while, Drew and Susan continued their battle with Clubranium.‘Somethings off.’ He thought to himself. The rational twisted evil Man-spider could see that Shinzona and himself could hold off the five warriors they faced together. However, his analyzation over the Lion and Shark rangers brought a sense of uneasiness, putting everything together he realizes. “They are stalling us!” He claims to Shinzona who looks at him “What?!” she exclaims surprised.“Where are the other two rangers?!” Shinzona demanded from her enemies. Susan “And ruin the fun. Come on, I thought you we’re all bout games, lady?” spatting at the angered mage. She and Drew dodge a fire blast from the witch’s fury, taking cover fire from some piles of destroyed command desk computers. “So, you think we gave Marcus and Vic enough time for their thing?” she asks Drew. “Let’s hope so, I actually think you made her mad.” He says joking on the tense situation Susan merely shrugs.Scene ChangesIn the DL’s ship generator room.A familiar tall, strong Yellow-Rhino armored warrior places a small charger device on the bottom of the ships generator while, another armored hero much less muscular looking then him and leaner toned was kicking a detached Deadnaught head off the floor, landing on a pile of defeated and disabled undead fighters. Finished placing the last charger on the generators, Victor turns his attention to Marcus. “There, that’s the last of them lets signal the others and get out of here.” “Sounds good to me man.” The Orange ranger agreed with his friend making their way towards the exit doors. “Ya know, I was hoping for at least a little action before we blow this thing up.” Victor unamused from his laid-back friend’s comment. “Let’s just focus on getting this ship destroyed and all of us to safety, then you can believe what comes out of your mouth is actually funny.” The Yellow ranger stated bluntly giving Marcus a burn. “Ouch, I don’t think between you and Esther we can afford another ice queen. Let alone a king.” “Why, because you get shout down enough as it is?” Victor takes another vocal jab at his friend amused. “Ok you know what muscles-?!” Before Marcus could even finish his sentence the rooms doors opened revealing Diamasaur and a small group of Deadnaught’s, Vic turns his head at Marcus who still had his finger pointed at the Yellow hero. “Yes, go on!” He said almost daring Marcus to add more drama to the awkward situation but before given a chance to, Diamasaur fire’s a power blast out from his weaponized arm at the ranger’s. Victor steps forward directly at the incoming beam and engages his aura around his whole body, strengthening his armor from the blast protecting himself and Marcus. Victor notices a figure rushing from the smoke cloud to tackle him, Diamasaur punches at the Large warrior but Vic evades it catching the Dino-man’s arm and counters with an uppercut hook to the face throwing Diamasaur off his feet a bit before regaining his footing. “Hope you’re ready for round two tin man?” Vic says readying his battle stance as does Diamasaur from his view a vision screen layer of files pops out showing battle movements from Vic in their past fights was being uploaded into the monster’s battle systems. Once the load screen reached to one-hundred percent Diamasaur merely chuckles softly before lunging at his opponent while, the six Deadnaught’s from a distance ready their firearms aimed at the Yellow ranger. Moving their fingers to pull the trigger however, before they have a chance to fire, Marcus hurls a triangle point blade unfurling like a whip and wraps around the foot soldier’s arms. “Hey, don’t cha guys know threes a crowd and six is just over kill.” He says, making a finger gun gesture following to throw the ensnared dead goons around before slamming them to the ground hard, as he retracts his weapon back to its spear form. Two Deadnaughts get up and begin to fire aimlessly at the Orange-Crocodile warrior, spinning his spear forward deflecting the fire effortlessly both Deadnaughts continue to fire until their blasters run out of energy. Orange stops spinning his weapon, planting its bottom hilt on the floor to lean his elbow on it while, taunting the two too take their best shot at him. “Would it help if I stood like this?”Enraged the Deadnaughts charge at Marcus. Grabbing his weapon, Orange slices one of the Deadnaughts in half, blocking the other from behind as it attempts to slice him. He tosses his spear at the Deadnaught who catches it, then punches the goon in the head breaking through its skull then kicks back at the other followed by cutting it in half. The Deadnaughts dissolve into dust the Orange ranger turns his attention to his friend still in a stalemate with the war machine Dino warrior. For a while it looked as though both were even, but Diamasaur gained the upper hand against the Yellow-Rhino ranger, Marcus cut between the two slicing Diamasaur chest gaining some space from the Dino-man.