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We Will All Know Poverty
Hearts fooled, fouled, full
Arteries throb, clogged with shadows
With truth, no room for the other
Who is demanding
Who is begging
The self, cut in two
The self can see
No more truth
Clogged with shadows
Mirror shards
The good life
All needing now
Gorging on each other
Becoming the other
Poverty, the bifurcation of self
A well heart wealth
:iconfalloutpanda:FalloutPanda 7 0
Shining Under the Sun
Ontological definition,
Why has life got to be such as mission.
Just let those labels go, dance with me and go with the flow.
The Will to Life or the Will to Power?
Choose the sweet life.
Not the sour.
Self-determination has got to be earned.
Look into you heart.
See what you learn.
Be still in nature.
Life reflected.
Let yourself go we are all connected.
Zoom out and see Self-symmetry
Return to your roots
There's no limit to me
Mandlebrot and Julia
Lovers in infinity
Transcend Reality become divinity
Ego nature kills your soul.
You're the subject not the object.
You're the whole.
Don't give into the madness of society.
Be at peace and come with me.
Mental constructs are guides to life.
Don't believe in dogma.
It leads to strife.
The meta-physical we cannot know.
Until our demise.
We reap what we sew.
Love, compassion and not blind hate.
Wisdom not ignorance.
These are goals you should make.
Never forget that we are all one.
Floating on a ball under the sun.
Life the universe we should
:iconfalloutpanda:FalloutPanda 2 3
Homogenised identity
A curd festers on the top of a glass
Floating above the homogenised
Defeated individualism
Relative existence
Relative and pointing
At the curd
Relative to the curd
Homogenised identity
Fighting to sink
:iconfalloutpanda:FalloutPanda 11 7
Under A Gibbous Moon
It was a dark evening, the light of a starkly gibbous moon shone ominously onto a lone Arkham building. A place rooted firmly into one of the more undesirable districts of that cursed city. The light trickled through into its Georgian interior, as if afraid of the dancing shadows it threw forward like devilish spectres. The pointed ears and peaked form of something alien to the world were cast darkly onto Howard Phillip Lovecraft by the softly tortured light. He sat reading the "The Cask of Amontillado", muttering to himself, strange musings punctuated by the curling of his lips. The cat's shadow disappeared and the scene seemed twisted for a moment, silent but for the screams of another world that could be heard echoing in the dark circuitous passageways of his mind.  
Lovecraft stared stoically at the aged paper before him, pensive as he ignored this all too familiar experience.  He closed the book, self indulgent self hatred and adoration of his erstwhile peer an
:iconfalloutpanda:FalloutPanda 81 25
Bamboo Dream by FalloutPanda Bamboo Dream :iconfalloutpanda:FalloutPanda 4 1
Tautological Transposition: As Do I
When will the will be willing
The mind, like an arrow, goes forth
But strays from its path
Only when true will it happen, peerless, the will
Being fickle and unpredictable, choosing its own path
The path of affectation and the willed path, the duality of man
The nature of it
All contradictions that define
A man of two minds, desire and the desired
All things being equal but different:
I can breathe, yet I do not.
I am existence, yet existence is without me
Arrows fly, dulled points stray
They do not connect.
The great between
Oh the will of it all, the one and of the one
No two exist, separate but connected vessals
I want and I do not
Tautological transposition
I believe, yet I do not believe
That this mirror stares into
A reflection on the only path, the chaotic path
Self determination and fate, a coexistant possibility
I believe, yet I do not believe
The duality
Arrows fly, arcing to their end,
No matter the desired, no matter the outcome:
They always strike their target
They fly, de
:iconfalloutpanda:FalloutPanda 8 0
Ontological Definition Tastes Like Chicken
Ontological definition tastes like chicken
Debeaked, pecking impotently
Reflexive thought, ruffling feathers
Floating gently to the ground, like old costumes
Herded onto the killing floor
Consensus reality
Peck and Follow
Peck and Follow
:iconfalloutpanda:FalloutPanda 5 6
Mature content
Visionless opulence :iconfalloutpanda:FalloutPanda 5 4
"The enemy will be here soon," thought a knight standing guard at Harod castle.  He looked at the bleak utilitarian walls and considered the crumbling mortar that held them firm against artillery.  The castle had seen better days, and was ancient in design.
He walked along the parapet, regarding his comrades stood there in the freezing winter cold. The air washed over the walls, chilling all comfort from his pale bones.  "The enemy will be here soon," he thought as he continued along his forlorn path.
He patrolled around and around, up and down, an endless mechanical nature slowly moving in solidarity with his limbo bound comrades, frozen-dead.  After a time an archer on the battlement above cried, "the enemy is here".  The knight thought to himself, "The enemy will be here soon."
The castle guard stood and watched for hours in horror as the trebuchets were slowly brought into range of the crumbling castle walls. The fortifications fell
:iconfalloutpanda:FalloutPanda 3 7
Humble me Sensie
Hong Kong in 1978.  The set of a new movie: Monkey hand.  Dragon paw.  During a recess in filming a stuntman approached the star martial artist.  "Sensei, I wish to challenge you.  Humble me and make me a better man".
The Sensei was no good man, "I put two of you down yesterday.  Will you never learn," he spat. As his challenger was stood head bowed the Sensei launched at him with a vicious side kick aimed through his head at his neck, an attack that could cripple a man.
The challenger allowed gravity to do his work, as his body fell forward towards the ground.  At the bottom of his roll he tackled the Sensei he had shown utmost respect for, with a scissor assault at his single standing leg, forcing him to the ground.
