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Fallout cosplay by Nebulaluben
Washi tape Rosalina by Mystar21
Chapter 5: Night Of No Sleep About 2 hours after the chase Silence is laying in his training hideaway bed not able to sleep after everything that happened with Lara, Hydro, and the Mysterious Leafeon: “Ugh...this is why I can never sleep and even if I do this happens...thanks Dream for ruining another future I could’ve had...” Silence says to himself in the pitch-black darkness of the hideaway his friend Iron helped him make; he ponders the idea of getting help, but he shakes it off saying to himself “I can’t rely on other all the time for the solving of my own problems....” Silence pushes himself back on to his feet and starts towards the exit of the hideaway to blow off more steam the best way he can: training and studying in the forest. “Блять это! пора снова тренироваться!” Silence makes his way out of the hideaway and iron tails a tree which starts falling from being cut in half and attracts the attention of Hydro the Vaporeon on a late-night patrol of the outer areas of the city after not being able to find a certain Shiny Sylveon after chasing him. “huh? That must be him training again!” he starts running in the direction of the sound of trees falling in Albstraum Forest, but stops knowing that if he is spotted by him, he will run away and not be seen again for a while. “Maybe I should get Shade to do this as he’s better at sneaking around in the dark...” He shakes his head “not the best idea he is most likely asleep with Grace plus it is a long distance away back to the city center...” A few minutes later Hydro quietly sneaks through the forest towards the open center clearing in which is where Silence trained in secret when we all met him as an Eevee. The Strong quiet Vaporeon has yet to notice the hidden Mysterious Leafeon that Silence was chasing the day before in a tree watching him train. Hydro looks around the clearing seeing all the destroyed trees he wonders if Silence will end up destroying the forest entirely not caring about the wild Pokémon that might end up attacking the City in Vengeance like the Ghosts that ganged up on him and lost to him and Lara the Eevee. Silence roars “Raahhh!!!” as he lets loose an immensely powerful moon blast at a group of trees making a huge cloud of dust vaporizing what was left of the trees. Both the Leafeon and Vaporeon look in disbelief in what they just saw; Hydro never thought Silence was this strong and the Leafeon says to herself “Er ist so stark...ich muss zu ihm gehen...”[He’s so strong...I need to go see him...] The Mysterious Leafeon jumps down right in front of Hydro without noticing him making him jump back a little with a soft voice he’s whispers to the Leafeon「飛び降りる場所に気をつけて!」 [Be careful where you jump down from!] The Leafeon bewildered by the whispers of Japanese turns around and whispers back “wer bist du?” [who are you?] Hydro thinks for a minute then says “English I don’t know German sadly” The Leafeon just smiles and nods “who is he? You would not be watching him if you did not know him.” Hydro whispers back “I’ve known him since he was an eevee; he was and still is the strongest in his class and his first friend was an Onix of all Pokémon.” Leafeon to herself “that’s why he has an underground hideout that I managed to sneak into...”
Good boi by Blunell
Admins Only
Drawtober 2023: Costume (Pirate Pikachu) by Pascua-Tanya
Llama Potion by Pascua-Tanya
Grogu by Pascua-Tanya
Come in Father Burns by CapnDeek373
Digital Art - FULL
Shaped like a Friend by celesse
Zenitsu Agatsuma by kalukukiyam
Think, Gromit! by NonComposMentisStuff
Ariel Adult Mermaid by yuerus
Digital Art 2
Ashi (3/10)| 3DFC | Samurai Jack | Maisth by Maisther
10 - Torchic by MagMayou
Nessa as a Sailor Scout ! by ErelDraw
Liko as a Sailor Scout ! by ErelDraw
Traditional Art
2023 Madagascar party - Music by Drzewobojczyni
2023 Madagascar party - Home by Drzewobojczyni
2023 Madagascar party - Villains by Drzewobojczyni
thebigredtomato Commission - Noelle 70s by pikapika212
SpyLouse by Sukala-AP
Gender - episode 2 - Little leader - 6 page by Gendapoca
Oswald Cobblepot by MarvelousNachie
Talon's Gaze by KeeperOfTheArcane
TranZit Wallpaper (2023 Remaster) by ChrisCyrus
My first sans sprite. by SoulerClash
Taco Tuesday! Sonata Dusk Journal Doll by PurpleNightTheKitty
Steven Universe by FLAFLY
Designs and Interfaces
FNAF AU: Abandoned by the fire (Concept Art) by ShadoowWooods
Little Mermaid by Hummingbird26
Shadow Hunters by Hummingbird26
Toothless by Hummingbird26
Scott Summers, Cyclops - X-MEN - The Leader by DashingTonyDrake
Serana - Skyrim Elder Scrolls by AValentinexx
Rocky, The Red Ranger - BACK TO ACTION! III by DashingTonyDrake
Halloween Litten - Pokemon by aPandaCosplay
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Houndoom Peluche Art doll - Realistic Pokemon by Inuchan1986
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Call Me Little Sunshine by RGPC
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FPS Junkie by cardgamerdebu
HAYDEE Dancer by Macholove
Nemona as a Sailor Scout ! by ErelDraw
Fan OCs, Fan Characters or OCs
Consorts of Mewni #12: Favian Musty MountainNote: Hi, everyone! Just to keep you updated, the riots in Dublin have calmed down. Fortunately, all I have to worry about is nothing more than a burst lip for the foreseeable future. Anyway, without further ado, as always, this biography is part of a larger project called the "Equalistverse," which features a different story for Star and attempts to fix some of the plot holes, lackluster reveals, and unanswered questions that were in the actual canon of the show. This series primarily focuses on the consorts and almost consorts of the Butterfly Kingdom, who graced the monarchs with their presence and affection (in most cases). This biography is of Queen Salacia's first husband., Favian, the MustyA political match, the Prince Consort and QueenAn awkward start, yet love found its way.Comfort he gave her, in grief and painHis life cut short, in a war so vain. Favian was born sometime in 213BM. His biological parents are unknown; however, what is known is that shortly after his birth, while still an infant, he came into the care of King Ugorg Musty Mountain, the founder of the Musty Mountain Kingdom. Ugorg established the Kingdom in 134BM after leading a group of refugees from the siege of Butterfly Castle in 133BM. Under the dwarf-goblin’s care, Favian grew up as the prince of the Musty Mountains, alongside his older sister Mildred, who was taken in by Ugorg and was four years his senior.Due to the extremely rare nature of dwarf-goblins, named for their physical resemblance to the goblin species, only three individuals, including Ugorg, have been verified to have lived during what could be classified as 'modern Mewni.' Additionally, there are four unverified sightings of individuals dating back as far as 4,000BBM. Not much is known about the species, including the current population, with only one female member of the species documented to date. Consequently, Prince Favian was presented with a unique opportunity to be raised by such a rare member of the species.As the secondary heir to the throne, Favian received an education that prepared him for the possibility of ascending the throne in the event of his sister’s death. It also aimed to make him a desirable groom on the royal marriage market, facilitating the formation of vital alliances for the fledgling kingdom. As part of his royal tutelage, he studied history, geography, pigeon, and mathematics. Additionally, he attended classes in etiquette, communications, poetry, literature, and, against his adoptive father's initial disapproval, swordsmanship. Ugorg, his adoptive father, had insisted, “Not the way, conflict is. Knowledge in the sword equals knowledge to harm.” However, he eventually yielded to the consistent badgering from both of his children on the matter.Despite not being blood-related, Mildred assumed the role of a protective older sister efficiently. She shielded Favian from other children’s bullying, particularly due to his albinism, which many in the Kingdom interpreted as a bad omen of things yet to come. By the age of eight, Mildred, the young princess and heiress, had gained a reputation for getting into fights and insulting members of the Kingdom’s noble houses.While the young prince had