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ce groupe est pour les personnes passionnée de marvel comme loki =D
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Loki X Reader: The Fate of a Fool - CH 16Bruce eavesdropped on the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent’s conversation, his temper rising to a potentially dangerous flashpoint. He gritted his teeth and kept it in check, though. Forced ‘the other guy’ to stay buried, despite the temptation to let him loose. On the other side of the line, Cap faced an even greater challenge. He stood mere feet away from the traitorous informant as she admitted to leaking the report. Better you than me, my friend. “You just let me worry about that and keep clear of Beauty and the Beast,” the woman joked with a laugh. Ordinarily, Bruce would have shaken off an insult like that, but the meanness in her tone got under his skin. He fought another battle against himself and very nearly lost. By the time he had regained control, the agent had ended her call. He waited for several minutes, figuring it was safer to let Cap be the first to resume their initial conversation. “Bruce?” “Here.” “You hear any of that?” “Sure did,” he confirmed tersely. “Looks as though Nat was right about spies working on the inside.” “At least now we’ve identified one of them. And know who likely isn’t one on your side of the investigation.” His friend was right. If this agent and her accomplice had hoped Sczepanek would get thrown off the investigation, it stood to reason that she wasn’t part of their operation. Still, it didn’t pay to make assumptions. He and Wanda would have to conduct some serious investigations around here before they could rule her out. “Who was that?” “Jessop. Don’t know her first name, but I’ll find out.” “Thanks. We’ll keep you in the loop if we discover anything on our side.” He gave it a half-second before asking, “You going to tell Fury?” “I’ll run it by Nat first, but most likely.” Now Cap queried, “What were you wanting to talk about when you called, anyway? We got a bit side-tracked.” “Wanted to get your thoughts on the intel from Fury and [Y/n] this morning.” The line was quiet for several minutes. Bruce didn’t press the man, knowing that patience would serve him better. At last, Cap let out a sigh and said, “I wish I could dismiss [Y/n]’s theories as overly alarmist. But looking at what we’ve uncovered so far, Nat and I agree that she’s brought up a valid concern. It can’t be a coincidence that New Beginnings has a real estate mogul in their pocket from every corner of the tristate area.” “Or that each one is tied to a missing person’s case,” Bruce added. He glanced over his shoulder to make sure he was still alone, having slipped out of the command center to the floor above. The longer he was gone, the more likely someone would notice. No sign of anyone, and so he continued, “The part that bothers me most is where these people chose to strike first. I saw those profiles- agents for the Bronx and Manhattan. So why start with White Plains? I have to wonder what they stand to gain by starting here.” “I don’t know, Bruce. I really don’t know.” He hesitated a moment before deciding to offer up his theory. “They get us, Cap.” “How do you mean?” “Between White Plains and Newark, two thirds of the team has been shifted out of Manhattan. No matter how quickly we’re called back to the Tower, it’ll mean time lost should they stage a full-scale attack there.” Cap said nothing for a while, but then came back with an unexpected and unsettling piece of information. “I don’t know if that’s what their endgame is, but that body you found was the brother of the Manhattan connection. He’s here now, comforting his dead brother’s widow.” “You don’t think that’s a coincidence, do you?” “No. And I’ll bet Nat doesn’t, either. He’s here for a reason.” “I’m not liking this.” “Nor I.” His phone chirped at him. A text from Wanda, letting him know that Sczepanek and her team were all heading out to lunch and wanted to know what he wanted. Bruce shot back a quick reply, and then followed up with another quick text confirming that everyone was going. When she assured him that was the case, he knew he had to take advantage of the opportunity it afforded. “Hey, Cap, going to have to cut this short. I’ve got a window of ten or fifteen minutes to talk with Wanda alone.” “Yeah, go on, then. I’ll need to wait for a chance to do the same with Nat. Probably once the Hartley family leaves.” “Later.” The line went dead. Or, more accurately, silent. As Bruce slipped his phone into his shirt pocket, he