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Welcome to deviantART's Group for Family Of Moonlight"
Family Of Moonlight dA Group

This is group is dedicated to the Family Of Moonlight's Blog that is for fans and only fans. This group will provide info, small versions of our reports, photos from our events and spotlight to our fellow dA fans! Feel free to join in and keep on sharing your love for Sailor Moon for all time!

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Group officially began on June 17, 2010!

--Staff Members-- updated as 10/24/21
Current staff members
:iconlilly-peacecraft: Executive Editor & Founder of deviantART’s Group, Freelance Writer, Freelance Reporter, Artist, Panelist
:iconkuroitenshi13: Translations, Artist *Creator of our mascot, Sailor Moonlight*, Panelist
Dan Bednarski of Sailor Moon Uncensored Hosting of Family of Moonlight Blog
:iconcknelson: Video Editor, Social Networking Manager, Writer, Costume Specialist, Video Editor, Social Networking Manager, Report For our Mid-West/West Coast Convention Coverage
Michelle Tibbedeaux Previous Mid-West Montana area moonie events, Co-Help, Panelist
:iconmisstopaz: Co-Helper
:iconsenshi-chan: Co-Helper, Lisa is also the founder of the Sailor Moon Meetup Group!
:icontakuto-kun: Co-Help, Panelist
Yosenex, Panelist
:iconsubzippo: Coverage for Shuto Con and Youmacon MI Conventions
Shawn & Matt Smoot- Co-Helpers & Panelists
NEW Courtney King- Co-Help, Panelist

Sincere thanks to these members of Family of Moonlight staff, helpers and freelance writers, past and present:
:iconkungpow12345: Past Editor-in-Chief for the Blog, Writer, Reporter
:iconsarahforde: Freelance Writer, Reporter
:iconkireihikari: Freelance Writer, Reporter
:iconsinnocentcosplay: Freelance Writer, Reporter
:iconssfseiyakou: Freelance Writer, Report For our Mid-West/West Coast Convention Coverage
Misty of Myu Corner Freelance Writer, Reporter For our West Coast Convention Coverage
:iconsassypants678: (Elly) Staff Member|Owner from Miss Dream, Helps with everything!
:icondavisjes: Report For our Southeast Area- North Carolina Convention Coverage
:iconladym317: Report For our Southeast Area- North Carolina Convention Coverage

Group Updates
For the latest updates please keep an eye on over Facebook page- and at Ohio Moonies Meetup Group-

October 24, 2021
We welcome our newest staff member Courtney King! She will be joining Margaret (Lilly-chan), Shawn & Matt Smoot and Michelle at Nekocon in Hampton, VA to help host a couple Sailor Moon related events. Courtney is based out of North Carolina and she will be helping at Animazement and Nekocon convention and any other event. 

Our next events we plan to be at-
Nekocon 2021- Hampton, VA November 5-7, 2021
Keep an eye on our Facebook Event Page for the latest info-

Events for 2022:
We plan to host our 2nd Fan Appreciation / 10th Adversary Event in 2022. Stay tune to our Facebook page for the latest details.  

Ohayocon 2022- Columbus, OH February 11-13, 2022 
Animazement 2022- Raleigh, NC May 27-29, 2022 
Colossal Con 2022- Sandusky, OH June 1-5, 2022 
Kazokukon (Toledo, Ohio) August 26-28, 2022

PENDING TBA (waiting on dates)
Matsuricon 2022- Columbus, OH TBA
Nekocon 2022- Hampton, VA TBA
International Sailor Moon Day- Columbus, OH TBA- ATTENDING
Glass City Con- Toledo, Ohio (Convention on hiatus) Con Chair has stated that the convention is coming back soon!

For the time being we are active on our Facebook account. Currently we do not have any online events schedule due to our personal schedules. On staff have been busy with their full time day jobs and life which hasn't really given us any free time to schedule an online event. If we do decide to do one we will let everyone know. Until we plan to extend out 10th year celebration into 2022. 

August 22, 2021
We received word earlier this month that our past staffer DavisJes was killed in an accident. We are deeply sadden by this newest and we will forever keep Jes and her family in our prayers and thoughts. She was was the light, friendly and good friend to all of us. We can remember our first Animazement down in Raleigh, NC she welcome us as part of the moonie community in the area. 
Another Use For This Real 2.0 by ladym317  Taiki x Ami by ladym317  Haruka Tenoh, Sailor Uranus by DavisJes  Uranus Planet Power, Make Up! by DavisJes  Uranus World Shaking! by DavisJes  Rei's Ofuda by DavisJes 

We were able to host a few events in person at Colossalcon Prime 2021 in June and Animatic Con 2021 in July/August. We are schedule to host a few in person events for Nekocon 2021 in November. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for the latest updates. 

In June 2021 and end of July to begining of August we were able to for the first time also offer our panel via live streaming. We currently have the recording from those events shared on our Facebook page.

