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This group has grown so much since I first made it, and it's amazing to see that...

However with the growth a problem has occured.

There is literally no room on this group to make new folders.

To solve this problem, I've been thinking of creating a sister group to hold about half of the comics here and what ever new comics come into the groups.

Another problem that this will cause would be which comics go where.

I think that going alphabetically would be a challenge, so that system is out. So considering that, I'll be sorting the comics into groups by the general genre.

Do you approve of this idea?
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Escaping Azkaban-page 6 by neko-comix
Escaping Azkaban-backcover by neko-comix
Escaping Azkaban-page 9 by neko-comix
Escaping Azkaban-page 8 by neko-comix
Across the Cafeteria
ATC Girlscouts and Cookiemonsters by hikaphoenix
Buffy, Sookie-bell and Sarah by hikaphoenix
Peculiar Lecture for Roomates by hikaphoenix
Buffy and Sookie-bell ATC by hikaphoenix
Age of Cocoa Isis
Andrometha s Dark Seeds
My little Spike: Bikini is Magic (Page 2?) by Catifornia
r.i.p sweet sylvia likens. by Dragonfeet215
Ayako's Blade
Ayako's Blade: Pg.13, Ch.2 by Ichigooneechan66
Ayako's Blade: Pg.12, Ch.2 by Ichigooneechan66
Ayako's Blade: Pg.11, Ch.2 by Ichigooneechan66
Ayako's Blade: Pg.10, Ch.2 by Ichigooneechan66
A Goblin Guardian
A Goblin Guardian 26 by DeathdealerTsunade
A Goblin Guardian 25 by DeathdealerTsunade
A Goblin Guardian 24 by DeathdealerTsunade
A Goblin Guardian 22 by DeathdealerTsunade
A Labyrinth Fan Comic
labyrinth fan comic part 39 by alyprincess221
labyrinth fan comic part 38 by alyprincess221
labyrinth fan comic part 35 by alyprincess221
Labyrinth Fan Comic Part 34 by alyprincess221
A Nightmare on Elm Street Comic
A Twist
Barefoot through the City
Barefoot through the city page 12 by toongrowner
Barefoot through the city page 13 by toongrowner
Barefoot through the city page 14 by toongrowner
Barefoot through the city page 15 by toongrowner
BeetleJuice comic
beetlejuice comic pg 52-59 END by darklightartist
Between Friends
Between Friends Page 5 by bunnimation
Big-Chill Sapphire - love story
BJ and Lydia
BJ Lydia 5 by eternallost
Blood Bath
Brother and Sister
Brother and Sister page 10 by QueenSolaris
Chibi Snape Comic
Chibi Snape Comic pg 38 by Blackmoonrose13
Cora Quayle
OCART Reference Sheet by coraquayle
Cryastal Millennium
daydream 98 End by eternallost
DayDream 2 - Sleepwalking
sleepwalking 82 xtra by eternallost
DayDream 3 - FeverDream
feverdream 88 by eternallost
DayDream 4 - Freddy Vs Jason
fvj 79 by eternallost
DayDream 5 - False Awakening
fa 80 by eternallost
Day Dream 6 - Halloween

