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Welcome to Fan Art World


Welcome to Fan-Art-World

Welcome to the group Fan-Art-World

Fan-Art-World was conceived as an Unofficial group for members of the Fan Art Community on DeviantArt. Hundreds and thousands of Fan Artists and Fandoms gathered in one place, which aims to ensure interaction and fun between artists dedicated to Fan Art on DeviantArt.

You've come to the right place if you are looking for:

:bulletpurple: Fan Artists who like the same as you and are openly involved in the Fan Art Community.

:bulletpurple: Show your Fan Art to the rest of the Fan Art Community through presentation in our gallery.

:bulletpurple: Read Topics of interest on Fan Art: What is the Fan Art, Fan Art categorization in DA (tips to correctly categorize your Fan Art), applications of Fan Art in other artistic mediums (Crafts, Cosplay , Wallpapers, Journal Skins, Emoticons, etc), differences between Fan Art and Original Art, the Copyright in the Fan Art, among others.

:bulletpurple: Know Volunteers who oversee the category Fan Art (Articles about of the Fan Art CVs to know them better, as well as approach them and about how you can help them in their wonderful task.)

:bulletpurple: Be Informed of what's new in the Fan Art Community.

:bulletpurple: Participate in Projects, Contests and Special Activities aimed at ensuring fun and togetherness in the community.

And more...

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Bienvenidos a Fan-Art-World

Sean todos bienvenidos a Fan-Art-World

Fan-Art-World fue concebido como un grupo No Oficial para Miembros de la Comunidad Fan Art en deviantART. Cientos y miles de Fan Artistas y Fandoms reunidos en un solo lugar, que tiene como objetivo garantizar la interacción y diversión entre los artistas dedicados al Fan Art en deviantART.

Tu has llegado al lugar correcto si estas buscando:

:bulletpurple: Conocer a otros Fan Artists que les gusta lo mismo que a ti e involucrarte abiertamente en la Comunidad Fan Art

:bulletpurple: Mostrar tus Fan Arts al resto de la Comunidad Fan Art a traves de su presentacion en nuestra galeria.

:bulletpurple: Leer temas de interés de Fan Art como: Que es Fan Art, Categorización del Fan Art en dA (Consejos para categorizar correctamente tus Fan Arts), Aplicaciones del Fan Art en otros medios artisticos (Artesanias, Cosplays, Wallpapers, Journal Skins, Emoticons, etc), Diferencias entre Fan Art y Arte Original, El Copyright en el Fan Art, entre otros.

:bulletpurple: Conocer a los Volunteers que supervisan la categoria Fan Art (Articulos acerca de los CV de Fan Art para conocerlos mejor, como acercarse a ellos y como ayudarlos en su maravillosa tarea)

:bulletpurple: Estar informado sobre lo nuevo en Fan Art.

:bulletpurple: Partcipar en Proyectos, Concursos y Actividades Especiales cuyo objetivo es garantizar diversión y unión en la comunidad

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Gallery Guidelines / Directrices de Galeria

Fan-Art-World: Gallery Guidelines!Greetings to all the Fan Art Community on DeviantArt!
To be a regular member of the group, you must press the "Join Our Group". By doing so, you will be automatically accepted as a member of the group. If you are interested in being a contributor, please read the guidelines before sending a note to Pascua-Tanya (Founder) or the group. More information in the guidelines journal. 
If you are a member of our group and are interested in uploading your work to the gallery, it is important to know the rules before submitting. That's why in this journal will explain what is each folder as well as the general guidelines of the gallery and specific for each folder. :)
Before submitting, we highly recommend you read about what Fan Art is via DeviantArt's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), found at the help section on
Directrices de la Galeria de Fan Art World(Versión de las Directrices para Hispanos =D)
Un saludo a toda la Comunidad Fan Art de deviantART =D.
-Para ser Miembro del grupo debes presionar el botòn "Join Our Group" y enviar la solicitud que será aceptada automáticamente por el grupo
Si eres Miembro de nuestro grupo y estas interesado en subir tus trabajos a la galerìa es importante que conozcas las reglas de la misma. Es por eso que en este journal se explicaran en que consiste cada carpeta, asì como tambièn las Directrices generales de la galería y especificas de cada carpeta :).
Primero debes saber que es Fan Art:
FAQ #572: What does deviantART consider "Fan Art" to be? / Que es fanart para deviantART
Project Educate: Introduction +


I want be part of the Staff of Fan Art World?/Quieres ser parte del Staff de Fan Art World?