two prior betrothals before his teenage years, with the heirs of both the Pony Head and Lucitor kingdoms, both arrangements ultimately fell through due to changes in the political landscape of both kingdoms. In contrast, his sister faced a similar dilemma, as many ordinary citizens and lords were outright scared of her, given her childhood. They often referred to her by the nicknames “the wild one” or “the beast.”In the midst of a rather solitary upbringing, Favian's fate took a turn at the age of fourteen during one of the grand celebrations hosted by Prince Regent Zastan of the Butterfly Kingdom in 227BM. It was here that the young prince crossed paths with Maryanne, who was merely ten at the time. Despite her initial lack of attraction and the overwhelming mustiness that emanated from him, deterring her from engaging in a dance with him, a connection formed. This chance encounter marked the beginning of a lasting friendship that evolved and strengthened over the ensuing years through an exchange of letters.It was through these letters that the pair grew better acquainted. Favian confided in his sister Mildred that the young heiress of Butterfly Kingdom had surprised him, seemingly not caring at all about his condition, unlike those in the Musty Mountains. Noticing this attraction, King Ugorg reached out an olive branch to Zastan, offering to forge an alliance between the two kingdoms in exchange for Maryanne’s betrothal to his son Favian. The Prince Regent agreed, desperate to secure an advantageous marriage for his only child, fearing a repeat of the disastrous coup attempt by Lady Laeretia, who had seized the throne following the beheading of Queen Felecia.In 232BM, Maryanne married Prince Favian in a politically arranged marriage. Favian was not present during the ceremony, so his new wife was married by proxy to a member of the butterfly court who stood in place of the Prince. When he arrived in Butterfly Kingdom and it was certain to all parties involved that he had survived the trip, the actual ceremony took place the same year. However, while others rejoiced at the union of the two kingdoms, the newlyweds seemed less than talkative to each other.Under his guidance, his wife, Salacia, learned and became proficient at boarding and maintaining ships. When asked how he was so knowledgeable about the subject, Favian confessed that he had often dreamed of sailing the seas of the world as a child and had devoured every book about boating he could find, remarking that it was only a childish dream but was currently serving him well. During this time, Salacia and Favian became closer and eventually started to like each other romantically. In his chapter in ‘the great book of spouses,’ Favian confessed that following the passing of Salacia’s grandfather, he noticed a shift in her behaviour. Although she was too proud to let anyone see her cry, he comforted her in every way he could as his father-in-law, the former Prince Regent, shut himself away to also grieve the loss.Even after some time had passed, Favian always made time for her, stopping whatever he was doing to listen or hear about the happy memories she had with her grandfather. These little things made the Queen see Favian in a new way, and she admitted in her story that she was starting to like him romantically, even holding his hand as they relaxed on ship decks together, though she was too embarrassed to say she loved him aloud.In his new position as royal consort, Favian often oversaw diplomatic relations on behalf of the Queen as she went off to tend to her galley of ships and recruit more men to aid in the expansion of Butterfly Kingdom’s control of the seas nearest to the Kingdom. Unsurprisingly, it was often Favian who was left to deal with the ever-piling list of complaints from merchant ships, fellow pirating vessels, and even the odd Waterfolk noble.Despite his usually happy exterior, Favian was often reported to let out a deep sigh when another pile of paperwork was placed on his desk concerning his wife’s exploits. In spite of that, he never seemed to have complained to her directly—at least, according to historical records. Some of his writings in his chapter suggest that he put up with the often stressful paperwork for the sake of Salacia, knowing how commanding the waves made her happy.In the summer of 237BM, Queen Salacia had a tough time giving birth to Pandora Butterfly. Pandora had silver hair like her dad, eyes as red as roses, and little female symbols on her cheeks. Favian loved his little princess so much that he spent a lot of money on fancy things for her. While her mother continued to expand the territories of the Butterfly Kingdom, Favian welcomed the company of his daughter. He made sure to spend at least an hour a day, even if in the early years of her life, that meant simply sitting by her cot as she slept soundly.The prince consort's joy only increased in 238BM when Salacia announced she was going to have another baby. People often heard him talking to the baby in Salacia's belly, saying sweet things to the little one inside. But in the winter, when Salacia gave birth to Nephele Butterfly, the happiness didn't last because Favian had to go to the Musty Mountains to help his sister, then-Queen Mildred, quash an ongoing rebellion.While he was away, Salacia agreed to return from her trips at sea to rule the Butterfly Kingdom closer to home. Following his arrival back to the Musty Mountains Kingdom, Favian met with his sister, and the two began talks about how they could weaken the rebellion. The rebellion focused mainly on the citizens not trusting Queen Mildred due to her rather rowdy nature as a pre-teen and into her early teenage years.At the suggestion of her brother, Mildred announced a feast to be held for all the citizens of the Kingdom in the keep of what passed as the royal residence in the Musty Mountains. The rich and poor could dine together, regardless of social status. What the siblings had hoped would be a beneficial arrangement for the new Queen’s popularity instead backfired. Some of the poorer citizens of the Kingdom were pacified, but the nobility objected to the notion of even being in the same room as the less fortunate. This resulted in many lords and ladies backing and contributing financially to the cause of the rebels.This all came to a head when Favian was appointed general on behalf of his sister and led those loyal to the Queen to what would become known as 'the Clash at the Molden Summit.' His position as general was only meant to be an honorary one, and Favian was informed by the Queen to stay back and oversee the battle as it progressed, sending her updates via their alliance with the Pigeon Kingdom for the conflict. Unfortunately, the Prince Consort was killed by a group of extremists who thought he betrayed the Kingdom by supporting his sister, plunging their home into conflict. It is said that as he gave the order to change while on goatback, he was pierced by an arrow from one of the extremists.Following the incident, his men charged forward, while a small group stayed behind to tend to his wound. However, it soon became apparent that Favian had lost a significant amount of blood, the arrow having pierced his lung. As he lay gasping, held up against a nearby rock, his words were a gurgled mess, which had to be translated by their pigeon allies. Put simply, his final words were an apology to his sister and a farewell to his daughters, uttering a final word, 'Salacia,' before his eyes fell shut for good.Upon the death of her husband, Salacia is said to have made her way to the Musty Mountain Kingdom, her daughters alongside her. Her traveling companions noted that her fury was unmistakable, and even as she rode in her carriage, the infamous Queen of Butterfly Kingdom was already formulating a war plan.When she arrived at the Musty Mountain Kingdom, she made her way to Queen Mildred, her daughters beside her, and the princesses met their aunt for the first time. While the girls were taken away to be looked after by royal staff, the two women conversed in Pigeon, cautious in case they were being spied on or there was a mole at the Musty Mountain Royal Court. Salacia informed the Queen about her battle plan, and the new Queen agreed with many of the suggestions put forth by her sister-in-law. It is said that Salacia, much like her husband, led the remaining dwindling