Mature Content

A Freddy Halloween 23 by eternallost
Deathnote - Solitude
Deathnote-Solitude page 26 by AuchanVriconella
Dragon's World
DW chapter 5 - site 10 by Pentragon1990
E. T. Strikes Back
End of Miranda
The end of Miranda Phantom 7 by toongrowner
Everlasting Night
Fading Aria
A Day in the Life of Fail - 10 by Knerf
First Encounter
First Encounter 10 by Jajna
Frostfire - Chp 1 - Pg 22 by DragonessDeanna
FusionFall comic
FF Fic Ch2 Pg27 by PrincessAirionna565
Gin's Gift
Girls Next Door
GND183 - Monster Hunters, part IV - Dead Ringer by Pika-la-Cynique
Goblin King Comic
GK 27 by oasiswinds
Heart Burn
Heart Burn Ch4 Page 20 by R2ninjaturtle
Hellboy Comic
Last page of Hellboy by kse332
Hitchhikers, or Infected guide to travelling
Left 4 Dead: the Outbreak Page 1 by CyberII
Horror High
HH - Names by HH-HorrorHigh
Hotshot Hunters
01-13 - Where's the Boss by Predaguy
I Hate Glitter
Invader Zim - A New Type of Irken
Wip, The sands of Egypt, bast aka o-laurali by Wrathion9
J and S Valentines
Valentinespart8-cherrybomb by hikaphoenix
Jerky of All Trades
Johann and Katy Comic
Johann and Katy comic cover by CreepyCatProductions
L4D - Those Days
L4D2_fancomic_Those days 111 by aulauly7
Left 2 Die
Left 2 Die-16 by BakinBacon
Life With Slasher's Comic
Chapter 7 Page 15 by I-Major-In-Magick
Legendary Destination
DP: LD pg.134 by Krossan
Little Bat Koku
Little Bat Koku Chapter 16 page 4 by Koku-chan
Living with Jareth
M and H by Guyople
Madness of Duke venomania
Masquerade chpt5 pg6 by Poisonisnotgoodforu
MEATAL ARMAGEDDON CH1 PG12 by 2pikachuno
Memories pg 392 by Reenigrl
Monster Hunter Shuffle
MHS page 2 by Bryantium
My Blood Red Sky
MBRS 4 - Don't Fall Asleep by StellasStar
Naruto Comic
We're Not Sasuke Fans by Kitundrawolf88
New Addition
New Addition- Change of Plans by HoneydewSapphic
NEVER Vacation in Springwood
NVIS 11 by Irrepressable
Nightmare on Doganzaca Hill
NODH Chapter 1 Page 14 by I-Major-In-Magick
NONfected page 14 by reynaruina
Nothing makes sence
Nothing Makes Sense Pg9 by HorrorMadnessPeep
Notredame de Paris
Notredame de Paris Chapter1p4 by beauonther
Loki's Hair by oasiswinds
Obsessionizm: Chill Pills by thepurpah
Oddford 39, Righteous Anger by maranianthe
Only for 13 hours
PH Nemesis Magical Adventure
Pyramid Head Nemesis Magical by macawnivore
Pink Opry Harem
Pink Opry Harem pg.3 by AfricanPrincess981
Silent Hill: Promise :732: by doctorcorby
Randomville - English
Something about Voorhees... by CyberII
Randomville - Russian
Randomville Title Ep21 by CyberII
Requiem Mask
The Phan by thepurpah
Resurrection - Ch. 6 Pg. 12 by ProbablyImpossible
Revenge's Night
Romeo and Juliet SONIC STYLE
Romeo n Juliet-Sonic Style 2 by Alomoria
Roommates - Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made On - 31 by AsheRhyder
Roses of different Times
Januray 21th-P4 by RedPassion
Santa Pyramid Head
Santa Pyramid Head-Comic Pg:1 by Ludra-Jenova
Sarah's Grand Re-Entry
Scream for Me
She Reminds Me
Silly Hill
Silly Hill UFO strip 4 by Yamallow
Snape Lilly - Flashback
Snape + Lily flashback: page 4 by ElenaTria
Soul Eater
SE: KidxChrona Doujinshi 16 by Ichigooneechan66
Summer School
Summer School page 4 by DomoDC
Tail Tale
Tale of Two Shepards
Tenebres - Chapter 6 Cover by JigokuHana
The coincidental Encounter
T.C.E - Page 27 by xSharonthehedgehogx
The Little Mermaid Comic
The Night
The Picnic
Labyrinth--The Picnic pg 12 by sadieB798
The Prince's Tale Retold Black
TPTR - BLACK CH 01 PG 12 by lady-storykeeper
The Prince's Tale Retold White
TPTR - WHITE CH 01 PG 05 by lady-storykeeper
The Slashers
The Slashers 45 by crashdummie
The Talk
Thrax Comic
Thrax Comic 26 by DyaniAnn
Three Easy Steps
ThunderCats Comic
Thundercats 01-08 by Gugaaa
TNM: Redux Page 6 by evilsherbear
To Narnia
To Neverland
TN: pg4 by Boxjelly1
Ultimate Crossover
Uncommon Problems
UP p12--Gain Trust by Alomoria
Unmasked - 1:6 by Ferraferret
Unnamed Dragon Ball Z Comic
Unnamed Silent Hill Comic
SILENT HILL COMIC 7 by macawnivore
Unseen Labyrinth
Unseen Labyrinth 02: afterdark by Leandroad
Vengeance of the Dogs
The Vengeance of the dogs p3 by Wolfinden
Villian Crushes
VC Snow Angels by Treacle-Miner
WhatEver Comic
Whatever Page 27 by I-Major-In-Magick
Wolves of the Past
Wolves of the past p2 by Wolfinden
Young Justice
YJ- Cruel Irony by HoneydewSapphic
Alien and Predator comics
The Pattie Experimentation by Predaguy
avatar the Last Airbender comics
Uncertain cover by artbyamandalauren
Beetlejuice comics
How BJ should have ended by Yosh-chan
DeathNote Comics
test taking by EatToast
Disney fancomics
Quasipunzel by Mango-Pirate
Doctor Who Comics
The Time Regeneration Page 14 by systemcat