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:bulletpurple: Be respectful to other members and administrators of the group. Any offensive behavior will be punished.

:bulletpurple: Your art must be FAN ART. Please read our Gallery Guidelines before submit your Fan Art to the group.

:bulletpurple: Please use our comments section ONLY to share Fan Art, suggest art for our gallery, ask questions about how the group works, report any issues that prevent you from submitting your Fan Art, or discuss Fan Art related topics.

:bulletpurple: DO NOT use this section to promote your adoptables and commissions because our group is for Fan Art only. Otherwise you will be banned from the group and will not be able to comment here again. If you need to advertise your services, I recommend doing it in specialized groups that you can find in the Groups Directory.

:bulletpink: If you want to become a Contributor of our group, enter this link to find out how you can apply.

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Fan-Art-World :groups: is a group for Fan Art creators from the DeviantArt Community. It was born to be a safe space for interaction between artists dedicated to Fan Art and Fan Fiction, where they can meet and discuss interesting topics, share their work and find news about the Fan Art Community specifically. You have come to the right place if you are looking for:

:bulletpurple: Meet other artists who share the same interests as you.

:bulletpurple: Share your Fan Arts with the rest of the community through our gallery.

:bulletpurple: Read topics of interest about Fan Art such as: Fan Art Applications in other artistic media (Crafts, Cosplay, Wallpapers, Journal Skins, Emoticons, etc.), Differences between Fan Art and Original Art, Copyright in Fan Art, among others.

:bulletpurple: Be informed about what's new in Fan Art.

:bulletpurple: Participate in special Fan Art contests and events.

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Fan-Art-World :groups: es un grupo para los creadores de Fan Art de la Comunidad de DeviantArt. Nació para ser un espacio seguro de interacción entre artistas dedicados al Fan Art y Fan Fiction, donde puedan reunirse y discutir temas interesantes, compartir su trabajo y encontrar novedades sobre la Comunidad de Fan Art específicamente. Has llegado al lugar correcto si estas buscando:

:bulletpurple: Conocer a otros artistas que comparten los mismos intereses que tu.

:bulletpurple: Compartir tus Fan Arts con el resto de la comunidad a través de nuestra galería.

:bulletpurple: Leer temas de interés sobre el Fan Art como: Aplicaciones del Fan Art en otros medios artísticos (Artesanías, Cosplay, Wallpapers, Journal Skins, Emoticons, etc), Diferencias entre Fan Art y Arte Original, Derechos de Autor (Copyright) en el Fan Art, entre otros.

:bulletpurple: Estar informado sobre lo nuevo en Fan Art.

:bulletpurple: Participar en concursos y eventos especiales de Fan Art.

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Greetings dear members of @Fan-Art-World! :wave: I am happy to inform you that we finally have new administrators who joined us a few days ago. Please give a warm welcome to: @WDWParksGal (New Co-Founder) @CapnDeek373 (New Contributor) You probably know them for their great contributions to the DeviantArt community. These amazing people offered to help me manage this group and vote on the new submissions in our gallery. I really appreciate their support :heart: . And since we already have several administrators, I decided to officially reopen the entire gallery. Now you can share your Fan Art in the following folders: Digital Art Traditional Art Comics Customizations Designs and Interfaces Photography Crafts and Sculpture Fan Fiction Animation Crossover Fan Characters Doll Maker Creations Fan Art Features Educative Articles Community Events Scraps and Unfinished ONLY FAN ART AND ONE (1) SUBMISSION PER DAY. Please read our Gallery Guidelines before submitting your Fan
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Hello to all members of @Fan-Art-World. I have decided to reopen the submissions for the group gallery. Now you can share your Fan Art with us and the other members! =D . Free for All will be the only folder available to submit art to @Fan-Art-World because we don't have enough admins and contributors to vote on submissions at this time. ONLY FAN ART, PLEASE. We will take care of frequently moving all deviations to their corresponding folders in the gallery and removing those that are not Fan Art according to our Gallery Guidelines. Please, read them before submitting your Fan Art. :bulletpink: If you want to become a Contributor of our group, enter here to find out how you can apply. It is very simple :) . Hola a todos los miembros de @Fan-Art-World. He decidido reabrir las submisiones para la galería del grupo. Ahora puedes compartir tu Fan Art con nosotros y los demás miembros =D . Free for All será la única carpeta disponible para enviar arte a @Fan-Art-World porque no
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@Fan-Art-World needs your help! :eager: We are looking for contributors to help us manage the group. As a Contributor, you must vote on new member submissions in our gallery to approve all Fan Art and decline deviations that don't follow our Gallery Guidelines. If you are interested in being a Contributor, send me a note with the following information: Do you have basic knowledge about the groups and the voting process? How much do you know about Fan Art as a genre? (Short summary) How much time can you dedicate to this group? (Hours, days, etc.) Have you read our Gallery Guidelines? You don't need to have a lot of experience managing groups, but you should be familiar with the submission voting process, be able to distinguish Fan Art from other art genres, and know our guidelines to avoid confusions. We want everyone to have the same opportunity to collaborate with us :) . :bulletpurple: :bulletpurple: :bulletpurple: :bulletpurple: :bulletpurple: :bulletpurple:
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