couldn’t help missing the days when phones still produced a ‘dial tone’. Sounds of a bygone era. Relegated to the memories of those who’d known a time without cellphones and suffered the less pleasing whine of the dial-up modem. Sczepanek’s team had all gone when he returned to the command center, leaving Wanda as the only person present. She sat at what used to be a boardroom table, now repurposed into the dumping ground for stacks and stacks of evidence from the investigation. Bruce circled the end, cleared off a space for himself and balanced a hip against the table edge. “Something’s happened,” Wanda observed, phrasing it as a statement rather than a question. “I know that look. So what did Steve say?” “It’s not so much what he said. Rather what we overheard.” She raised an eyebrow and brushed her hair over her shoulder. “Oh?” “We know who supplied the vic’s name to the police- or at least one of the two people who were involved, anyway.” “If you overheard it, I guess these people are S.H.I.E.L.D. agents?” “Yes. One for certain- an agent Jessop in Newark. We don’t know the other.” While dismayed, Wanda’s expression conveyed no surprise in hearing that the agency had been infiltrated. She leaned back in her chair. Didn’t say anything at first. Just thought through what the information meant in relation to their mission. When she’d reached a conclusion of sorts, she ventured to share it with him. “We should find out if Fury has access to Jessop’s phone records, and can see who was on the other side of the call. That would be faster than trying to track it down ourselves. And less suspicious.” Bruce didn’t disagree that it would be the most expedient solution. All the same he wasn’t entirely comfortable with unleashing that level of privacy invasion- even against a potential spy. Was the leak detrimental? Yes. But it wasn’t the same as committing- or being complicit in- the crimes themselves. Until they could find some evidence to link Jessop or her accomplice to those activities, he’d rather not open that box. Because once it’s opened, we can’t close it again. His hesitation must have been obvious. “You disagree?” “I think that’s asking for an extreme measure before it’s warranted.” “And what do we risk if we don’t ask for it?” “Not as much as you’d think. So long as we don’t reveal the new leads we’re pursuing to Sczepanek’s team, whoever is helping Jessop won’t have access to anything critical. We have the time to probe around ourselves.” “It would help if we had anything specific to latch onto.” Perhaps we do. At first, Bruce didn’t want to repeat the insult he’d heard. But despite the lingering anger he felt, he couldn’t ignore a potential means of identifying their quarry. “Jessop told her accomplice to stay clear of ‘beauty and the beast’,” he grumbled. “I doubt that’s the first time they’ve referred to us in that manner. And if we’re lucky…it won’t be the last.”___________________________________________________________________________________ Pepper watched the last person file out of the conference room and then checked her watch. Her next meeting wasn’t for another half hour, so she thought it a good time to check in with [Y/n]. Darryl said she had been in her office since returning from the two back-to-back meetings with Fury this morning. Pepper had gotten the impression that something happened to shift the woman’s focus for the day. I think that I ought to find out just what that change entails. She walked down the corridor and tapped on [Y/n]’s door. From the faint sound of music drifting through it, knocking was a wasted gesture. Luckily, the handle turned, and so Pepper let herself inside. To her surprise, the music wasn’t coming from the desktop speakers; [Y/n] had turned her iPod up so loud that it could be heard through her earbuds. I know she listens to it cranked up, but it’s never been that loud. Several minutes went by before [Y/n] noticed that she had company. She killed the music and yanked the earbuds out. “Oh hey. Is the staff meeting over?” “Just finished.” Pepper came further into the room. Despite having returned to a mostly amicable balance over the last two days, she still felt a little awkward. After all, the argument had been largely her fault, and Pepper couldn’t blame [Y/n] for having been insulted. In retrospect, perhaps she hand the guys had been overstepping their authority to tell the woman what she could- and couldn’t- do. Even protection needed to have boundaries. Something you’ve yet to admit to [Y/n] directly, which is likely the source of your discomfort. “Anything I need to know?” “We got the