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When I am uploading large sets of photos, I often won't be able to fully identify what is in the photo; the exact species etc.. From the upload thumbnail I am able to tell the photo is of a bear, for example, so the photo gets titled as 'Bear'.
No matter what the subject of the image might be, if any of you are able to provide more information on the subject of my stock; the species of an animal, the background info on a location I photographed etc.. don't be afraid to share it in the comments of the picture!
Likewise if you are curious about something, feel free to ask about it in the comments! If I know the answer, I will give it. If not, someone more knowledgeable on the subject than myself is welcome to drop in and provide the answer.

Falln-StockIn reference to the word 'stock' this counts as both my stock photography and my brushes.

Falln-StockMy stock is free to use for all deviantArt members, only if -all- my listed rules are followed.
You are welcome to use it outside of DA for noncommercial purposes, only if -all- my listed rules are followed.
You are welcome to post your art made with my stock on other art galleries, your own personal gallery or otherwise, only if -all- my listed rules are followed.
You are welcome to post art made with my stock in DA contests.

Falln-StockIf you wish to use my stock for commercial purposes (book covers, CD covers, T-shirts etc..) Contact me privately and a price for the stock you wish to use can be negotiated.

Falln-StockYou have my permission to use my stock in pictures for DA Prints, you do not need to ask me about it.

Falln-StockIf you use my stock you -must- give me credit for the use of my stock in the description of the piece with my name Falln-Stock and a link back to my deviantArt stock account.…

Falln-StockIf you use my stock you must send me a -NOTE- with a link to the picture(s) in which you have my stock.
I ask this because I may not see it.  I love receiving comments, but I want remarks made on the photo's pages/main page to be for comments on the photos, questions, remarks etc.. not flooded with links.
To send a note view my main page and click the yellow 'note' button, then copy and paste the web address to your picture into the note, and hit send.

Falln-StockDo not post pictures my stock has been used for in the photography category.

Falln-StockMy stock -may not- be used in the creation of other stock or brushes.

Falln-StockMy stock may not be redistributed without prior permission.

Falln-StockIf you need to contact me and the issue is time sensitive please send me a note and title it 'Read Me First'.  
Do not title the note this if you are simply informing me of a completed piece.

Falln-StockOn a normal basis I check my notes from oldest to newest. Please be patient, I receive many notes a day. I -will- get to yours in due time, but please understand that I do have a life of my own, a job, and a family. This is a hobby and I love providing fun stock for the art community, but do not get upset if it takes me a while to respond. I am not doing it purposely to ignore you.

Falln-StockThere are no restrictions on the sort of art you are allowed to create with my stock, with respect in mind. Art is an expression of self and I want it to remain that way. But, out of respect for my models and myself as a photographer, you may not create art with my stock that depicts hate toward any person, group, race, country, or religion.
The stock of children may not be used in art of an erotic or sexual nature.
Horror art is definitely ok (even with the children stock). My models enjoy seeing themselves turned into zombies and decapitated ^_~

Falln-StockWhen using my stock please be creative. Do not simply add a colour filter and a texture and call it good.

Falln-StockIf you have any questions feel free to ask!  Be creative and have fun!


Annie Pregnant 6 by Falln-Stock Mommy To Be Annie 29 by Falln-Stock Mommy To Be Annie 62 by Falln-Stock

Ashke Forest 14 by Falln-Stock Ashke Forest 43 by Falln-Stock Ashke Forest 13 by Falln-Stock

Black Dress Bob 37 by Falln-Stock Asian Dress Bob 40 by Falln-Stock Bob And Stalker Wedding 46 by Falln-Stock

Ode To Kyoto Gustov 19 by Falln-Stock Fallen Angel Gustov 21 by Falln-Stock Victorian Gustov 40 by Falln-Stock

Jen Wedding Dress 1 by Falln-Stock Angel Jen 6 by Falln-Stock Jen Wedding Dress 8 by Falln-Stock

Blue Dress Lexi 1 by Falln-Stock Gustov and Lexi 1 by Falln-Stock Blue Dress Lexi 61 by Falln-Stock

Ode To Kyoto Li 7 by Falln-Stock Vinyl Gloves 2 by Falln-Stock Cold Victorian Li 56 by Falln-Stock

Lindsay 40 by Falln-Stock Lindsay 5 by Falln-Stock Lindsay 48 by Falln-Stock

Vinyl Dress Mo 28 by Falln-Stock Terra and Moe in Dresses 49 by Falln-Stock Vinyl Dress Mo 41 by Falln-Stock

Corset Stalker 4 by Falln-Stock Corset Stalker 26 by Falln-Stock Corset Stalker 87 by Falln-Stock

Mirror Terra 4 by Falln-Stock Red Siren Terra 16 by Falln-Stock White Gown Terra 6 by Falln-Stock

Vera Shadow 127 by Falln-Stock Vera Shadow 97 by Falln-Stock Vera Shadow 120 by Falln-Stock

FallnStock stamp animated by meljoy68

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Does that include brushes??
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I was going through the rules, thinking they were all very nice, generous and well thought.

But this one was the best of all:
Horror art is definitely ok (even with the children stock). My models enjoy seeing themselves turned into zombies and decapitated

It made me smile.

I don't do horror art, but now I wish I did. :)
Hi already wrote you on a different account but not sure you got it, I would like to use one of your brushes for the inside of a CD. Please let me know if I can and if there is a fee involved. Thanks
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Hi I send you a note, I would like to buy one photo from you.