forces of the Musty Mountain Kingdom alongside some of her own most loyal soldiers from Butterfly Kingdom in a retaliation for the death of her husband at what would become known later as 'Retribution Ridge.' Despite being outnumbered almost 10 to 1, Salacia’s forces, alongside Salacia who entered into her Butterfly Form during the conflict, managed to defeat their foes and capture the survivors to be put on trial at a later date.In spite of this, Salacia didn’t feel any better. In a letter exchanged between the two Queens, she wrote: “Oh, dear sister. Despite those responsible being dealt with, I feel that my heart will never recover from the loss of my dear husband. I am not the only one to suffer because of this; you have lost a brother, and my daughters must now learn to grow up without a father. If only you knew how much he loved them so. I had hoped for many years together, and now instead, I am making the journey back home to bury my husband. Words cannot describe how empty I feel.”Favian was laid to rest in the royal mausoleum a few weeks later. It is said that Salacia, who often showed little emotion in public, could be seen red-faced, eyes bloodshot, and tears streaming down her face as she dressed herself head-to-toe in black mourning attire. Once everyone had departed for the after-funeral plans, Salacia remained by his tomb in the royal mausoleum for nearly two hours by herself, only being found by a castle attendant who came looking for her once those who had attended the funeral grew worrisome about her well-being.
Doll Maker Creations
Garnet's Quince by PuddinL
Motion Books
Majora - Creation by Philipp-Steinhaus
Fan Art Features of the Community
Queens of Mewni #28: Jushtin Butterfly by TheOfficialJakeFarr
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1000 Watcher Kiriban!Kiriban: 1. A milestone; an interesting number displayed on a web counter, such as 10000, 22222, etc.; particularly, one selected by the website owner for the purpose of giving a prize to whoever reaches it. 2. A gift or prize given to one who reaches such a milestone.Hey there! Normally, deviants do kiribans for pageviews. Like 50,000 or 100,000 for obvious reasons. I've done pageview kiribans before but I haven't in a while and I thought I should do one now that it's been so long. But I'll do it for watchers instead. And because I'm aiming for something bigger, I decided why not have it be more than one winner.My aim is 1000 watchers. I currently have 782. I will select 4 winners from the people who follow the rules below by the time I hit 1000 watchers. As I said, I don't even have 800 yet, so you have plenty of time to participate. Each winner will get an image of their character in my new 2020 Style based on the type they submitted their entry under. So, if you want some art, please pay attention as I explain the rules and how winners are selected:The RulesYou must be a watcher. And you may not unwatch me after this event is over. I will block you and warn others holding similar events about you if you do. >:/ Don't be rude.Favorite this journal. *Add it to a collection if you want to submit another entry. You can also submit it for your second (and on) entry to a group favorites. Share this journal on your page via journal, poll, status update, or in a custom widget. Whatever will get it seen. For each entry, it should be different though. So if you shared via journal first, you should then share via status. If you go through them all, you may start over. XDLeave a comment on this journal with the following info (per entry): Include only 1 (ONE) character reference (multiple refs for the same character are fine), the number of the style you want/the style it would be in based on the type of character it is - read the "Important" piece below - (see Examples and Physical Examples below and either include the type name - i.e. "headshot" - or the letter corresponding to the type - i.e. "A"), the link to where you shared this journal, and tag at least 5 deviants who you think will like my content and would therefore watch me who haven't already.I will let you know if any of the tagged deviants already watch me. In which case, I will ask you to tag additional deviants to make it 5 deviants who don't watch me. For each entry, you must tag different deviants. For every valid entry, I will reply with a letter and a number as I will be selecting winners based on the four types so the numbers will be grouped based on said types. See the Examples to know which category to expect. (So, I will reply #A12 if you are the 12th valid comment for Headshot.)Edited entries will not be valid unless they are within the first hour since the comment was originally made. Mistakes happen but if you change your entry because of my decision, then that's a no go. Always check the rules and your entry before you submit. Important: If your character is simple, please put it under the simple category. If you label it under Full-Body (Regular) or D, it will not be valid. The different between simple and regular is whether it will take less to construct the character. Be sure to read all about how this style works and characters are constructed here. That will help you understand how I do it. *You are allowed to participate more than once. However, if you do, you must repeat this entire process. Only 1 (ONE) character may be suggested each time. So participate as often as you like provided you follow the same rules each time. Winner SelectionWhen I reach 1000 watchers, I won't allow any more comments for this event.There will be 1 winner for each example type. So, 1 winner for a headshot, 1 for half-body, 1 for full-body (simple), and 1 for full-body (regular). All winners will be chosen using two methods. The first part is that I will select up to ten characters at random per section, if applicable. Afterward, unless I really like a particular character, I will use a random generator to select the four winners. I will not explain why I chose what I did as part of the ten or if I particularly like one. I will set every comment that has a character that I can do (and am willing to do) to 'Featured', so if I reply to you saying your comment entry has been acknowledged, but your comment has not been featured, I highly suggest you submit another entry. I will not explain any of my choices. It is important that participants consider each type and submit their character based on that and other participants. If everyone submits to Type C and D, there will only be two winners instead of four. That is why you are allowed to submit more than once and why it is important that you choose various categories. My hope is to pick a different winner per category. However, if I don't have enough of the Featured characters to choose from, there is nothing I can do. With that said, take a look at the CAN DRAW and CANNOT DRAW lists below so you have a better idea of which characters you should not suggest. (The list will be expanded on if I think of it, though if I add something later, that will not affect the validity of any entries. Meaning that if you already submitted an entry that's no good, you'll have to resubmit, not edit your entry.)CAN DRAWMost Fan ArtHumansHumanoids (two legs)Simple Pokemon/Monsters - Examples: most small Pokemon, Gengar, Pikachu, Growlith, Jirachi, TyphlosionCANNOT DRAWSome Fan Art (will tell you)Robots, detailed armorquadrupedal (four-legged) creatures, like dogs Detailed Pokemon/Monsters - Example: most bigger legendaries, Charzard, Drednaw, Sigilyph, etcThe ExamplesClick on the individual examples below to see examples or scroll down.Headshot - AHalf-body - BFull-body (Simple) - CFull-body (Regular) - DPhysical ExamplesHere is the style so you know what you're getting into. For this, I will be doing as high quality as I'm able. So, some of these had less effort put into them as winners will get.,That's everything. If you have any questions, comment below. Or if you want to complain about the rules, that works too. I know some of it is a bit restricting, but this is a new style and I want to make sure I can do it. So, please if you have questions or concerns, let me know. Also, I'm willing to offer a sketch headshot request to every hundredth watcher. So one for 800 and 900. Add to your entry a if you want that or a if you don't. I will just take it as a no if I get no replies for this. XDHave a good week....