funding for our new venture, but that’s not why I’m here.” A wry, humorless smile. “I thought not.” She pushed back from her desk. “An update on my latest side-job, I take it?” “I was curious to know how things are going, yes.” [Y/n]’s gaze shifted to the open door with a not so subtle request for privacy. Retracing her steps, Pepper pushed it firmly enough to hear the jamb snick closed. Then she pulled over a chair and sat down. “Thanks,” [Y/n] said. “I know everyone around here tends to keep what they hear to themselves, but this is different.” “Of course. So, uh…what’s the situation at hand? I thought you were supposed to go over your cover story proposal this afternoon?” “I gave it to Fury this morning for review. But that has been temporarily shelved.” Pepper wanted to be relieved by those words; she wasn’t. Quite the contrary. She wondered what Fury wanted out of [Y/n] now, and whether it would prove to be more risky. But she wouldn’t leap to any conclusions. Tony had cautioned her not to push the subject when they’d talked over dinner. He said he’d keep at it with Fury and would let her know if he found anything that proved [Y/n] was in any true danger. That wasn’t the only thing he promised. Of the two, though, Pepper figured she had a better chance of him keeping this one. And so she kept her tone light when she asked, “So what has taken priority?” “Additional analysis. At least a week’s worth. Probably two.” [Y/n] combed fingers through her hair. “Fury won’t back burner the interviews that long, but he’ll want more data before we set up the first one.” One to two weeks to analyze what? She couldn’t possibly need that long to review the White Plains figures. Or at least Pepper didn’t think that’s what she meant. Hard to know, since [Y/n] didn’t continue in more depth. That alone gave her misgivings- the same feeling she’d had yesterday when Fury wouldn’t give her straight answers. Pepper couldn’t help herself from prodding for more details. “I can’t argue with wanting to be armed with more information, but I’m surprised that you see it taking so long to comb through White Plains.” [Y/n] regarded her in contemplative silence, and then answered, “If I could tell you, Pepper, I would.” “But you’re not going to.” “No.” Nothing she could say would change her answer. Fury had done exactly as he’d said- he’d commandeered her employee. The woman sitting across the desk didn’t work for her anymore. An employee would have told her the parameters of any project he or she was working on. Would have shared the results without hesitation. [Y/n] would do neither of those things. What makes you so sure that this is Fury’s doing, a voice whispered at the back of her mind. She hasn’t been the same since coming back with that amulet.A thought that did not sit comfortably and wouldn’t be ignored. Pepper braced against potential backlash as she queried timidly, “[Y/n]?” “Hmmm?” “I know I’ve asked before, but…are you all right” “How do you mean?” “I mean.” Pepper hesitated to find the right words. “You’ve been under a lot of pressure this past week and a half. From multiple directions. And I was just wondering if-” “It’s fine.” [Y/n] waved off the question before Pepper could finish, her tone light and unconcerned. And yet her expression belied those words. Fatigue lurked behind a thin smile- fatigue and something else that she couldn’t quite name. Fury’s early morning meetings could account for the former, but… “You know you can talk to me, right? I don’t want you to think that our disagreement a few days ago put us at odds. You had a point and were right to bring it up.” She folded her hands contritely in her lap. “I meant to tell you yesterday, but then this whole thing with S.H.I.E.L.D. came up.” Another measuring stare. Pepper felt increasingly self-conscious the longer it lasted. Granted, [Y/n] had always been one to consider her words before speaking. But this felt…different. She couldn’t help letting her eyes drift down slightly, recalling the eerie glow of the Asgardian pendant that hung around the woman’s neck. Recalling who else had a tendency to stare at people in the way [Y/n] was doing right now.“I appreciate that you’ve given thought to what I had to say,” she replied at last. “And can see it from my point of view.” But you still won’t confide in me, Pepper guessed. In a last ditch attempt to change her mind, she said, “[Y/n], I truly am concerned about you. Lately, you don’t seem like yourself.” Pepper shrugged her shoulders. “If it’s on account of Fury’s assignment, or-” she paused- “this business with Asgard, you ought to speak up.”