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Faerie Wings Brushes Revamped



Due to complications my Faerie Wings Brushes have been revamped and compiled into one set instead of two. So here they are! Enjoy!

The Brushes here are made by me, for Photoshop.
*They do not work in PS 7 or lower - they were made with Photoshop CS*
They are free to use, only if you give me credit for making them in the description of your picture with a link back to =Falln-Stock
Do not claim them as your own, or redistribute them.
-Note Me- (send me a note) with a link to the picture you have used them in, i would love to see what you can do!
© 2009 - 2023 Falln-Stock
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Work in progress. Thank you for the fairy wings. I'm very new to masking, etc. Just learned to remove a subject from a photo, lol. The background had a different model that I removed, I masked this model (granddaughter) and put her here with wings :). Work in progress! Very excited, I'm a slow learner, but learning! :) The photos are mine. I'm a Photographer, but have always just color corrected, contrast, etc. Willing to share my photos, if anyone wants to help me make this photo better/critique.