“This isn’t like you, stop messing around!” Orange said to his friend while, keeping his weapon pointed at the Dino-man. “He’s different from before. It’s like he knows what moves I make before I even make them.” Yellow summons his hammer standing by Orange’s side. “So, in other words copy killer robot, just great. Got any ideas?” Marcus asked.Yellow looks slightly back at the generators with the charges he placed a while ago with an idea clicking, he looks at Orange pointing with his thumb at the generators. “Fellow my lead!” Orange looks at where Yellow was pointing and nods, both charge at Diamasaur throwing swings and slices at Dino-bot however, makes simple effort in rebuffing them. Diamasaur punches Yellow in the gut sending him back a little, before Yellow has a chance to regain himself Diamasaur jumps in front of the hero slamming his battle axe down on Yellow’s shoulder. “AAAAAHHH!” Yellow grunts in pain pushing the ranger down on one knee. Diamasaur pulls his weapon back but is stopped by Yellow’s hand holding it with all his might. “NOW!!!” He shouts signaling Orange into action attacking Diamasaur from air, the Dino-man doesn’t seem worried but before he could make a move Yellow releases his hold on the axe causing Dia to lose focus for a moment. Then pulls a leg sweep on the robot-warrior knocking it off the air, Orange unfolds his spear and wraps it around the mechanical titan, rushing up off the floor Yellow shrouds himself in his light aura form and delivers a powerful punch at the bound villain. Sending Diamasaur flying at the generators through powerful shockwaves upon its crash impact, the beast found itself trapped wedged between the crushed metals around it’s body, he roars trying to free its self. Yellow and Orange run on out of the room activating the charges a few tick’s later a loud explosive becomes even bigger through the added power of the generators, engulfing the room and incinerating Diamasaur. The whole ship is be thrown off a bit by the explosive impact.Back to the other RangersThe Ships sudden blasts were felt throughout all parts of the deck. Throwing Shinzona, Clubranium and the five rangers they we’re fighting off balance, although Drew and the others knew from all the sparks firing out of the deck his plan was a success and the hardest part had only begun. Clubranium responded to an incoming com from his ear.“Sir status of the ship is critical all the generators are out! We’re completely dead in enemy territory now!” The Deadnaught reporting stated making it clear that the great advantage the two commanders had was lost. Meanwhile, back to lieutenant Mandalay. She and all her squad were seeing the mighty war star destroyer they had thought couldn’t be stopped was powerless, one of the crew turned to the stunned female. “Lieutenant our scans show the shields, weapons and most other sources from the enemies ship are out of commission. Request to launch a full counter attack now?!” Regaining her composure looks at the solider “Proceed through solider.” Following her orders all remaining rebel ships focused fire on the Death-Lock fortress.From inside the DL's command bridge both Shinzona and Clubranium saw the incoming ships setting their aim at their now useless starship. Shinzona notices the rangers making their escapes and shoots a wave of dark magic energy at them, although the attack misses just an inch from making contact at any of them. Getting out of the bridge room the two follow the five colored heroes running throughout the halls. Lewis and Esther blast any Deadnaughts that come their way, while Drew covers from behind and Susan carrying Holly on her back they stop at a four-way corridor. Esther actives a visual com channel between them and Victor and Marcus, everyone relived seeing the duo were safe. “Ok we need to hurry up and get off this ship before it goes boom. Anymore crazy ideas you have fearless leader?” Lewis asks. Everybody turned their attention to Drew leader for a plan. “We need to hurry to the escapes pods. We can use them to get far enough that Mandalay’s ships can pick us up.” Despite being in a weakened condition Holly pulled up a diagnostic of the ships insides through her morpher, showing the team where the escapes pods would be. Pointing on the screen area A-2-47. “That’s where we need to go.” She said putting the screen away. “Alright guys you heard her let’s move, Vic, Marcus can you guys save some seats for us?” Drew said masking his order in a light hearted tone of voice. “We’re on it. We’ll signal you guys when we have the pods” Vic responded professionally ending the transmission. While, everyone else became on guard from a missed fire blast hitting one of the walls Shinzona