“There’s really nothing to say, Pepper. All I-” [Y/n]’s phone rang, interrupting whatever she’d been about to say. Rather than let it go to voicemail so that she could finish, she picked up the receiver. “Morgan.” Even from across the desk, Pepper could make out the voice on the other end of the line. Wasn’t all that difficult, really. Fury’s strident tone carried even when he wasn’t yelling. At the moment, S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Director didn’t appear to be shouting, but she sensed he wasn’t exactly happy, either. [Y/n] kept her replies to a word or two. Every now and then, she’d glance up. She wants me to leave. Reluctantly, Pepper rose from her seat. No sense waiting around here when she had no way of knowing how long Fury might go on about the investigation. That, she doubted [Y/n] would be any more inclined to confide in her than she’d been before he’d called. Might as well chalk this up as a loss. She hesitated at the door, prompting [Y/n] to look her way. Pepper gestured to her watch and then to the hall. A nod and a half-smile, then [Y/n] turned her attention back to her monitors. The door closed, leaving Pepper with a dissatisfied feeling as she headed to her own office. She was so preoccupied with ways she might do better next time that she narrowly avoided colliding with Darryl. “Darryl!” she exclaimed in surprise. “Are you all right?” “Not to worry, Ms. P.” She winced inwardly at his informal salutation, but said nothing. “I should have been more careful. Got [Y/n] up to speed, huh?” “Yes.” “She’s practically lived in that office these past few days.” Pepper heard the underlying question. The young analyst was hoping she’d tell him why. Curiosity. She couldn’t blame him for it. And yet something scratched at her- raised her suspicions, even though Pepper couldn’t say why. The tone? Like he was trying too hard to sound casual and was hoping she wouldn’t notice. Get a grip on yourself. This whole business with S.H.I.E.L.D. has you jumping at shadows. Still, it didn’t hurt to be cautious. And so Pepper resorted to doing something she didn’t like doing. She gave Darryl a tight smile and lied, telling him, “Data analysis- follow up for some questions that came out of the investor’s meeting.” “Sure, sure,” he accepted with a bob of his head. “The big wigs want all the ‘i’s dotted and all that.” Darryl scrunched up his face and shook his head. “Seems like a lot to dump onto one person, though. So if she needed any help…” “I let [Y/n] know that she has resources if she’s feeling overwhelmed.” Not that I expect her to use them. “She may reach out to you at some point.” Pepper glanced down at her watch again. Her call with the Vanslörens Foundation would be starting in a few minutes, so she had to get going. But Darryl shifted his weight from one foot to the other, clearly looking as though he wanted to tell her something. And yet he held back, stuck in a state of indecision. Her patience ran out. “Out with it, Darryl. Whatever you want to say, just say it already.” He jumped in surprise at her sharp tone, and then blurted, “Earlier- when you sent me to tell her about the staff meeting. I walked into [Y/n]’s office and found her on the floor, clutching at her head like she was hurt or something. She said it was just a caffeine headache, but I’m not sure I believe it.” He shrugged. “Thought you ought to know.”___________________________________________________________________________________ He left Stark to ponder that observation and went back to reading. They had all day before the others would return, so Loki could afford to let his quarry to come to him. And he had little doubt that it wouldn’t be long before Stark would give himself away. Might as well try to enjoy the wait. After his brief foray into the realm of science fiction- and even briefer one with regards to ‘fangirl’ correspondence- Loki opted for a return to something more in line with his interests. He browsed a list of titles from scholars of history. Nothing overly impressive. But then, what could he expect from a species that churned out books in a handful of years or less? On Asgard, no self-respecting scholar would publish findings before devoting a half-century or more of intense study to a subject. In the end, he opted for a mildly interesting book exploring the samurai era of Japan. At least it would provide a new subject of study; he’d typically spent his time researching the European continent. Or North America. Loki settled into his chair and swiped to the first page. As he perused the chapter, Stark continued to type furiously