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Sketch training #1 (Killer Queen) by ShadoowWooods



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FAN-ART-WORLD GALLERY GUIDELINES (28/03/23)Greetings to all members of @Fan-Art-World! 🚨 PLEASE READ THIS JOURNAL FROM START TO END. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT! 🚨As I promised, this is an update to the Art Submission Guidelines in the @Fan-Art-World gallery. You will learn in detail what is Fan Art and what is NOT Fan Art, the general rules of the gallery and what type of content is accepted in each folder to avoid confusion, help you send your art to our group correctly and make of this a good place to house the Fan Art of the community.To become you a member of @Fan-Art-World, press the Join Our Group button on the Homepage and you will be automatically accepted. You will then be able to start submitting your art to our gallery, interact with other members, receive news about the Fan Art community, and participate in special events (We hope to hold Fan Art contests or challenges in the future). And if you want to join our Staff as a Contributor, please check the following journal to find out how to do it. I would love your help for managing this group. . FAN-ART-WORLD GALLERY GUIDELINES WHAT IS FAN ART?It's very important to know from the beginning what is Fan Art and how to distinguish it from other artistic pieces to avoid confusion. Fan Art is a term commonly used today to refer to those visual artworks (illustrations, comics, etc) created by fans - whether they are amateur, semi-professional or professional artists - and that are directly based on characters, stories, scenery, costumes, concepts and universes previously created by third parties for different media such as movies, TV series, games, anime, manga, comics and books. Some well-known examples include Dragon Ball Z by Akira Toriyama, Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi, Harry Potter by J. K.Rowling, Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien, Super Mario by Nintendo, Pokemon by Nintendo, Undertale by Toby Fox, Steven Universe by Rebecca Sugar, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic by Lauren Faust, Spider-Man: No Way Home by Marvel Studios, Turning Red by Domee Shi, Miraculous Ladybug by Thomas Astruc and many others.,Basically, Fan Art is a derivative work of a pre-existing work created by third parties, but it's not created or requested directly by them. Art created by fans for fans. Many artists use Fan Art as a medium to show their admiration to these people, drawing their favorite characters in different situations that were never seen in the original story canon and developing entirely new narratives from them. Therefore, Fan Art can also be a very imaginative medium in that sense (contrary to what many people think), since there are no limits to creativity, all people are different and each artwork has a unique visual style that it comes from personal expression of each artist.However, the original works that we use as inspiration to make our Fan Arts are protected by the copyright of their creators and the different copyright laws around the world. This means that, technically, the creation and distribution of Fan Art is illegal in many countries, but most copyright owners of the original works allow these creations as long as we do NOT use them for profit. That's why we have a gallery dedicated to Fan Art here on DeviantArt, although we can't sell Fan Art as prints. In addition, these owners consider that Fan Art represents a benefit for their commercial activity, since it allows them to obtain a larger audience for their work and more people buy products of their characters, increasing their profits. But other won't tolerate it, prohibiting its distribution and requiring to the artists to create their own original works.Due to these circumstances, Fan Arts are seen as unique pieces and true treasures that have the same value as an original artwork. Also are considered as Fan Art those drawings of the original characters (OCs) of your friends or another person who gives you their consent to draw them, either for leisure or as part of a commission; drawings of original characters that you created for a pre-existing universe (Like my OC Jane Lee for DBZ/DBS), using elements from it; and representations of characters in other media such as crafts, cosplay, wallpapers, emoticons, etc., WHAT IS NOT FANART?Now that you know exactly what is Fan Art, it's time to learn what is NOT Fan Art because I have noticed that many people are confused about this topic and try to submit original art as Fan Art to the @Fan-Art-World gallery. So, according to the above definition of Fan Art, the following content is NOT considered Fan Art:Original Art: Are those artworks that come directly from the creativity and personal inspiration of the artist without copying, tracing or imitating the work created by other artists (although they can take them as inspiration to create their own works), or include elements of existing stories/universes such as characters, scenery, objects, costumes, concepts, drawing styles, among others, which are protected by third-party copyright. The content of the work has been entirely created by the artist, including completely original characters that do not belong to another person. Characters that you created for your own fictional universe.,Official Art of movies, TV series, games, books or comics: Consists of those artworks directly created by the hand of the copyright owner, or commissioned by that person, company or studio to professional artists who charge a monetary payment for their work and are hired for their skills. This art includes illustrations, character designs (or secenery, costumes, objects, etc.), comic book covers, promotional posters, and more that are used for the story development, or for advertising and commercial purposes.,Art of Real People and Celebrities: Artwork depicting real-life people, including historical figures such as Albert Einstein, William Shakespeare, Martin Luther King, Napoleon Bonaparte, George Washington, and more; and different types of celebrities such as actors (Dwayne Johnson, Will Smith, Emma Watson), singers (Shakira, Madonna, Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin), athletes (Michael Jordan, Roger Federer, LeBron James, Lionel Messi) and writers (J. K. Rowling, Rick Riordan, Stephen King, Stephenie Meyer). They are not Fan Art because real people are not copyrighted, except celebrity photos. Therefore, a traditional or digital portrait of Emma Watson is original art, but an illustration of her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film series is Fan Art.,It is also very important to emphasize that a good Fan Art has been created at 100% by the artist, starting from a blank canvas and some references (a pose, character, place or other source), and proceeding to draw/paint each line, color, shape and texture with his own effort. When we copy from an existing source, it is very appropriate to give credit to that source. But it is completely unacceptable to copy or steal the work of other artists, or to submit official art from a game, scans from an official art book, a photograph of a celebrity, screenshots from your favorite TV series, and similar elements where the source it