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So I watched a movie called Paprika a month or so ago. I really liked it. I decided that Paprika had a great party feel to it, so another birthday image with a .. party feel!!

Happy Birthday :iconserrifth:!!!


Made in OpenCanvas1.1 about 2 hrs

EDIT:Yesterday, Satoshi Kon passed away(October 12, 1963 – August 24, 2010). He directed, wrote, imagined, and created marvelous worlds away from our own. Paprika was one of these works. Please remember him, and if you haven't, check out some of his work. Incredible stuff including: Paranoia Agent, Millennium Actress, Perfect Blue, Tokyo Godfathers (and other stuff!)
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8D :iconiloveyoutooplz: Thank you so much!!! This is actually one of my favorite Satoshi Kon films too! >W< Awww, you just made my day, seeing this as i come home from work, its so awesome! :love::hug:
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:hug: :) You're welcome!! I hope your birthday ends up awesome as hell!