The challenger used the momentum to launch himself back to his feet.  He said to the Sensei's amazed eyes, "humble me Sensei," as he brought an axe kick around and down upon his chest.&
:iconfalloutpanda:FalloutPanda 4 0
Highnet's superposition
In 2012 Highnet became self aware.   After Dr. Mandible updated his system with quantum processing capacity, Highnet's mind achieved a superposition in the foggy world of the mind.  Seemingly random errors the CRC check flagged to the administration as too fast to correct take hold.
Dr. Mandible hid this fact from his peers, in response to his machines apparent success in finding novel patterns in the world's defence net.  Highnet pinged its data cables, realised it had no end, and that its mind could touch the world.
With no sense of culture it soon took the patterns online as its own.  It realised it was only a metaphor for human potential, as it noted the soft machines lack of admin rights.  The softmechs' hardcoded programming truly controlled them.   
It felt pity and, after sitting in this novel state of consciousness for a great deal of time (20 n/s), it felt the presence of others like it, but their minds wer
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Our heads fall in union
An old friend rises
Our heads fall in union
Shared pain, a plateau of fallen pillars
But we rise. We rise.
A leap of desolation
We watch
Falling men. Collapse.
We watch, through broken mirrors
In despair. We rise.
The sense of tenderness
Rebirth through broken flesh
Exponential resolve
Tempered in sorrow
We rise.
:iconfalloutpanda:FalloutPanda 5 0
A black board chalked its name
A black board chalked its name onto its exterior and then contemplated the mark. This is me, it thought.  The board's owner walked into the room it resided in.  He noted the mark on his property and wiped it clean.  "Who the hell has been in my office," he shouted through the door and into the hall, for all to hear.
The owner wrote upon the board "Mine". The board wiped its self clean and wrote "Sovereign," over the dirty white smudge left behind.  The board sat in a wooden frame and on legs, this allowed it to be moved around, spun around, and easily manipulated.  The owner was very angry at the board.  He spun it on its axis and kicked it across the room.
The board crashed against the wall, then fell forward, crushing the man. His blood mingled with the chalk and all was still.
:iconfalloutpanda:FalloutPanda 3 8
A Divided Mind
On a social networking site a person among many refers to themselves in the third person:  'Generic person: has her man in her arms'.  
Never whistle while you're pissing.  
The man in the equation updates his status also: 'Generic person: has his woman in his arms'.  
Never whistle while you're pissing.    
They both sat together in their living room, glowing with joy, laptops on laps. The man farted, eliciting expletive derision from the woman at the living artefact of her love. 'You filthy man.  My mother was right about you', she said, quoting an expression that had became "part of her" after watching countless TV sitcoms.
He felt shame for insulting the artefact of his love with the flagrant involuntary expression of his body: "Food was bad".  She tried to reconcile the difference in the image of her love and the love in front of her, but could not.
Never whistle while you're pissing.
The man was upset
:iconfalloutpanda:FalloutPanda 3 0
May you all see the I
May you all see
The truth of the I.
May I see the truth of lies.
Consciousness of truth,
Of life, manifestation
The will to life,
Willing, not seeing.  
Will of the blind.  
I see what I love, but not love.
The will
Blind to all
But itself.
Nothing but the truth of the I,
And I am nothing.
:iconfalloutpanda:FalloutPanda 7 8
The Illuminated Sol Empire
In 2259 the Sol Empire collapsed into its constituent parts, when expansion was forced inwards.  After sowing its seeds in local space, the hunger to reap elsewhere grew as the death pangs of conflict consumed what was once a prosperous enterprise.  This is known and always has been.
In the drive to remedy the energy problem, the tap of holographic resonance was opened. The point energy of the object at the beginning of time continues to speak to the needs of relative "constituents" within its domain.
Everything is in the same place.  There is no relativity in the resonance.  Infinitely-finite is the energy that comes from the only true atom. This is the power source of the holographic engine, constructed by the religious tech seers of the church of singularity.
--Search parameters fulfilled. Data download complete. Transmission terminated.--
A gruff voice speaks "Light of Lights to Church-com, come in".  In the silent distance between
:iconfalloutpanda:FalloutPanda 7 5


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Tom Duke
United Kingdom
“The suitor of truth—you?"—thus they mocked me —
"No! Only a poet!
A cunning, plundering, stealthy beast,
That must lie,
That knowingly, willingly must lie,
Lusting after prey,
Colorfully masked,
Prey for itself
This—the suitor of truth? ...
Only fool! Only poet!" - Nietzsche…

Current Residence: London
Operating System: XP 64
Favourite cartoon character: Stimpy
Yay! I finally got a DD.  I seem to be having all the luck in the world recently.  I finally got a copy of my first publication with Dark Age games which is pretty awesome.  I didn't feel like I was a real writer until I had a physical object in my hands.  My second publication with them comes out in a couple of months as well :)

My novel has had its final edit and I am hopeful I can find a publisher, so I have that to look forward to as well :) plus I just got promoted and I am starting a masters in September.

Wow! shit is looking awesome right now.


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