is the intellectual property of other people., GENERAL GALLERY GUIDELINESWe will only accept Fan Art created 100% by you, respecting the Terms of Service and Submission Policies of DeviantArt. Therefore, it is completely unacceptable to copy, steal, or modify another artist's work. You also may not submit scans of an official comic or art book, screenshots of your favorite TV series, and any similar material copyrighted by a third party. Images generated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) are also prohibited because it is not your own work.However, we accept Fan Art created collaboratively by two or more people. But you must specify this in the description of the deviation.Now that you know how to distinguish Fan Art from art is not Fan Art, please do not submit completely original artwork, official artwork, and art from real people and/or celebrities to this group.One (1) submission per day. This is to avoid excessive volume of submissions.Use the tags field on the Submit Deviation page to identify your work as Fan Art if it meets the characteristics of one, the traditional or digital tools you used to create it, the characters that appear, and what existing fictional story/universe they belong to. This will help us verify if your work is Fan Art or not in order to place it in the correct folder in our gallery.If you use poses, bases, and other anatomical references to draw characters, be sure to follow the rules of use of their original creators and give them credit.Adult content is accepted as long as it complies with the Etiquette Policy and Submission Policies of DA. Therefore, Fan Art that shows excessive violence, blood, hate to a character and pornographic content is NOT allowed.We do not accept Watchers-only deviations.We also do not accept adoptables, YCH (Your Character Here) and deviations/journals with detailed information about commissions, such as price lists, rules, payment methods, etc. Please submit them to specialized groups that you can find in the Groups Directory.Commissions (deviations) that containing characters copyrighted by third parties are accepted. However, it must be art created 100% by you, according to the first rule on this list. If you did not create the commission, but re-uploaded it to your gallery, you must give credit to the original creator in the deviation description. Otherwise, we will not accept it., MATURE CONTENT GUIDELINESGenerally, Mature Content on DeviantArt refers to those deviations that show topics not suitable for certain audiences, such as controversial political and religious views, violence, gore, offensive language, nudity, sexuality, etc. If your Fan Art contains any of these themes, it must be appropriately tagged with a Moderate or Strict Mature Content filter, depending on the intensity of the content.More information: What is Mature Content? What is DeviantArt's policy around sexual themes? Content NOT allowed: Pornographic images that exhibit explicit themes such as sexualized minors, masturbation, sexual intercourse, vaginal or anal penetration, sexual fluids (real or simulated), bodily waste, erections, vaginal or anal opening, adult sex toys, etc.Hentai illustrations (manga and anime genre with pornographic content), as well as female characters with excessively large breasts, are also prohibited, because they do not fit with the theme of our group and give to our viewers the wrong impression about the type of art that we are accepting. Please, send them to specialized groups.We accept Fan Art that contains Yaoi and Yuri (manga/anime genres used to refer to romantic relationships between two male characters and two female characters respectively. For example: Haruka and Michiru from Sailor Moon), as long as it complies with the general guidelines of the gallery and the Mature Content guidelines explained above. Otherwise, your work will be removed from our gallery., OVERVIEW OF THE FOLDERS Featured: Collection of Fan Arts that have been chosen as Daily Deviations (DDs). This is a recognition given to exceptional art pieces for their astonishing technical execution and both visual and written quality. Click here to see this folder option. Only Admins: This folder is only for the Fan Art created by the administrators (founder, co-founders and contributors) of @Fan-Art-World. Click here to see this folder option. Digital Art: For Fan Art created through the combined use of a computer (can also be a tablet or mobile phone) with a graphic tablet, a stylus or mouse, and applications/software specialized in drawing, design and digital manipulation. Click here to see this folder option. Traditional Art: For Fan Art created by using traditional tools such as drawing pencils, charcoal, colored pencils, crayons, markers, pastel chalks, acrylic paint, oil paint, watercolors, gouache and others on white paper, special papers to work with such techniques, a blank canvas, a wall, etc. Click here to see this folder option. Comics: For comic pages created by yourself, either with traditional or digital means. Click here to see this folder option. Customizations: For any piece of art that belongs to the Customization gallery, but that contains characters copyrighted by another person, company or studio (Fan Art) such as wallpapers, backgrounds and custom themes for applications on desktop computers and mobile devices, emoticons , icons, etc. Pixel Art will also be included because it will be easier for us as admins to keep pixel creations together, such as icons created using this digital technique. Click here to see this folder option. Designs and Interfaces: For application designs/interfaces, buttons, CD covers, DVD covers, editorial publications, fashion, game development, products, logos, tattoos, vehicle graphics, web interfaces and others containing characters copyrighted by another person, company or studio (Fan Art). If you are making a work for pleasure or commissioned with the intellectual property of another person, it must be included in this folder. Click here to see this folder option. Photography: For cosplay (art that consists of dressing up as a fictional character), as well as any other Fan Art photographic material. Click here to see this folder option. Crafts and Sculpture: For crafts and sculptures of your favorite characters such as polymer clay figures, dolls, stuffed animals, personalized toys, jewelry, painted images on glass, images embroidered on fabric with cross stitch, metal works, carpentry, architectural design (a model of a iconic building from your favorite movie, series, game, comic or book), etc. Click here to see this folder option. Fan Fiction: For literature created by fans for fans based on movies, TV series, video games, books, comics, etc. Your own fictional stories about your favorite characters from these media. Click here to see this folder option. DeviantArt Related: For Fan Art creations such as Deviant Stamps, DeviantArt Skins & Scripts (Themes and CSS codes for Journals/Galleries), Cover images for your journals, backgrounds for customizable sections on your profile, separators, avatars, banners and others containing characters from movies, TV series, video games, books, comics, etc. Although the CSS codes for Journals and Galleries are no longer used because they are not compatible with the modern DeviantArt interface, we want to collect these themes