on his computer. The occasional muttered curse suggested that the mortal’s attempts to bypass S.H.I.E.L.D.’s security was not going well. But as the hours passed, even that tapered off to the point where Loki almost forgot Stark was still there. That is, until he’d just started the fourth chapter and the relative tranquility of the penthouse was broken by an outraged, “Oh hell no!” “Still experiencing difficulties getting ‘caught up’ with the rest of your team,” Loki remarked in dry bemusement. “I confess I hadn’t expected it would take you the greater part of the day.” Stark slammed the laptop closed and stood up to pace the room in agitation. No acknowledgement of his comment whatsoever, but Loki wasn’t so easily discouraged. He kept reading as if he didn’t care one way or another. Patience that was soon rewarded as Stark replied ominously, “Oh I’m caught up all right.” “You don’t seem very happy about it.” “An understatement. The scale of this operation is just-” He caught himself before finishing that sentence, but then railed, “If Fury had this last night and didn’t let on, I’ll get Hawk to use him for target practice.” “Admirable sentiment, but merely an empty threat until the archer returns.” “Don’t remind me. Thanks to him and Thor, I’m stuck up here instead of doing something about any of this.” After throwing a dark look at the hall, the mortal resumed pacing and swearing under his breath. Loki, meanwhile, considered what he’d learned during their brief exchange. Not much in the way of specific details, and yet not entirely uninformative. From the beginning, he’d had no doubt that only a significant threat could have warranted calling four of his wardens away from the Tower. But combined with Stark’s reaction…a situation this serious might see S.H.I.E.L.D. diverting even more resources away from monitoring Loki’s every move. Thus creating a window of opportunity. Or an excuse to send you back to Asgard if they decide you’re too much of a liability. A valid point, he hated to admit. Almost as much as he hated admitting that remaining on Midgard- even if it had to be in this wretched Tower- was preferable to going back. At least until he’d reclaimed his magic. Loki would have to walk a fine line, then between what he wanted to do and what he could get away with doing. For now, perhaps it’s best to ascertain where that line falls. “I’m curious- should I be concerned that the scale of this ‘operation’ might include my current residence?” Stark had gone back to sit before the laptop and was rereading something, and did not answer. Loki tried again. “Your determination to conceal any and all information from me aside, I should think my question perfectly reasonable.” “How did she even…why was she even looking into any of this?” Stark glanced up, as if just now remembering Loki was still in the room. “Sorry- what did you say?” He wanted to be annoyed. Most times he would have every right to be. A mortal daring to ignore a god. Such an impertinence was not to be borne. But something in Stark’s perturbed and distracted manner gave Loki a moment’s pause to reconsider. He’d only meant to provoke the man into divulging information the others wouldn’t want him to share. Now he wondered if he hadn’t come a little too close to the mark. A window of opportunity is one thing, but I’m not keen to be caught up in a quarrel among mortals. Certainly not from this side of the fight. And were you thinking of joining the other side? Not especially, Loki scoffed. I rather prefer to keep to my own. You would say that, wouldn’t you? Easier than admitting that no one wants you on their side. “Loki?” Startled by the intrusion, Loki’s reply came out far more candid than he would have liked. “Is the Tower at risk?” Stark glanced back down at the screen and massaged his temples with his fingertips. As if he were having a difficult time deciding how to answer. For once, Loki didn’t think that it had anything to do with him. Not the most comforting omen to see the mortal lacking his typical swaggering confidence. And his answer wasn’t any more reassuring. “It’s hard to say for sure- at least until more analysis can be done. But…maybe.” He could continue this line of inquiry- get Stark talking about his reasons for thinking that the Tower might become a target. But the mention of ‘analysis’ piqued his curiosity. Perhaps pursuing that subject would be a better use of his time. “Analysis. Sounds like something that could be done from here if you really were determined to help.” “I am, and it is. But Fury’s already pushed that back onto [Y/n], since she did the first