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Ramadhan Mubarak 1431H



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Yay I made a wallpaper :)
Let me know if it works

Ramadhan: Begins between August 10th-12th

Every year for the past 2 years I have been making a piece for the month of Ramadhan, insha'Allah I hope to continue in the coming years.

Ramadhan, for those of you who don't know, is a month of blessings, of patience, of self control, a month of prayer, commitment and dedication. It is a month of purification and reaching out to Allah Subhanahu Wata'alah. It is a month where we feel cleansed, content and full of barkat and joy.

Ramadhan is a month to soak in all of our blessings, do as much good as we can, repent, ask for forgiveness, and forgive others. It's our opportunity to spend most of our time with family, feed the hungry, feed an orphan child. Not only spend in the path of Allah, but to give of yourself and to share what is yours with someone less fortunate.

Ramadhan is only one month of fasting from sunrise until sunset. There is sooo much to gain from this one month. So as it arrives please don't let it go to waste, make the most out of it.

I pray this month of Ramadhan is a blessed, happy and joyous one for all of you. I pray your Imaan overflows, and your heart and soul be filled with noor. I pray that Allah Subana hu Wata'alah forgives you for all your sins, protect you from the evil of shaitan, and fill your life along with your families, happiness, wealth and prosperity. Ameen

Please share this with others, I plan to make this piece into a wallpaper.


Stock is from sxc.hu and the rest are my own

My previous ones:

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Perfect Ramadhan wallpaper ever...