to display as a memento of the classic interface and honor their creators. Click here to see this folder option. Animation: For your own animations about your favorite characters from movies, TV series, video games, books, comics, etc. Click here to see this folder option. Crossover: For Fan Art where two or more characters from different stories or universes are present, characters from one story dressed or biologically changed to resemble characters from another story, and the like. Examples: Disney princesses as Pokémon trainers, superheroes from Marvel and DC Comics fighting together, and Sonic the Hedgehog dressed as Captain America. Click here to see this folder option. Fan Characters: A folder for your characters based on an existing idea, story or universe. These characters are also called Original Characters or OCs. An example is creating a new student wizard who will attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from the Harry Potter saga. Click here to see this folder option. Doll Maker Creations: For images created through games and character generators, designed by another deviant, containing characters from movies, TV series, games, books and comics, or original characters. This folder is also for those games and character generators that are related to a specific fictional universe like The Little Mermaid or My Little Pony. Click here to see this folder option Fan Art Features: If you are one of those people who help other artists to promote their Fan Art through journals, you can send them to this folder. Here you can also find journals created by me. THIS IS NOT FOR ART, IT IS FOR JOURNALS ONLY. Click here to see this folder option Educational Articles: This is a folder to share your educational articles about Fan Art and help the community learn more about this medium. It also includes interviews with various Fan Artists on DeviantArt. Click here to see this folder option Group Events: For contests, challenges and other events organized by @Fan-Art-World to promote Fan Art in the community. Click here to see this folder option Community Events: For official DeviantArt contests and events organized by other Fan Artists and/or Fan Art groups. Click here to see this folder option Scraps and Unfinished: As the name implies, this folder is for sketches, drafts, and other unfinished work. Click here to see this folder optionIf you have an idea for a folder this group should have, feel free to drop us a note from the front page ., DIRECTRICES DE GALERIA DE FAN-ART-WORLD (28/03/23)¡Saludos a todos los miembros de @Fan-Art-World! 🚨 POR FAVOR LEE ESTE JOURNAL DE PRINCIPIO A FIN ¡ES MUY IMPORTANTE! 🚨Como prometí, esta es una actualización de las Directrices para las presentaciones de arte en la galería de @Fan-Art-World. Aprenderás con detalle que es Fan Art y que NO es Fan Art, las reglas generales de la galería y que tipo de contenidos se aceptan en cada carpeta para evitar confusiones, ayudarte a enviar correctamente tu arte a nuestro grupo y hacer del mismo un buen lugar para albergar el Fan Art de la comunidad. Para convertirte en un miembro de @Fan-Art-World, presiona el botón Join Our Group en la Homepage y serás aceptado automáticamente. Entonces podrás comenzar a enviar tu arte a nuestra galería, interactuar con otros miembros, recibir noticias sobre la comunidad del Fan Art y participar en eventos especiales (Esperamos poder realizar concursos o desafíos de Fan Art en el futuro). Y si deseas unirte a nuestro Staff como un Colaborador, por favor checa el siguiente journal para saber como hacerlo. Me encantaría contar con tu ayuda para administrar este grupo . DIRECTRICES DE GALERÍA DE FAN-ART-WORLD ¿QUÉ ES FAN ART?Es muy importante saber desde el principio que es Fan Art y como distinguirlo de otras piezas artísticas para evitar confusiones. Fan Art es un término comúnmente usado en la actualidad para referirse a aquellas obras de arte visual (ilustraciones, comics, etc) creadas por fanáticos - ya sean artistas amateurs, semiprofesionales o profesionales - y que se basan directamente en personajes, historias, escenarios, vestuarios, conceptos y universos previamente creados por terceros para diferentes medios tales como películas, series de televisión, juegos, mangas, comics y libros. Algunos ejemplos muy conocidos incluyen a Dragon Ball Z de Akira Toriyama, Sailor Moon de Naoko Takeuchi, Harry Potter de J. K. Rowling, El Señor de los Anillos de J. R. R. Tolkien, Super Mario de Nintendo, Pokemon de Nintendo, Undertale de Toby Fox, Steven Universe de Rebecca Sugar, My Little Pony: La Magia de la Amistad de Lauren Faust, Spider-Man: No Way Home de Marvel Studios, Turning Red de Domee Shi, Miraculous Ladybug de Thomas Astruc y muchos otros. ,Básicamente, Fan Art es una obra derivada de otra preexistente creada por terceros, pero no es creado o solicitado directamente por ellos. Arte creado por fans para fans. Muchos artistas usan el Fan Art como un medio para mostrar su admiración hacia estas personas, dibujando a sus personajes favoritos en diferentes situaciones que nunca se vieron en el canon de la historia original y desarrollando narraciones completamente nuevas a partir de ellos. Por lo tanto, el Fan Art también puede ser un medio muy imaginativo en ese sentido (al contrario de lo que mucha gente piensa) ya que no hay límites para la creatividad, todos somos diferentes y cada obra de arte posee un estilo visual único que proviene de la expresión personal de cada artista. Sin embargo, las obras originales que usamos como inspiración para hacer nuestros Fan Arts están protegidas por los derechos de autor de sus creadores y las diferentes leyes de derechos de autor en todo el mundo. Esto significa que, técnicamente, la creación y distribución de Fan Art es ilegal en muchos países, pero la mayoría de los propietarios de los derechos de autor de las obras originales permiten estas creaciones mientras NO las utilicemos para lucrarnos. Por eso tenemos una galería dedicada al Fan Art aquí en DeviantArt, aunque no podemos vender Fan Arts como impresiones. Además, estos propietarios consideran que el Fan Art representa un beneficio para su actividad comercial, pues les permite obtener una audiencia mayor en su trabajo y más personas compran productos de sus personajes, incrementando sus ganancias. Pero otros no lo tolerarán, prohibirán su distribución y exigirán a los artistas crear sus propias obras originales. Debido a estas circunstancias, los Fan Arts son vistos como piezas únicas y verdaderos tesoros que tienen el mismo valor que una obra de arte original. También se consideran como Fan Art aquellos dibujos de los personales originales (OCs) de tus amigos o de otra persona que te da su consentimiento para dibujarlos, ya sea por ocio o como parte de una comisión; dibujos de personajes originales que creaste para un universo preexistente (Como mi OC Jane Lee para DBZ/DBS), usando elementos del mismo; y representaciones de personajes en otros medios como artesanías, cosplay, wallpapers, emoticons, etc. , ¿QUÉ NO ES FAN ART?Ahora que ya sabes con exactitud qué es Fan Art, es momento de aprender qué NO es Fan Art porque he notado muchas personas están confundidas sobre este tema e intentan enviar arte original como Fan Art a la galería de @Fan-Art-World. Entonces, de acuerdo con la definición anterior de Fan Art , los siguientes contenidos NO