and Clubranium were close to catching up with the five heroes. Lewis and Esther aimed their long-ranged weapons at the two creating a cover fire quickly the rangers made their way to the escapes level.Scene Changes In another room with several Deadnaught Guards making their way into whatever small pod ships they could find to escape from certain doom against the combine forces of the Rebels and rangers, while some were attempting to stay true to their loyal nature towards the Death-Lock commanders out of fear of what they may do to those who left them. A small group fought each other near one of the pods. “Out of my way fool!” Shoving another Deadnaught in the face “Stay at your post soldier!” kicking the attacking Naught on the floor, many others attempting the same thing, finally having enough the lead chief of the squad pulls out his blaster firing a shot in the air. “Listen Closely! Any who dare attempt to leave Death-Lock will be shout by me personally. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR!?” “So that rule only applies to you guys, or do Rangers get a special discount purchase?” The Deadnaught turn his head to the mysterious voice from above. Leaning on the railings the Orange-Ranger waves his hand at the many Naughts as if he had no worries. “Yo.” Shooting a peace sign at them, they all rushed up to the level where the ranger was leaning for a chance to either capture or kill him. Orange jumps down landing on the floor summoning his spear, charging it with energy like lighting then throws it at his previous position, upon contact with the surface explodes taking down a large portion of the undead forces. Leaving only the superior officer and seven other Naughts against the ranger, before Marcus would have a chance to make his next move the undead warriors circle around him with their blasters aimed at most of the ranger’s vital points. “Do you have any last words?” the leader of the firing attack force said with arrogance at his target. Marcus thinks for a second. “Just two, Vic Smash!” his coy attitude signaled the Yellow Ranger to step in charging from the back of the Deadnaughts commander, sending him flying to the wall he dissolved from the impact. With the others distracted Marcus takes his advantage and tosses one Naught to another while Vic picks two up bashing them together into goop, back to Marcus performing a flying round house kick at last group he dodges multiple shoots fired until one got to him. Before the barrage of firearms could go on Vic’s hammer fly’s through the firing squad breaking down the troops, He makes his way to help Marcus up. “Vic Smash. Really?” “Hey, it’s a classic.”“It’s a cliché.” “Oh, everybody’s a critic.” The two making small banter over their victory just now. Victor opens a signal to the others but the entrance door opens showing the other five rangers, they stopped to look at the battlefield scars made by the Yellow & Orange rangers. “They were dead when we got here.” Marcus making a joke while Victor slams his palm on his helmets face. not sure how many more bad jokes he could take.“Alright people let’s get into those escape pods before-!” Drew sentence was interrupted by an explosion from behind. Knocking him and the others off falling to the ground level. Victor catches Susan and Holly, Marcus caught Esther while, Drew and Lewis make their crash landing to the ground except Lewis lands on his feet and Drew on his behind. “Hahahaha, I thought cats always landed on their feet.” The female voice out of the smoke showed to be Shinzona & Clubranium. “You all weren’t thinking about leaving, where you?” Shinzona blasts a burst of purple-red magical energy at the escape pods however, there were still two left. “Orange, Violet get everybody to the last two pods! I’ll cover you guys.” Drew stated. “You can’t fight them-.”“THAT’ S AN ORDER!” Drew dismissed Marcus voice of concern, Esther pulls Marcus towards the others leading them away from Drew and the two Commanders. Clubranium notices the groups attempts of reaching the pods, he leaps out and fires his webbing out of his wrist but the webs are cut up by Drew’s Claw Gantlet. The two being to throw blows at each other but the fight becomes more difficult when Shinzona’s magic suspends Drew’s weapon long enough for Clubranium’s claws to strike back at him. Shinzona teleports from behind kicking Drew back at Club for another strike, knocking the Red ranger down hard of breath. “Not so fun when you own move is used against you, right kitty?” the Witch said mockingly. Meanwhile, inside one of the pods Marcus sets Holly down on one of the seats Esther ready’s the systems. Susan looking back at the battle, watching her friend at a horrible disadvantage she decides enough is enough and goes to even the odds but is stopped by Victor. “Move Vic, Drew’s going to get himself