Be part of the Fan-Art-World Staff!! (Eng/Esp)Hello everyone!! =D
First, I thank those who entered the group as members and collaborating with the first deviations =D. The group is new but I know that together we will make the group is an excellent space for the Community Fan Art on dA :nod:
Secondly, Fan-Art-World is looking for people who want to be part of the Staff of the group, as Co-Founders and Contributors. As part of the staff of our group, you will have the opportunity to:
Bullet; Purple Moderate the folders in Gallery (Co-Founders only)
Bullet; Purple Managing the group with Pascua-Tanya, Founder (Co-Founders only)
Bullet; Purple Writing Blogs in the group with topics like: Fan Art Features, Educational Articles on Fan Art, Fan Art News,
Bullet; Purple Interviews to Fan Artists, Contests, Projects and Special Activities, among others.
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Gallery Folders

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Skull Girls Super Fan by turnonekill
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Carchost et Narchost alias les Tours des Dents by LePtitSuisse1912
Minas Tirith et Minas Morgul Weta by LePtitSuisse1912
Figurine De Paulina en Fimo by LePtitSuisse1912
Doctor Who 50th Anniversary 3 by RoseSparrow
Crafts and Sculpture
Cooking Mama Keychains by mikalowedeon
Figurine de Colette 2 by LePtitSuisse1912
{ Clay working } Cherry Blossom Cookie by YukinoSunowii
SOLD - Elven circlet by TealpandaArtifacts
Fan Fiction
Friend or Freak Chapter 1: The night that changes The sun set upon the quiet coastal city of Cube Town, and everyone was getting ready to head home for the night. Officer Kumada made his nightly rounds of town in case anything was to happen. He happened upon Mr. Saruyama, who was closing up shop at his fruit stand like always.Officer Kumada: “You’re closing up shop?”Mr. Saruyama:“Yep. After that, I gotta head home right away. Better wake up bright and early and clean my beloved melons.”Officer Kumada gave a smile.Officer Kumada: “That’s good to hear. Just make sure you stay safe for the night. I don’t want anything happening to you or anyone else, okay, Mr. Saruyama?” Officer Kumada returned to his car and resumed his rounds after saying his goodbyes toMr. Saruyama. An hour later, Mr. Saruyama had finished packing up and started for home. But he heard a strange noise on his way. He quickly turned to face the noise, but nothing was there, so he continued back home and got ready for bed. But only moments before he could fall asleep, he heard a loud crash. Was someone breaking and entering? He quickly grabbed a flashlight and searched the place. But there was no sign any forced entry.Mr. Saruyama: “Wh-who’s there?! I-I have a melon, and I’m not afraid to use it!” He opened the front door, considering waking the neighbors. But a shadowy figure came out of nowhere.Mr. Saruyama: “EYAAAHHH!!” He screamed and ran back into his house, slamming the front door and locking it. The next morning… Pecola and his grandfather Pecolius were arriving at the park, the former running around with excitement.Pecola: “I can’t wait to see my friends at the park, gramps!”Pecolius: "Easy there, Pecola. The park is just around the corner." But instead of seeing just his friends hanging out, they saw many of the townsfolk in the middle of some kind of discussion.Pecolius: “Hmm?”Pecola: “Flappin’ Flippers. I wonder what all this talk is about.” They began overhearing the discussion.Officer Kumada:“A strange shadowy figure, was it?”Mr. Saruyama:“I-I think so. It looked like… some kind of animal, with a huge bushy tail, and a single huge eye. Ooh… it was terrible…” The townsfolk were a bit shocked, but also a little skeptical at what Mr. Saruyama described. To try and calm everyone down, Pecolius and Pecola arrived on the scene.Pecolius: “What’s with all the ruckus here? What just happened?”Officer Kumada: “Apparently, last night, Mr. Saruyama saw something that scared the living daylights out of him. Our investigation is still underway to ascertain if this monster exists, and more importantly, if it’s a threat. At the moment, we’re still searching for additional sightings of this aberration.”Pecolius: “Anything on that?”Officer Kumada:“Indeed. Mr. Puggalski reported a sighting of a creature that matched Mr. Saruyama’s description early this morning. He says he only caught a glimpse of it, but it seemed to have what looked like a puffy ponytail, and what appeared to be a terrified expression on its face.”Pecolius:“Oh my goodness. That’s not good. But we mustn’t panic. If that creature is in fact real, and is in fact here in Cube Town, we have to find it and figure out if it’s a threat or not. We mustn’t jump to conclusions.”Doctor Chu:“I’m with Pecolius on this one. We mustn’t make the same mistake as we did with Golagola. We must learn what we can from strange beings like the one we’re after and find out what they’re doing here.”Officer Kumada:“Alright then. But I’m keeping Cube Town on high alert to make sure no one is harmed.” After that, the crowd dispersed, leaving the townsfolk to discuss amongst themselves what they’ll do in the meantime. As Pecolius left with the others, Pecola decided to head to Doctor Chu’s lab to see if Chewy was there. But on his way there, he heard rustling in some bushes.Pecola: Huh? What was that? … It came from the bushes. Someone in there? He approached the bushes, and peered into it. What could it be…?To be continued…
