i was having some trouble with the admin area, but im pretty sure that it should all be fixed up now? i had to go in and set everything and make it so that people could join, but it should be fixed up now?
Hello and welcome to fallout-oc-fans! A group made for people to share and enjoy each others creations :)

The rules should be on the front page, but other than that, i just wanted to make this so people could have fun! Ocs are one of the best ways to enjoy a certain media or series, and nothings better than that! Ocs create their own sets of stories unique to them, and I feel like a post-apocalyptic 50s style era america makes that even better!

I wanted to make this so people could share their creations, and meet new friends and rp partners! I honestly hope this group is a big success!

-Admin Cara

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