pass. Pepper’s going to skin me alive for all this.” [Y/n] again, just as he’d suspected. While he would never say that he regretted having underestimated her value during his first few days here, Loki did admit he should have handled her differently. Could have made better use of her. The mortals trusted [Y/n]- even S.H.I.E.L.D.’s tenacious Director. If he’d employed her investigative skills to help discover the Bearer’s identity, they wouldn’t have thought twice about answering her questions. It’s not too late. I can still correct my miscalculations where she’s concerned and get back on schedule. Drawing up a plan would have to wait until later. Right now, Loki needed to stay focused on prying information out of Stark. But just as he’d thought of the right response, the sound of an elevator chime announced that someone had returned to the penthouse. Voices floated down the hall- Barton and Thor- and Loki knew his luck had ended for certain. The pair emerged into the room, looking far less cheerful than when they’d left at breakfast. Thor glanced in his direction for a moment, and then fixed his attention on Stark. “We’ve got a situation on our hands that needs discussing.” “More like an impending disaster,” Stark threw back. “And Fury should have said so.” “We were just talking with him all morning about the latest developments,” Barton said after exchanging a slightly confused look with Thor. “So what are you talking about?” “I’m talking about eight more potential targets in White Plains. I’m talking about who even knows how many yet to be identified in the tristate area- which apparently includes Manhattan.” Perhaps my luck hasn’t run out after all. Loki didn’t expect it to last, but if he remained silent, he might glean some useful information yet. Last night he’d heard [Y/n] mention Newark; now Stark had thrown out White Plains. Two locations- two discrete locations that would have required creating two separate teams. He recalled having heard that Rogers and Romanoff were working together, and so Banner would have gone with Maximoff. Knowing more about what ‘potential targets’ meant would help him figure out which team had been assigned to which location. Meanwhile, Thor and Barton were completely caught off-guard at the mention of Manhattan, the latter demanding, “Where did you hear about that? Fury didn’t even know until this morning.” “Not important,” Stark replied evasively before quickly shifting gears. “Point is, we’ve got serious trouble on our doorstep and I’m done with sitting on my hands.”He’d thrown out those words as a challenge, naturally. Likely expecting the archer to run down a list of reasons why Stark had to remain in the Tower. Only that’s not what happened. Thor cleared his throat and said, “Actually, that’s what we needed to talk about.” “In what sense?” A long pause. Loki knew what it meant: One way or another, he was about to be excluded from the rest of this conversation. Barton nudged at Thor in an obvious cue, which earned him a reluctant sigh. While his eyes slid to where Loki sat in his chair, he directed his next words at Stark. “If it’s all the same to you, I think we ought to finish this somewhere else.” Unable to conceal his annoyance at all this pointless secret-keeping, Loki interjected with a particularly sarcastic, “Don’t feel as though you need to leave on my account. Unless, of course, you’re leaving on my account.” He swiped to the next page. “Unthinkable, really, that I should know anything that may impact my own life. But by all means, have your private discussion where you determine how you’ll safeguard it on my behalf.” “Brother…” “I’m sure that I’ll only hinder whatever brilliant plans you and Director Fury have devised.”The barb struck, and Loki was satisfied to see that it hooked into the trio in different ways. Irritation, guilt and indecision. A most gratifying reaction. But none of those was strong enough to overcome Barton’s objections to him being present. He glared at Loki for a long minute before looking back to the other two. “We don’t have time for his bullshit, and I’m not discussing anything with him around. Conference room. Now.” He didn’t give Thor and Stark an opportunity to argue, turning on his heel and walking away. And while the archer’s attitude didn’t sit well with them, they had little choice but to follow. Loki stared resentfully after them for a minute or two, debating what he ought to do. In truth, there wasn’t much he could do, so he might as well go back to his book. And then his gaze landed on the coffee table, to the open laptop that Stark had left behind.