The Howls of Dahlia Ch.1This is a fanfiction. Davey, Asher, and Milo are owned by Redacted ASMR ( If you support me or my work please support the official release(s). Angel’s POVIt was a warm and rather sunny day in Dahlia. The breeze was cool and the leaves shuffled around on the sidewalk dancing around the joggers and street roamers. It wasn’t very long before I made it to my destination; a little cafe that was a local favorite. It served all sorts of little French desserts and snacks perfect for a girls day out. As I walked in the smell of croissants and cheese filled my senses. I looked around to find my companions sitting closer to the back next to a rather large painting of the Eiffel Tower. Millie wave me over and I took my seat before the waiter came over and asked us if we’d like any drinks.“So, how you been?” Millie asked.“Ugh, busy!” I pulled my hair from my face, “I had a business trip this week to promote our new concealer and it just seemed like a never ending cycle of meetings. We still didn’t even get everything done that we wanted to! Davey, I mean David, had to keep me from my laptop this weekend.”“Well good,” Sadie finally chimed in, “you can be a bit of a workaholic sometimes you know?”“Yeah, I do, but that’s why I have Davey, I mean-”“Girl, we all know he doesn’t like being called that, but it’s not like he’s here,” Sadie jokingly interrupted.I sighed, “As I was saying that’s why I have Davey there to balance me out.”The waiter bought our drinks and took our orders before Millie continued, “Speaking of Davey how did you guys meet? I feel like he just popped up one day with you and never said anything.”“Really?” I took a sip of my lemonade, “Well, I guess I shouldn’t be took surprised he’s not exactly a gooshy guy.”“You know funny enough I thought that’s how all the guys in the pack were gonna be, but boy was I wrong,” Sadie said and we all shared a laugh.“Yeah, he’s a hard ass sometimes, but he’s really sweet too. When I first met him we were both just high school students. My friends and I would always be the last ones at Pasta Palace and so, sometimes when the staff where basically done in the kitchen I’d see him eating dinner with his coworkers a few tables from us.”“Wait, wait, wait,” Millie stopped me, “David worked at Pasta Palace?”“Yeah, it’s probably why he knows a thing or two more than me about cooking. He was technically a sauce maker, but you know the food industry you’re basically doing everything. Anyways, we really didn’t our first conversation until one day when I may have bumped into him and spilled alfredo sauce on his clothes. And he was like, ‘What the hell! This is a black shirt!’ And I was all like, ‘Oh dios mio! I’m so sorry! Let me get you some napkins!’ And when I went to go get the napkins he went back to the kitchen so, by the time I came out he was already gone. He looked really pissed every time I’d glance back into the kitchen. I was gonna buy him dinner to make up for it but, they got free food anyways so, I offered him so dry cleaning money, but he was like, ‘I don’t need your damn money! I’ll just make sure to wash it when I get home.’‘Well, I can drive you home if you don’t have a ride.’ So, I drove him home and he didn’t say a word the whole time. It was super awkward. I thought he was never gonna wanna talk to me ever again. Surprise, surprise though the next time my friends and I were there he asked me for a ride. I think his friends put him up to it though because he seemed extremely reluctant to ask.”“Like that’s a surprise,” Millie chimed in.“Millie, I want her to finish! It’s getting good!” Sadie begged.“Well, I gave him my number and I kinda just gave him rides whenever he needed it from that point. We actually started talking on the drives and just became friends. It was good since I stayed in town for college and we could still see each other, until...that day.”“That day?” Sadie seemed confused.“Oh you don’t know do you Sadie?” Millie asked and when she shook her head she responded, “David’s dad died in a car accident a few years ago.”“Yeah, just a few weeks before I graduated I went to make an order for a party and I noticed Davey wasn’t there. That’s when his coworkers told me that he just up and quit. I tried to call and text him to see if he needed anything, but I didn’t get an answer for a solid three months. I knew he wasn’t in a good spot, but I figured he’d a least answer a text and let someone know he’s alive you know? Then I saw Asher one day and he finally told me a little bit of what happened. He just said there’d been a death in the family. I felt bad for calling and texting him so much so I sent one last voice mail where I was just apologizing and said I knew he needed some space. That’s when he finally called me back and actually apologized to me! He was all like, ‘I’m sorry. It’s been rough. I should have at least let you know what was going on.’And I was all like, ‘Don’t apologize to me! You obviously need some time to heal and that’s ok.’Then he was all like, ‘Well, actually