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Fan art of Undertale! All the art you see here is made by fans, for fans!

Like what you see? Why not join us in the fun and meet great new people!!
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Welcome to Fan-art-of-Undertale! Where fans from all around the globe gather to share our passion of both art and Undertale! Audiences from young to old are all welcome here!

(Pssst! We also accept Deltarune art!!!)

:bulletpurple: NO sexual or gross things
:bulletpurple: We accept your drawings even if you arent a professional
:bulletpurple: Please keep the art Undertale or Deltarune related!
:bulletpurple: Have Fun!


Thanks for the 4,200+ members! It really means a lot to us that you have joined :heart::heart:


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Hoi fellow Monsters, Humans, and everything in between!
I've been gone for a bit, and I'm sorry for that! I hope you all are staying safe and healthy!
Anyways, let's get down to business.
First off, our hearts go to those in Lebanon. My thoughts and prayers go to you all affected. If you haven't heard, there was this MASSIVE/DEVASTATING explosion in Beirut, leaving Lebanon like a post-apocalyptic zone. If you plan on supporting them, DO NOT sign ANY petitions. The petitions will not work. Nor will random pages requesting donations, these pages will collect money to develop their website (as scummy as it sounds, yes- it's happening). So if you want to help the people in Lebanon, PLEASE send money to the LEBANON RED CROSS (link: ) If you can't donate at the moment, please help spread awareness about the Lebanese Red Cross, fake/scammer donation sites, and keep the people and families affected by the explosion in your prayers.
Second (and just as serious), we are still facing a global pandemic. America currently the leading country with infected people. What can YOU do to help lower the numbers? WEAR THE DAMN MASKS. WEAR THE MASKS CORRECTLY. WASH YOUR HANDS. PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING. AVOID LARGE PARTIES (I don't want to sound like a wet blanket but c'mon, seriously??? partying during a pandemic where there's STILL no confirmed cure??? use some common sense.) People who refuse to wear masks here in the "good ol' us of a" are the reason we have become a laughing stock.
No, wearing a mask is not a political statement.
No, it is not a way to control our lives.
No, wearing a mask will not kill you, and it won't lower the amount of oxygen you breathe in.
No, wearing a mask does not break any amendment or right of yours.
Yes, God gave you life, fucking protect your life, it's the only one you got.
Yes, by not wearing a mask, you are putting babies, the elderly, and individuals with weak immune systems at risk.
Yes, by not wearing a mask, I have the legal right to call/label you Karen, regardless of gender.
Yes, by not wearing a mask, you're not just wrong, you're also stupid.
Yes, the mask may stink, so next time brush ya fuckin teeth or suck on a mint/candy or chew some gum.
Thank you for coming to my second point TED talk and rant.
Third, I've noticed the AMAZING job you all have done to sort your pieces to the right folder! I am super happy to see that, thank you! Keep up the good work!
Lastly, I'm also noticing a small flatline in community engagement. Hence, my answer to that is to open up a small contest! I'd love to hear any ideas from our members!
I'll share mine: PROMPT CONTEST
Basically I'll write a small prompt of either a human or monster (or both if you guys are interested!). Next, you all can draw out the character based on the prompt's description I have provided for you! However (and obviously) I'll have a deadline. By the end of the deadline, I will select winners (about 3). Each winner will receive prizes (I'm thinking art),, like 2 fullbodies, 2 busts for first place, 1 fullbody, 2 busts, 1 icon for second... etc (something along those lines, prizes are not set in stone, they're just examples).
If any of you are interested in this idea (and may even want to help out with prizes if they wish) then I'll have no problem with working on prompts!
If you've made it this far then thank you! It means A LOT to me that you've taken time out of your (insert time of day here) to read it. Stay healthy, stay safe, and most importantly STAY DETERMINED!
Don't forget to take your meds, take a break, take a nap, drink some water, eat something, and take time of your day to think of one thing that makes you happy :)
I love you all, goodnight.
Hello fellow monsters and humans!
I hope you all are doing well and staying safe from this current pandemic!
I've been in a small hiatus and I apologize from the bottom of my heart that I didn't get immediately view your submission requests. Not to mention that Eclipse sometimes still won't cooperate with me, HOWEVER I finally seem to be able to properly look at the group's inbox to see your submissions!
It's safe to say that despite the world burning around us, you guys never fail to show your DETERMINATION in your artworks! I love each and every one of them!! You guys show so much effort, even in funny/halfhearted doodles.
About the Fanart of Undertale Discord server, I've been playing around with a few bots (I had to remove Pokecord because they shut down :( ). Though hopefully we can get the server up and running and finally open up to our amazing members!!
