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Fill Up Your Hearts

By fallout161
*wipes brow* ....sheeesh. This is the longest I've spent on a CG... I've been working on it, on and off, for the past 8 or 9 hours. I took breaks to eat, play Smash Bros, and watch my roomate play The Ocarina of Time. I realize this is an outdated look for Link, because uh... Ocarina of Time came out, but I hate the art/character design in that.

Sketch on cardstock paper, CGed in Photoshop 7. AND... you should be proud of me... I DID NOT use a diffuse glow OR any color burn layers on it after I was finished with it. (I usually do in all my pics, because they're usually lacking in the contrast and vivid color categories.)

There's a few mistakes in Link's outfit design, and Navi is supposed to have four wings, not two.. but eh. I'm done with this crap. Time to work on my Sheik picture. Ohhhh yess. Sheik.

Oh yeah, and the title "Navi and Link" was taken. Darn. So I quoted that awesome little Zelda song by System of a Down. "Link... fill up your hearts... so you can shoot!! The sword of powwwwer...!!" etc. Download it!

EDIT: Before this gets any more popular and debated about, yes, the song IS by Rabbit Joint. The version on my comp was apparently mislabled, thanks to babyjami and other deviants for the tip ^~
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i love the way you drew navi
Chef-X's avatar
awesome.great piece
Gargu's avatar
Legend of Zelda: Vagina Adventures.
dragonkingken's avatar
good pic but link keeps his sword on his back

the song is by... i don't know but the rabbit joint is the album title not the band name
Batia's avatar
AH~!! ;] I love Link!!
This is really awesome! They way you posed him.. perfectly action-figure like. :heart:
ferox-realm's avatar
dies. i enjoy it. but i need to be that person the points out that link is a lefty. dies. sorry.
Au-D's avatar
link is soo cool, nice picture!
danelesexy's avatar
SeruOmen's avatar
dlafrance's avatar
jabu jabus belly rules. i love throw'n the princess around.
bunny108's avatar
at first i thought "thats inside jabu jabu" but then everyone kept saying it was a cave and now im confused.....
its very googd though i relly like it!
Radicalgamer's avatar
you sir have true talent, keep up the good work
swolleneyes's avatar
I hate that song, but awsome picture, and if I'm not mistaken thats inside Jabu Jabu's belly, is it not?
shiricki's avatar
Wonderful! I can feel the heat ^____^°
Sinfulmelody's avatar
Hehe yay! Go link!
What a madddd picture!
Definetley a fav!
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This looks really great. I like the whole scene. I like how Navi glows like that too.
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Kourine's avatar
this is really good. I love the background alot -^_^-
unicornstrike's avatar
wow!! this is great and with the full view even better!! :highfive: got to fav it! :+fav: i'll do a link as soon as i can :D
ratekshi's avatar
cool deviarion....... i like it........
Shadows-at-Dusk's avatar
omg i luv it...

OoT all the way!!!!
esse122's avatar
I really like what you did with Link.
The only thing bugging me is that people seem to forget that Link carries his sword on the left and his shield on the right.
Just a detail that gets overlooked... heh?!?
mysticalhex's avatar
ooooooooooooooooooooooh purty
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