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Read at your own risk…;P

So I've been thinking about a lot of stuff lately, contemplating…more than usual, and lately I've felt like I've changed so -- stress on the soooo much over this year, not only artistically, but spiritually, and also my personality, and I mean its like a drastic change, but this month really did the change.  Just felt like I'm at a point where I can fully understand the meaning of things more and look beyond just what I see and know, I felt like I needed this change, wanted this change, to be a better person (and I'm still trying, cus I'm no saint, nor am I better than anyone).
I was always a person who loved learning and trying something new, and always was a person to care about everyone, and never really cared about what people would say about me, be it anything bad. I've always wished well for others and pray that they find happiness in everything that they do.
That's why I'm sad to see one of my friends I've met for a short while leave dA because of lots of reasons, shes a really great person and she has helped me think about lots of things differently, by the things she said and through her art, so I hope she reads this and knows that :hug:

I always try to be positive and instill that in others, don't hold grudges, argue unnecessarily, nor get so angry that you lose control cus you become a completely different person.  Forgive others for their mistakes, if you're a believer in God, you'll know that if you expect God to be merciful to you, you should be compassionate towards others, and what harm is there in that? Take the time to think things out and never rush ahead into doing something, remember theres always consequences.  Do not judge anyone, nor believe in hears say, be kind, greet people first; a smile would brighten any sad person's day.  Never think yourself to be better than anyone, nor take anyone or anything for granted (remember someone out there is least fortunate than you are) humbleness and modesty is a sign of pure heart, don't look down on anyone and don't jump head down into something (argument, a situation, or about religion) unless you've educated yourself, or asked about it, ignorance is no excuse, stupidity neither.  Help out others even if they don't ask for help, always be honest in what you do and never wish bad for anyone.  As I said I'm no saint, I try my best to practice what I ' preach ' I try to be better a person and Muslim.

Ramadhan is coming up, to all my Muslim friends out there, Ramadhan Mubarak! I hope you have a blessed Ramadhan, take this coming month to ponder over things in life and dwell upon being better.

Ok so I promised Angel-Kikyou   that this time around I would do a different feature, not photography, I remembered…omg! ;P I really like all kinds of art, no matter the genre, think I'm drawn towards photography much more even though I should be studying graphic arts, but theres just something about photography that makes me feel like its so easy to grasp, in terms of either saying something or creating a feeling…

Anyway here something different this time, as some of you may know I'm all for different :D  you'll enjoy these, as these are my favs of all time  ;)

Artist Spotlight

Took one look at his pieces and went :wow:  I really like his use of shapes, colours and style in his paintings, must take a look at his whole gallery to get the impact, these are my favs :)

stillness and motion by crazymynd Inheritance by crazymynd  
Conversation by crazymynd Sacrifice by crazymynd
singing silence by crazymynd Rain and Sun by crazymynd

I promised to feature the first 25 who linked me three thumbs to feature…only two deviants took the opportunity, but yet when I tell you guys to catch my pageviews to get featured…a lot of you do it (or so I think)…but the things is, I'm willing to feature anyone who wants me to…:O  anway here there are  ;P (ok…I had to include photography…can't help it)

Eye Candy

Such a lovely person, a great supporter and she's so enthusiastic about art

:thumb91903176: :thumb81460091: :thumb81555807:

A young aspiring photographer, who has some interesting conceptual work and portraits in her gallery

Fit. by BehindTheWrath .Bad Apple. by BehindTheWrath The World In Her Eyes by BehindTheWrath


and now...a mixed feature of some stunning artwork

:thumb82458011: Alexander and Main by Laurazee Cometa by insulla real emotion by Qa9ed2000  :thumb62167743: :thumb78956889: :thumb34426082: All Equal by ISO25

Vintage by unscenemedia Nemesis WP by unscenemedia Kitsilano Neighborhood II by Laurazee Change of Heart by Laurazee Friends by vladstudio They Stole The Moon Version 2 by vladstudio :thumb39970256: Step forward little Tommy by dopaminart :thumb87935956: Wash it Away with Art by BishonenMistress Stop time III by vimark My Melons by alanbecker Spring Tree by ClaireJones leavingabstract by Feni-x ladybug.ver.wallpaper by Feni-x Water Color by zulu-eos Waterdrop by digital-emotions :thumb61108558: Me II by mrgraphicsguy :thumb31434796:   Sharpener by muratsuyur Living a lie ...... by Sweet-as-hell Revolution by Taser-Rander Invitation by Fangfingers colored jungle by JDe Voodoo Love by JDe Thermodynamic Horizon by Adam-Scott-Miller LAW AND ENTROPY by t-amjad Love Juice by DivineError Trust in me. by Cado

Ticket to Jannah... by mismail
One of my all time favs!

