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Courier 6 | Fallout New Vegas by tar-dar
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Concept of my Courier Six Nicki by heyethereal
DWOAH: X6-88 vs The Terminator
Deadliest warriors of all historyX6-88 vs The TerminatorMachines under the guise of manX6-88 info:Height: 6 foot 1Weight: 196lbsWeapons: Bare Hands, Institute Laser RifleStrengths: Is arguably the best Courser the Institute has ever created, Above peak human strength (As a Synth Courser X6-88 was made to be stronger than what should be possible for a human, Coursers can greatly damage the Soul Survivor with melee hits, Can damages creatures such as Deathclaws and Super Mutants with melee hits), Above peak human durability (As a Synth Courser X6-88 was made to be far more durable than a normal human, Can tank dozens of bullets, Lasers and explosions before going down, Can withstand blows from the likes of Deathclaws), Peak human speed, High intelligence, As a Synth Courser X6-88 is highly resistant to radiation, In unyielding and completely loyal to the Institute and its goals and will not stop on a mission for anything short of his own demise.Weaknesses: Despite being stronger and more durable than the average human X6-88 can still be killed via mortal means.T-800 aka The Terminator info: Height: 6 foot 2Weight: 380lbsWeapons: Bare Hands, AMT Hardballer .45 Pistol, Remington 870P Shotgun, M79 Grenade LauncherStrengths: Reprogrammed by John Conner in the apocalyptic future and sent back to protect his younger self the T-800 Cyberdyne Systems 101 model Terminator is one of the most dangerous and famous characters in the entire Terminator franchise, Superhuman strength (Can lift several hundred pounds with ease, Can bend metal with ease, Easily overpowers and lifts full grown humans, Physically overpowered the T-X Terminator model), Superhuman durability (Thanks to its titanium Endoskeleton and Coltan core the Terminator is borderline indestructible on a skeletal level requiring a hydraulic press to destroy the original T-00 model, As it’s pseudo organs are bunched up under its heavily protected ‘rib cage’ attacks to its lower body are borderline useless), Is a learning computer and once the inhibitor installed by Skynet is deactivated it can learn at the same rate as the average human, Is capable of using any firearm it gets its hands on.Weaknesses: Because of its heavy build and Endoskeleton the T-800 is fairly slow on foot and barely moves faster than a power walk, Extreme temperatures can damage its internal processor (As shown when the Terminator sacrificed itself via submersion in molten metal at the end of Terminator 2).Battle begin!“Look, just go in, get me a soda and a couple butterfingers and give the money to the guy behind the counter, understand?” a young John Connor explained as he and the reprogrammed T-800 stood in front of a gas station “just don’t tell him that I’m out here though, I kinda stole from here a few times and he threatened to call the cops the next time he saw me near here”.Nodding the Terminator took the money that John put in his hand before turning to march into the gas station, promptly slamming it down on the counter making the clerk jump near out of his skin before the Machine then marched towards the beverages to get what John had requested of him.“Hey back off asshole!”.The Terminator spun around at the sound of John’s voice to see him outside of the gas station backing away from a tall trench coated man to which he promptly marched towards them, borderline smashing through the gas station door not bothering to open it by hand.“For the good of mankind and the Institute you will accompany quietly” X6-88 stated reaching forward to grab John’s shoulder “your DNA template has been chosen to be the basis of all future Synths”.Before his hand could reach him however his wrist was roughly grabbed by the Terminator as it promptly forced his arm up and away “back off asshole” the T-800 stated coldly and plainly before punching the Synth solidly in the chest, the blow hard enough to knock X6 off of his feet and send him flying back into the windscreen of a nearby parked car shattering it on impact.Turning to John the Terminator then placed itself between him and the Synth “you are unharmed, correct?” it inquired before the sound of a Laser shot rang out and it flinched slightly before slowly turning around to face X6-88 making John gasp at the now burning hole in the back of its leather jacket and skin revealing the machinery underneath “John, get inside” the T-800 then instructed starting to calmly walk backwards to guide John to the gas station keeping itself between him and X6-88 who fired his Laser Rifle again scoring the Terminator in the shoulder, making it flinch again as John entered the gas station.Once John was inside the T-800 reached up to grab the metal shutter “I’ll be back” it told John before turning its attention to the clerk “do not call the police” it instructed him coldly before slamming the shutter down in one smooth motion.“For the good of the Institute and the future of humanity you will relinquish the boy” X6 stated as he rose up from the bonnet of the car whilst the Terminator turned to face him.“Negative” the T-800 returned as it drew its Hardballer Pistol and took aim firing several shots into the Synth’s chest to seemingly no effect as X6-88 ran towards it at full sprint firing his Rifle from the hip as he did so, the blasts hitting the Terminator in the stomach blasting a hole straight through its midsection and out of its back before burning a hole through the metal shutter and glass of the front of the gas station narrowly missing John and the clerk inside.Despite what should have been mortal damage however barely phased the T-800 was the Laser blast just passed harmlessly through the empty space in its abdomen, allowing the Terminator to continue standing as it grabbed the Rifle with its left hand whilst firing the rest of its Pistol clip into the Synth until the Gun ran dry.As its Pistol ran out of bullets the Terminator flipped it in its grasp to grab the red hot barrel of it and start harshly Pistol whipping the Synth about the head, striking the Synth so hard that it actually cracked the Pistol grip.Stopping to inspect the now broken hand of its Weapon the Terminator then used its bioscanners to inspect the Synth, finding near everything about him to be perfectly human save for the bone and muscle structure, the muscles much denser and the bones having metallic components to them but other than that X6 was biologically human which meant he could be broken like one.Gripping the Synth’s arm tighter the Terminator tossed his Pistol aside to use its now free hand to grab X6’s shoulder before hauling him high in the air and throwing him away towards the gasoline pumps.Reaching back the T-800 drew its Remington Shotgun from its holster on its back and cranked it before firing a shot at X6-88 who was quickly gotten back onto his feet, the shot making