the elders said I should probably be getting out more. Keep my mind focused on other things. You wanna do something this weekend?’I was confused on the elders part, but I decided not to ask. So, we went to this hiking trail that he said he knew like the back of his hand, which I also didn’t question at the time. He still didn’t tell me what exactly had happened, but I figured whenever he was ready he would. Long story short a couple of months later he asked me on an official date. We went to this nice little italian place too,” I smiled as I remanenced. “Oh chicas I thought I was in a dream I was so impressed! Long story short a couple of months later he revealed the big secret to me and asked me to move in. I really thought he was joking until I nagged him to shift for me!”Millie jokingly said, “Quite the surprise eh?”“You’re telling me!”“Aw,” Sadie said, “that’s adorable. You softened the beast heart.”We shared a laugh before getting our snacks served to us on small, green plates. “What about you Mill? How’d you and your boo meet?” I asked.A smiled crept on her face before she started, “Well, that’s a funny story. You see I was out one night walking home from work because my car wouldn’t start up. So, there I was walking home in the middle of the night with my yoga mat in tow and I didn’t wanna call anyone because I thought it’s only a couple of miles you know. To get to the main road of my place though there’s this wooded area you have to go through. You know the one that kinda leads into Dahlia. Anyways so, there I am walking through the wooded area and all of a sudden I hear this rustling. I stopped for a second and looked around; told myself that maybe it was just a racoon or something . So, I start walking again, but I hear the noises again. I got a little freaked out so, I pulled out my mace and started walking faster. Then bam! This paled skinned dude pops out and starts laughin, like creepily laughing. He goes, ‘I don’t know what you’re expecting that mace to do, but I’ll let you know you’ll be highly disappointed princess.’I wasn’t sure what to do so, I just kinda started backing away slowly, but that’s when I hear this loud growl. Then I felt this hot air down my back and I should have panicked, but I didn’t. I just slowly turned around to find this gigantic wolf standing behind me. He was snarling and I thought I was going to be eaten by either one of both of them that night, but to my surprise the wolf goes past me and pounces on the vampire. I didn’t know what to do! I was stuck for some reason! They tussled for a bit until the vampire backed down and ran off. That’s when the wolf turns to me and like I said I was frozen so, when I did try and move I tripped. So, there I am just sitting on the ground with my vibes all out of order and this gigantic wolf standing above me. I closed my eyes because I honestly thought that I was his prized meal for the night, but then I heard, ‘You don’t have to scared. I’m not gonna hurt you.’I looked up and there’s this naked man stretching his hand out to me. I thought I had hit my head or something, but he assured me everything was very real. He walked me back to my place and I offered him some pants at least and-”“You invited him in and you had a one night stand?” Sadie eagerly guessed.“No, no, no! What kind of nut job do you think I am? I didn’t even know his name yet! But, yes he came inside and basically explained to me what he is and who that was and it was a lot for one night. Then he mentioned how I would have to get my memory erased, but you know Asher he was like, ‘Or you can pretend that none of this ever happened and we never have to speak of it again.’It just seemed like a lot for me so, I opted to get my memory erased to his surprise. We made a deal to go to the magic department or whatever called the next day, but when he called they said that they were booked.”“They were booked?” I was very confused.“Yeah apparently there’s a waitlist. It’s kind of like the DMV over there. Anyways so, the list was a week long and so, I was just stuck knowing this guy for a week until I could get my memory erased. It got to be day three and that’s when I got a call from him. He goes, ‘Hey, so a pack meeting got cancelled today. You wanna go do something?’I already had so many questions just from those two sentences and so, I figured what the heck. I can get my questions answered and not be bored. So, we went to this park that’s a town over and just kind of hung out all day. He didn’t mind answering all my questions and I just got the sense that he’s really just a fun loving guy. Then he said he wanted to do something the next day so, we went to the mall and got coffee. Then he asked me again and we went to an arcade. Finally it came the day I was supposed to get my memory swiped and when we got to the office the lady lead us back to the room. I was sitting in the completely white room when all of a sudden the lady comes back and says we’re in the wrong area. I look over at Asher and I asked him what was going on. He goes, “I told them you’re my girlfriend so, they can’t wipe your memory. I just figured that maybe you wanna keep hanging out. Is that ok?’I didn’t object and we are.”