Oriental Pages_Page 47 by malikanas Oriental Pages_Page39 by malikanas Oriental Pages_Page32 by malikanas Sentinel by unscenemedia Fishing For Panda by snowmask Morning Telegraph by snowmask :thumb64924472: :thumb94127993: Dance of Seasons by windfalcon gk: Flow by toyzRuS Mothernature by AloeVeraO Life.. and death by Redjuice  :thumb46779323: Quarteto 04 by reginayurie   Prismacolor Eye by Shondrea The watch by venkatvasa Final Fantasy by d-b-c BALLOON FESTIVAL by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov Choose? by 777zibb Under The Spreading Chestnut by Lupingirl :thumb83593016: Letters are more than Words by d0rn Orlando in Words by Unibomber703 white.hand_type by DryBones90 Ignorance KILLS by Estrellada Flawed by Verticae :thumb33745349: :thumb83202546: Without Wings by teenyxtinyxtina :thumb83536148: Rose X by GreenMusic Tulpe VIII by GreenMusic


Barbados Stamp by phantom Barbados Stamp by phantom Barbados Stamp by phantom

My Club

Groups I'm in
:iconbarbadianartists: :iconthe-heart: :icontasteofliquid: :iconmacro-club: :icononewordphoto: :iconflower-club: :iconskyandnatureclub: :iconmacroshot: :iconconceptual-photos: :iconsunsets: :iconnaturpics-club:

Great resource for textures
:icontexturemattic: :iconresurgere:

They need your Signatures!

Want to play a part in the dA community...and even more? Sign the petition to help club members and owners easily manage their clubs, read the full news article here > news.deviantart.com/article/54…

Sign the petition here > www.petitiononline.com/clubdev…
They need 3 million signatures!
I urge you to go support it!


orangetopatos is having a tattoo contest, sounds interesting right? if you're a digital or traditional artist you're gunna like this, info on the contest news.deviantart.com/article/51…

Here are the submissions orangetopatos.deviantart.com/j…

I'm a judge! so go participate, got nothing to loose :P


I'm certain many of you know about the massive Nature Photography Contest being held by hougaard news.deviantart.com/article/54… < the news article.

The judges are awesome, prizes are awesome, not sure if you'll think the rules are awesome, I know some don't but rules are set in place for reasons, so respect them, you get to challenge and push yourself...and don't ever think nothing is good enough so you're not entering, push yourself, give it more than you think you've got, ask questions about techniques, research techniques and if you have a camera, give it a go and enter! I'll even try to help you as long as I know how to help you :)


August GPGA Contest held by Photosbykev Theme "Make me Smile" - kevlewis.deviantart.com/journa…

Other interesting topics an artist should know!

kkart raised a good point about colour in terms about whats being produced and whats being seen, take a look at his journal
Are YOU being colored blind to art? > kkart.deviantart.com/journal/1…

know anything else that needs spreading...link me!


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Just want to thank you guys so much for supporting me, commenting, stopping by and favouriting my work, I really appreciate it! :hug: :heart:
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so so so amazing... i love ur feature
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:) glad you enjoyed them!
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Hi! Thank you for feature my work! I'm sorry for the delay!:hug:
FaMz's avatar
you're welcome dear :hug:
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Amazing collection.
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Thank you for adding my work there ... I realise it's a bit late but I haven't logged on to my account in quite a while.
Thanks again.
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thats ok dear :) you're most welcome
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Sorry for my late reply...

Great collection. Thanks for featuring my artwork!
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no worries :)

you are most welcome
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Rub some of your change on me, I need to be a better person.
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insha'Allah you will be with the guidance of Allah, make du'aa

I'm writing this essay for a creative writing class on death, maybe it would help you think things through and become better, I'll let you read it, but I want it to be a good piece before I upload it here
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Look forward to reading it. :)

I seriously need to upload my death stuff too. I keep telling you about it, but never end up showing you.
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:) well hopefully after mines is up you'll post yours
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hi friend =) many thanks for the great feautures! i'm really honored!
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you're most welcome :)
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Thank you so very much for featuring one of my paintings. I appreciate it! :heart:

Take care,
Natasha x
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:) you're most welcome dear
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Thanks for your support :D
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my pleasure :)
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Thanks for the feature!
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my pleasure
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as if i was reading some of my thoughts in your journal :hug:
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great minds think alike? hehe :)
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