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--Welcome to Family Of Moonlight Submit Art and Graphics etc Journal--
:bulletpurple: To submit: Go to the "Gallery" and go into the specific folder in which you want to submit something. Click the option "Submit To This Gallery" Alternatively, you can click on the option on the "Home" page, but don't forget to choose the appropriate folder in which you want to submit your work.
:bulletpurple: There are folders for specific categories. Please be sure to check them out in the gallery. There's a description in each folder that tells you what goes in there. Be sure to place your submission in the one that suits best. If your submission gets declined, it's most likely because it's been submitted to the wrong folder. Please re-submit it in the proper one.

:bulletpurple: Anyone is allowed to suggest any favorites for the group that is Sailor Moon and Family Of Moonlight Blog related.

If there is any information above wrong or like to add something please note the club or let lilly-peacecraft know thanks!

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