“Mill you’re a great story teller and I just want you to know that,” Sadie said at the edge of her seat.“Si reina, bravo!” I said and Sadie and I embarrassingly clapped our hands at her.Millie played along and bowed her head, “Thank you, I’ll be here next week.”We both then turned to Sadie and she gave a ‘who me’ face, “Oh boy, how did I meet Milo? Well, as you may or may not know I work at the Little House of Wonders that’s a few shops down from here and some of the pack members are regulars in there. One day he came in with I think Christian and Jake and they were both looking for something for their girls. Then Milo comes and leans on the counter and goes, ‘Man, what I wouldn’t give to be in their shoes. Head over heels for someone like a couple of dogs chasing a steak.’To which I replied, ‘Are you comparing men to dogs and women to pieces of meat?’It was so funny how quickly he went to correct himself. I held in my laughter as long as I could before he realized I was joking with him. While Jake and Christian looked around we got to talking and he managed to weasel my number from me. Our first date he took me to an art gallery and I realized he’s really just a big softy, but don’t tell him I told you that. I kind of felt like we hit it off pretty well, but…” Sadie started to trial off.“But what?” I asked.“The type of stealth I am, uh, I’m not really supposed to get too close to people. Or at least it’s not recommended.”“Sadie,” Millie and I both looked confused, “what do you mean by your type of stealth?”“That I haven’t even told Milo yet...but anyways I was going to break it off before things got too complicated. I thought he was a human anyways until he told me otherwise. Werewolves have that advantage. It was our third date and we were leaving from a pottery class, but as we were crossing the street this car comes from no where. I had no choice, I had to phase us both through and that’s when he learned what I am. On the other hand though that’s when I learned what he is. After that we’ve just been going steady.”“Ok that’s great and all, but what’s the big secret Sadie?” Millie probed.“Uh,” she gave us a nervous laugh, “like I said I haven’t even told Milo yet! It wouldn’t be fair to tell you guys first and not him!”“She makes a point Mill,” I said.“Fine, but you should probably tell him sooner than later,” Mill’s said a little disappointed.“Yeah, yeah I know.” That’s when Sadie’s phone went off, “Speak of the devil. Hello? Oh nothing babe I just went to lunch is all. I just didn’t want you thinking I went missing or something.”She glared over at us as we both signalled and mouthed that she should tell him whatever her secret was. Sadie shook her head, but we shook our heads yes and then a muffled, “I love you” was heard over the phone.Sadie sighed before saying, “Uh, Milo before you hang up there’s something we need to talk about tonight. What? No, I’m not pregnant! Well good to know you wouldn’t be upset. Alright, I’ll talk to you later. I love you too.”I put a hand on her shoulder and go, “Well, Sadie tell us how that goes.”
Got a new fic! by VibrantInklings
Miraculous Dream (English version)Hello everyone!I bring you a fanfic based on a dream that I had and mix of non-existent plot of Miraculous Ladybug with a couple of songs that I love from Frozen 2, I changed the lyrics a bit to better fit the situation. I will leave you links at the end of both songs.NOTE: *Italic letter is for dreams *I am not the owner of any of the characters, they all belong to DisneyLET’S BEGIN:,A few years have passed since the bearers of the Miraculous of the Cat and the Ladybug get their powers; during that time there have been things that have not changed much, both are still that team that saves Paris from the evil carrier of the Miraculous of the Butterfly and some other problem that may arise. What has changed is that with the experience they have adquired, they were even able to learn in more detail how their powers work. For this reason, Hawkmoth has had to renew himself, which in turn pushed them to renew themselves as well. That meant advancing their powers to the next level, at last, they could no longer rely on a single-use per transformation.The good thing was that, after a good time of research, they finally came to something; they discovered the way to evolve their powers, making them more efficient, removing the limit of uses and, forgive the repetitition, more powerful. But to control it, an understanding of their own power and personal growth was necessary, which each one had to discover for themselves, as it depended on each person. Achieving it came hand in hand with a small evolution in the hero's costume that symbolized the growth of its owner.By the time our heroes, although not together as a couple, since the presence of Hawkmoth prevented it, they did have a close relationship of trust. In fights, they even needed few words; they could understand each other with just a look, even if Cat Noir still had trouble understanding the Luckt Charm, but never to follow his Lady's plan.Regarding the evolution of power, Ladybug achieved it first. She did not have any big troubles to get them, as expected. It was understandable considering the nature of her power and herself; to be the Master of the Miraculous