son considerados como Fan Art:Arte Original: Son aquellas obras de arte que provienen directamente de la creatividad y la inspiración personal del artista sin copiar, calcar o imitar el trabajo creado por otros artistas (aunque pueden tomarlos como inspiración para crear sus propias obras), ni incluir elementos de historias/universos preexistentes como personajes, escenarios, objetos, vestuarios, conceptos, estilos de dibujo, entre otros, que están protegidos por los derechos de autor de terceros. El contenido de la obra ha sido creado por el artista en su totalidad, incluyendo a personajes completamente originales que no pertenecen a otra persona. Personajes que creaste para tu propio universo de ficción. ,Arte Oficial de películas, series de TV, videojuegos, libros o comics: Consiste en aquellas obras de arte creadas directamente por la mano del propietario de derechos de autor, o encargadas por esa persona, empresa o estudio a artistas profesionales que cobran un pago monetario por su trabajo y son contratados por sus habilidades. Este arte incluye ilustraciones, diseños de personajes (o escenarios, vestuarios, objetos, etc), portadas para comics, carteles promocionales y más que se usan para el desarrollo de la historia, o para fines publicitarios y comerciales. ,Arte de gente real y celebridades: Obras de arte que representan a personas de la vida real, incluyendo a figuras históricas como Albert Einstein, William Shakespeare, Martin Luther King, Napoleón Bonaparte, George Washington, entre otros; diferentes tipos de celebridades como actores (Dwayne Johnson, Will Smith, Emma Watson), cantantes (Shakira, Madonna, Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin), deportistas (Michael Jordan, Roger Federer, LeBron James, Lionel Messi) y escritores (J. K. Rowling, Rick Riordan, Stephen King, Stephenie Meyer). No son Fan Art porque las personas reales no están protegidas por derechos de autor, excepto las fotografías de celebridades. Por lo tanto, un retrato tradicional o digital de Emma Watson es arte original, pero una ilustración de su papel como Hermione Granger en la saga cinematográfica de Harry Potter es un Fan Art. ,También es muy importante recalcar que un buen Fan Art es aquel donde el artista ha hecho el 100% del trabajo, comenzando con un lienzo en blanco y algunas referencias (una pose, un personaje, localización u otra fuente), y procediendo a dibujar/pintar cada línea, color, forma y textura con su propio esfuerzo. Cuando se copia de una fuente existente, es muy adecuado dar el crédito a dicha fuente. Pero es completamente inaceptable copiar o calcar el trabajo de otro artista, o presentar arte oficial de un videojuego, escaneos de un libro de arte oficial, una fotografía de una celebridad, capturas de pantalla de tu serie de televisión favorita y artículos similares en los que la fuente es propiedad intelectual de otra persona. , DIRECTRICES GENERALES DE LA GALERÍASolo aceptaremos Fan Arts creados al 100% por ti, respetando los Términos de Servicio y las Políticas de Submisión de DeviantArt. Por lo tanto, es completamente inaceptable copiar, robar o modificar el trabajo de otro artista. Tampoco puedes enviar escaneos de un libro de arte o comic oficial, capturas de pantalla de tu serie de televisión favorita y cualquier material similar con derechos de autor de un tercero. Las imágenes generadas con Inteligencia Artificial (IA) también están prohibidas porque no es tu propio trabajo.Sin embargo, aceptamos Fan Art creados en colaboración por dos o más personas. Pero debes especificar esto en la descripción de la deviation.Ahora que ya sabes cómo distinguir el Fan Art de otras obras de arte que no lo son, por favor, no envíes ilustraciones completamente originales, obras de arte oficiales y arte de personas reales y/o celebridades a este grupo. Una (1) submisión por día. Esto es para evitar el volumen excesivo de submisiones. Utiliza el campo de etiquetas en la página Submit Deviation para identificar tu trabajo como Fan Art si cumple con las características de uno, las herramientas tradicionales o digitales que usaste para crearlo, los personajes que aparecen y a qué historia/universo de ficción existente pertenecen. Esto nos ayudará a verificar si tu trabajo es Fan Art o no para ubicarlo en la carpeta correcta de nuestra galería. Si usas poses, bases y otras referencias anatómicas para dibujar personajes, asegúrate de cumplir con las reglas de uso de sus creadores originales y darles crédito.Se acepta contenido para adultos siempre que cumpla con la Política de etiqueta y las Políticas de Submisión de DA. Por lo tanto, NO se permiten Fan Arts que muestren una violencia excesiva, sangre, odio hacia un personaje y contenido pornográfico. No aceptamos deviations Solo para Watchers (Watchers-only).Tampoco aceptamos adoptables, YCH (Your Character Here) y desviations/comisiones con información detallada sobre comisiones, como listas de precios, reglas, formas de pago, etc. Por favor súbelos a grupos especializados que puede encontrar en el Directorio de Grupos.Se aceptan comisiones (deviations) que contengan personajes con derechos de autor de terceros. Sin embargo, debe ser arte creado 100% por ti, según la primera regla de esta lista. Si no creaste la comisión, pero la resubiste a tu galería, debes dar crédito al creador original en la descripción de la deviation. De lo contrario, no lo aceptaremos., DIRECTRICES DE CONTENIDO ADULTOGeneralmente, Contenido para Adultos en DeviantArt se refiere a aquellas deviations que muestran temas no adecuados para ciertas audiencias, como opiniones políticas y religiosas controvertidas, violencia, gore, lenguaje ofensivo, desnudez, sexualidad, etc. Si tú Fan Art contiene alguno de estos temas, debe estar debidamente etiquetado con un filtro de Contenido Adulto Moderado o Estricto, según la intensidad del contenido. Más información: What is Mature Content? What is DeviantArt's policy around sexual themes? Contenido NO permitido: Imágenes pornográficas que exhiban temas explícitos como menores sexualizados, masturbación, relaciones sexuales, penetración vaginal o anal, fluidos sexuales (reales o simulados), desechos corporales, erecciones, abertura vaginal o anal, juguetes sexuales para adultos, etc. También se prohíben las ilustraciones Hentai (género de manga y anime de contenido pornográfico), así como de personajes femeninos con pechos excesivamente grandes, porque no encajan con la temática de nuestro grupo y dan a nuestros espectadores una impresión equivocada sobre el tipo de arte que aceptamos. Por favor, envíalas a grupos especializados. Aceptamos Fan Art que contenga Yaoi y Yuri (géneros del manga/anime utilizados para referirse a las relaciones románticas entre dos personajes masculinos y dos personajes femeninos respectivamente. Por ejemplo: Haruka y Michiru de Sailor Moon), siempre que cumpla con las directrices generales de la galería y las directrices de Contenido Adulto explicadas anteriormente. De no ser así, tu trabajo será removido de nuestra galería. , DESCRIPCIÓN GENERAL DE LAS CARPETAS Featured: Colección de Fan Arts que han sido elegidos como Daily Deviations (DDs). Este es un reconocimiento que se concede a obras de arte excepcionales por su asombrosa ejecución técnica y calidad tanto visual como escrita. Haz clic aquí para ver esta opción de carpeta. Only Admins: Esta carpeta es solo para