killed if we don’t help him!” The Yellow ranger refused to move an inch Susan try’d moving to the side but he blocked her again. She was starting to get irritated. “Move or I’ll make you move!” She threatened the bigger warrior who still did not comply. “You two stop this right now!” Esther voiced getting the Blue and Yellow rangers attention. “We have limited time before the whole ship is destroyed, Drew knows that. And it’s why his fighting for us to escape because if he stops right now worst case is Shinzona & Clubranium would kill all of us.” Esther’s logic while sound and understandable, still did not make the situation any easier to deal with, especially for Susan who steps toward the Eagle heroine. “So, we’re just supposed to let him die!?” She challenged Esther. “No, he’s our leader he doesn’t die easy, we have to trust him, just like how he’s trusting us right now.” Esther finished her statement. Susan took a deep breath releasing her anger. “Ok, what do you need then?” She asked. Her tone being more open to listening now. A shock was felt in the ship most likely a blast coming from outside. “Get in the other pod with Vic and Lewis. We have to leave now!” Esther said and Susan along with Vic followed their orders closing the pods hatch, Marcus secures himself on a seat. The pods fired their thrusters Drew still holding off Shinzona & Clubranium preventing them from getting an inch, with the laser phaser’s from the small escape crafts blowing a hole in the hanger they flied off into space.From the rangers view they see the attack on the Death-Lock battle ship starting. Sections of the upper decks destroyed rapidly, before the rebel ships even try’d to aim at the escapes pods Esther opens a hailing frequency to Mandalay’s ship. Back to Mandalay view the feline ranking officer saw her screen pop up a live feed of the Eagle ranger to the lieutenant, Mandalay was surprised a bit but relieved to see the team safe. “Rangers what’s going on-.” “The Red ranger is still on that Command ship your forces are attacking right now.” The Violet armored heroine interrupting the female lieutenants voice, Mandalay was shocked by the news turning around to her station pushing one of the buttons on her desk pad. “Attention to all firing units near the Death-Lock ship! The Red-Lion Ranger is still on board at the lower deck area, where the two pods are located. Your orders are to retrieve the pods and bring them back to our station, any units that can get close to retrieve the Red ranger do so with caution. However, should it prove to be impossible.” Everybody in the bridge and outer rim awaited to hear what more their superior officer had to say while, Esther and the others knew what came next. “If extracting the Red ranger proves to be impossible then your orders are to destroy all traces of that ship. Understood?!” Mandalay sternly states. “Yes Ma’am!” All the troops replied. Mandalay cuts the transmission feed from the rangers. Marcus looks behind the small circle glass view at the ship “Drew, you better make it you ass.” He muttered to himself, two rebel ships bean the pods to the bottom side with their tractor beams, both ships returning to Mandalay’s star-ship.Cut to DrewInside the Death-Lock escapes hangers is a destroyed scene of wires, metal and other broken parts from the ceiling on the floor. Sparks flying out of everywhere the interior was collapsing slowly. Drew continues fighting Shinzona & Clubranium dodging the mad scientists claw attacks while, Drew uses his weapon to create space between himself and his enemies. The Red-Lion warrior is locked in a stand hold pose his weapon pointed straight out at the two, all three waiting to see what the next move would be. Drew strikes down on the floor with his claw-gauntlet unleashing a shockwave at the two. Shinzona puts up a magic barrier to shield herself while, Clubranium leaps high into the air. Shinzona lowers her defenses as the shock attack died down but is stunned by the Red Ranger close in her space, she thrust her palm at the warrior but Drew evades it. And counter strikes but is brought down from a surprise sneak attack from Clubranium, knocking him off his feet away from the evil duo. Both ready to finish the Red hero off for good when suddenly, a tremble knocks the two off their balance another blast makes a large hole in the hanger deck swallowing the three into the cold void of space drifting away. Shinzona surrounds herself and Clubranium in a sphere stabilizing their condition, while Drew drafts aimlessly exhausted, the only thing keeping him from experiencing a painful death was his suit but from all the damage he took and energy he wasted there was no telling how long he would be able to stay in his ranger form.On the control bridge of Mandalay’s ship everybody saw the three figures shot out from the