helped a lot, and the personal growth that she needed was related to gaining a greater self control in the facde of the things that disturbed her emotionally, such as jealously, injustice, nervousness, etc. We could sum it up as her reaching a certain level of patience or tolerance, maybe? Different experiences helped her achieve it and her evolved costume proved it.For Cat Noir, on the other paw, it was more complicated. His new powers were similar to those of his akumatized version, Chat Blanc, which fortunately, Paris had not the misfortune to know. In the case of this power, it was by contact too, not just shots. Due to the little control of his new power, he had problem measuring them, sometimes causing more damage than he helped to preventOur kitten began to fear his own power, which led him to lose confidence in himself, comitting blunders more typical of his younger version, using only his usual Cataclysm and getting into disagreements with his fellow heroes, such as when he broke the Miraculous of Bunnix, which further sapped his confidence. After a few days, he even questioned, like it had not happened in a long time, if it really should be him who carried that power.All this ended being something impossible to hide, so Hawkmoth noticed it and wanted to take advantage of the situation. Moving his manipulative strings, he managed to send an akumatized familiar, but improved for work: Sand boy 2.0. This improved version had certain variations on his power. First, he put people who received his sand shoot to sleep. Second, in their lethargy, the victim fell into a nightmare related to their own internal fears, bad memmories, unpleasant sensations, etc. A nightmare that played with the memories of those who slept and from which one could only wake up if the fears they entailed were overcome, and did not succumb or run away from them; something that our heroes did not know.Our villain knew that, and since we are talking about a minor, the idea of overdoing his power and damaging him instead of the akumatized object would have troubled Cat Noir and made him an easier target. And he was righ.During the battle, the hero in black was so busy trying to be careful with his power, that it hidered him in the battle more than it helped him, and this frustrated him because he accidentaly destroyed things. Ladybug managed to keep the situation under control; she tried to find words of support ot give him, although it was frustrating for her as well. Lately, she must have gone to fellow heroes more than once for this, but she wanted to support the partner who always supported her in hard times. - You can do it, Cat Noir. Focus, don't force yourself to be careful, just be yourself and trust me -she said to encourage him. -... As always, my Lady -He said, smiling after a short pause.Even so, despite what he said and the sincerity with which he said it, his concerns were still there, inside him, so he decided to base his trust on the actions of his beloved, at the level that he used to do as a teenager, leading to him acting impulsively like back then. There were times when he even remembered that fateful moment in New York with Uncanny Valley, which didn't help.This insecurity in his own actions caused Sand Boy 2.0 to manage to land a shot, with the heroina having to heroine having to quickly take him to a safe place, an alley, leaving the city unprotected, because he could not leave him alone, having to take care of guarding the alley with traps based to her enchanted amulet, ready to fight as soon as it appeared, knowing that she would seek them out, but could not afford to seek it alone.~~~O~~~Meanwhile, inside the dream of the blond young man, we find him as an even younger Adrien, his secret identity, in his room, in his mansion, looking out of the window, from which he could see the city in a snowy and dark night, with parts destroyed. His father was at the entrance of his room talking to him, reminding him how dangerous it is to go out and that he would always be safe there at his home, and the people who really love and cared about him were there, finishing off with the following sentence: -The outside is dangerous, son, never forget it. The best way to be safe is to stay inside... -he said, taking the doorknob to leave -It's what your mother would have wanted. Young Agreste nods in agreement with his father. -Yes, father, I know -he said turning around.Gabriel left, closing the door, wishing his son a good night just before. Apparently, this Adrien was afraid to go out. He felt as if he had always been like that, even more since his mother's departure; he didn't remember being Cat Noir, but he did have the image of a clumsy hero destroying things and dangerous villains passing by. He also remembered the sensation of what it was like to receive a Cataclysm from the akumatized, Miraculer, despite not remembering having been there. All of this, plus his father's overprotection, caused in him a paradoxical fear of going out, because even when he didn't like the confinment much, despite feeling protected on it.The young man with the green eyes stared out the window a little longer, before going to sleep. It was open, as he liked to feel the winter breeze. In a moment, a black cat appeared outside, with bright green eyes, meowing and looking at him. Adrien looking at it with curiosity (the following parts have to be read singing).