el Fan Art creado por los administradores (fundador, co-fundadores y colaboradores) de @Fan-Art-World. Haz clic aquí para ver esta opción de carpeta. Digital Art: Para Fan Art creado mediante el uso combinado de una computadora (también puede ser una tableta o un teléfono móvil) con una tableta gráfica, un lápiz óptico o mouse, y aplicaciones/software especializado en dibujo, diseño y manipulación digital. Haz clic aquí para ver esta opción de carpeta. Traditional Art: Para Fan Art creado mediante el uso de herramientas tradicionales como lápices para dibujo, carboncillo, lápices de colores, creyones, marcadores, tiza pastel, pintura acrílica, pintura al óleo, acuarelas, guaches y otras sobre papel blanco, papeles especiales para trabajar con dichas técnicas, un lienzo en blanco, una pared, etc. Haz clic aquí para ver esta opción de carpeta Comics: Para páginas de comics creadas por ti mismo(a), ya sea con medios tradicionales o digitales. Haz clic aquí para ver esta opción de carpeta Customizations: Para cualquier pieza de arte que pertenezca a la galería de Customization, pero que contenga personajes con derechos de autor de otra persona, empresa o estudio (Fan Art) como wallpapers, fondos y temas personalizados para aplicaciones en computadoras de escritorio y dispositivos móviles, emoticons, iconos, etc. También se incluirá Pixel Art porque será más fácil para nosotros como administradores mantener juntas las creaciones de píxeles, como íconos creados mediante esta técnica digital. Haz clic aquí para ver esta opción de carpeta Designs and Interfaces: Para diseños/interfaces de aplicaciones, botones, portadas de CDs, portadas de DVD, publicaciones editoriales, moda, desarrollo de juegos, productos, logotipos, tatuajes, gráficos vehiculares, interfaces web y otros que contengan personajes con derechos de autor de otra persona, empresa o estudio (Fan Art), Si estás realizando una obra por placer o por encargo con la propiedad intelectual de otra persona, debe ser incluida en esta carpeta. Haz clic aquí para ver esta opción de carpeta Photography: Para cosplay (arte que consiste en disfrazarse de un personaje de ficción), así como cualquier otro material fotográfico de Fan Art. Haz clic aquí para ver esta opción de carpeta Crafts and Sculpture: Para artesanías y esculturas de tus personajes favoritos como figuras de arcilla polimérica, muñecos, peluches, juguetes personalizados, joyería, imágenes pintadas en vidrio, imágenes bordadas en tela con punto de cruz, trabajos en metal, carpintería, diseño arquitectónico (una maqueta de un edificio emblemático de tu película, serie, juego, comic o libro favorito), etc. Haz clic aquí para ver esta opción de carpeta Fan Fiction: Para literatura creada por fans para fans que se basan en películas, series de TV, videojuegos, libros, comics, etc. Tus propias historias de ficción sobre tus personajes favoritos de estos medios. Haz clic aquí para ver esta opción de carpeta DeviantArt Related: Para creaciones de Fan Art como Deviant Stamps, DeviantArt Skins & Scripts (Temas y códigos CSS para Journals/Galerías), Imágenes de portada para tus journals, fondos para secciones personalizables en tu perfil, separadores, avatares, banners y otros que contengan personajes de películas, series de TV, videojuegos, libros, comics, etc. Aunque los códigos CSS para Journals y Galerías ya no se usan porque no son compatibles con la interfaz moderna de DeviantArt, queremos coleccionar estos temas para exhibirlos como un recuerdo de la interfaz clásica y honrar a sus creadores. Haz clic aquí para ver esta opción de carpeta Animation: Para tus propias animaciones sobre tus personajes favoritos de películas, series de TV, videojuegos, libros, comics, etc. Haz clic aquí para ver esta opción de carpeta Crossover: Para Fan Art donde estén presentes dos o más personajes de diferentes historias o universos, personajes de una historia vestidos o cambiados biológicamente para parecerse a personajes de otra historia, y similares. Ejemplos: Las princesas de Disney como entrenadoras Pokémon, superhéroes de Marvel y DC Comics luchando juntos, y Sonic el Erizo vestido como el Capitán America. Haz clic aquí para ver esta opción de carpeta Fan Characters: Una carpeta para tus personajes basados en una idea, historia o universo ya existente. Estos personajes también son llamados Personajes Originales u OCs. Un ejemplo es crear un nuevo estudiante mago que asistirá al Colegio Hogwarts de Magia y Hechicería de la saga de Harry Potter. Haz clic aquí para ver esta opción de carpeta Doll Maker Creations: Para imágenes creadas mediante juegos y generadores de personajes, diseñados por otro deviant, que contienen personajes de películas, series de TV, juegos, libros y comics, o personajes originales. Esta carpeta también es para aquellos juegos y generadores de personajes que están relacionados con un universo de ficción específico como La Sirenita o My Little Pony. Haz clic aquí para ver esta opción de carpeta Fan Art Features: Si eres una de esas personas que ayudan a otros artistas a promocionar su Fan Art a través de journals, puedes enviarlos a esta carpeta. Aquí también podrás encontrar journals creados por mi. ESTO NO ES PARA ARTE, ES SOLO PARA JOURNALS. Haz clic aquí para ver esta opción de carpeta Educational Articles: Esta es una carpeta para compartir tus artículos educativos sobre Fan Art y ayudar a la comunidad a aprender más de este medio. También incluye entrevistas con varios Fan Artistas en DeviantArt. Haz clic aquí para ver esta opción de carpeta Group Events: Para concursos, desafíos y otros eventos organizados por @Fan-Art-World para promover el Fan Art en la comunidad. Haz clic aquí para ver esta opción de carpeta Community Events: Para concursos oficiales de DeviantArt y eventos organizados por otros Fan Artistas y/o grupos de Fan Art. Haz clic aquí para ver esta opción de carpeta Scraps and Unfinished: Como su nombre lo indica, esta carpeta es para bocetos, borradores y otros trabajos no terminados. Haz clic aquí para ver esta opción de carpetaSi tienes una idea de una carpeta que este grupo debería tener, no dudes enviarnos una nota desde la página principal . ,


F2U --- Will you search for me? by sigulary
Greetings dear members of @Fan-Art-World! :wave:
I am happy to inform you that we finally have new administrators who joined us a few days ago. Please give a warm welcome to:
WDWParksGal @WDWParksGal (New Co-Founder)
CapnDeek373 @CapnDeek373 (New Contributor)
You probably know them for their great contributions to the DeviantArt community. These amazing people offered to help me manage this group and vote on the new submissions in our gallery. I really appreciate their support :heart: .
And since we already have several administrators, I decided to officially reopen the entire gallery. Now you can share your Fan Art in the following folders:
  • Digital Art
  • Traditional Art
  • Comics
  • Customizations
  • Designs and Interfaces
  • Photography
  • Crafts and Sculpture
  • Fan Fiction
  • Animation
  • Crossover
  • Fan Characters
  • Doll Maker Creations
  • Fan Art Features
  • Educative Articles
  • Community Events
  • Scraps and Unfinished
ONLY FAN ART AND ONE (1) SUBMISSION PER DAY. Please read our Gallery Guidelines before submitting your Fan Art.
F2U --- Will you search for me?
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