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Vice (Star Wars Rebels OC) by FallingIntoTheNight Vice (Star Wars Rebels OC) :iconfallingintothenight:FallingIntoTheNight 0 7
Where do I go from here?
No one wants to hear my story. Everyone wants to hear the sob story that keeps people crying. They want to have something to cry about, something to tell people that "it will get better". They want to see people who make it to the line, pass the line. They want people broken by society's rules. They want to see the wounds, the scars. So every time I try to tell my story, it's nudged off. Someone has the better story. Someone ALWAYS has the better story. What makes my pain less than someone who cuts to feel? What makes my struggle inferior? Why does the white girl, who has no sexual preference yet, who has never been physically harmed... why is she lesser?
I just need to write it down, get it all set. You spend years with it inside you, unable to express it. Not in the real way at least. I've never been able to tell the story without exaggerating, or adding something unreal. No one wants to hear the story of the girl that gave up. Gave up the struggle and changed for the better... But w
:iconfallingintothenight:FallingIntoTheNight 0 0
Who are these people? -100 Days-
Rosemarie Peters-Williamson
She is my mother, we haven't been close since I was 10. She was an alcoholic when she was in her early 20's and turned back to it after my father died. I mean, I guess I have to love her because she is my mother; but she never recovered from my Dad's death. Because of that she turned back to alcohol when I was 13. I had to fend for myself almost after that. I don't mind when my mother is sober but... that's almost never the case.
Isaac Williamson
He was my father, he died when I was 10 in a random gunfire that occurred in town that killed 7 people. The aim was to my uncle Kevin Williamson, who was 17 at the time. My dad jumped in the way but his sacrifice was wasted because Kevin died 50 days later due to killing himself in insanity... we do not know why. I loved my dad, I still do.
Jane Peters
She is my mother's youngest sister, she took care of me after my father died for about a year. But when I turned 13 she turned to my mother for
:iconfallingintothenight:FallingIntoTheNight 0 0
Kairi and Namine, Organization by FallingIntoTheNight Kairi and Namine, Organization :iconfallingintothenight:FallingIntoTheNight 0 0
I wrote this poem
in fifteen
It seems
but for that fifteen
I went through my
looked at my
and it felt like
All I needed
was that fifteen
to feel at
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Xion in Normal Clothes[Otherborn] by FallingIntoTheNight Xion in Normal Clothes[Otherborn] :iconfallingintothenight:FallingIntoTheNight 3 3 Vanitas Signature[Otherborn] by FallingIntoTheNight Vanitas Signature[Otherborn] :iconfallingintothenight:FallingIntoTheNight 1 0 Xion Signature[Otherborn] by FallingIntoTheNight Xion Signature[Otherborn] :iconfallingintothenight:FallingIntoTheNight 1 0 Experience Signature by FallingIntoTheNight Experience Signature :iconfallingintothenight:FallingIntoTheNight 1 1 Signatures again 3 by FallingIntoTheNight Signatures again 3 :iconfallingintothenight:FallingIntoTheNight 1 0 Signatures again 2 by FallingIntoTheNight Signatures again 2 :iconfallingintothenight:FallingIntoTheNight 0 0 Signatures again by FallingIntoTheNight Signatures again :iconfallingintothenight:FallingIntoTheNight 0 0 Psychic Signature Once more by FallingIntoTheNight Psychic Signature Once more :iconfallingintothenight:FallingIntoTheNight 1 0
PurpleSight: Ch1 Pt2
"Hey kid, just because you're here does not mean you cannot eat."
I looked up to see a boy sitting across from her at the table. He was taking a bite of an apple and putting it back on his tray. His hair was long for a guy, it went up to joint that connects the neck to the shoulder, actually I don't think it's a joint but that wasn't really the idea. I looked around for at least one feature to define him easily and succeeded, he had a birthmark on the left side of his right eye.
"I'm just not hungry…" I replied slowly.
"That's what they all say but they're wrong, hey did you know that the Empire State Building is actually a large nuclear missile the U.S government created so that in the event China declared war we can fire it and end it in a day?"
Oh dear god no not one of those people..
"Um… that's… interesting?"
"And did you know that the moon is a projection created by the Russian government so they can spy on other country's everyday lives?"
"Okay um…"
:iconfallingintothenight:FallingIntoTheNight 0 1
PurpleSight: Cover by FallingIntoTheNight PurpleSight: Cover :iconfallingintothenight:FallingIntoTheNight 1 1
PurpleSight: Ch1 Pt1
She's dead
Standing there for a good 3 hours restrained was not helping the fact that I was of mixed emotions right at that moment. Everyone staring at me like I had some sort of disease wasn't helping either. One person was staring at me from across the room with a look of wonder, curiosity, and I think jealousy as well. I saw the woman start walking closer to me, looking at me with madness as she stopped and grinned again before fading into the brick wall behind her. I shook my head and turned my head towards the doctor and spoke, "Can I have a glass of water?" In turn the man looked away and pretended I never said anything.
No she is not! I saw her stand up and walk away perfectly fine! We've been hanging out everyday for the past week! She slept over last night!
Damn it girl she's dead!
Mom she's not!
Dear lord, help my child and her over-creative mind!
I am not lying!
Sweetheart she died last week. She's well beyond just declared dead she IS dead.
No she's not! She is RIGHT NEXT T
:iconfallingintothenight:FallingIntoTheNight 1 2


alien head concept 2_The-Brade by Nikolaspascal alien head concept 2_The-Brade :iconnikolaspascal:Nikolaspascal 1,042 31 KH Lightfooted - Design Commission by CCDooMo KH Lightfooted - Design Commission :iconccdoomo:CCDooMo 8 4 Two Sides of The Same Coin by Tala32 Two Sides of The Same Coin :icontala32:Tala32 15 12 Society and the Unicorn by lora-zombie Society and the Unicorn :iconlora-zombie:lora-zombie 4,853 268 Kingdom Hearts Crayon Kairi by ItsBirdyArt Kingdom Hearts Crayon Kairi :iconitsbirdyart:ItsBirdyArt 455 17 Never ending snow (on sale) by PixieCold Never ending snow (on sale) :iconpixiecold:PixieCold 3,006 86 0309 KH2 - Kairi by MilKitten 0309 KH2 - Kairi :iconmilkitten:MilKitten 1,775 115 0309 KH2 - Namine by MilKitten 0309 KH2 - Namine :iconmilkitten:MilKitten 890 79 Sleeping Base by ChibiYue-Chan Sleeping Base :iconchibiyue-chan:ChibiYue-Chan 355 49 CM: Ultima by ViChaN91312 CM: Ultima :iconvichan91312:ViChaN91312 558 110 Namine Sleeping by LicoriceWh1p Namine Sleeping :iconlicoricewh1p:LicoriceWh1p 60 19 Aqua by callycat123 Aqua :iconcallycat123:callycat123 74 8 Axel by JackLancaster Axel :iconjacklancaster:JackLancaster 156 20 Have a llama new year by Lozziej Have a llama new year :iconlozziej:Lozziej 6 17
If i didn't like them they wouldn't be here in the first place! :D


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United States
This bio was old. Now I'm getting rid of the bad.

Sup all, I'm Colleen, also known as Cstar. I don't use this as much as I used to, but it exists if you wanna look at my early "glory days". Anyway, I'm 20 years old, and I'm kind of a big nerd. Mostly for Kingdom Hearts and Star Wars. But I'm always willing to watch new stuff and discover new worlds.

Aaaand that's pretty much all I got. I just mainly removed this because I saw myself say my favorite cartoon character was Sasuke and I cringed and laughed so hard I just had to fix this mess. Ciao~



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