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Corvids Have Nasal Bristles PSA by SageKorppi
nevermore by StoryTellerF
Nutty Magpie-jay by Canislupuscorax
Jay 2 by cycoze
True Crows
Formation Flying by Canislupuscorax
Splish splash by plumita1
Food express by plumita1
Old World Jays
ghiandaia by FrancoBorsiWildLife
Eurasian Jay and his generous garland by Momotte2
Jay ( close up a  ) by pixellence2
The Watcher's Eye II by OliverBPhotography
New World Jays
Blue Jay got its treat by MichelLalonde
.:Peanut Picker:. by AcinaD
Confounded Scrubby by AcinaD
Grey Jays
Whiskey Jack by Emfysch
Hello? by Emfysch
Fierce by Emfysch
Siberian Jay by TeXual
wise ol bird by contemporaryhart
bird7 by markotapio
Dart by Canislupuscorax
Suspension by verybluebird
Holarctic Magpies
Puttin' on the Ritz - Magpie Style by TheNatureNut
Standing At Attention by OliverBPhotography
Magpies by Valentina-Mustajarvi
Oriental Magpies
A tail of two Magpies by furstripe
Green Magpie by Topasdragon
Untitled 011 by TheElvishDevil
Azure-winged Magpie
cheeky Boy - Azure winged Magpie by Jamie-MacArthur
Cyanopica cianus by capitaodomato111
Azure-Winged Magpie by TimeladyShayde
Alpine Chough by CogitoErgoRum
Chough Portrait by Monastor
Pyrrhocorax graculus II by blo0dy-r0mance
Pyrrhocorax graculus by DaWascht
A Tail of two birdies by furstripe
Stresemann's Bush Crow
Fantasy Corvids
Raven Mask by Nambroth
I love Green Magpies by WishmasterAlchemist


Submission Guidelines

:groups: Joining the Group :groups:

Anyone can join the group, as long as they have an interest in corvids!

:bulletgreen:Submission Guidelines:bulletgreen:
We are picky!!

This is a group with the goal of finding high quality and accurate artwork of corvids (keyword being accurate).
The following works will be accepted
    :bulletblue: Artwork depicting corvids, meaning they are species found in the taxonomic group family Corvidae. :bulletblue: Illustrations and animations of reasonable quality in both rendering and scanning that demonstrate proper corvid anatomy. The anatomy need not be 100% perfect, but we will not accepts crows with yellow bills or legs, wonky wings, or ravens that look like currawongs, for example. :bulletblue: Photographs must include a corvid (that goes without saying) and must demonstrate reasonable composition and skill. :bulletblue: ALL submissions need to have the corvid as the FOCAL animal. The mere presence of a corvid flying in the background does NOT qualify the image for this group. :bulletblue: Anthropomorphic corvids will only be accepted if the anthropomorphization is true to the general features of a corvid and does not possess mammalian features such as hair and boobs. (The more like the natural bird, the more likely we will accept an anthro.) :bulletblue:Fantasy corvids will have their own group and this is reserved for creatures with a majority of its features being a corvid. Mythological ravens, such as Hugin and Munin, should go in to the proper taxonomic folder since they are simply normal ravens.

Submission Process
    :bulletblue: Select the correct taxonomic folder for your work.
      :bulletyellow: Corvidae taxonomy :bulletyellow: If you have more than one type of corvid in the image, choose one folder to submit the piece to. The admins will duplicate it in to other appropriate folders.
    :bulletblue: If a work is appropriate for the category in which it has been placed, and follows the Submission Guidelines above, then it will be approved.
      :bulletyellow: Pieces that are in the wrong category or are poorly rendered may be rejected. :bulletyellow: All rejected pieces may be rejected without explanation.
My adviser, Anne Clark, was interviewed about her work with our crow population:  

Apparently ABC News picked up the story as well:

So happy our birds and studies are getting public attention!! C:
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