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Bambi Lineart FTU

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Shaped like a Friend

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Willow Headshot

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Mira Nova as Dani Phantom

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Pink Light Saber Divider, Graphic or Clip-Art FTU


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Talking Angela the Cat!

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Ryo Saeba - City Hunter - Get Wild! II


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Cute Darth Vader

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A Promise Kept Ash's Johto Journey Chapter 77

Chapter 77: Doubts "Human Speech" "Pokemon Speech (though it might be the whole chapter)" A few days have passed, and the Whirl Cup is in full swing. Our heroes, Ash and Misty, have shown remarkable skill, advancing to the Semi-finals. Both have wanted a chance to test their power against one another, and as the competition dwindles down, their clash beckons. However, we shift our focus to Ash's Charizard, who has been given the green light for light training. We can't help but marvel at their journey so far. Charizard was now training with his older brother, Dragonite, who was sparing with him to get him stronger for what was to come. Given that Dragonite was originally Damien's ace before he was released he knew at his current level Charizard needed to be pushed like never before. All this occurred as Dragonair and Pidgeot were watching from the sidelines along with Lance's Dragonite and Lance's Charizard: The parents to Ash's Charizard, Dragonair, and Damien's Dragonite. They

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FPS Junkie

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Rouge The Bat's Wardrobe malfunction - Animation


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LAGFIM - Renton and Kalani


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Garnet's Quince

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Majora - Creation

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Fan Art World Features #45

       Greetings my dear friends and fellow artists! Welcome to the Volume 45 of my Fan Art World Features!! This space is intended to promote beautiful and amazing Fan Arts created by incredibly talented popular and non-popular artists. Every two weeks will be published a volume featuring a maximum of 10-15 artworks selected by me from any artistic means within the Fan Art category (Traditional, Digital, Vector Art, Manga/Anime, Cartoon and Comics, etc.) and of any fandom. FEATURE WEEK DDs WEEK ---------------------------------------------- Do you want your work to appear in this feature? Do you know any amazing artists that need more e

Fan Art World Features

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Fantastic Fan Art Friday - 02-18-2022

Fantastic Fan Art Friday Welcome back to another Friday feature of incredible Fan Art! This week, we're taking a look at fan art of Ori and The Blind Forest!

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How to Properly Submit Directly to a Group

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Fan Art Valentines Contest - Closed

And we're closed for submissions while the judges vote! We have a new contest for you that ties in very nicely with this yearly tradition here on DA: That's right, the goal is to make Fan Art Valentines :la:  Whether you have a romantic fandom based pun in mind that would make a great card or just want to draw some romance of your favourite pairings, anything within the Valentines theme is welcome =) Rules :bulletgreen:This contest starts on February 2nd and ends on March 14th 11:59PM PST. :bulletgreen:All entries must comply with DeviantArt's Policies and Terms of Service. :bulletgreen:Entries MUST be NEW and made for this contest.  Pleas

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200 Watchers TLK raffle! (CLOSED)

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Miss Fortune-League of Legends sketch

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