___________________________________________________________________________________ It had been a hell of a day in Nat’s opinion. Since their early morning meeting with Fury and [Y/n], the situation had only gone from bad to worse. They’d barely had time to react to the latest scope increase- or form any sort of plan to deal with it- when the White Plains story broke. And then the rest of the morning had disappeared between the barrage of press releases and consoling Mrs. Hartley and her daughter. Well, Cap was doing most of the consoling. Which should have given me the perfect opportunity to ferret out her brother-in-law’s true intentions. Should have being the operative words in that sentence. But Richard Hartley foiled Nat’s efforts there, deliberately avoiding spending any time alone with her. He remained glued to Mrs. Hartley’s side most of the time, or surrounded by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. At best, she was able to take mental note of the people he spoke to and what was said. Not much to go on, which was why she was hoping Cap would have better news about his progress for the day. Speaking of…I think now’s a good time to compare notes. She went in search of her partner. Found him deep in conversation with Ellis and Nguyen. He gave her a nod in acknowledgement, but couldn’t get clear of them for several minutes. While she waited, Nat sifted through her messages. A half dozen from Fury, followed by a few from Wanda. Clint had even sent her some, which came as a surprise. She hadn’t heard much of anything from him since leaving the Tower. Before she had time to read through any of the messages in depth, Cap sided up to her. In a low whisper he said, “We need to find somewhere private to talk.” “One of the outer cubicles?” “Not good enough- I was thinking the conference room.” “This wouldn’t have anything to do with that call you got earlier, would it,” she speculated. “Yes and no.” Cap wasn’t one for cryptic answers, so whatever he wanted to discuss must have rattled him quite a bit. She turned on her heel and headed for the conference room. Empty, thankfully. The Hartleys had gone home a short while ago, allowing Mertz and the rest of his team to get back to the remaining cases. Some had even braved the media gauntlet out front to do some canvassing of new leads. Nat didn’t expect them to get much out of it, but at least it meant they’d have this room to themselves. No sooner had the door closed, he announced, “Jessop leaked the coroner report to someone on the White Plains team.” Not what I expected you to say. “How do you know?” “I overheard her say it.” Anger thrummed in his clipped words. “When I stepped out to talk to Bruce, she was on her phone.” “I’m guessing she’s not aware you found out.” He shook his head, and so she followed up with, “Any idea who she was talking to?” “Unfortunately not. At least not beyond knowing it’s someone on Sczepanek’s team. I told Bruce that we’d get him Jessop’s first name so he and Wanda might have a better chance at uncovering her accomplice on their end.” She listened to him as he went on to detail what the agent had said, all the while considering what they ought to do. Nat wished she’d known about this earlier. Jessop was on the list of agents Richard Hartley had spoken to- a quick exchange just before the Hartleys left. Nothing said that Nat found worrying, but she would have kept a much sharper eye on their body language if she’d known Jessop was behind the leak. Can’t focus on missed opportunities; just gotta push forward. “We’ll need to call this in to Fury,” she said finally. “He’ll want to know we’ve confirmed the source of the leak, even if we don’t have much of anything else.” “I thought as much.” Nat almost picked up the teleconference phone, but thought better of it. Instead, she pulled out her cell and initiated a group call with Cap and Fury. At his quizzical look, she explained, “You know how his voice carries. Better not to have this on speaker on the off-chance any of the agents pass by.” “Right.” He picked up and they waited on the line for Fury to join. Four rings in, she worried that they’d lose this chance to give the Director an update. But then the fifth ring cut off abruptly. “Fury. This better be important.” “It’s Romanoff, sir. I’ve got Rogers with me as well.” “Something wrong with the conference line?” “We wanted something a bit more…discreet, if you catch my meaning.” A half beat of silence followed, and then Fury bade her curtly, “Go on, then. Out with whatever you’ve got. I just got through with Morgan and have calls to make before end