him recoil hard as it struck his shoulder before twisting violently the other way as another shot hit his other side.Slowly advancing on the Synth with every shot the T-800 plugged three more shots into him to which X6 was still standing despite what should have been lethal damage to his body, the Terminator then spying the gas pumps that stood at either side of the Synth to which it cranked one of slug into the chamber and altered its aim before firing.The explosion of the detonating gas pumps shook the ground beneath them as X6 was engulfed in the flames, the blast front making the T-800 stagger back and slam against the metal shutter making it shake and bend under its weight before it righted itself.Reloading the Shotgun the Terminator then used its bioscanners again to search the flames for any life signs only for X6 to come barrelling out of the fire still engulfed in the flames, the Synth then violently tackling the Terminator with enough force to send it back into the shutters hard enough to break through them and smash through the glass window of the gas station sending John and the clerk scrambling back.As the Terminator landed hard on its back X6 set his sights on John again, the still burning Synth rising from on top of the T-800 and advancing on the teen with his hand outstretched “you will accompany me to the Institute quietly” he stated still eerily calm despite his smouldering clothes and skin, the Courser starting to activate the time displacement teleporter that had brought him to the past as he reached for John so that he could drag him to the future upon contact.Just as his hand was about to grab John however X6 felt the strong arms of the Terminator wrap around his neck from behind harshly pulling him back prompting the Synth to start punching and clawing at the Terminator’s face to try to make him let go as the teleporter activated, the T-800 giving John one last glance before both it and X6-88 disappeared a flash.(Year 2287 Boston Commonwealth)With a bright flash the Terminator and X6 reappeared at University Point, the Synth finally prising the T-800 free allowing him to redrew his Laser Rifle and turn around to fire a shot from the hip straight into the T-800’s chest, burning through its jacket, shirt and skin but thankfully the thick metal of its ‘ribcage’ blocked the shot.Barely recoiling from the shot to the chest the Terminator readied his Shotgun again and marched towards the Courser cranking shot after shot into him making the Synth recoil with every hit again, the slugs tearing into his skin revealing the artificial muscle underneath as X6 still seemingly refused to go down even after taking a Shotgun blast to the face which destroyed his glasses and tore a good chunk of his skin away revealing the metal infused bone underneath.As the T-800 started to reload again X6-88 took the chance to grab hold of the barrel of his Shotgun with his left hand whilst single hand firing his Laser Rifle straight into the Terminator’s face, burning away half of its face to reveal the Endoskeleton skull underneath, its glowing red eye now showing without the faux human eye covering it.Grabbing the Laser Rifle with his left hand the Terminator tore it from X6’s hands and tossed it aside before slamming its left Fist into the Synth’s sternum, the blow severely winding the Courser as the sound of the bone cracking was satisfying to the Terminator’s ears.Releasing the Shotgun to free its right hand allowing it to start a brutal beat down on the Synth, ruthlessly punching him about the head and chest making him reel back and drop the Shotgun he had been ‘given’.As the Synth staggered from the blows to the head the T-800 then grabbed him by the throat and heaved up up off of the ground before power walking him backwards to slam him straight through the ruined brick wall that was behind him, winding him further and further damaging his back before slamming the Courser to the ground and raising his boot up aiming to curbstomp his skull in.Just as the heel of its boot met X6’s face the Synth activated its time displacement tool again having aimed to leave the Terminator stranded in the future only for the Machine to make contact with him just as the device went off sending them both straight back in time to where they had just been.(Year 1995 Los Angeles)As John and the clerk stood outside of the gas station with John panicking as to what he was going to do now with the T-800 gone they both recoiled as the same flash of light that took the Machine and Synth reappeared along with them, the T-800 violently stomping on the Synth’s skull repeatedly trying to cave it in before X6 finally rolled out of the way to avoid the last curb stomp.Scrambling to his feet X6-88 then punched the T-800 as hard as he could across the face making its head snap to the side as the sound of resonating metal rang out from the punch.Easily shrugging off the punch the T-800 turned to catch another punch from the Courser, slowing twisting X6’s wrist before kicking him in the knee hard enough to snap it backwards making the Synth let out the first noise of pain and discomfort for the entire fight.With the Synth’s leg broken the Terminator then shoved him back causing him to fall hard on his back to which the T-800 shrugged off the remains of its leather jacket revealing the M79 Grenade Launcher it had strapped to its body underneath, the Machine drawing it and loading a single Grenade into its barrel before stepping forward crushing X6’s other knee under the weight of its boot.Taking another step forward to slam its foot down on X6’s chest the Terminator snapped the Grenade Launcher shut and aimed it at the Synth’s face “you are terminated” the Machine then stated firing the Grenade Launcher point blank in X6’s face, the Grenade shooting into his mouth to which the T-800 slammed its foot down on the Synth’s throat as the Grenade went off, the blast tearing off all of the human components of the Terminator’s leg as well as a good chunk along his side and arm leaving only the Endoskeleton underneath whilst outright blasting the Synth’s head off.“Hasta la vista, dickwad”.Winner: the TerminatorGod damn did it feel good to write a battle for one of the best action movie characters of all time!So why does the T-800 defeat X6-88?Well it’s simply because the only think that X6 has over the Terminator is arguably Weaponry with his Institute Laser Rifle but since the Terminator uses a wider variety of Weapons that advantage is fairly slim.Despite being a much ‘newer model’ than the T-800 being much faster and more mobile and can infiltrate human society far more easily the T-800 had strength and sheer durability over the Synth Courser as even if X6 managed to get through its skin its near unbreakable Endoskeleton protecting its vitals and processor would be nearly impossible for X6-88 to break through with his Weapon alone meaning that it was only a matter of time until the Terminator broke through the Synths tougher than human body and terminated him for good.

