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Fan art of Undertale! All the art you see here is made by fans, for fans!

Like what you see? Why not join us in the fun and meet great new people!!
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Welcome to Fan-art-of-Undertale! Where fans from all around the globe gather to share our passion of both art and Undertale! Audiences from young to old are all welcome here!

(Pssst! We also accept Deltarune art!!!)

:bulletpurple: NO sexual or gross things
:bulletpurple: We accept your drawings even if you arent a professional
:bulletpurple: Please keep the art Undertale or Deltarune related!
:bulletpurple: Have Fun!


Thanks for the 4,200+ members! It really means a lot to us that you have joined :heart::heart:


And check out the following links!

Art Submissions Blog:…
Hoi fellow Monsters, Humans, and everything in between!
I've been gone for a bit, and I'm sorry for that! I hope you all are staying safe and healthy!
Anyways, let's get down to business.
First off, our hearts go to those in Lebanon. My thoughts and prayers go to you all affected. If you haven't heard, there was this MASSIVE/DEVASTATING explosion in Beirut, leaving Lebanon like a post-apocalyptic zone. If you plan on supporting them, DO NOT sign ANY petitions. The petitions will not work. Nor will random pages requesting donations, these pages will collect money to develop their website (as scummy as it sounds, yes- it's happening). So if you want to help the people in Lebanon, PLEASE send money to the LEBANON RED CROSS (link: ) If you can't donate at the moment, please help spread awareness about the Lebanese Red Cross, fake/scammer donation sites, and keep the people and families affected by the explosion in your prayers.
Second (and just as serious), we are still facing a global pandemic. America currently the leading country with infected people. What can YOU do to help lower the numbers? WEAR THE DAMN MASKS. WEAR THE MASKS CORRECTLY. WASH YOUR HANDS. PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING. AVOID LARGE PARTIES (I don't want to sound like a wet blanket but c'mon, seriously??? partying during a pandemic where there's STILL no confirmed cure??? use some common sense.) People who refuse to wear masks here in the "good ol' us of a" are the reason we have become a laughing stock.
No, wearing a mask is not a political statement.
No, it is not a way to control our lives.
No, wearing a mask will not kill you, and it won't lower the amount of oxygen you breathe in.
No, wearing a mask does not break any amendment or right of yours.
Yes, God gave you life, fucking protect your life, it's the only one you got.
Yes, by not wearing a mask, you are putting babies, the elderly, and individuals with weak immune systems at risk.
Yes, by not wearing a mask, I have the legal right to call/label you Karen, regardless of gender.
Yes, by not wearing a mask, you're not just wrong, you're also stupid.
Yes, the mask may stink, so next time brush ya fuckin teeth or suck on a mint/candy or chew some gum.
Thank you for coming to my second point TED talk and rant.
Third, I've noticed the AMAZING job you all have done to sort your pieces to the right folder! I am super happy to see that, thank you! Keep up the good work!
Lastly, I'm also noticing a small flatline in community engagement. Hence, my answer to that is to open up a small contest! I'd love to hear any ideas from our members!
I'll share mine: PROMPT CONTEST
Basically I'll write a small prompt of either a human or monster (or both if you guys are interested!). Next, you all can draw out the character based on the prompt's description I have provided for you! However (and obviously) I'll have a deadline. By the end of the deadline, I will select winners (about 3). Each winner will receive prizes (I'm thinking art),, like 2 fullbodies, 2 busts for first place, 1 fullbody, 2 busts, 1 icon for second... etc (something along those lines, prizes are not set in stone, they're just examples).
If any of you are interested in this idea (and may even want to help out with prizes if they wish) then I'll have no problem with working on prompts!
If you've made it this far then thank you! It means A LOT to me that you've taken time out of your (insert time of day here) to read it. Stay healthy, stay safe, and most importantly STAY DETERMINED!
Don't forget to take your meds, take a break, take a nap, drink some water, eat something, and take time of your day to think of one thing that makes you happy :)
I love you all, goodnight.
Hello fellow monsters and humans!
I hope you all are doing well and staying safe from this current pandemic!
I've been in a small hiatus and I apologize from the bottom of my heart that I didn't get immediately view your submission requests. Not to mention that Eclipse sometimes still won't cooperate with me, HOWEVER I finally seem to be able to properly look at the group's inbox to see your submissions!
It's safe to say that despite the world burning around us, you guys never fail to show your DETERMINATION in your artworks! I love each and every one of them!! You guys show so much effort, even in funny/halfhearted doodles.
About the Fanart of Undertale Discord server, I've been playing around with a few bots (I had to remove Pokecord because they shut down :( ). Though hopefully we can get the server up and running and finally open up to our amazing members!!
Anyways, it's great to see you guys still be active! Remember to take your meds and drink plenty of water! Don't forget to wash your hands, wear face masks, and practice social distancing accordingly (this is a t h r e a t ). Together, we can all pull through the pandemic!
Happy (late) pride month everyone! Stay DETERMINED (and safe!)