Anyways, it's great to see you guys still be active! Remember to take your meds and drink plenty of water! Don't forget to wash your hands, wear face masks, and practice social distancing accordingly (this is a t h r e a t ). Together, we can all pull through the pandemic!
Happy (late) pride month everyone! Stay DETERMINED (and safe!)
I love you all, good night/morning/afternoon/evening/Christmas/whatever.
Artfight is coming up July 1st! I hope to see some of you there! Personally I am a first-timer and I'm super excited! If y'all want to add me my username is Ender_General (Team Sugar)! If you also have an Artfight account feel free to drop your username below and what team you'll be joining!! Good luck to all :)
Hello my fellow monsters and humans! I hope you are all doing well!
You all are doing a great job with your art submissions!! Thank you very much for showing us your artworks! We are doing our best to keep up with our submissions and making sure we check all submission requests!
Anyways, as the title implies, I have been working on a Discord Server exclusively for the Fanart of Undertale group! Here you can interact and chat with fellow monsters or humans that share the same interests as you! However, before it is open to the public I require your help!
I need a small group to help out with the server! This group of lovely folks will test out some small details I have added to the server! (Welcoming/role assigning features. More features will be added on if the server grows!!) Heck, if you have suggestions regarding the improvement of our server, we'd love to have you on board and help work things out!!
You as well as our other DETERMINED helpers and staff will start in a separate group chat (not in server) where we can adequately communicate :)
As this group and staff work to make this server as friendly as we possibly can! If you feel like you can lend a hand to our group we'd appreciate your help!!
If our server gains a large count, we will attempt to reach out to other Undertale or Deltarune groups and bring even more wonderful members to the server!
Comment below if you are interested in helping out! When you do, I will contact you as soon as I possibly can!
Thank you all who read this and have a lovely day/night! Make sure to stay healthy and laugh! Laughter is the best medicine one could have!! Dont forget to drink water and take your meds! You are loved! STAY DETERMINED you gorgeous monsters/humans!!
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BodyswapTale (Chapter 60)The Family Business,Disclaimer this part of the story is based on 'The Sooner or Later' story. I do not own this part of the story I just added commentary to the human's soul experiencing this.), Darkness. Splashes of red. Faces blurred and unrecognizable. Fighting several enemies at once, they were dodging and attacking a smiling face, a pixelated figure, and a blob. Strings shoot out trying to crush them, the small smiling face was trying to cut them, and the blob was trying to suffocate them. Eventually, the attackers trip them up constricting their movements with strings, the knife swings down and darkness clouds their vision. A loud thud hits the wall near Papyrus’ door. Irritated, Papyrus goes to check on the source of the noise and sees that a bone attack had lodged itself in the wall. He stomps downstairs to see the tiny skele was shaking and sweating while surrounded by a wall of blue attacks. Both eyes glowed under their closed sockets as magic poured out. They were mumbling and struggling. Papyrus walked up to the tiny skeleton to try and wake them from their stupor. Lines of bones were zagging out before dissipating. The tiny skeleton had a lot of magic, that's for sure. Papyrus was impressed that all that magic fit in such a small frame. He summons some of his own bones to block and push other attacks out the way. “WAKE UP.”N-no stop.They squirm. No, don’t. Don't die. Tears pour from their sockets. Feelings are the memories of people they loved dying; there are no faces or names, just felt that they were family and friends. You’re all I have left. A bone flies and lands near Sans’ room. Papyrus finally creates an opening and snatches the tiny monster from their cage of bones. Pulling them close he tries to secure and soothe them. Sans blinks the sleep out of his eye socket and goes to check on the commotion. Sans stops dead in his tracks when he notices all the bone attacks jabbed in the walls as Papyrus is restraining and soothing their new house guest. “hey, boss where’s the fire?” Papyrus winces at the nickname. He ignores Sans and continues to soothe the tiny monster until the shaking stops and the magic slowly dissipates. “THIS LITTLE ONE HAD A NIGHTMARE. A VIOLENT ONE. FROM THE SOUNDS OF IT SOMEONE DEFINITELY DIED. THEIR MEMORIES MAY BE GONE BUT THEIR TRAUMA IS STILL THERE.” “great. can their trauma try to quiet down so I can sleep?” “THEY LOOK LIKE THEY’VE CALMED DOWN ENOUGH. THE LITTLE MONSTER CAN SURE HIT HARD. I GUESS THAT’S HOW THEY HAVE SURVIVED SO LONG.” T he fact that there is a dent taken from his health and scorch marks on his bones are