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So this is it. Had this group ever since I fell in love with fallout Equestria.  Now it has 1641 members, 2590 watchers and over 325,000 pageviews.

So this is the end... Of me that is. I don't really contribute to this group anymore and I reckon this group needs a bit of an overhaul. Also I don't really care for MLP anymore (I do still like Fallout Equestria)

So I'm making Codepony the founder. He's agreed and is one of the regularly active admins for the group. He also has a site for Fallout Equestria which is cool!

Anyway have fun with it guys.
Maybe I'll come visit every now and then and possibly re-read FO:E but for now I'll stick for the fallout 4 hype.

KD out.
Since I'm a ninny I overlooked the fact that we don't have a Homage folder and it was pointed out to me.
So there ya go, if you want to change where you've submitted any Homage pieces feel free to do so.

Also how's the group doing? It's been a while since I've been here and I'm actually on nights at Toys R Us so a lot of my time doing other things has pretty much vanished.
I still really want a hard cover version of FO:E but I don't want to print it myself and spend too much... if anyone knows anywhere that still actually prints FO:E or allows me to print FO:E for a cheapish amount leave a comment.

On another note FO:E has got me wanting a more character based fallout so I hope fallout turns from a wasteland inhabited by robots to a wasteland that allows you to make friends instead of companions, sit at fireplaces and talk with your companions, watch them make friends, bicker and the lot. It probably won't end up happening but I can dream.

I'm glad a lot of you have stuck around this long because I still love FO:E, it's still my number 1 best book of all time.

-Kev Dee
It would seem like the team building the Minecraft server has been pretty busy, they threw me a quick update for you all.

So here you all go, enjoy.

I think this is looking really good so far. Can't wait to see it finished.

As always, if you wanna help, leave a comment!
It's a little late but I figured since I'm getting in to making FO:E related SFM animations and such (Also reading the story again) I'd add a media folder for Animations and radioplays.
Now I'm not going to force people to remove their stuff and add it to the new folder so if you already have media submitted to the group, it's your choice on whether you want to resubmit it.

Also how is everyone doing? Long time to speak.

-Kev D
So, who of you out there play Minecraft? I bet a few of you do.

How many of you would like to help set up or just play in a Fallout: Equestria themed server? I hope a few of you are. As :icononlyagam3r: is hoping to set up a FoE server, so if you want to help out or are just interesting in having a bit of fun when the servers up and running hit them up on their DA account. I'm sure they'll be happy for any and all help.

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