warship. Mandalay pushes a button on the control panel opening a signal to one of her ships, “Unit B-2151, the Red-Ranger is near your area rescues him at once! Unit’s A-V2 and A-V1 capture the General’s!” “Roger Ma’am!” Mandalay orders and her people followed through as several ships made their way to their assigned targets. However, a sudden mass of space clouds form out of nowhere begin to form around the approaching star craft’s, the pilot in one with a look of question on his face wondering what a strange occurrence to be happening right now? From inside Shinzona’s sphere the witch gulped as a cold sweat dropped from her forehead even Clubranium showed concern at the anomaly, a flicker of red lighting shoots out from the clouds attacking anything in its path destroying two ships while, the last one manages to evade just barely and even attacks the magical sphere damaging it a bit to form a crack. The Clouds take form of a strange figure its body shaping into a massive emperor status emitting red lighting throughout its body, it’s cold black eyes view down upon Clubranium & Shinzona. As its hand opens reaching for the sphere, the two commanders fear grows more intensely when the cloud figure held onto the sphere tightly and then lets out an ear-piercing scream as it evaporates disappearing with both Clubranium & Shinzona.Meanwhile, Drew starts to grow cold he can feel his ranger form is about to power down his eyes becoming heavy, his vision blurry, inside his helmet a pop screen of his team appears everybody shouting to keep their friend conscious. “At least… you… guys…. Are Safe.” He mutters to himself weakly as he closes his eyes.The screen goes black.Scene Changes Still black but the sound of a heart-rate monitors working a slow beep coming into focus. ‘Hmm, am I dead?’ a voice asked. ‘UGH!!! No, no I can’t be? I can still feel my ribs hurting’ the strange voice joked to its self.“Guys! He’s coming out of it. Come on Drew, comeback buddy!” Marcus voice echoed to Drew even in his coming out of conscious state.“Drew if you don’t comeback I call being Leader.” Lewis said showing his concern in his own way through a snobbish remark.“Dude!” Both Marcus and Susan exclaimed. Everybody turned back to see Drew chuckling slowly opening his eyes, the young man sees his friends surrounded by his bedside. He sees himself laying down on bedpost in a white medical room. His lower abdomen wrapped in bandages his chest hooked with wire patches and his forehead wrapped in a case. “Yep, totally not dead. You guys would not be here right now if that were the case.” Everybody laughed a bit from the bad joke their leader made. Susan lightly taps his arm causing him to flinch a bit in pain before rubbing it.“Knucklehead you could’ve died.” The dark skin female said crossing her arms together smirking a relieved smile.“Could’ve been, but I’m not.” He replied in his normal lighthearted way. While, Drew was glad to alive and see his friends safe and the battle was their victory he couldn’t help but wonder to himself how he was still here.“How you’re still alive?” Drew’s inner thoughts were stopped and his attention along with the others was aimed towards the entrance doors. Revealing General Ironheart with his lieutenants by his side. “That would be my doing. While I had Mandalay and O.M.A. on the attack, to create a diversion for our transportation ships to escape with as many people we could get on board during the attack. However, all that changed when you’re ship came out of nowhere and somehow you all made a miracle happen today, my ship picked up a life signature fading. Seeing how the battle was won in our favor I locked on to your fading life-signatures position with a warp drive and beamed you into the medical bay before your ranger form dissolved.”He explained and Drew shot a look of concern. “Relax. Only the alpha medic droids saw you out of your ranger form, I can assure you your identities are safe.” Drew was revealed to hear that. Everyone was pleased from the praise they were given by the General and while, the Ironhearts words were much appreciated Drew could tell there was more to come from the older man. “We all made choices today, some were not easy but we all did what we thought was right and now regardless we’ll have to live with them.” Aside from his lieutenants everyone else was confused by what Ironhearts words meant. “Today, Death-Lock’s forces came close to finding our base. The last known place of refuge and sanctuary since this war started, and now that they have a pretty good idea where to start looking. There will be more attacks like this one, because of you.” Despite his hidden harsh words Ironheart’s tone of voice was in control keeping his hidden anxiety from showing, the young rangers now realizing the Generals previous meaning behind his words sharing a