evidence of that fact. Papyrus places the skeleton back down on the couch and tucks it in. “yeah? i don’t care. wake me up when breakfast is on the table.” Sans returns to bed. … They wake up with a ‘monster’ headache as the smell of breakfast wafts in the air. The little skeleton groans and heads towards the source of the smell. Looking up at the towering monsters, they gulp. The pair could so easily crush them through their size alone. Right they were in a stranger's house with no memories of their own. Meekly they walk over to the table. H-hello.” The two were already dressed in fancy clothes while eating a delicious breakfast. They slowly walk towards the table. May i join you? “fuck off, shrimp.” “SANS. THEY ARE OUR GUEST AND I AM NOT GOING TO LET THEM GO HUNGRY.” They take a seat near Papyrus wary that something might happen if they sit next to the wider skeleton. Papyrus sets down a plate. Their mouth waters and they lick their lips. Tiny opens their mouth and shovels food in. They reach for something to wash it down. Their hand brushes against some glass and they chug the contents. Mm. Thank you.” Papyrus stares mouth agape for a few seconds looks over to Sans then closes it. Not only did they polish off the plate in mere minutes but they chugged an entire container of mustard in seconds. They look neither drunk nor sick. “UH.” They go over to the sink and put up the dishes scrubbing the plate with blue magic and put it in the tall sink. They pull a mug out of the inventory and pause on fancy clothes. The science mug rested on the counter and they poured themself some coffee. Turning they see the boys staring at them. They take a sip. After they finish up they find the bathroom and get changed. They put on a long sleeve green pinstripe button-up shirt with a vest, tie, slacks, And fluffy sandals with fun socks on. They walk out of the bathroom and hear a snicker come out of the shorter of the two. I thought seeing as you all were wearing fancy clothes I would too. “I WOULD HARDLY CALL THAT ATROCITY ‘FANCY’. ARE YOU WEARING SANDALS? WITH SOCKS?!”Well, you can’t see my cool socks with shoes on.” Sans starts laughing as Papyrus pinches his nasal ridge in frustration. Apparently I have a whole bunch of socks. i have socks, clothes, cooking supplies and ingredients, one slot that says research with a bunch of notebooks in it, mugs, art supplies... etc, etc. Like a hyperactive child, they go through their inventory and start pulling out a ton of ties and look at them all. They have fun designs on them. Does this blue one look better? or how about this one?” They pull out a bunch of button-up shirts, ties, and two other vests. They just pull out a mountain of socks, more than one needs, there are pairs for each holiday and interest. They find red and black sneakers, sandals, and one singular pair of black dress shoes. Sans is basically having a fit, his eyes full of tears from laughing.I don’t know how i shoved so much into one slot. Oh hey, this mug is funny. it’s like flipping gyftmas up in here. i didn’t know i had this much stuff. Do I like to collect things?” They pause for a moment. I get the feeling that is the case. oO, how about this plaid shirt, this tie, and this vest. oO suspenders. They look up at an exasperated Papyrus and a, laughing his a*s off, Sans. What? What’s so funny?” They stare in mild confusion. What’d i do?” “JUST… PUT THOSE CLOTHES AWAY.” They effortlessly shove all the stuff back to the slots without any care or concern to fold any of it. Papyrus probably sighs at what is probably a mess of a disorganized inventory. Sans stops laughing just enough to say something. “don’t we gotta somewhere to be? You don’t want them to give us a bad name by showing up like that to our first meeting with the humans do ya? They are coming with us or are you leaving them here?” “I’LL FIX THIS MYSELF. I HAVE TO WATCH THEM SO I WILL JUST HAVE TO MAKE THEM LOOK PRESENTABLE.”What, do I look weird or something? Papyrus drags Tiny to his room and tells the little one to undress. Woah, shouldn’t you buy me dinner first? “SHUT UP AND PUT THIS ON.” Papyrus, red in the face, shoves some of his old clothes into their face.Um, no offense but wouldn’t your clothes be a little too big? They shrug and undress in front of him not even giving one thought about modesty stripping down to the boxers. Their bones are without scars or fractures a single roundish looking tattoo adorns their right shoulder. Only evidence of damage is the large fracture denting the back of their skull. It confused Papyrus even more that they had both a feminine and masculine bonestructure and features. Papyrus turns around his face cherry red. The clothing looks to be a little older than the clothes he is wearing right now, probably some of his when he was younger. They slip on the slightly too big shirt, vest, tie, slacks, and they assume they would have to wear the socks and shoes too. (well, too bad he will not take my fun socks away.) How's this?” “BETTER.” He drags them out of the room to where Sans is standing. “ SANS TAKE US THERE. WE ARE ALREADY RUNNING BEHIND!” Sans smirks and