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HELLO! I'm a wild critter from Canada that loves drawing other wild critters. I live in a studio apartment in a quiet little town with my two lovely, amazing cats, Corona and Nala.

I have been making art since I was about 6 years old, and haven't really stopped. Art is my first love, and always will be. My favorite subjects are animals because I find they help me express myself in a clear way to others. I share a deep affinity with foxes down to the core of my being. That's why I'm so hyper and loud all the time! Gotta do the fox screaming. Don't know I'm a fox unless I'm shrieking! And I mean legit, ear-piercing, shrill-ass screams for absolutely no reason other than to make sure I can still scream. I am an amazing person that you want to know, obviously, especially if you hate your ears.

Uhh, what else... I LOVE LIFE! I love going on adventures and having lots of good, happy times with my friends and animals. Nothing is more important than the happiness you share on this earth, at least to me! I love exploring my mind and seeing the endless possibilities of the human experience. I love feeling, seeing, smelling, tasting and hearing everything this world has to offer. I am extremely curious about many different subjects, my favorites being space, psychology, sociology, nature (in every sense of the word), mental + physical wellbeing, but these are just a few among a myriad of other related subjects. Some new things I am interested in is working out and learning martial arts. When I relax, I love learning about new things and watching anime from time to time. I am a connoisseur of Shonen Jump titles like the Dragon Ball series and Naruto (back in the day), I enjoy My Hero Academia and One Piece, Mob Psycho, One Punch Man, that kinda stuff. GETS ME PUMPED AND EXCITED TO LIVE LIFE!

I have 0 tolerance for bullying of any kind. Bullying made my contemplate ending my life years ago, pushed me into becoming a drug addict, and threw me into horrible crowds because I didn't feel I belonged anywhere. I have no patience for those who cut down others in person or online. Bullying is not a joke, it's not a cute character trait, and it doesn't make trustworthy friends. I deeply implore any of you who are engaging in this malicious behaviour to take the high ground and stop lowering yourselves to angry apes. Step above your destructive human instinct and into the realm of compassion, love and patience, even with those you don't agree with. I am not on the side of hate, though I have slipped and tasted what it feels like to hate, and it doesn't taste good. Hate is unpalatable and indigestible to me, and causes cancer of the spirit. I am out of that game, and I hope you step up out of the darkness and into the light with me. Love always wins.


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Thomas Vent, uhhhhhhhh
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CLIP Studio Paint & Photoshop

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Unreal-ForeverHobbyist Digital Artist


Happy Birthday!

I hope you have a wonderful day Dragoncakeplz

zahnholleyHobbyist Digital Artist
Your art is better than ever I just wish you could post more on your fur affinity it made me very sad because we’re not able to see your gallery there anymore:”( sob...
zahnholleyHobbyist Digital Artist
I wish ya a merry Christmas and I enjoyed looking at your drawings because I learn what I see ^^
falvieProfessional Digital Artist

they didn't tell me but I asked them to change my name back to falvie and they did ;___; <33333 

I was so sad cause I wasn't sure if I was happy with messing up and changing my name when I was in a bad place & living with it but I'm really glad they helped. I don't know how I can thank them without bothering them further, but I'm vibing extra hard for y'all, take my good karma and luck for helping me with my mess up T___T <3 cryin, let me be an emotional freak ok 
PkingSoraProfessional Digital Artist
Lovely work!
commander-booty-callProfessional Digital Artist
Pardon my asking, but did you used to go by AtomicGoldfishBowl or some similar name? :0 Your art is jaw-droppingly beautiful, by the way! I've seen it elsewhere on the internet and I'm glad to have finally found the source X3
falvieProfessional Digital Artist
HAHAHA yeah! it's an old username but yep, that's me, SO LONG AGO! i'm always still so surprised when people remember past aliases