Mature Content

Mature Content

Mature Art

Mature Content

You have become addicted... by sterlingtproductions
The Master by Lordamus

Mature Content

Sinth claw Sarah Lyons concept by TLW216
Amata's vault girl suprise 3 by TLW216
Cosplay And Crafts
Vault Quantum Lass - Avatar Head ( no background ) by VaultQuantumLass
Fallout new vegas badges by Asterbun
Nuka Cola Earrings ( Pre War and Post War ) by p0cketpainter
Shut up and take my bottlecaps leather meme wallet by Bayvey
gifs icons
FallOut 4 stamp SPECIAL by Pumkin-Syrup
My New DA Icon by MagicalForest
Nick Valentine Stamp 1 by ricordarelamore
Brotherhood of Steel Stamp by ricordarelamore
sole survivor
A LATE Merry Christmas!! by tar-dar
shaun the sole survivor by Stevesan
[COMMISSION] MacCready and Tyrrlin by heyethereal
Welcome home | Fallout 4 by tar-dar
FO4 short from 2020 by BigIronXis
Judy and Willow  No Place like home Comic cover by TinyWelshMouse
FO4 Part 1 by TinyWelshMouse
FO4 Part 2 by TinyWelshMouse
Enclave Propaganda by HelmetCards


Fallout 3: Virtue to Vice by PatrickBrown Fallout 3: Virtue to Vice :iconpatrickbrown:PatrickBrown 8,920 883 Fallout 4-Museum of Witchcraft by bayardwu Fallout 4-Museum of Witchcraft :iconbayardwu:bayardwu 1,555 41 Fallout 4 cosplay - Piper and Nuka Cola by ver1sa Fallout 4 cosplay - Piper and Nuka Cola :iconver1sa:ver1sa 3,173 203 Nuka Girl Progress by LiamGolden Nuka Girl Progress :iconliamgolden:LiamGolden 43 1 Nick Valentine by Sefikichi Nick Valentine :iconsefikichi:Sefikichi 55 9 Nick Valentine by Aeltari Nick Valentine :iconaeltari:Aeltari 11 8 Sturges Fallout 4 by Aeltari Sturges Fallout 4 :iconaeltari:Aeltari 7 1 Fallout 4 Deacon by Aeltari Fallout 4 Deacon :iconaeltari:Aeltari 3 1 RJ MacCready Fallout 4 by Aeltari RJ MacCready Fallout 4 :iconaeltari:Aeltari 7 1 Elder Arthur Maxson by Aeltari Elder Arthur Maxson :iconaeltari:Aeltari 7 2 RJ MacCready by Aeltari RJ MacCready :iconaeltari:Aeltari 5 2 Sole Survivor by valeryvy Sole Survivor :iconvaleryvy:valeryvy 69 9 John Hancock by valeryvy John Hancock :iconvaleryvy:valeryvy 29 3 Chosen One and Goris by Pengon1 Chosen One and Goris :iconpengon1:Pengon1 127 9 Mass Fallout Effect by Midnight-Blackened Mass Fallout Effect :iconmidnight-blackened:Midnight-Blackened 13 0 Charmer by KStarrLynn Charmer :iconkstarrlynn:KStarrLynn 11 6

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