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Antique Doll Brushes

To help me better manage things, this brush set has been moved to my =Falln-Stock account.
You can find the New Download here! - [link]

The Brushes here are made by me for Photoshop.
*they may not work with older versions of Photoshop they were made with Photoshop CS*
They are free to use, just give me credit for making them in the description of your picture.
Do not claim them as your own, or redistribute them.
Note me with a link to the picture you have used them in, i would love to see what you can do!
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© 2005 - 2021 Falln-Brushes
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ViurlaDarurra's avatar
Thank for the use of your brushes, I love old creepy dolls
AbstractLucidity's avatar
Thank you so much for your very cool photoshop brushes! This is definitely going to be helpful with some of the things I have in mind.
VictorianGiallo's avatar
i love the Pre1930's Porcelain Dolls. They are creepy in their own way, but still possess a sweetness to them. They are my favorite subject to paint right now.
jradart's avatar
I used your doll brushes here :)

noro8's avatar
Looks good,thank you for work.
raregirl86's avatar
diabolic dolls!!!
1Sandy1Claws13's avatar
Im gonna try these on photoshop 6 and if they work ill link them. im going for a creepy cemetary pic :)

but i may or may not use them (but i really like them so im faving)
Bluisheyes's avatar
Dont wonder if i use them without telling you :3. i will forgot to tell you ._.
DrunkbyLove's avatar
aren't these dolls always in those horror movies? rofl XD love them!
wow. i've always been afraid to death of those kinda of dolls, still am, but this just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that it's scary.
love it!
mightee-mouse's avatar
I like em - they're creepy, but I like 'em.:D
BunnYJaM's avatar
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhh i hate dolls there scare me shitless.
im gonna hav night mare for months!
Falln-Brushes's avatar
all those dolls are from my personal collection ^_~
Caloripher's avatar
they look great and nice objects to make brush, like it, freaky isnt it
Falln-Brushes's avatar
cherriebomb's avatar
photoshop 7.0 won't load them. I am sad. :(

nice job, tho. I like them.
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