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Leather Mario Gals (Team Peach) by FamousMari5, visual art

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1940's Super Mario (Great Britain) by FamousMari5, visual art

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  • Aug 21, 1991
  • New Zealand
  • Deviant for 9 years
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My Bio

Hello and Ki ora! to you all deviants. My name is Lyndon and I Lived in Auckland, New Zealand and I'm a Big fan of Super Mario and the Famous Five. I like to draw Mario & Peach because they are 2 of my best favourite characters of Super Mario. And I like to get used to anything British as well as New Zealand, Australian and Commonwealth History and Culture plus I'm also into Steam Railway preservation in the Commonwealth Nations.

Name: Lyndon Chow

Nationality: New Zealander

Country: New Zealand

Hobby Subjects: Artist, Historian, Animator, Super Mario Fan, Mario & Peach fan, Famous Five fan, Brony, Swiftie, Steam Locomotive Driver & Preservation, Model making, 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, World War I, World War II

Anti-Family Guy Imperialist, Anti-American Dad Imperialist, Anti-Seth Macfarlane Regime

Holiday Celebrates: Waitangi Day and ANZAC Day (Australia and New Zealand only)


Favorite video game series:

  • Super Mario

Favorite Books and Comics:

  • Famous Five by Enid Blyton

  • Archie Comics

  • The Adventures of Tintin by Hergé

  • Asterix by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo

  • The Beano and Dandy comics (UK)

  • Secret Seven by Enid Blyton

  • Where's Wally? by Martin Handford. (UK, Australia and New Zealand)

  • Garfield by Jim Davis

  • Biggles by Captain W.E. Johns

Favorite Animated shows and Movies:

  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

  • My Little Pony: Equestria Girls

  • Looney Tunes

  • Winx Club

  • Walt Disney

  • Popeye

  • Curious George

  • The Powerpuff Girls

  • Tom & Jerry

  • Top Cat

  • Yogi Bear

  • Huckleburry Hound

  • Snagglepuss

  • Shrek

Favorite Australian and New Zealand Stuff:

  • Goodnight Kiwi (or TV Kiwi and Cat)

  • Footfrot Flats

  • Hairy Maclary

  • Mother and Son (Australian show)

Favorite Manga and Anime series:

  • Astro Boy

  • Sailor Moon

  • Hello Kitty

Favorite British TV Shows:

  • Dad's Army

  • It Ain't Half Hot Mum

  • Allo, Allo!

  • Foyle's War

  • Goodnight Sweetheart

  • One Foot in the Grave

  • Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em

  • Open All Hours

  • Last of the Summer Wine

  • Mr.Bean

  • Fawlty Towers

  • Doctor Who

  • Wallace & Gromit

  • Danger Mouse

  • Bagpuss

  • James the Cat

  • Thunderbirds

  • Thunderbirds are Go (2015)

Top 10 Series and Franchise, that I'm not fans of (I'm still neutral on those):

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog

  2. Pokemon

  3. Star Trek

  4. The Loud House

  5. Spongebob Squarepants

  6. Marvel and DC comics


  • Family Guy Imperialist (''Fascist Guts'')

  • American Dad: Puppet Imperialist (''American Dicks'')

  • The Cleveland Show (''Cunning Shithole'')

  • Ted (''Twatwaffle'')

  • A Million way to Die in the West (film)

  • Seth MacFarlane Regime (''Shit MacFaggot'' Dictator)

  • Rachel MacFarlane

  • Mila Kunis (''Minge Kyke'' Bitch)

  • Seth Green (''Shit Garbage'')

  • Patrick Warburton (''Parasite Wanker'')

  • Nicole Sullivan (''Nutsack Snatcher'')

  • Scott Grimes

  • Ralph Garman (''Rotten Gringo'')

  • The Simpsons

  • Happy Tree Friends (Horrible tearing Fetish)

  • Robot Chicken

  • Fox Network

  • Comedy Central

  • SigurdHosenfeld (make porn outside deviantart)

  • Pornography

  • tied-up girls fanarts

  • Rule 34

  • reality shows

  • American Comedy TV Shows

  • Five Nights at Freddy (''Five Nutsacks at Freddy's ass'')

  • Grand Thief Auto series (''Garbage Thieving Assholes'')

  • Twilight Novels

  • Zombies

  • Undead fantasy crap

  • crossover couples

  • Sexy Maid outfits (much worst as the German uniforms of WW2)

  • Playstaions

  • Xbox

  • request on deviantart

  • Tagging and Graffiti on Heritage Buildings

  • Viewers finding history boring (mostly on teens, for some reasons I don't like)

  • viewers who had no experience on continents (including Britain, Australia and New Zealand)

  • Nazi Germany

Favourite Visual Artist
Shigeru Miyamoto, Hergé, Ignino Straffi, Albert Uderzo, E.C. Segar, Nick Park, Walt Disney, Lauren Faust, Craig McCraken, Dan Parent, Fernando Ruiz, Dan DeCarlo, Osamu Tezuka, Naoko Takeuchi
Favourite Movies
Tintin, Footrot Flats, Wreck It Ralph, Dunkirk (2017), Battle of Britain (1969), Reach for the Skies, Casablanca, Inglorious Bastards, War Horse, Home by Christmas, The Book Thief, My Little Pony: Equestria Girls 1, 2, 3 & 4, Frozen
Favourite TV Shows
My Little Pony :Friendship is Magic, Winx Club, Dad's Army, It Ain't Half Hot Mum, Allo Allo!, Goodnight Sweetheart, Foyle's War, Open All Hours, Last of the Summer Wine, Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em, Mr. Bean, Fawlty Towers, Thunderbirds, Dr. Who
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ellie Goulding, Vera Lynn, Glenn Miller, Anne Shelton, George Formby, Andrews Sisters, Bing Cosby, Nat King Cole, Duke Elington, Judy Garland, Benny Goodman, Edith Piaf, 1920's-50's songs, World War I & II Songs,
Favourite Books
Famous Five, Archie Comics, Tintin, Asterix, Astro Boy, The Diary of Anne Frank, Animal Farm (1945), Nineteen Eighty-four (1949), Murder on the Orient Express, The Catcher in the Rye
Favourite Writers
Enid Blyton, Hergé, René Goscinny, Albert Uderzo, W.E. Johns, Anne Frank, George Orwell, Agatha Christie, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Rudyard Kipling, J.D. Salinger
Favourite Games
Super Mario
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Adobe Photoshop CS3
Other Interests
Mario and Peach, Steam Trains, Old Cars from 1900-1949, WWI & II Aircrafts, Victorian Era, Edwardian Era, 1910s, 1920s & 1930s, 1940s, World War I & II, New Zealand History, Steam Engines, British & Commenwealth (including New Zealand) Countries,
Oh wow! The website CBR has my image (Mario carrying Peach) on it on "Peach trivia" www.cbr.com/princess-peach-toadstool-facts-trivia
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I won't return to deviantart in August and December this year, due to the difficult slowdown, narrow edges, watchers' apsent, the what the heck going on and bad reputation I faced on deviantart and many deviants (mostly modern fanboys) who dislike my Mario artworks in 1920's-1940's stuff (as remainder of the bad times), Mario girls in leather and running out of ideas for Mario and Peach.
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I' am getting so annoyed with "XxdontknowyetxX" for overflowing more and more comments on my drawings.
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Thanks for the watch! Much appreciated!

Your very welcome

Did you here about Prince Phillips death?

Thank you for adding me to your watchlist.

Thanks for adding me to your watch, I really appreciate it!

Your very welcome indeed

How come you don't do that much World War One artwork