Donations for our panels for the 2022 convention season starting in January 2022. There is no limit of donations donated. For more details . 2022 Information will be coming soon.

anyways as always to keep up the latest updates please keep any eye on our event page-

Help Our Fellow Members! A new section to give some highlights to our fellow members and staff members in a need of help!
lilly-peacecraft Our Founder is OPEN  for commissions.  Check out Lilly's Store or here online for more details including prices.

kuroitenshi13 She is currently selling cards, books, jewelry, CDs, movies, bookmarks, and taking commissions to help out with costs for her convention season.  Check it out over at her For Sale Gallery

LadyMako One of our newest contributors is taking commissions as well!  Check out her Journal for more info on availability and pricing!

Questions and concerns:
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to note the club or make comments below or you can note lilly-peacecraft with your questions and concerns!

:iconlilly-peacecraft: :iconkuroitenshi13:  :iconsenshi-chan:  :iconcknelson:  :iconsubzippo:  :iconmisstopaz:  :icontakuto-kun:
Dan Bednarski of Sailor Moon Uncensored and Yosenex; Michelle Tibbedeaux; :iconsubzippo: Shawn & Matt Smoot; Courtney King
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Rules, Joining, and Submitting Guide

Rules and Joining
:bulletpurple: Your fan of Family Of Moonlight's Blog and Sailor Moon...duh
:bulletpurple: Click on "Join Group" on the home page. There, you will be able to request to be a member.
:bulletpurple: Once you have join our groups icon will appear in your wiglet's groups box on your account. Your also welcome to link us from your Journal or Signature (If using the Signature use the text version than the icon one...since the icons don't show up on your signatures : devfamilyofmoonlight : without the spaces) to spread the word!
:bulletpurple: Once you become a member you must devwatch the club so you can be in contact about what's happening in the club like contest, etc and put the club's icon in your journal. : iconfamilyofmoonlight : (without the spaces)
= :iconfamilyofmoonlight:
:bulletpurple: Be courteous to each other. No bashing
:bulletpurple: Follow the deviantART rules.

:bulletpurple: If you want to submit any art to the group please read all the rules on the Submit FanArt thanks!
:bulletpurple: To submit: Go to the "Gallery" and go into the specific folder in which you want to submit something. Click the option "Submit To This Gallery" Alternatively, you can click on the option on the "Home" page, but don't forget to choose the appropriate folder in which you want to submit your work.
:bulletpurple: There are folders for specific categories. Please be sure to check them out in the gallery. There's a description in each folder that tells you what goes in there. Be sure to place your submission in the one that suits best. If your submission gets declined, it's most likely because it's been submitted to the wrong folder. Please re-submit it in the proper one.

:bulletpurple: Anyone is allowed to suggest any favorites for the group that is Sailor Moon and Family Of Moonlight Blog related.

:bulletpurple: We'll affiliate with any club/group. Please send a note to the group titled affiliate Family Of Moonlight and we'll add you! Our list is located here- Affiliates.

If anyone has any questions please ask thanks!
lilly-peacecraft Founder of deviantART's Group








Gallery Folders

Prototype Sailor Mars - Sailor Moon Chibi by SarahForde
Tomoe Hotaru - Sailor Moon Chibi by SarahForde
Human Diana Chibi - Sailor Moon by SarahForde
Together by SarahForde
Sailor Moon - Princess Serenity Cameo Bow by SarahForde
Sailor Mercury Plush by SarahForde
Giant Sailor Moon Crystal Plush by SarahForde
Pumpkin Tutorial by CKNelson
Ohayocon Friday Sailor Moon Photoshoot Group 2018 by lilly-peacecraft
Gencon 2010 Photo Series 01 by lilly-peacecraft
Sailor Cosmos 4 by SinnocentCosplay
Prisoner Usagi 2 by SinnocentCosplay
Ohayocon SM Flyers 2018 by lilly-peacecraft
Animazement 2017 Moonie Events Flyer by lilly-peacecraft
Shuto Con Moonie Events Flyer 2017 by lilly-peacecraft
Moonie At The Movies 01-21-17 by lilly-peacecraft
Sakky's Sailor Moon Collection - January 2017 by SakkysSailormoonToys
Sailor Moon Keisuke Kanda Bag FOR SALE $350 OBO by SakkysSailormoonToys
What does Sailormoon Mean to You Contest Piece by kuroitenshi13
Sailormoon SuperS Kanebo Pin Collection and Book by kuroitenshi13
2022 Sailor Moon Donations
2017 Sailor Moon Donations
Usagi by MoonlightArt13
Sailor Mercury Chibi by SarahForde
Serenity Mama Chibi by SarahForde
2016 Sailor Moon Donations
Sweet Family Photo by SugarStarlight
SailorMoon and ChibiMoon poster by SugarStarlight
Sailor Starlights and Kakyuuhime by SugarStarlight
Sailor Moon button pins by SugarStarlight
2015 Sailor Moon Donations
Princess Mercury by ladym317
Taiki x Ami by ladym317
Call of the Sea by ladym317
Another Use For This Real 2.0 by ladym317
2014 Sailor Moon Donations
Glass City Con 2014 Sketch Cards by alex-heberling
2013 Sailor Moon Donations
Jupiter Strong by ladym317
2012 Sailor Moon Donations
Sailor Moon Chibi Charm Keychains by IcyPanther1
2011 Sailor Moon Donations
Moonlight Moonbright by cypritree
Destiny Revival SMClassic Pstr by kuroitenshi13
Sailor Moon Redraw Challenge by keichan-the-martian
Zoisite Cosplay by Damian-Damian
Evil crystal star compact - wip by CristianoReina
Ami Chan Birthday 2017 by keichan-the-martian
Senshi dolls - Cover chapter 3 by CristianoReina
Wip bunny by CristianoReina
[11/11] Tuxedo Mask by Meggie-Vectors