puts one of his hands on them both. The hand on their shoulder makes them feel uncomfortable and itchy. Smoke envelopes them all as the air and ground shifts beneath them being replaced around where they were going to have the meeting point with Nick. Tiny brushes off the shoulder habitually as if that would be the only way to get rid of the feeling. Sans seemed annoyed at them, but looked away when they went to talk to the human. The two of them take charge while they decide that they are gonna keep theirself out of the spotlight. No need to draw attention to the weak-looking monster. Deciding to call themself ‘Tiny’ if anyone asks. They watch from behind Papyrus at first then lean against a wall casually. A larger lady comes in to drop off some money shaking in her shoes when she sees the monsters. It was like the grim reaper it’s scared all the color and life out of her skin. Another person comes to the door and they are panting and laughing. “Hey bitch, quit leanin’ on my door and get your ass in here!” The rude a*s human yelled at the person standing at the door. “Jesus what a fuckin’ scatterbrain whore...see, I told ya choosin’ this area was a bad choice. All the people livin’ here they feel so damn entitled. No respect.” They narrow their eye sockets at them. A young lady walks in the door and they look familiar so they try to hide in the back so she doesn't see their face. She looks frightened. But, why? “Get used to them whore, they’re yer new landlords and you’ve been keepin’ us waitin’ for nearly two hours, now git your ass over here-” “AS DON DEE HAS GIVEN MY FAMILY CONTROL OF THIS AREA AS OF TODAY, I WILL NOT ALLOW THAT TYPE OF LANGUAGE TO BE USED IN MY PRESENCE.” It seems Papyrus was not a fan of cursing, noted. They thought that might have been the case but now it confirms it in their mind. “I...apologize Papyrus,” He said through gritted teeth. They smirked at his dumb face, the cocky expression disappearing, they knew he was not enjoying having to kiss ass, and for some reason that gave them great pleasure. “But with some of these people, that’s the only way you can talk to them. You’ll learn soon enough how bad these people are.” Too bad he had to open his mouth again. She hands him the money. “So what’s the excuse for being two hours late, whore?” She looked nervous. They wanted to hit him for being an a*s. It made their magic boil. “I...I...I’m so sorry Mr. Nick, I had a gig last night and-” He quickly grabbed her wrist and slammed her hand down on the table. “Oversleeping ain’t a good reason you lazy slut-” Sans was the one to grab his wrists. The anger he felt radiated in waves. It took Nick aback. “let her go.” Sans seemed to draw out his sentence threateningly while he stares at him with his piercing red glare. “our area, our people. we are the only ones who get these people the error of their ways as of now,” “NYEH HEH HEH. THAT’S RIGHT HUMAN! AND IF I MAY GRANT YOU SOME OF MY GREAT WISDOM YOU SHOULDN’T BE SO VIOLENT. THE LITTLE HUMAN WOMAN DIDN’T DESERVE THAT!” She looked relieved. “SHE APOLOGIZED AND RECOGNIZED HER MISTAKE THAT SHE SHOULDN’T KEEP HER SUPERIORS WAITING. THEREFORE IF SHE MUST BE PUNISHED IT SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN SO PAINFUL. PERHAPS A SMALL SMACK WOULD HAVE BEEN ENOUGH TO HELP HER REMEMBER FOR NEXT TIME.” Then once again annoyed. “whelp, buddy, I think we don’t need you anymore.” Nick quickly nodded. “I’ll be on my way then.” “bro, keep her here until I get back.” He placed his hand on Nick’s shoulder and his smile widened. Looks like someones going to die tonight. “here bucko I’ll give you a lift.” Papyrus looks like he was trying to distract her and ask her about the area. “TELL ME ABOUT THE RESTAURANTS IN THIS AREA, TINY HUMAN.” Guess he called everyone smaller than him tiny. That's a lot of tiny people. He paces around the room and gets serious when spaghetti is brought up, hopeful they can just hide here and wait for this to be over. Her eyes look in their direction and that makes them hide further. ( don’t talk to me. Don’t talk to me. I don’t remember you. Don’t talk to me. ) “Solace? Solace Serifa, is that you?” They freeze. That name definitely sounded familiar. Guess that’s their name. “YOU KNOW THIS SKELETON?” She looks at them for a second. “Clearly not very well. I just met them recently.” For some reason, her tone hurt their soul. In a sad, betraying her trust kinda way. They look away and adjust their glasses out of nervousness. It’s not their fault they are now involved in what they believe is the mafia. They look over at her sheepishly poking their fingers together. “uh. yes, I believe that is my name.” Their eyes wander to the floor. Sol really did not want to be here. She eyes them, looking them up and down, turning away. Frisk ignores them and goes back to trying to make Papyrus sympathetic to the suffering of the poor folks in the neighborhood. Sans shows up to butt into the conversation....
Flowerfell inking by MimaDomo
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backgrounds tutorial by SillyDaphney
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