of day.” Nat relayed everything Cap told her regarding Jessop. The Director said nothing as she made her report- not one muttered curse, even. Just listened with an uncharacteristic show of patience. Or paralyzing outrage. When she’d finished, the line remained silent for several minutes. An ominous sign in and of itself, but then Fury let loose. “I want to know how in the hell Jessop got access to that damned report in the first place. It shouldn’t have gone further than the two of you- Mertz at the most. And I want to know about anything and everything else she’s gotten her hands on.” “That might take some time, unless you want an open investigation.” “No,” he rumbled with seething irritation. “Much as I want to haul her ass back here, we don’t know who she’s working with or if Hydra’s even involved. You’ll just have to keep it under the radar for now.” One more thing added to their already overloaded plate. What Fury hadn’t said- but no doubt expected- was that they’d have to keep Jessop from learning anything remotely important in the future without her becoming suspicious. And possibly lay down a few false leads to test what she would do with them. All that on top of their primary mission of solving the kidnapping cases. Sure would help if we could get a little more help from the team. With a side glance to Cap, she thought, what do I have to lose in asking? “Sir, Rogers and I are stretched a bit thin over here. Any way we could get some help? Even for a few days.” “Negative, Romanoff. I can’t send anyone else out there. Morgan’s finishing up the Manhattan analysis by tomorrow, so I need the rest of the team here on standby.” Disappointing, but she couldn’t blame him. If [Y/n] turned up any connections to New Beginnings, S.H.I.E.L.D. couldn’t afford to leave Manhattan vulnerable. Depending on what she found, Nat wouldn’t be surprised if Fury recalled them back to HQ and left the Newark case to Mertz’ team. She suppressed a resigned sigh and accepted the reality that they’d have to make do with what they had here. “What about Mertz,” she heard Cap ask. “What about him?” “If we could bring him up to speed- maybe not about everything, but about Jessop- he could help.” “Unless he’s part of this damned thing,” Fury objected. Nat was inclined to agree. They didn’t know enough yet to rule out Mertz as an accomplice. Did she think he was? No. But neither could she prove he wasn’t. And even if he wasn’t compromised, using him for this wasn’t without risk. He gave her the impression the sort who believed in ‘by the book’ and holding people accountable. She worried that if that were true and he knew Jessop was an informant, he wouldn’t be able to follow Fury’s ‘under the radar’ directive. “I don’t believe he is,” Cap went on to argue. “We can’t rely on beliefs, Cap,” she pointed out. “I know, I know. But you didn’t hear the way Jessop spoke about him when she was on the phone. She was glad Mertz was in trouble. Sczepanek, too. Whoever she’s working with, they’re not friend of theirs.” “That may be, but it doesn’t mean he couldn’t be working with someone else.” “You honestly think he’s out to sabotage the investigation? Nat, you saw him this morning- heck, you saw him yesterday when word came down that Eric was dead. Tell me that wasn’t genuine.” His stare bored into her, daring her to do just that. She ought to. People pretended to feel one way while thinking another all the time; some even managed to get very good at it. But Nat couldn’t bring herself to crush what little hope her partner had mustered. After a moment or two, she came up with a compromise that meant she wouldn’t have to. “I won’t say that it isn’t, but I think we need to be cautious. Still,” she continued. “We could ask him for a generic rundown of all agents working the investigation. Rather than single out Jessop and make him think we have an agenda. Tell him we’re assessing the team to make recommendations that will best utilize everyone.” Cap held eye contact in the silence that followed before giving his murmured capitulation. “I suppose that’s a fair plan. It’s not like we wouldn’t need the info on the other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, anyway.” “Exactly. Fury- any objections?” “None here. And while I can’t send Barton out there to help, I can see if he knows anything useful about Jessop. Give him something to do while we’re waiting on Morgan.” “Appreciate it, sir.” “On another front- I’ll check in with you about Boyden tomorrow AM. Let me know if you turn up anything else in the meantime.”...
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