Sailor Mars by HairyLizard93 Sailor Mars :iconhairylizard93:HairyLizard93 204 17 Sailor Venus by HairyLizard93 Sailor Venus :iconhairylizard93:HairyLizard93 183 21 Sailor Jupiter by HairyLizard93 Sailor Jupiter :iconhairylizard93:HairyLizard93 188 12 Sailor Moon by HairyLizard93 Sailor Moon :iconhairylizard93:HairyLizard93 169 21 Sailor Sao by FlyingPrincess Sailor Sao :iconflyingprincess:FlyingPrincess 95 8 Sailor Moon by jt-designs-123 Sailor Moon :iconjt-designs-123:jt-designs-123 26 1 Sailor Jupiter by ArinVens Sailor Jupiter :iconarinvens:ArinVens 39 3 Luna by DrakensHaven Luna :icondrakenshaven:DrakensHaven 33 1 Sailor Moon - Sailor Mars cosplay by UltraCosplay Sailor Moon - Sailor Mars cosplay :iconultracosplay:UltraCosplay 759 258 Sailor Earth (Selenit Earth - Naru Osaka) Season 1 by Selenit-Saturn Sailor Earth (Selenit Earth - Naru Osaka) Season 1 :iconselenit-saturn:Selenit-Saturn 75 15 For Dar-Chan by Carrie-Kube For Dar-Chan :iconcarrie-kube:Carrie-Kube 101 11 For teamzoth by Carrie-Kube For teamzoth :iconcarrie-kube:Carrie-Kube 43 8 Clean up: For Carmen Torres by Carrie-Kube Clean up: For Carmen Torres :iconcarrie-kube:Carrie-Kube 104 13 Sugar + Spice Trading Card: SailorMoon by ArtofPri Sugar + Spice Trading Card: SailorMoon :iconartofpri:ArtofPri 3 0 Sailor Moon - Usagi by Extreme001 Sailor Moon - Usagi :iconextreme001:Extreme001 93 8 LOVE - KINDNESS - FRIENDSHIP - COMPASSION - HOPE by bhsdesk LOVE - KINDNESS - FRIENDSHIP - COMPASSION - HOPE :iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 93 31
Your viewing Family of Moonlight's Favorites Gallery of Favorite Sailor Moon Artists, Cosplayers, Craft Artists etc!

Family Of Moonlight's 2020 Convention Schedule

This list is an combine of all the Family of Moonlight Staff's Conventions that they planned to attend this year. We all will be reporting back on theses conventions as the year goes on.

Convention List for 2022
Staff members please add in your convention list here. :)
lilly-peacecraft's List-
*Ohayocon 2022 (Columbus, OH) February 11-13, 2022 (Private Photoshoots, Photoshoots, Panel) COMPLETED
*Animazement 2022 (Raleigh, NC) May 27-29, 2022 (Private Photoshoots, Photoshoots, Panel, Badge Ribbon)
*Colossalcon Prime 2022 (Sandusy, OH) June 1-5, 2022 (Private Photoshoots, Photoshoots, Tabletop event, Badge Ribbon)
*Kazokukon (Toledo, Ohio) August 26-28, 2022 (Staff- Head Photographer/Public Photoshoot Scheduler, Private Photoshoots, Photoshoots, Panels, Tabletop event, Badge Ribbon)
*Nekocon 2022 (Hampton, VA) November 4-6, 2022 (Staffer- Private Photoshoots, Photoshoots, Panel)

Pending 2022 Convention/Events
*Matsuricon 2022 (Columbus, OH) August 14-16, 2022 (Private Photoshoots)
Greek Fest in Middletown, OH TBA

Convention on Hiatus-
*Glass City Con X Midwest Media Expo- Toledo, Ohio 2023? (AA, Private Photoshoots, Photoshoots, Panel)

kuroitenshi13's List-
2022 Pending ?
-HALLOWEEKENDS Sept-Oct (Fri,Sat,Sun-s).

SinnocentCosplay's List- 2022

more to come as the year goes on!


If you have a related Sailor Moon group your welcome to join our wiglet affiliate system. All other non related Sailor Moon groups and other website affiliates please send our group a note and we will add you to our Affiliates Journal Page. Thanks!


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