look with one and other. “As I said before we all made choices today. Some choices helped, but some also endangered others.” Without another word Ironheart turned to live the room, Mandalay and O.M.A salute out of respect for all the help the rangers had given them and like Ironheart turned to exist the door. Leaving the young heroes to think upon their actions.Scene ChangesA pitch-black dark room, devoid of any light. Two low weakened sounds in the shadows of gasping faintly and heavily one sounded female the other male. The back-front door slowly opens with a soft hiss of air, with some light finally entering the room revealing Shinzona & Clubranium suspended, by their wrists, above the floor. Both bodies were bruised and beaten halfway to the point of near death by received from a mysterious source.From the doors entrance a small strange figure enters the room with the two bond Commanders. The short fat troll looking monster figure whistled happily without a care in the world twirling a pair of keys around his finger, he stops in front of Shinzona & Clubranium view. Before doing anything else he fixes his business suit attire and puts a big bright devilish smile at the two beaten commanders. “So, how’s the weather up there?” He laughed mercilessly enjoying the looks on the mighty witch’s and the mad scientists humiliating faces both, we’re not amused being rattled from the fat green monster both shooting a scowl glance at him. “Oh, come on you two stiff up a lift. Ha! I know it’s hard but you just have to hang in there. -“ “Despa! Make one more joke like that, and I promise you when I get down from these chains, I’ll make you my pet.” Shinzona threatened the troll’s taunts interrupting his little show. However, Despa not caring, shrugs the her threat off. “I Come with some good news. Despite you’re loss, our just great and noble lord Torlampu has decided after many, many, many hours of beating you two to the breaking point. That you are still useful and will continue to live.” And just like that Despa takes his leave making his way to the door as he walks away very smug Shinzona and Clubranium turn their bodies around to Despa direction quietly howling in pain from the movement.“W-Wait Despa aren’t you forgetting something?” She asked the troll. Despa ponders than snapped his fingers. “Oh, yeah the keys, here ya go.” He purposely tosses the keys on the floor far away from the twos suspended position, they look at him with fury and damaged pride. How could these two have been brought down so low that they were being looked down upon a Short, fat bastard like this monster? Despa puts his open hands up waving them “Hey not my idea Boss says if you two can get the keys, you can get out. Well I gotta go, keeping track and accounting all those planets and resources isn’t gonna do itself, have fun you two.” He smiles waving his arm bye-bye as the door closes leaving the two behind to their continuing shame.TBC…Next Time… Power Surge
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Pokemon Rangers Speedyrangers1st Race: Let's start the engines! The Super Pilot Squadron is here!The new adventure of Carlo Molinari and his companions Pietro Livonia and Katia Lehner begins in a town of Maranello, where Carlo and his companions (except Katie) attended their secondary school of grade I and one of the three, Carlo had a guardian Pokémon called Sutachi (Chromatic Jirachi from the Rising Sun) who he entrusted to advise and help him to become a leader of the Rangers, also to Pietro and Katie. In the late afternoon, the three boys were summoned to the headquarters of the FGS (In Acronym: Ferrari Gestione Sportiva) to a mentor General François Leclerc for the mission to intervene in the robbery of the eastern bank of Bologna by the gang of guided delinquents by Danilo Albino. The armed robbers (already arrested twice in Milan and Turin) want to steal us from the gold bars but one victim denies that gold bars find themselves at the popular bank of Bologna but are instead at the Bank of Italy making their heads lose their heads to a 16-year-old Danilo who fears he is being mocked and attempted to kill a victim but is attacked by the Auto Squadrons so-called Pokémon Rangers Speedyranger. The criminals try to escape you while in the halves ordered by Danilo attack the Rangers but end up lurking and are arrested by the police and the Carabinieri, and the customers thank him to the Rangers.CharactersCarlo Molinari-Red Speedy FerrariPietro Livonia-Blue Speedy LamborghiniKatie Lehner Baumgartner-Yellow Speedy Porsche
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Question can I share non Power Rangers/Super Sentai in Miscellaneous? I also make Riders, Ultras, and my own original Tokusatsu designs. And I would love to share them too.
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