I love you all, good night/morning/afternoon/evening/Christmas/whatever.
Artfight is coming up July 1st! I hope to see some of you there! Personally I am a first-timer and I'm super excited! If y'all want to add me my username is Ender_General (Team Sugar)! If you also have an Artfight account feel free to drop your username below and what team you'll be joining!! Good luck to all :)
Hello my fellow monsters and humans! I hope you are all doing well!
You all are doing a great job with your art submissions!! Thank you very much for showing us your artworks! We are doing our best to keep up with our submissions and making sure we check all submission requests!
Anyways, as the title implies, I have been working on a Discord Server exclusively for the Fanart of Undertale group! Here you can interact and chat with fellow monsters or humans that share the same interests as you! However, before it is open to the public I require your help!
I need a small group to help out with the server! This group of lovely folks will test out some small details I have added to the server! (Welcoming/role assigning features. More features will be added on if the server grows!!) Heck, if you have suggestions regarding the improvement of our server, we'd love to have you on board and help work things out!!
You as well as our other DETERMINED helpers and staff will start in a separate group chat (not in server) where we can adequately communicate :)
As this group and staff work to make this server as friendly as we possibly can! If you feel like you can lend a hand to our group we'd appreciate your help!!
If our server gains a large count, we will attempt to reach out to other Undertale or Deltarune groups and bring even more wonderful members to the server!
Comment below if you are interested in helping out! When you do, I will contact you as soon as I possibly can!
Thank you all who read this and have a lovely day/night! Make sure to stay healthy and laugh! Laughter is the best medicine one could have!! Dont forget to drink water and take your meds! You are loved! STAY DETERMINED you gorgeous monsters/humans!!
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BodyswapTale (Chapter 37), They had stayed up a little late working on their art project. All seemed quiet except for footsteps of Papyrus walking down to the kitchen and back to his room. They think he probably needs some attention. ( hey sans you awake? ) ( ZZZ ) (lucky, glad you can sleep anywhere.) They decided to get up and walk into Papyrus’ room. “Hey, Paps you want a bedtime story?” “OF COURSE!” They walk over to the shelf. “What do you want me to read today?” “PEEK-A-BOO WITH FLUFFY BUNNY.” “Of course.” The human pulled the book off the shelf and grabbed something to sit on.“Peek-a-boo With Fluffy Bunny.” They read to paps with fun voices while showing him the pop-ups. Slowly, the exhaustion creeps into their bones as they start to fall asleep as well.“Fluffy and Funny grew up in the town. They made friends and told jokes and were known all around. Growing wiser and smarter, their bond just grew stronger. They were brothers forever, and friends even longer.” They open their mouth in a large yawn. “the end.” They closed the book. “Good night Paps.” Leaving the room to go to their own bed, they flop down unceremoniously on the covers and pass out. The next couple of weeks were basically the same routine. They woke up, ate Papyrus' food with him, made coffee at the lab, and worked together with everyone in Hotland making the machines. They get really good at making small microchips for handheld devices. The human gets their switch and many other video game devices to work. The converter is taking much longer. It takes a little bit more finagling to have a smaller chip inserted into the cartridges. But all of the devices with the modifications work. Toriel also comes by to help but this just ends in on the job flirting and terrible puns. The human makes a point to visit Gaster and talk about the scientific work they have been doing or coming to talk to him about any roadblocks that might have occurred. Getting home, they eat dinner with Papyrus, cook with him, teaching him some culinary tricks they know, and different ways to cook spaghetti. One of their favorites is tutoring him on how to make healthy desserts. They would ask Sans if he could teach them how to use instruments like the piano or the trombone. They would go to Waterfall to learn how to play the piano and slowly get introduced to composition and music theory. Sans shares what he knows about new topics they haven’t heard before to get better at working together as a unit. Since Sans can read the human’s knowledge library, he decides to share his knowledge with them. The human’s head is a large house that connects to the outside subconscious which has forests and other parts of the imagination, and an inside library, which houses all the memories, knowledge, and guarded secrets from the human host. The house has living quarters for Sans that he has access to. Many other doors down a long hallway lead to different parts of the house some rooms are a general meeting area others are like a reflective water floor mirror that houses another being, a shadowy female entity, who seems nonconfrontational. Being a soul from outside the host he has free access to many of the areas, but the further he goes from the house the more likely he is to get lost. The house is the safest area closest to consciousness which is a dark living room with a screen or a window that connects to the outside world.
Flowerfell inking by MimaDomo
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Undertale 1st year anniversary (Pacifist) by xX-AVJ-Xx
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