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Deviation Spotlight

Deviation Spotlight

Deviation Spotlight

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My Bio
Note.... None of my photographs are photoshopped or stacked.

If you like my work, I'm very very pleased. If you want to use or share my photographs, I have no problem with that, as long you honor my copyrights and 'GIVE ME CREDIT FOR MY PHOTOGRAPH'. None of my work should be used for profit or sale. It violates my copyrights to manipulate my photographs, including, but not limited to, cropping, mirrowing, memeing, color adjustments, etc. If you want to use my photographs, ask for my permission and explain the purpose of its use. Thank you for your understanding and consideration.

Favourite Movies
Social Science Fiction; Samurai; Star Wars; Broken English; What Dreams May Come; Pulp Fiction; AI; F Gump; Underworld; All Zombies
Favourite TV Shows
Game of Thrones
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Waterparks; Tinashe; Daft Punk; Dub Step; Iggy; Ellie Goulding; Maria Mena; Rihanna; Dave Matthews; Beatles; Muse;Bach; Hip Hop;Heap; Fallout
Favourite Writers
Peter S. Beagle; Bill Shakespeare; You; Me; Twain; Dickens, anyone with pen in hand
Tools of the Trade
Stuff-Canon-Nature crawly things...my big brains. :)
Other Interests
Scifi; macro photography;All Movies; My DA Friends; MS Gulf; nature; Medical Science; Pinball; Glass Art, Throwing Clay; Writing Poetry; Deaf/Blind LS


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Wonderful World of Soap Bubbles.... Its always a fun challenge to photograph soap bubbles.  With a little, well maybe a lot, of patience, you can get some very interesting images. I hope you enjoy my last efforts. A soap bubble is a very thin sheet of water sandwiched between two layers of soap molecules. The film of soapy water surrounds a bubble of air. Soap molecules have one end that repels water, and one that attracts it, and these molecules move to the inner and outer surfaces, thrusting their water-repelling ends out into the air, and their "heads" inwards. Without such molecules on the surface, the bubble would spontaneously break a
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I thought I would share a very interesting little bug...it's a water beetle that almost appears to be gliding and spinning on top of the water..some call them Whirligig Beetles because of their crazy looking swimming behavior...it was fun to watch them, and more fun putting my macro lens to work.  I hope you enjoy looking at these lil guys!!!
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It's time....

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It's time..... Life is not easy, we all know this, but making hard choices sometimes makes it bearable.  Today I choose to close the door to my past, open the door to my future, take a deep breath and step into a fresh new life, and show the world that there is still beauty even through the pain of living.  Today I take me back.   Today I choose to be the person I know myself to be and get on with it...get on with life....  It's time to take some pictures, time to make some art and time to give myself permission to be happy again.  To my patient DA friends who have stood by me, I thank you. Much love, peace and joy to everyone.  ❤&#65
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Hey Mags!

It´s been a while, how are you?

Hi , yahoo my sis is back 🧚‍♀️hope you are happy and well 🌸 hope you can stay around missed you 💕

Hey! Its been a While!

how are you Lady??? :)

Things are okay here...how are you doing? I hope you are staying safe...be well my friend...😷👍🏻❤️

... almost a year reply....

Well, for some kind of reason... things are pretty good for me... but for you?? how are you? how is it going?