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The Norka



Entry for the contest over at :iconmyths-and-legends: but I missed the deadline. :( Oh well.
//EDIT: She let it in! It's in! I'm so happy! :boogie: //

The prompt was to depict a beast from fairy tales and mythology and use only three colors: turquoise, pink, and gray.

This creature is from the Russian fairy tale "The Norka,"
which is about a giant monster that gets into the king's garden at night and eats all his exotic animals. The hero of the tale manages to wound it and then chase it down into an underground world -- the norka says to him: "Then only will you overcome me, when you enter here." In the underworld he meets a princess who helps him slay the monster by giving him a sword and telling him where it sits on a rock in the sea. He cuts off its head and it cries out, "Well, I'm done for now!" and falls into the sea. The rest of the story is about the hero and the princess finding their way home and running into difficulties with his jealous brothers. You can read the full story here for yourself if you like: [link]

I chose to illustrate the norka as a giant mustelid or viverid, along the lines of a fossa or binturong since the word "norka" seems to mean a mink or otter-like creature that lives in a burrow. But of course I added strange other-worldly aspects for fun. :) I might make another drawing illustrating the part where the norka slips under a rock into the underworld.

Colored pencils and pastels on construction paper.
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Holy molly, this is amazing!