- Into the unknown… Into the unknown… ¡Into the unknown!(meowing)- I can hear you but I won't Some look for trouble while others don't There's a thousand reasons I should go about my day And ignore your whispers which I wish would go away, oouh(meowing)The teenager turns to his bed, turning his back to it..- Whoa(meowing)Adrien advances towards his bed, taking a couple of pauses or detours.- You're not a voice, you're just a ringing in my ear And if I heard you, which I don't, I'm spoken for I fear Everyone I've ever loved is here within these walls I'm sorry, little black cat, but I’m blocking out your callsHe turns again, for a second, to the window, where the cat was still, but he continues to advance.- I'm not looking for adventure, I don't need something new!I'm afraid of what I'm risking if I follow you!Into the unknown! Into the unknown!! Into the unknown!!!(Meowing)This Adrien, who had never left his house or meet ladybug, laid down on his bed, with his hands behind his head.- What do you want? 'Cause you've been keeping me awake Are you here to distract me So I make a big mistake?He gets up a little, remaining seated on his bed with a view of the window and the cat, feeling something that prompted him to go outside. Was it just the cat, calling him?- Or are you someone out there who's a little bit like me? Who knows deep down I'm not where I'm meant to be?He stands up- Every day's a little harder as I feel your power grow Don't you know there's part of me that longs to goHe moves towards the window, fast, staying halfway, smiling, while the black cat watches him.- Into the unknown! Into the unknown!!Get a boost to run- ¡¡¡Into the unknown!!(meowing)- Oh oh ouhHe runs and leaps up leaning on his stuff so he can reach the open-top sale.- Are you out there? Do you know me? Can you feel me? Can you show me?!He manages to exit through the window and land while the black cat advanced towards him and runs around him- Oooouh!!(Meow)- (meow) ooh(Meow) ooh(Meow) ooh(Meow) ooh Ooouh!The cat then runs fast away, on the way to the square, Adrien does not think twice and follows it.- Where are you going? Don't leave me alone How do I follow you Into the unknown? Woo!He finally reached the square, and for a moment he lost sight of the cat. He was surrounded by a soft snowfall, and there were only a few lights on that led to the center of the place, which was where Adrien was. He realized how much he had moved away from his home, his refuge. At first, he was scared, but when a curious feeling of peace invaded him, he began to remember more of that teenager who yearned for his freedom, managing to get away from the mansion that symbolized, more than a refuge, a prison.~~~O~~~In the world of the woken, Ladybug had to keep Sand Boy 2.0 at bay, worried that she would not fall under the effect of his shoots as well, but preventing him from getting close to her partner. She tried to reach the akuma herself, but he had taken the precaution to protect it too this time, and his lucky charm told her that she needed his friend.From time to time, when she managed to move the akumatized young man away, she stayed for a moment with her cat companion, trying to make him feel that he had support, and that he was not alone. He had been noticing for a long time that he was not himself; he did not have his usual smile, and the truth is that she missed him. She had the opportunity to see a few victims waking up from their slumber, which gave her hope with Cat Noir.- Please, Cat Noir, wake up. It doesn't matter that you do not use your evolved Cataclysm, we are still an unstoppable team. We can fight as we used to do - she seriously considered getting the Miraculous of Dreams, but her instincts told her that her partner would achieve it, so she decided to give him her trust and continue what she was doing - ...But you wouldn't be satisfied with just that, right?... Okay, Kitty, I trust you. Today is my turn to support you.~~~O~~~Inside the dream, Adrien looked around, searching for the black cat, which appeared in the distance on a small illuminated path. Oddly, the light posts were red with black dots, and he did not know why. He decided to follow it and walk towards it.- Every inch of me is trembling But not from the cold Something is familiar Like a dream I can reach but not quite holdHe advanced calmly, looking at the cat already with a slight smile.- I can sense you there Like a friend I've always known I'm get closer And it feels like I am homeWhen he gets close enough the cat begins to advance along the path, being followed by the young man.- I have always been a fortress Always sheltered deep insideHe turned for a secondto see the home from which he was fleeing. He felt, in many ways, that he was leaving home, but he didn't really know which way at the moment- You have secrets, too But you don't have to hideHe continued to follow it along a path that became less and less like Paris, there began to be more plants and ruins that formed the path that was gradually revealed, he knew that it was leading him to something important.- Show yourself I’m dying to meet you Show yourself It’s your turnGo through some stones in a small stream.- Did you come help me to find new senseInto my life!? Show yourself I'm ready to learnAh ah ah awh(Meowing)Hearing the meowing from his guide again makes him gains confidence and walks faster, smiling, not noticing that one of his shoes changed to a black boot.- I've never felt so certain All my life I've feel coldThe other boot appears- But I'm here for a reason Could it be the reason I was born?Ahead he sees a small cliff that the cat jumps without problems, as if floating, the adolescent sees a log that was about to fall, he understands and pushes it and uses it as a bridge.- I have always been so different Normal rules did not apply Is this the day? Are you the way To be myself outside?!He jumps off the trunk and advances, his suit appears, both pants and torso and his sleighbell, he could still make out the cat, which turned more and more little seems and looks more like a cat-shaped creature.- Show yourself I’m no longer tremblingHe sees a lot of weeds and vines in front of him, having to move them away or braeak them to move foward. He does it almost running and with enthusiasm. His belt appeared, followed by his glovers, and he ruffled himself with them. His cats ears appear.- Here I am I've come so far You are the answer I've waited for All of my life!!After crossing the undergrowth, he reaches a ramshackle wooden door in a stone frame, which the "cat" goes through, the boy, determined, advances towards the door, charging and crossing it, a mask appears on his face and his eyes turned into as green as the cat he was following.- Oh, show yourself Let me see who you areInside he could see a dark corridor with torches, and a curious red path with black dots; he could see the shadow of the "cat” advancing, he follows it calmly, each time he advanced, he increased a curious feeling of peace and curiosity.- Come to me now Open your door Don’t make me wait One moment moreHe moves down the corridor faster, with a smile on his face, goes down some stairs, and manages to see in the background a kind of large circular platform where the “cat” arrives.- Oh, come to me now Open your door Don't make me wait One moment more!He managed to reach the platform which was surrounded by stone walls to meet a small stubborn cat waiting for him at the center. At that moment, the little creatured flew around him, rising at the same time as the ground did. A green cat footprint began to shine under his feet. He heard voices that echoed, which seemed to come from the little creature, with a very familiar and dear voice, that of his Lady- Your courange and- Ah ah ah awh!- ConfidenceIt was what they said at the same time that he looks on the walls, amazed and surprised how projections of his memories appeared as Cat Noir, saving Paris along with Ladybug- Shine in your heart- Ah ah ah awh!- Loyal to yourselfSuddenly he goes from smiling like never before, feeling those words echo inside him, to putting on a great expression of surprise when the platform stops and let him see his mother behind a glass wall, waiting for him, smiling.- Mother...- Come, my darling, homeward bound – she sings, looking at him and then at the projectionsCat Noir smiles moved.- I am found!!They both begin to sing a duet, while his suit shone and changed, finally reaching his evolution, returning to being the adult Adrien.- Show yourself! Step into your power Throw yourself! Into something new!- You are the one you've been looking for!- All of this time!! (All of your life)The transformation is finally complete, Chatnoir had a glint in his eyes like never before.- Oh, Show your self!!With his renewed confidence, Chat Noir looks at his mother, braces himself and goes, running towards her, and jumps.- Ah-ah, ah-awh!Ah-ah, ah-ah-awh!!Ah-ah, ah-awh!!He manages to undo the crystal and reach her, hugging her, being received happily to see how her little boy had grown.~~~O~~~Just at that moment, our hero wakes up in the arms of a surprised Ladybug, seeing how he suddenly and finally had his new suit. He started to smile with a little tear down down his face in his sleep, waking to wake up with a look full of confidence and determination. But not like before, but better, ready to save Paris with his new powers. Marinette smiled at him, but she decied to not to ask questions, at least not yet.- Good to have you back, Cat Noir- It's good to be back," he says, jumping up.At that moment they hear the akumatized coming out for them, he was close, they both look at each other and smile.- Ready, kitty? - smiling at him.- Always ready, my Lady.Both put battle position and jump into action, this time, without Sleepy 2.0 could hit any.The result of the fight? I think you already imagine it.And that would be it, I hope you liked this little One-shot, and if you do, please shareLike I told you, it's based on a dream, just that I filled in some gaps here and there, so it would have more coherence and structure.Here I let you the links to the songs:- Into the Unknown:Original: Urie: Show yourself:Original: Halley: remain attentive to comments, questions, and other stuff.GreetingsSee ya
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